I have no idea how long we lay there…. seconds, minutes, hours,….it didn't matter as for the first time for ages I felt totally relaxed and blissfully happy.

Next to me, lying naked on the beach towel, was Mark the young man who had just given me my first sex with another man, which also happened to be the best sex of my life. I gazed up at the stars and in my mind I kept replaying everything we did, trying to recapture the feelings I experienced: that first meeting of lips and the tingling sensation as our tongues danced in each other's mouths; the thrill as we pulled our naked bodies together and our cocks touched; the spark, like an electric shock running through my body as Mark's mouth found the head of my manhood; the shock and sheer delight as his hands gripped my buttocks and his finger probed my hole.

So many feelings and emotions, and they were all new to me.

Just thinking about it was enough to bring new life to my cock and I sat up straight, looking out at the ocean. A trillion tiny silver lights of phosphorescence flashed where ever there was disturbance in the water. All along the shore where the waves met the sand there were more constantly changing strings of light.

It was a fantastic, beautiful, natural light-show and I turned to look down at Mark and urge him to share the sight with me. But looking at him was even more mesmerising than the sparkling ocean.

He was lying flat on his back with his arms by his side, eyes closed. I wasn't sure if he was asleep but it gave me a chance to stare at him and study him without embarrassment.

The moonlight was bright and I could see every detail of his young body. He wasn't muscular but he was lean without an ounce of fat. And there wasn't a hair on his body. I wondered if all the young men in Madagascar were like that naturally, or did they shave and, if shaving was the answer, I should have one too. The thought of a full body shave performed by a naked house-boy like Mark was enough to bring more tingling sensations to my cock.

It was his skin which bewitched me most…….soft, dark brown, and sensuous. It was a hot night and there were beads of perspiration on his chest glinting in the moonlight like jewels on a bed of silk. My work as a photographer had occasionally given me the chance to be close to some of the world's most beautiful models in various states of nakedness and I had always lusted after their soft perfect flesh but never for a moment imagined that a young male body could be just as beautiful.

The Greek Gods must have looked like this. Those magnificent polished marble statues of the Gods seem to invite the viewer to touch and feel the smoothness of the stone, and it was the same with this stunning young body lying so close to me. I wondered if I could get Mark to pose for my camera or, even better would he allow me to sketch and paint him….. I pride myself on being a reasonably competent amateur artist.

But that would something for the days to come as now all I wanted to do was feel him.

I stretched out an arm and gently laid a hand on his chest. His body shook and his eyes sprang open with surprise but he saw me and instantly relaxed. Gradually my hand explored his torso, tickling his neck with a feather-like touch, tweaking his nipples between my fingers and then stroking his skin in the way that I would stroke a pet. My hand moved slowly south to his hairless crotch.

His cock ...... nine inches, circumcised and begging to be touched..... lay, as if resting on his left leg but I knew it wasn't going to lie there for long. I took it in my hand, feeling it's weight as it slowly filled and grew stiff. I squeezed it,stroked it, pumped it, caressed it.

Throughout all this Mark and I didn't exchange a word as I was under the impression he spoke no English. We had done everything through the international language of hand signs, arm gestures…… and smiles. But now, as I massaged his cock Mark spoke for the first time:

“Good,” he sighed, and it was all the communication that was needed!

I shifted my body and bent down so that I could take him in my mouth. I had never done this with anyone before and hoped I would do the right thing. I played with his cock head by softly nipping the flesh between my lips, pecking at it like a bird and gently pulling it. Mark quietly moaned with pleasure.

I took it between by finger and thumb so that his piss-hole opened slightly and I circled it and probed it with the tip of my tongue before wrapping my lips around and sucking as if trying to drink his fluid.  I couldn't believe how his cock, so stiff and hard, could feel so soft and smooth in my mouth and taste so wonderful. My mouth went further down his beautiful rod as I took more and more of it into me until it reached the point where I gagged.

One hand was wrapped around the base of his cock and the other I used to squeeze and fondle his balls. I relished his taste and the musky smell of his body and would have been happy to bob up and down on his cock for ever but all too soon Mark's sighs and moans increased in intensity. He raised his hips as if trying to force more of his cock into me and seconds later he reached bursting point. Great shots of his juice pumped into my welcoming mouth and I rolled the silky fluid around my tongue to make the most of this new delicious salty taste. And I swallowed every drop.

Reluctantly I eventually raised my head from his cock and rested on his stomach looking up into his smiling eyes and we lay there relishing the moment.

I stood, looked out to the ocean and began walking into the water, turning to Mark and inviting him to join me. Together we waded out to deeper water our sides pressed together and each with a hand on the other's bottoms. As we walked the phosphorescence burst into light creating a ghostly blue aura around our waist, legs, and groin. We splashed and made silvery fountains which came and went in the blink of an eye.

