Taking advantage of Tony's invitation to stay at his Beach House I had arrived to find an idyllic bungalow on a ridge just a hundred metres or so from the sea. Tony had two houseboys, Adam and Mark; handsome young local men with wonderful dark, chestnut coloured skin. In this island paradise I was introduced to a new way of life.


I woke early. The sun hadn't yet had a chance to heat up the earth and for some time I just lay back on my bed enjoying the coolness of the air on my naked body.

The rest of the house must have been still asleep as the only sounds came from the sea, small waves rippling on the sand and the occasional screech of a gull or a tern.

There was nothing to disturb my thoughts as once again I mulled over the events of the past 24 hours.

Had I really sucked and been sucked by young Mark, the “boy” with the body of a Greek God? Had I, a fully committed heterosexual man, really thrust my rod into his perfect ass and exploded deep in his body? Why had I really waited 30 years before experiencing the joy of sex with another man?

The thoughts of what I had done began to make me hard again and I got up from the bed to wander out onto the decking, enjoying the freedom of being able to walk around without clothes. I lay back in one of the big, soft chairs, soaking in the atmosphere of this small paradise on earth.

After a few moments, something at the corner of my vision brought me out of this delightful reverie. Tony, stark naked and still dripping with water from his early morning swim was strolling back from the sea towards the Beach House where I was sitting. I had seen him naked yesterday but that was before my introduction to man-sex and I hadn't really appreciated what an attractive body he had; slim, tanned, not overly muscular, but with a firm stomach. He seemed taller and my eyes focussed on the top of his strong legs to where his penis hung, swinging as he walked. As a newcomer to all this I was no judge of cock sizes but Tony did seem to have a particularly fine specimen!

His body, like those of Adam and Mark, was completely without hair.

“Good morning,” I called as he approached.  I don't think he'd noticed me until that moment and he looked up with surprise.

“Morning,” he called back. “You're up early” and with a bit more small-talk he walked on toward the shower on the beach, turned on the water and began washing away the salt and sand on his body.

“How is it that everyone round here has gone for the hairless look,” I commented.

Although I wouldn't have described myself as particularly hairy I did feel a bit like some kind of bear compared to the Beach House residents as I had a light covering all over my chest and, my cock sprang out of a garden of fair-coloured pubes.

“The 'boys' can do the same for you if you want. They're highly skilled at the job, and I can guarantee you'll enjoy the experience,” he said with a smile.

“I better book an appointment with them,” I said without hesitation.

“I'll see if they can fit you in at their salon,” he said

“And where might that be?”

“You're sitting in it,” he said.  And so it was that later that morning Tony and I were drinking beers on the decking as Adam and Mark started moving the furniture around.  

From the back of the building they brought out a low bed over which they laid some large beach towels. At each side they placed stools and low tables onto which they placed the instruments of their 'trade'; scissors, a couple of lethal-looking cut-throat razorblades, different sized electric razors, soaps and bottles of oil.

It looked as if they were preparing for some kind of sacrificial ritual, and I was to be the willing victim. When the set was ready they beckoned me to the bed.

“On back pleez, Meester Crees,” said Adam.

We were all wearing the small sarongs but, when I lay down on my back on the bed one of them untied the knot in the cloth and pulled away my sarong leaving me lying flat, naked, slightly anxious and excited. I looked across to where Tony was sitting.

“Relax,” he said. “And enjoy it.” He only had to look at my rising cock to know that I was hardly unhappy about what was happening.

Adam began clipping my chest hairs while Mark worked at the other end, snipping away at the hairs on my legs cutting as close as possible to my skin so that they could then have a go with the razors. The sensation of their scissors working on my body was like being very pleasantly tickled and, with one moving down my body and the other moving up I couldn't help getting more erect as I anticipated what would happen when they met in the middle.

As if perfectly synchronised, they both reached my crotch together by which time my manhood was pointing to the sky. One of the boys gently took hold of my cock moving it so that the other could snip away at my pubic hair. And then he lifted my ball sack so the scissors could reach that dark and sensitive area so close to my prostate.

It was rapidly becoming almost impossible to cope with all the new sensations flowing through my body: the tickling as Adam worked the scissors around all the hidden corners of my groin and the occasional shock of the cold metal of his scissors against the warmth of my flesh; the feel of Mark's hand on my penis and balls as he moved them and fondled them softly; and the pleasurable feel as both their free hands squeezed my buttocks and thighs.

I could feel pre-cum oozing from me and I concentrated hard to stop the build-up in my balls bringing an end to these feelings that sparked like electric shocks through my body. Mark ran his hand over my cock-head, wiping up the pre-cum with a finger before putting it in his mouth and tasting my juice.

The show was far from over as, having finished their work with the scissors, the 'boys' started again on my legs and chest with the razors, expertly using the cut-throat blades to get my skin as smooth as possible. Around my crotch and the tops of my legs they used an electric razor spending more time than was probably necessary at the base of my cock and playfully running it up and down my shaft so that I could enjoy the vibrations of the little gadget.

I was mentally urging one of them to take hold of me and masturbate me to a finish or, even better to wrap his lips and mouth around me and suck me dry.

Adam took the bottle of oil and began dribbling it on my cock-head into my piss-hole which was so sensitive that it sent uncontrollably shivers through my body. As the oil slowly flowed down my shaft, Mark bent to wrap his lips around the tip. He opened and closed them like a human valve, at one moment gripping me tightly and the next releasing me so that I could barely feel him. At the same time his tongue flicked around under my cock-head tickling and teasing that hyper-sensitive fold of skin.

