I'm Mark Roberts. My twin brother, Matt, and I are 35 and live in different towns. We are not identical twins but fraternal and like lot of brothers when we began to enter puberty we began experimenting with sex. First it was just masturbation, then came oral and soon after anal.

Then in out junior year of high school, Matt decided he wasn't 'gay' and stopped having sex with me. I knew I was gay and continued my activities.

In our senior year, Matt got his girlfriend pregnant and the result was Cody, my nephew.

This is basically where my story begins.

Matt's wife died in an auto accident when Cody was fifteen and raised Cody alone. As Cody's high school graduation neared. I got a surprise phone call from Cody.

"Uncle Mark, this is Cody."

"Hey, buddy, you ready for graduation?'

"Yes, but I have a favor I want to ask you."

"Sure, what is it?"

"Well, I'm wanting to go to the university starting next year and was wondering if I could live with you and save dad some money."

I was stunned. I loved my nephew and the thought of him living with me and seeing his hot muscular body half nude turned me on. However, with him in the house, it would mean that my days, or should I say nights, of bringing a guy home for sex would totally stop. But how could I tell him no?

"Have you talked it over with your dad?"

"Yea, but he said he needed to talk to you first and that he'd call you later."

"Well, let me talk to him then I'll give you an answer."

"Thanks, Uncle Mark."

I wondered what it would be like having Cody living here or what would happen if he found out that I was gay.

That night Matt called and we talked at length. Matt was totally concerned about Cody finding out that I was gay and wanting to experiment.

I assured Matt that all my sexual encounters would occur somewhere other that at my home.

He finally agreed and it was settled. Cody would move in with me in July and get to know the area and start the university in the fall.

Cody arrived and it was great to see him. We agreed that he would drop the 'Uncle" and just call me Mark.

His first full day with me we stayed out at the pool and cooked burgers on the grill.

He had really developed since my last time seeing him and the nice perfectly formed pecs and abs were a real turn on. both were covered with a light coating of medium brown hair which also turned me on. But the best part was the bulge that showed in his Speedo swim trunks. Several times during the day, I could have sworn that he was sporting a boner.

He made himself at home and we both would wear only briefs when home. And many times I noticed him looking at my crotch.

It was in November and I had the heater for the pool turned on and when we went for a swim, several times when he was near me he would let his hands brush against my crotch. When he did, he would look me in the eye to see my reaction.

It wasn't long after that that he suggested we start skinny dipping. Reluctantly, I agreed.

He again let his hands brush against me and soon I was completely boned. Then, to my surprise, he climbed out of the pool, revealing t5he most beautiful big hard cock I had ever seen.

When he saw me looking he smiled and said casually, "It happens to all of us at one time or another, and I'm not bashful."

"Yes, it does for sure," I replied deciding to let him see mine.

I climbed out of the pool and when he saw my rock hard cock he smiled and said, "Not bad. You ever engage in self gratification?"

"If you mean do I ever jerk off, all I'll say is that every guy does at some point in his life."

"Very true. Some of my buds in high school and I used to do it together when talking about our girl friends."


"Yea. I personally don't see anything wrong with guys jerking off together," he said as he reached down and began slowly stroking his cock.

I suggested we go in where it was warmer and once inside he sat on the sofa and continued stroking.

"Mark, why don't you come sit here next to me and join me."

I couldn't say no, even though I knew Matt would be pissed as hell if he found out. I sat down and slowly began stroking my cock.

ever so casually, Cody slid closer to me and without warning he reached over and after taking my cock began stroking me.

"We really shouldn't be doing this," I said.

"What's wrong with it as long as no one finds out," he replied before suddenly and quickly leaning over and swallowing my cock.

When I regained my composure, I pulled him off and asked, "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Something I've wanted top do ever since I moved in. Please don't stop me." With that he returned to sucking my cock and before long I couldn't hold out any longer and fired off a huge load into my nephew's mouth. He hungrily collected it all before eagerly swallowing.

"Does your dad know anything?" I asked.

"Fuck no! But I do hear him jerking off late at night sometimes."

I didn't let Cody know that I was gay and only jerked him off that night.

for some reason, I had always suspicioned that Matt was still having sex with men. I decided to find out.

Being a lawyer, I knew several private investigators a couple of which were gay also. I called one and told him what I wanted.

"So you want to know if your brother is still getting it n with men?"

"That's right."

"Well. I know a hot gay PI there and will put him on the job. I'll get back to you."

"Great," I replied.

Before the week was over I knew I couldn't hold out. While watching TV one night, Cody came over and began fondling my cock. Before long he had it in his mouth. I stopped him and eased down onto the floor. Soon we were in a sixty-nine and when I swallowed his beautiful thick cock I heard his say softly, "oh, fuck yea."

After getting each other off and swallowing we kissed passionately.

I soon found out that Cody had been sucking cock since he was in his early teens and at the beginning of his senior year of high school had found out how hot it was to get fucked in the ass. Later that night we lovingly fucked each other. Our sexual encounters were almost daily and he often brought home a guy from college for sex. I gave him his privacy and when I resumed having guest he did the same to me.

The holidays arrived and Cody convinced Matt to come and spend Christmas with us.

"I'm going to come out to dad and tell him I'm gay."

"Just do me a favor. Please don't let him know we have been having sex."

"He doesn't know about you?" Cody asked.

"Oh, he knows but he made me promise not to involve you in anything."

"I can handle dad."

Matt arrived and the second evening there, as we relaxed after dinner, Cody said calmly, "Dad, I have something to tell you."

I knew what was coming and tensed up waiting for Matt's reaction.




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