"Johnny, please..." Dylan was saying as the screen door slammed and the sound of the wood door smacking into its frame stopped him from finishing. He stood on the old brick sidewalk with its row of daylilies along each side as he watched Johnny cross the porch, open the back door and without turning around go inside shutting it behind him.

Dylan just stood staring at the back door the light from inside making the curtain glow against the darkness of the porch. The sun was below the horizon and darkness was nearly complete, only the faintest of light remaining, and Dylan stood still letting it envelop him.

"Goddammit" he uttered under his breath as he finally turned and headed to his old Ford pickup. It had been the old farm truck when his great-grandfather and grandfather were farming and after some refurbishment the old Hi-boy four wheel drive truck was his now. The old 390 roared to life and he made his way back out to the road in front of the McCullough's, one of the last dirt roads in the county. The headlights cut through the darkness revealing the rough washboard surface littered with iron rock. The truck shook and shimmied over the rough surface and Dylan increased his speed, his hold on the steering wheel tightening as he let the argument with Johnny play over and over in his mind. The rejection hurt, the finality of it, and he fought back the tears as his speed increased. The truck barely registered the washboard surface as it skated over its surface and in the turns Dylan sawed at the steering wheel to keep the truck in the road, the rear end sliding out as he rounded one curve after the next.

He thought of their first time, the way it had started, so innocent, just the two of them camping down at the old logging camp on the river. It seemed so long ago but it was only last March during one of those unusually warm weekends. It had been perfect and Dylan remembered what it felt like to have the weight of Johnny on his back, the way he moved on top of him. Johnny had one arm around his neck bear hugging him and all during their fuck he felt Johnny's lips on his neck and nose running through the hair on back of his head, all the while whispering, a breathless uttering over and over how much Dylan was the only person who knew him, who understood.

Four months later and he found himself driving home rejected, Johnny telling him to go home that they couldn't see each other anymore.

They had been in the barn, Johnny sitting on the old tractor and he had climbed up and kissed him. It was nothing but a quick peck on the lips but Johnny's younger brother had seen them and Johnny freaked out. The things he said, so full of anger and fear. Dylan understood for he thought about it all the time, the chances they took and how it would be to get caught but he always thought it would be his mother or sister that would catch them for they were at his home more often than not. He never imagined it would happen at the McCullough's and it would be Bryan who'd catch him.

Mrs. McCullough was probably calling his folks as he drove home, or more likely some of the other women in the church spreading the gossip how he had tried something with her oldest son. Either way he knew it wouldn't take long to get back to his folks. It would take him fifteen minutes to drive home, plenty of time for that call to me made.

He turned on Pine Ridge Road, the narrow two lane slag road that wound through farms and pine stands and eventually to his parent's ranch style house. The garage door was still up with his dad's Tahoe and his mom's Lincoln sitting inside and the flood lights at each corner were on. The usual routine when he was out. He pulled into his usual spot and turned off the engine. He sat for a long time staring at the house as if he could get some sense of what was going on inside. Taking a deep breath he finally opened his door the squeaking seeming so much louder than usual. In the garage he hit the button to lower the door and as he went into the house he hit the light switch cutting off the floodlights. The mudroom was dark, as was the kitchen the only light he saw was in the den. He could hear the television, some news report, and he slowly made his way to the den. His father was reclined in his chair and his mother was on the sofa sewing a button back on a shirt.

"Everything alright?" his mother asked and Dylan suddenly realized his expression was too severe.

"Yeah...Johnny and I...just got into a disagreement is all."

"Well, I'm sure it was nothing the two of you can't resolve. Just give it some time" she replied.

"There's a letter from that community college on the kitchen counter" his father said.

"Okay" he replied relieved at the change of subject.


The television was showing some game show, one Jack McCullough had to watch ever evening during the week and so the family sat around the table eating quietly. Johnny sat opposite Bryan and he kept looking at his brother, some acknowledgement of what he had seen but Bryan kept his eyes down never once looking up at him. Bryan was four years younger but at fourteen he was smart, smarter than the rest of them, and Johnny was all too aware he understood what had happened in the barn. Question was had he said anything and by the way their parents were acting he had not.

