Paul was my Fathers personal driver for well over 12 years now, Dad had a top government job working as one of a top office in his government. My Dad name was Bill he was married to my Mother Bonnie well over 30 years ago and I also had one other sibling name Connie who got a Law degree and has her own practise. Myself I was still studying  on a few degree and just turn 23 years old, My parents  had a nice guest house on their huge property which was well over 50 acres in the country side. My Dad had a personal driver name Paul Gilroy who was once a top Ruby Player over in Ireland, He move to this country shortly after his career was over. 

He stood about 5'11 along with short buzz grey hair and also had some form of a goatee that he likes to wear, His eyes were Irish green with a smile that will make it on any Men's magazine as it cover, He does have a so called girlfriend but was never married, I think he is bi sexual or very closeted about his sexuality. For 5 day's a week he drops my Dad off at his office around 7 am before he comes back to get me to my class by 8 30 am.

" Hi Tom how are you this morning "

" I am very well Paul and yourself "

" Good and would you like to stop at the cafe first before your class "

" That will be good Paul thank's "

They both order  the same 2 black coffee's along with a toasted cream cheese bagel about 5 minutes from the school. Tom was very excited when his friend John got floor tickets for the Judas Priest concert this coming Friday night, Tom had a crush on the band lead singer who was openly gay and was in one of the biggest Metal bands in the world. The concert came up very fast as Tom saw has hero slowly walking down a huge steps towards him and friends who had front row centre seats for the show, He deeply enjoy watching the singer in his tight leather studded costume that he wears for every shows as he prances around the stage like a med-evil warrior.

Paul got to the arena shortly after 11 30 to pick Tom and his friend up to drive them both home, John was Tom best friend who also came from a rich family back ground, They only thing different about him he was girl crazy at times.

" How the show guy's "

" Fucking great Paul '

" You have to come next time Paul "

" Sorry fellows not into that kind of music "

" What a shame dude "

" I am more into sports and old time rock and roll "

" I can see of Dad can get some tickets for the Hockey game on Saturday Paul "

"That well be great, Please let me know "

" Can I come guy's "

" Sorry it well be just me and Paul dude, Okay "

Dad got them both a top level seat for the game on Saturday, Paul also inform him that Tom will be staying at his place that night after the game because they will be both drinking and Paul lives about a 20 minutes walk from the downtown sports arena. Paul had a nice 2 bedroom apartment in the city hardcore with all kind of shopping, pub's and nightlife all around him.

They both got a little drunk after the game were they decided to go to the Paul fav. Irish pub just around the corner from were he lives. The order some wings and another pitcher of Guinness beer. The time was well after 12 30 when they headed back to Paul place.

Paul began to turn on the TV before the two of the sat down on the couch and started to chat about what is happening in their lives, You can see Paul was real nervous because this was the first time that Tom has ever spent the night there . 

" Can I ask you something Paul "

" You sure can "

" Can you keep it a secret '

" Consider Yes because I made a promise both to your parents about what is talk about in my car and my place that it stay their" That is good to hear about Paul !

" Why are you not married "

" I love my professional life to much Tom "

" Put I do see the women a few times a month if you need to know "

" You fuck her dude '

" Never fuck her yet "

" Why is that "

" Because I am Bi curious "

" Know way Paul "

" Have you ever fuck a girl "

" A long time ago back home "

" Did you enjoy your pussy "

" Not really my friend "

" Now I got a question for you now Tom "

" Go for it "

" Are you Gay or Bi "

"How about Bi I think "

" Are you still a virgin '

" Nope myself and Dad best friends had sex when I turn 20 "

" We were both drunk on a fishing trip up north '

" All he did was give me a blow job "

" Does your Dad know "

" He heard a rumour that it happen "

" He went to his friend as he denied it and they both put it to rest "

" Oaky Paul would you Like to Make Love to me tonight "

" Yes Tom I would "

" You have condoms and Lube, I bought some the other day'"

" I love jerking off into a condom "

They both took each other by their hand as Paul guided themselves in his bedroom for the love making session. Tom began to strip all the way down to his tight white briefs before he watch Paul take off his clothes. Tom stood around 5'8 and had a thin build and had a nerdy side to him, As for Paul he had a rugby player look and was hot standing there also in his tight white briefs that he likes wearing.

He kind of reminds of Billy Elliot father from the movie as he began to kiss Tom mouth with his lips, The kiss lasted a good 10minutes as Tom began to go down on Paul 8 inch cock, Tom was deep throating Paul real good as he was reaching his sexual climax before he shot off his load  all down Tom throat. 

" Fuck you cum tasted good Paul "

" I need to go a can some pop "

" Their some coke in the fridge, I will be right back "

" Bring a bottle in for me Tom "

Now it was Paul turn to go down on Tom, His tight wide goatee mouth grab Tom 7 inch uncut cock as he began to swallow and deep throat him now. His mouth was filling up with all of Tom pre cum as his cock was just about to shoot , Tom shot 2 loads off at once as it shot all over Paul greyish hairy chest. Paul hands started to reach for a bottle of coke so he can wash all of Tom cum down. They both lay there before Paul roll over Tom onto his stomach as he began to eat out Tom Virgin ass.