Adam was fondling and squeezing my balls while also feeling up and down my shaft with his fingers. The two 'boys' were working hard to pleasure me and I was loving every moment but my body was fighting a battle. One half of me wanted to rush to the glorious relief of orgasm while the other half was willing me to hang on so I could revel in this bliss for ever.

My willpower wasn't strong enough and I sensed the fluids building up in my balls until they reached bursting point and I felt my juice pulsating up my cock to burst in Mark's welcoming mouth. I came in spurt after spurt with Mark accepting and swallowing every drop. Even when I had finished, his lips remained on me where my skin was painful to touch……. agony and ecstasy.

I lay back exhausted and looked over to where Tony was sitting having been a spectator of the whole wonderful event. He stood, allowing his sarong to drop to the floor, revealing his erect rod and he walked naked to my side smiling down at me.

“And that's just part of it,” he said. “We haven't finished with you yet.”

He ran a hand over my chest which was now as smooth as silk.

“Roll over” and I duly turned onto my stomach. The houseboys quickly set to work again this time on my back which I had always thought to be smooth and hairless. Nevertheless they first rubbed oil on me and then gently shaved me with the cut-throat blade, making their way slowly to my arse.

One of them took hold of my buttocks and parted them to expose my hidden valley. I could feel the pleasant sensation of cool air on my hole. The other took a small round-ended razor and ran it up and down my crack to remove all traces of the tiny, fuzzy hair that grew there.

When they were finished, Tony stepped closer and ran a hand all over my back and down to my arse. He fondled and squeezed my buttocks and one finger began to explore the entrance to my hole. I felt it probe into me and was frustrated when he pulled it out.

“You've never been fucked, have you?” he said.


“Mmmmm. I think we should do something about that.” I didn't reply and he took my silence as a wish to take this further.

“First we have to get you properly prepared. Get up and Mark will look after you.”

Not knowing what was coming next I got up from the bed. Mark took my arm and led me into the bathroom at the back of the house. Only when he held up a large rubber bulb with a long tube attached did I realise what was in store for me. He filled the bulb with warm water and got me to bend over the sink. Then he inserted the end of the tube into my rectum. It felt like it was going in a long way and I was surprised at how cold and thrilling it felt.

He squeezed the bulb, filling me with the water. I had never experienced anything like it before but it was a sensational feeling as my bowels gradually filled. And then there was the tremendous relief as I sat on the toilet and emptied myself, partly embarrassed at doing such a thing in front of anyone else but also enjoying the freedom of being able to do it with no inhibitions.

Mark repeated the operation one more time before he was apparently satisfied and led me back out onto the decking where Tony was waiting for me. 

In his hand he had a piece of polished ivory about ten inches long and shaped like a dildo, narrow at one end and expanding to a wide base. He held it up for me to see and he had a wicked smile on his face which, without words, seemed to be asking if I wanted to go further. All I could do was nod my head.

He handed the dildo to Mark and made me bend over the side of the bed as he moved round to the other side.

Hands were playing once again with my arse and I felt cold oil being dripped around my hole, then a finger massaging it into me. And then the feeling of something solid on my virginal man-hole. I winced as it was pushed very slowly into me. The feeling was a pleasant one to begin with but, as it slid further into me, I could feel the widening dildo stretching my sphincter muscles and it started to hurt. A lot!

Mark must have felt me tense up and he stopped until the pain subsided.

Tony had moved in front of me to a position where his flaccid cock was rubbing against the top of my head. I reached out a hand and as Mark continued to work on my arse, I guided him into my mouth. With his cock in this soft state I was able to take all of it into me bit it quickly sprang to life and I had to pull back, beginning to move down and up, masturbating him with my lips.

Mark, sensing that I was no longer feeling any pain pushed the dildo further into me until, once again the hurting grew intolerable and I gasped for him to stop. By stopping and starting like this he pushed further, stretching me to the limit until I began to enjoy the sensation of something alien, deep inside my body. He began working it in and out and I loved the feeling of friction as it rubbed on the nerve ends of my hole.

Tony was now fully erect and I was again surprised at how a cock could feel so hard in my hand yet so soft in my mouth.

He moved away, round the bed to stand behind me, pulling the dildo out of me and leaving me feeling suddenly empty. But not for long. He adjusted my body to a position where he could enter me and I soon felt his warm cock-head on my hole.

Firmly and without pausing he pushed into me not stopping until I could feel his balls against my buttocks.  The dildo had prepared me well and there was no pain, only body-tingling pleasure.

He felt so soft inside me after the ivory dildo and, as he moved, the rubbing of his cock against my hole sent shivers through my body. He pulled back so that his tip was almost out of me, then thrust hardback in again, repeating the movement again and again gradually quickening his pace.

I thought I could feel his cock getting bigger and stretching my sphincter even more, and then, moments later he pushed into me as far as he could go as his juice flooded into me.

With  a loud gasp of satisfaction he collapsed forward lying flat along my back and I could feel his cock softening inside. We remained like that until we had both recovered and then he pulled out agonisingly slowly leaving me empty once more with only the feel of some of his juices dripping from me and running down my crack.

My virginity had been taken … at last.

As I lay still bent over the bed I thought that life could not really get any better than this. But then again, my short time in this beach paradise had produced so many new and wonderful experiences I thought there may still be a few new delights to come.



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