It tore at Johnny, the fear of people finding out, especially his father and mother. One he feared the reaction, something that could be physical and the other, he feared the way they'd spread the revelation, especially to those in church. He had only a little over a month before he left for college and he didn't want it to be a time he had to hide at home. Laughter came from the television and Jack laughed with it making everyone look over to the television clueless as to what was so funny. Johnny quickly looked back at Bryan and caught him giving him a pained expression.

Johnny didn't stare back but turned his eyes away knowing they would soon be in the bedroom they had to share and he would then find out what Bryan was going to do. He would find out if his own brother would turn on him.


Johnny was lying on his bed stripped to his boxers ready for bed. He had earbuds in each ear playing music, songs that Dylan liked and had got him to download too. He had the volume low so he could listen out for Bryan. Bryan was in the bathroom across the hall and was taking longer than usual but Johnny knew, sooner or later, he had to come to bed.

Johnny heard the bathroom door open and then slowly the bedroom door swung open and Bryan came in wearing boxers. Johnny looked over at his brother and realized for the first time how much he had grown. He wasn't a little kid any longer in fact Bryan was as tall as he was and would probably grow taller. He wanted to be mad at Bryan, felt like he should feel confrontational but he couldn't muster the anger. He pulled the earbuds free and sat up.

"Bryan...Bryan" repeating his name till he stopped pulling back the covers on his bed and turned to look at him, "can we talk?"

Bryan looked at Johnny seeing that he looked sad rather than angry. Bryan smiled weakly and sat down on his bed.

"Look...I won't tell" Bryan said in a low voice then leaning over lowering his voice some more, "okay? I know what would happen if dad knew Dylan and you were..." and he stammered unsure how to say it.

Johnny had been going to lie. He was going to tell Bryan Dylan had surprised him, caught him off guard but now, sitting opposite of Bryan and seeing the look on his face, one of concern and sympathy he couldn't do it.

"Bryan...thanks. Just so you know I made Dylan leave; told him not to come around anymore."

"Why?" Bryan responded and it surprised Johnny.

"Because you know as well as I" Johnny replied laying back down. He stared at the ceiling sensing his brother's eyes on him. He heard Bryan lay down on his bed and the room was quiet, neither saying anything for a long time.

"But you're leaving in August and you can...live the way you want to then" Bryan said and he leaned up on one arm looking over at Johnny. "Fuck what dad and mom would think...you..." and he stammered for what to say.

Johnny was surprised, shocked really and he turned to face him.

"Really...fuck mom and dad?"

They stared at each, Johnny waiting on Bryan to say something. Suddenly Johnny couldn't hold it in any longer and he began to laugh and Bryan was soon laughing with him.

"Okay boys hold it down in there" Jack said as he knocked on the door once on his way to the bathroom. "Johnny?"


"I need you to run into town in the morning to the auto parts store. The part's list is on the dining room table."



'I'm going to be stuck here alone' Dylan told himself over and over, all the previous night and this morning. It had been worrisome enough before when he was going to be stuck here going to evening classes over at the community college twenty miles away while Johnny was actually going away to college. It had given him a sense of being trapped but nothing like the last twelve hours.

Dylan was driving to the library in town for there was something he wanted to check out and knew he didn't dare do it at home. It seemed like a desperate move but at the moment it was the only plan he had thought of that seemed feasible. He knew the library didn't open till ten o'clock and he had nearly an hour to kill but he had to get out of the house so he found himself pulling into the fast food restaurant on the outskirts of town. He saw the usual crowd of older people sitting inside in groups, a routine many of them had for each morning, a time to get out and socialize with others and knowing several of them Dylan pulled into the drive-thru lane to avoid them. He was in no mood for socializing.