Mark dived under the water and swam around my body like an elegant silvery blue fish. He swam off and came back to me underwater looking for all the world like a torpedo homing in on it's target. Still underwater he put his arms around my waist and slowly pulled himself to the surface stopping only to play with my cock with his mouth, and all this while illuminated by the phosphorescence. It was an extraordinary experience made magic by this wonderful natural phenomenon, but this was becoming quite a night for extraordinary first-time experiences.

After frolicking in the water like kids we stopped for a moment to look back at the shore. Mark was standing in front of me. I put my arms around him taking hold of his penis and balls and pulling him close so that my cock was tight against his pert little arse. In the distance we could see the decking of the Beach House where Tony, the owner and Adam, the other houseboy, seemed to be locked in a horizontal embrace on the long sofa-bed.

“I don't think they're missing us,” I said, although I'm sure Mark couldn't understand what I was saying. But he pressed back into me so that my cock was even closer to his backside, and I could rub up and down his crack. Then we walked to the shore still marvelling at the weirdness of wading through a silvery-blue cloud of light. 

When we reached the towels on the sand Mark threw himself down on his front. For a moment I gazed down, once again bewitched by the sight of his young body and particularly that perfect bottom.

I crouched down with my knees either side of his legs so that I could lean forward and run my hands over his smooth back and, as I worked his flesh, my cock rested in the gap at the top of his legs. He closed his legs tighter together to grip me and I felt myself instantly getting stiff.

I moved my hands down and laid one on each buttock; such small and perfectly shaped half globes separated by that enticing dark valley which begged to be explored. My thumbs ran up and down his crack and gently pulled his two buttocks slightly apart so that I could see his hole, like a small crater of pink flesh surrounded by chestnut brown flesh.

I adjusted my body so that I could bend to kiss his arse running my tongue up and down that secret valley and when my tongue found his hole I paused and licked it as a cat would lick cream, probing and teasing.

Now I lay flat stretched on his back, moving so that my cock could rub along his crack making me harder than ever before. We began moving with more urgency.

He raised his body so that he was on all fours in front of me putting a hand to his mouth and filling the palm with saliva before stretching behind him, getting hold of me and massaging his fluid onto my cock.

I edged forward so that my cock was rubbing on his man-hole and very slowly I slid into him thrilled by the feel of his tight flesh around me. Further and further I pressed until my whole nine inches was buried deep inside him and my balls were rubbing against the flesh of his arse. 

Never before had I fucked a man but now I was in sheer ecstasy. I did not want to move as, with astonishing muscle control he expertly milked my cock squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing, again and again like a sensuous pump. It was an unbelievable sensation which no woman I had been with had ever managed to do for me.

“Please fuck me. Fuck me,” he gasped in his broken English.

I slowly pulled my cock back so that the tip was almost out of him, and thrust back in again, repeating the movement with ever-increasing speed. I put an arm around his waist and took hold of his cock, masturbating him in time with my own strokes.

If only this could have gone for ever, but in all too short a time I felt the fluid boiling up in my balls while under me I felt Mark's body quivering. There was no holding back. I thrust as hard as I could and as deeply as I could force my way into him and somewhere inside his warm body my juice burst from my cock.

At the same time, Mark's hand joined mine on his cock as it started spewing his cum as we screamed together with agonising ecstasy.

He collapsed flat on to the towel with my cock still buried deep, and we lay there for a moment before I began to soften inside him. Very slowly I pulled out with my hyper-sensitive cock-head sending orgasmic shivers through my body as it was gradually released from the grip of his muscles. Even when I had pulled out of him altogether shivers carried on shaking my body.

It was ages before we recovered. 

We stood and he handed me the sarong I had discarded when we first reached the shoreline. There seemed little point in covering ourselves as we walked naked back the few hundred yards to the Beach House. 

Half way there Mark suddenly turned to me

“Must leave. Sleep now,” he said with surprising urgency before turning and walking quickly, almost running away from me and springing up onto the decking of the bungalow. Tony was sitting there and I guessed that Mark had spotted him before I did.

We must have been away together for a couple of hours and I assumed that Mark had left my side so quickly because he imagined he would be in trouble with his boss. But I could see them briefly talking together and they were both smiling happily before Mark disappeared into his room at the back.

And Tony seemed OK with me too, chatting happily as I stepped under the shower to wash off the sand and sex.

We talked for a while over a beer about the wonderful lifestyle he had made for himself on this fabulous island, about the virtues of the local population and about the delights of sex with another man.

When the beer was finished we went off to our rooms and, exhausted from my evening of sex, I fell onto the big double bed and slipped naked under the single cotton sheet.

I expected to fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow but there were too many thoughts going through my mind. Twenty four hours earlier I was a committed, straight, macho man who would not even consider having sex with another man. But since then I had exchanged blowjobs with a beautiful young male and then fucked him.

I thought that the only experience I'd missed was to be fucked myself, and I hoped that, the way things were going, I wouldn't have long to wait.



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