" Fuck Paul you feel great "

" You Like it dude "

" Please eat me more dude "

" Fuck your juice taste good "

" Fuck you going to make me shoot "

" Hold off dude "

" I can't Paul "

Tom shot another load onto the bed sheets as Paul got up and walk over to the night table to get some lube and condoms, Paul roll up the condom to the top of his 8 inch shafts and he pour KY Jelly onto his dick and around Tom Virgin ass. 

" Can I Make Love to you now Tom "

" You sure can "

Paul pull Tom ass up to where his dick was before he put his skinny legs over his hairy shoulder and neck, He push his dick into Tom hole real easy as the pain started to show a bit from his face. It took a minute or so until his 8 inch cock was all the way up his tight ass.

" Are you oaky Tom "

" Fuck your cock feels great Paul "

" Fuck me hard now Sir "

Paul cock started to pound Tom hole good and hard as he was yelling and moaning of pleasure, Tom hands where wrap around Paul neck very tight as his balls were slapping against his hole,The juice and pre cum were pouring  out the two of them like buckets of water. You can see Paul green Irish roll back into his head before he dump his load.

" Fuck Tom I am close dude "

" Fuck me dude "

" Fuck me dude "

" You want my fucking juice Tom "

" Please shoot Paul shoot  "

" Holy Fuuuuucckkk "

Paul sweaty body started to tremble has his load was shooting off into Tom's ass. The explosion took a few seconds as it filled up the bottom sack of the condom. You can hear Tom scream out a bit when Paul started to with drew his dick from his hole. Tom pull off the condom while Paul was laying on his back totally exhausted from the fuck. 

" Fuck you shoot a huge load Paul "

" I can see that "

Tom took the condom and dump the load that was left in it and began to pour the juice all over Paul semi hard cock now. Paul was shock as Tom went down to slurp and swallow it all up. The 2 of them lay their for a while before Paul got a towel to wipe each other off before they went to sleep for the rest of the night.

The alarm went off at 8 am a Paul head into the bathroom to grab a shower, Tom was still pass out naked on the top of the silk sheets covers. Paul began to go out to the kitchen to make some coffee and bacon and eggs for the 2 of them. Tom came out shortly after Paul started to cook the breakfast and sat down over at the kitchen table.

" How are you this morning Tom "

" Great yourself "

" I am doing good "

" Fuck that was nice last night "

" I enjoy it all Tom "

" What are your plans today "

" First thing is to take you home "

" Then I have to get some food and wine for tonight dinner, I am having a few friends over to watch the Rugby match from home "

" I take it is a guy's evening  "

" These guy's straight friends of my "

"Most of them know your father very well "

" Oaky need to go and get dress now '

" I will be in shortly myself "

Tom was all dress as Paul walk in to put his shorts and t-shirt on before they head out, You can see the gleam in Tom eyes as Paul went commando after he put his tight light blue Adidas shorts on. Then watch him walk over to the walk in closet to get his Under Armour muscles shirt that he likes wearing.

The time was around 9:15 now as Paul began to drive Tom back to his home, During the drive home Tom started to grab Paul huge bugle as he was driving, They both smile as they began to drive up the driveway of the Mansion were Tom lives. Paul got out with a slight semi on before he open the door to let Tom out of the Lexus Sports vehicle . You can see the upstairs bedroom curtain move as Tom mother watch it all go down. 

" Have a good day Tom "

" Thank you sir "

" Say hi to your Mom and Dad for me "

" I sure will Paul "

Tom quickly went inside and ran upstair to his room, He wrote a few e-mail to his close friends before he went on downstairs to greet his parents. They were both in the kitchen putting  the grocery away.

" How was the game Tom '

" It was good Mom "

" Who won Tom "

" The Rangers Dad "

" Did you get drunk with Paul "

" We had a few put never got drunk Mom "

" He has a nice apartment  way up on the 17 floor "

" I know Tom"

" I have been there a few times to have lunch with Paul '

" That was nice of him Dad  to have you over for lunch "

" Yes he really knows how to make a fish chowder soup "

" Is that all Dad '

" I have to go and get ready myself and Jon are going fishing today "

" See you later guy's

" Oaky do you think anything went down with the two of them "

" He is acting a little funny '

" I will question Paul dear believe me "

" Okay Bill time for myself to get ready "

Tom called Paul into his office after he got to his work, He started to question Paul about if anything happen Saturday night. Paul told him that he had nothing to worry about before he inviting him over to his place for lunch on Thursday. Do I need to bring my speedo? Please do make sure it is your Red one.

The End Part 2 To Follow




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