He ordered a soda and was soon heading out of the parking lot. Back on the road he slowly sipped the drink as he drove around town easing the old Hi-boy truck through residential streets, down Main Street and out by the car and tractor dealerships. At ten till ten he was in the parking lot of the library.


Johnny was up early, dressed and out the door. The auto parts store opened at seven and he was there shortly after. He knew his dad would want help repairing the old farm truck and he wanted to get the job done as soon as possible. He needed to catch up with Dylan, tell him he was sorry. He tried to text him but no response and it troubled him more than if Dylan had actually replied negatively.

Back home he saw the old three quarter ton truck they used on the farm sitting on the concrete apron at the carport and his dad was underneath it already. The u-joints were worn too much and would fail soon if not replaced. The two of them working together making the replacement go quickly and to Johnny's frustration his dad told him he needed him to help load up some watermelons and cantaloupes. Burton at the community's general store wanted some to sell. It only took thirty minutes to have the bed of the truck loaded and the two of them easing out of the field heading back to the house.

"I have something else I want to do so if you want I'll take these to Burton and then take off from there" Johnny said to his father as they pulled back into the yard. It was a way to avoid any further delays.

"Okay" his father replied and once Johnny was stopped he stepped out of the old truck. "Tell Burton he can pay me next time I'm in the store."

It was after eleven before Johnny finally made it to the Robertson house. He saw immediately Dylan's truck was gone and his heart sunk. Mrs. Robertson came to the door looking confused.

"Hey Johnny...I thought Dylan was with you?"

"Oh..I...had to help dad with something and tried to catch Dylan to change our arrangement but I can't get him on his phone" Johnny replied.

"He's probably run the battery down again."

Johnny was going to ask if she knew where Dylan might be but suddenly he had an idea of where to look.

"If I miss him tell him to call me" Johnny replied.

He drove to Sawmill Lane, the old logger's road that led down to the creek. At the turn off he saw tire tracks in the loose sand and he recognized the tread pattern. The old lane was rough and he eased along in his SUV till he came to the clearing where you parked and there it sat, Dylan's old Hi-boy Ford under the shade of an old oak tree. Both doors stood open. There was no sign of Dylan.

Johnny parked next to the truck and went over to the driver's door for he saw paper's lying across the bench seat. They were forms and print outs on requirements for admission, terms of agreement and what was expected of volunteers for the Peace Corps. He stared at the forms, half complete in Dylan's sloppy handwriting. He took a deep breath as he looked over the scattered papers on the seat not sure what to think about it all.

He turned toward the path that led down to the creek. It wove through the trees and underbrush for only a hundred feet and soon he was coming toward the edge of the trees. It was at a curve in the creek, a place where one side was a sand bar and the other a deep cut in the creek bed that enabled everyone to swim. As he walked along the last twenty feet in the trees he saw Dylan's shoes and socks randomly lying on the ground, then a t-shirt and finally a pair of jeans, one leg turned inside out and just lying on the ground. Johnny moved to the edge of the woods and saw Dylan sitting on the sandbar.

Dylan had his knees up with his arms wrapped around them. The sun reflected off the beads of water still cascading down his back and the white boxers he wore were transparent revealing the cheeks of his ass, the skin so pale it nearly matched the white boxers. He was just sitting there, not moving, looking straight ahead. Johnny eased across the sand till he was only a couple of feet behind him.

"Dylan" Johnny whispered. Dylan didn't move, didn't respond in any way. "I tried to text and call and..."

"I left my phone at home" Dylan interrupted him, his voice so low as to be barely audible.

Johnny eased down on his knees behind Dylan and held out the Peace Corps' form letting it drop on the sand.

"You're not really going to do this, are you? You can't...you don't have to...look, I'm sorry" Johnny said as he put one hand on Dylan's shoulder feeling the sun warmed skin.

Dylan turned to him. "What about your brother and..."

"Bryan and I talked; we talked for a long time last night. He is not going to say anything and...told me I was wrong to push you away."

"Really? So...we're okay?"

"Yes" Johnny replied as he moved down behind Dylan wrapping his arms around him.

