Max Becker was in his last year of motorcycle road racing before he retire from the circuit at the age of 45. His last race is at one of the toughest track in the USA were speeds can be well over 120 MPH, He has a team of 4 who as be travelling with him for well over 10 years now. Tom was his closes friend who works for a trainer for a professional baseball team and just got over a divorce of 20 years. As for Max he has only settle down a few times in his life. Max work for years a Honda Motorcycle dealership and became one of their top salesmen in the US. Max also had a great body as he stood just over 5'11 weight a solid 170 with dark black short curly hair along with  a great 70's looking moustache. 

It was just after 4 pm that Max qualified for the 3rd row for tomorrow championship race where the winner will receive a huge cheque for 10,000 bucks. The team decided that it will be great to go out for dinner that evening at Outback Steakhouse just down from their hotel room. The time was just pass 10 they all made back to the holiday Inn feeling pretty good from all the booze that they all drank in just a few hours.

Tom also shared a room with Max during the racing season were they both enjoy each other company. As for Tom he had the same looks and body type as the movie star Brad Pitt in many ways.Max always love Tom undressing in front of him as his eyes were always clued when he strip down to his white Calvin Kline Underwear that he always wear along with the CK. cologne that turn Max on very much.  As for Max he alway love wearing the Aqua Velvet type cologne that was made famous back in the mid 70's.

Tom decided to make a move on Max when he was stretch on the bad in his green jockey briefs that he always like wearing. He began asking Max if he would like to have a back massaged to settle him down for tomorrow huge race. " That well be great Tom since I hurt all over dude "

Max watch Tom walk over to his sports bag to grab a few items for the messaged before he pour the heat active oil all over his back and hairy legs of Max. 

" Fuck Tom that sure feel good "

Max love it when he felt his hands massaging his upper thigh just below his ass checks and as cock started to get a hard a bit.

  " Time to roll over Max on your back "

It was only took a minute when Max sprung a huge semi on when Tom started to rub his inner groin area. Tom then began to rub the outline of Max cock before he started to lick and suck on it. Max slowing took his hands and pull his cock through the hole in front of the briefs as Tom goatee mouth was all ready for it.

" Fuck it feels good Tom "

" I love your dick Max "

" Fuck I love sucking you'r tasting dick. "

The blow job was well into 10 minutes as Tom was sucking and slurping up a huge load of Max pre cum that he was spurting off.

" I am getting close Max."

" Give it to me "

" You want to take it Max "

" Fuck I want you juice dude "

" Almost there "

" Shoot it Tom, Shoot it Tom "

" Holy Shit here it comes "

Max cock shot off a huge load off all down Tom throat as they were both shaking from Max huge orgasm that he just had. 

" Wow Tom that was the best ever "

" I know you would like it Max "

There was still some cum hanging on Max cock before Tom began to slurp the rest of it up. He then got up fairly quickly and went over to the table to grab his beer to wash the rest of Max hot load all down. 

The next day race was not so good for Max and his team when his bike had a few troubles that put him into 7 overall in the race. It was just after 6 pm that Max and Tom made it back to their hotel room for them to take a shower before they meet the rest of the team downstair around 7 o'clock. They both started to kiss one another not long after they got back to the room.

" You like to Fuck my ass Max "

" Fucking Yea, love to fuck your ass '

Max began to unzipped his one peace Leather Racing suit all down to his crotch as Tom was laying there totally  naked by now. Tom they gave Max some heat active oil to pour over both of their dirty sweaty bodies before Max pull his suit down just below his waste. You can see that they both have some kind of sexual passion by now. Tom then took out a bottle of Poppers that were under him and took a huge riff before he pass the bottle to Max. 

" Fuck Tom I always heard about these "

" Just take a little riff to start "

Max took a riff as his 7 plus cock started to get very hard bye now. They both moan with great pleasure as Max cock started to slid up Tom very tight hole. 

" Fuck it feel good Max "

" Same here Tom fucking great "

They both took another shot from the poppers as Max cock was pounding the shit out of Tom ass good and hard, Max leather suit had fallen down to his ankles by now as he got more aggressive with his cock fucking Tom. The sweet smell of Aqua Velvet aftershave was pouring out like buckets from Max dark black curly chest as they were both screaming  and moaning during the fuck.

" Give to me Max "

" Make me cum Tom "

" Make me shoot dude "

This went onto for well over 15 minutes now as their body are both cover in each other sweat and passion.

 " Fuck I am Close "

" Fuck Tom "

" Shoot Max "

"  Please give it to me "

" Here it comes Tom "

" Give me that fucking load Max "

" Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit "

 Max pull out quickly a shot off a massive load of his white juice all over Tom smooth chest and nipples before they both crash onto the bed together. Tom was the first one to get up and shower to get ready to meet the other guy's. It took Max a little bit longer to get ready as he could not fine a fresh pair of underwear to put on. It was well over 10 minutes before he finally arrive down to meet his team in the lobby before they all headed on out the door. 

Max was sad that his good friend Tom got a job transfer to Florida and that his racing career was all over now. It was well over a few months that Tom call him up and invited him down to meet him for Bike Week over in Daytona in February.                                                                                    

The End





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