He felt the slim body nestled against his chest, felt the droplets of water soak into his own shirt and as he pulled Dylan close he felt the slight shivering. He hugged their bodies together as he leaned forward putting his lips to the back of Dylan's neck feeling the smooth skin as he gently kissed him. Dylan's thick brown hair lay wet over his head and Johnny ran his nose through it smelling the clean water of the creek and the familiar scent of Dylan. Dylan leaned his head back as he moved to his right ear, rimming it with his tongue. He knew it was one of the quickest ways to arouse Dylan and he ran one hand down his smooth flat chest and stomach feeling the wet skin so soft to the touch till he was pushing along the waistband of the boxers. He ran his hand over the wet fabric and felt the growing erection within, felt it fill the palm of his hand as he took it, squeezed it and then let his hand move along its growing length.

He manipulated Dylan's cock, teased it, ran his fingers along its length and while he toyed with Dylan holding him around the neck pulling him back against his chest he felt Dylan's cock shift within the baggy boxers and slip through the fly. Slowly, fingers barely touching the skin he moved them up to the shaft and outlined the flared head. Dylan pushed up with his hips moaning with his arousal.

"You like that don't ya?" he whispered in Dylan's ear.

"Uh-huh" Dylan grunted as he pushed his cock into Johnny's hand.

In the past their sex had always been timid, one unsure of the other but not this time. There was something intense in the way things were happening; a certain wild abandonment of themselves and Johnny reached down with both hands, took the fly in each and ripped the boxers open tearing them apart. Dylan's cock bounced up and down and a bead formed at the head. Johnny ran his index finger over the head scooping it up and he held it to Dylan's mouth. He felt the suction, the wet warmth as his finger was pulled into Dylan's mouth. Dylan nursed it, ran his tongue around it and Johnny grabbed him by the hair, pulled his head back and kissed him.

Johnny shifted around to Dylan's side and he took the torn boxers and tugged them down Dylan's legs. Dylan lay back raising his legs helping Johnny strip him. Tossing the boxers to the side Johnny placed his hand on Dylan's stomach feeling the way it heaved up and down.


Dylan lay back on the warm sand feeling his lean body settle into the shifting surface and the sun warm his skin making his nakedness more acute. Johnny's hand lay briefly on his stomach and it excited him, made his arousal more pronounced and he took several deep breaths. The hand moved, upward over his chest and he closed his eyes letting his mind focus on the feel of it, they way it rubbed over his chest. Lips touched his own, gently at first and he pushed upward pressing against them as he opened his mouth and let his tongue duel with Johnny's as it moved into his mouth.

He felt the way his nipples were so sensitive with their erect centers being rubbed by the hand moving in circular motions on his chest. Then he felt the right one being pinched, lightly at first, then harder and harder and he pushed up with his chest moaning into the mouth that covered his own. A slight twist and he tired to cry out.

He felt the hand move downward and brush along the side of his growing erection, felt it rub over his nuts, firmly, pushing his nuts around within the loose sac. He raised his knees and spread his legs. He wanted the hand to touch him, to keep moving over his body. He wanted it to touch him down between his legs. He felt the fingers move down below his sac, graze the skin there, tickling it, then they moved firmly along the natural line down to his hole. They rubbed over it, circled its tight opening and he spread his legs further apart and moaned into the mouth covering his own.

He felt Johnny shift partially on top of him, the soft t-shirt and worn denim rubbing over his chest, abdomen and along his left leg. He never felt so naked.

He felt his hole stretch open taking one finger, felt the finger slide into him, slowly, inward it pushed till it was all the way in and the hand was pressed against his ass. He felt it move outward, then back in and slowly its pace increased till Johnny was fingering him rapidly and he was pushing his ass upward. A second finger stretched into his hole and the two fingers twisted around, probed his hole and pumped through the tight ring of his opening.

Johnny pulled from his mouth and he felt lips move over his neck, over the small indention at its base then downward over his chest till he felt them press tightly to his right nipple and suck. The suction tugged on his nipple and it sent shivers through his body and he felt his cock flex up and down.

"Oh...fuck..." he grunted in a low voice.

The lips moved downward, almost ticklish over his stomach and he heave for breath when the tongue snaked into his navel and rimmed around its perimeter. He felt them move downward following the trail of hair that went from his navel down to his crotch, he felt them lightly graze over the fine hairs, barely touching them at times then the tongue raked wetly over them matting them down against his skin. He felt Johnny's face graze his cock, felt the rough stubble of his jaw rub the sensitive head.

For a brief moment Johnny's mouth pulled away from his body and he only felt the weight of him along his left leg. Then he felt Johnny's tongue move over his sac, firmly pressing down separating his nuts. Then he felt the suction on one nut, the way it was drawn into Johnny's mouth and sucked tightly against the sac. He pushed upward and brought his hands down on Johnny's shoulders letting his fingers dig into the firm muscle.

The suction on his nut stopped and he felt the tongue move up, wetly slide along his shaft till it swirled over the head of his cock, felt it wrap around and lick over it and he pushed up, desperate for greater stimulation. Johnny gave him what he wanted as he felt his cock slip into the warm wet mouth, felt his cock slide over the tongue, brush against teeth and push to the back of the throat..


"Oh GOD" Johnny heard Dylan cry out as he pushed his mouth down taking Dylan's cock. He took all of it nearly gagging as it pushed into his throat. He sucked on it as he drew his mouth upward, slowly, inch by inch and he felt Dylan's quivering body beneath him. As he moved downward he moved his right hand down between Dylan's legs letting them slide over the skin till he felt them move over Dylan's hole. He moved his mouth up and down Dylan's cock as he worked his fingers over the hole, teasing it once again, rubbing one finger in circular motions then baring down on it with two fingers slipping them through the tight ring of Dylan's opening. He pushed down with his mouth as he penetrated Dylan as deeply as he could with his two fingers. Dylan spread his legs and pushed upward, submitting to his ministrations. As he worked his fingers in Dylan's hole he sucked harder, his pace increasing, faster and faster.

He slipped his fingers free and then pushed back in, this time with feeling the stretch of Dylan's hole, the way it griped his fingers as he penetrated him again. Dylan moaned as his hole was stretched open wider and Johnny twisted his fingers around, felt the soft inner heat of Dylan's hole and he pushed in all the way and vibrated his hand up against Dylan's ass. Dylan pushed up hard and he felt Dylan's hands on his shoulders dig into the flesh and in his mouth he felt Dylan's cock swell up thicker, the head flare more and he sucked on it hard.

Cum filled his mouth, thick wads ejaculating from Dylan's cock till his mouth was full and he swallowed and sucked, drawing out Dylan's load, every wad, and each ejaculation he felt on his fingers, the spasm of Dylan's ass as each ejaculation hit him in the back of his mouth. He kept sucking till Dylan was pushing him away trying to free his sensitive cock and he moved up and sat up next to him. Dylan sat up on his elbows and he watched the sweat cascade down the flat smooth chest and over the undulating stomach. Dylan's cock stayed hard, it always did and he knew he'd be ready to go again soon, ready for more, just as eager.

He slipped his shirt over his head, unbuckled his belt, kicking off his shoes at the same time, desperate to get naked, desperate for Dylan, the feel of his body against his own and he pulled his jeans open and pushed everything down his legs and struggled till his legs were free. His cock was half hard and he stroked it a few times as he looked at Dylan. Dylan had watched him, every move, till he was naked.

"Fuck me Johnny" he heard Dylan whisper and he leaned over, put on hand on Dylan's shoulder pushing him back down as he moved over him. He kissed Dylan as he ran hands along his lean body feeling the slickness of his sweaty skin. He pressed his cock against Dylan's, pumped against it feeling the two hard shafts slide along each other.

"I want you in me" he whispered in Dylan's ear as he moved up over him and quickly sat up on Dylan's hips. He felt Dylan's erection press against his ass and he worked his hips back and forth as he had felt Dylan do so many times before and it aroused him, the feel of cock pressing against him. He bore down when he felt the head of Dylan's cock touch his hole, rub over it arousing him till he wanted to feel it penetrate him.

He sat up reaching back taking Dylan in hand holding him in place. As he lowered himself he saw Dylan watching him, his eyes pleading, wanting, and as he pushed his ass down on the head of Dylan's cock he felt the soft stroking on each thigh by Dylan. Softly Dylan rubbed his thighs and he relaxed to it, felt the way it aroused him so and he let his body ease down.

It hurt at first the penetration, the way Dylan's cock stretched him open and sank into his hole but he moved slowly, fractions of an inch at a time. He felt his body shiver with the initial penetration then suddenly he felt his hole relax, loosen to the cock pushing through as he eased all the way down.

"Oh fuck...that feels...good" he whispered as he sat still a brief moment savoring the way Dylan filled his hole. He leaned forward, putting his hands on Dylan's chest as he moved down and kissed him.

"Dylan...please" he whispered and Dylan hugged their bodies together and rolled to his left bringing him to his back. He raised his legs letting Dylan's arms hook behind his knees and he laid back letting Dylan fold him over, cock buried in his ass, preparing to fuck him.

He watched the lean body move over him and felt Dylan began to pump cock in his hole, inward then outward, slowly at first but quickly increasing the pace of their fuck. He put his hands on Dylan's narrow waist and felt it move with their fuck, the undulating movement, the drive of cock deep into his hole, over and over. Sweat dripped down on his chest and he heard the grunts and moans of exertion coming from Dylan.


Dylan drove his cock inward feeling Johnny's tight hole milk his cock, felt the way it squeezed through the ring of Johnny's opening with each inward push and outward pull, every inch sensitive to the internal heat, the softness within once through the ring of Johnny's opening.

Even though Johnny was taller, slightly bigger, his torso folded neatly beneath him as he moved up over him in a slightly different position holding himself up on his feet and hands and he drove his cock into Johnny, hard, fast, his abdomen smacking against Johnny's ass with every inward push.

"Oh...fuck me...fuck me..." Johnny was muttering beneath him as he found his rhythm, that pace that drove his arousal to the breaking point and he piston his cock in Johnny's hole with a furious pace. He fucked a long time, till his body was slick and wet, till the sweat trickled from his hair and every muscle burned with his exertion, and he kept fucking. He hammered his cock into Johnny, slamming inward hard and Johnny was getting louder and pushing upward to meet each push inward.

"Oh FUCK...I'm going to CUM...Fuck..." Johnny cried out and he felt the way Johnny's stretched open hole suddenly tightened and spasm around his cock, over and over and he saw cum spatter over Johnny's chest. The feel of Johnny's ejaculation with the smell of cum pushed him over the edge and he couldn't take another stroke. His cock swelled up thick and as he drove inward he felt the cum race through his cock once again. He jammed his cock inward, hard, all the way and pumped his hips in short jabs with each ejaculation till he was spent.

Easing down on top of Johnny, their bodies hot against each other he felt the way Johnny was breathing hard and he was breathing even harder, almost gasping for breath and they lay still for a long time. He moved slickly over Johnny as he settled down and he felt Johnny's arms wrap around his back hugging their bodies together.

"Dylan..." Johnny started speaking and he hushed him to be quiet.

"I know" he whispered as he lay his head down on Johnny's chest.


They eventually got up and moved into the cool clear waters, submerging down, then swimming slowly back and forth across the creek and after a while, their muscles fully exerted they eased up on the bank and sat next to each other and watched the water slowly move by, the swirls, the shifting of currents and they sat silent so close they touched, skin against skin and the sun warmed them as it dried the water from their skin.

Dylan looked back at Johnny's clothes scattered on the sand bar and thought of his own dropped all along the trail from where he had parked and he looked back at Johnny smiling.

"Maybe we should get dressed before someone shows up?"



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