Cody had decided to tell his dad that he was gay during his holiday visit.

I wasn't sure how Matt would accept it but I was prepared for the worst.

I had contacted the private investigator friend to see what he had found out from his fellow detective that lived in Matt's town.

The detective had camped outside Matt's house for several nights and witnessed several men visiting and staying for several hours, but that was not definitive proof. I was told the detective packed a bag and rented a motel room then followed Matt to a gay bar. The detective hit on Matt telling him he was from out of town and would Matt like to join him in his motel room. Matt fell for it and the detective verified that Matt was indeed still sucking fucking and getting fucked and sucked as well as making out. I had also been provided with secret pictures that the detective had taken.

Matt arrived with plans to stay several days. Matt arrived and things were normal. We each had our own bedrooms although when it was just me and Cody in the house he frequently slept with me.

The third evening there after dinner, as we sat in the family room, Cody looked at Matt and calmly said, "Dad, there is something I've been wanting to tell you."

"What's that son?"

"I think you should know that I'm gay," Cody said calmly.

"What? No fucking way is a son of mine going to be gay. It's a disgrace. You can change."

As Cody began sobbing, I looked at Matt and said loudly, "You fucking hypocrite!"

They both looked at me, Cody with curiosity and Matt with pure hatred.

"You did this to him!" Matt screamed. You turned him gay."

"Dad, STOP!" Cody screamed. "I made the advances to him."

"I can't believe that, Matt said, then looking at me said "What gives you the right to call me a hypocrite?

"You knows what gives me the right. You and I had sex and did it all as teens. You begged me to let you suck my cock or for me to fuck your ass."

"I was young and experimenting then. You know I gave that up my junior year of high school."

"Oh really?" I asked. "Do you remember meeting a man named Jake at a gay bar and going to his motel room for the night? Well, he was working for me. I had a hunch that when Cody told you that you might act this way." Then before he could deny it, I showed both of them the pictures.

"Dad, you're gay also?"

Matt just stared at me then at Cody.

"Dad, how can you condemn me for doing the exact same thing you enjoy doing?"

"Son, I just hoped you wouldn't turn out gay. It can be hard to lead a normal life if it's known."

"I can live with it," Cody replied. "I have for several years."

We all calmed down and talked for several hours before Cody looked at his dad and said, "Dad, I have to be honest about something. I've spied on you jerking off in the shower and so wanted to suck your cock."

Matt just stared in shock at Cody.

"Dad, I still want to suck you and I'd love for Mark to watch."

Matt looked at me and I just smiled and raised my eyebrows.

To my surprise, Matt said, "Shall we all get comfortable?"

We all casually stripped and by the time we were all nude we all three had raging boners.

Cody wasted no time getting between his dad's legs and began sucking his cock. As he did, Matt looked at me and said, "Come over here bro. I want to see if you still taste as good as you did when we were teens."

I walked over and Matt swallowed my cock and began sucking me hungrily and moaning. Before long, I reached my climax and as I began filling Matt's mouth he climaxed and began filling Cody's mouth.

After each swallowed then began kissing and soon Mat was sucking his own son's still hard cock.

Later I watched as they fucked each other then Matt wanted to watch me fuck Cody. As he did, his cock again stiffened and as I fucked my nephew I sucked his dad. As I ate my brother'

s huge sweet load, I filled my brother's son's ass with my own huge load.

We got very little sleep that night. It was mainly filled with more sex.

Matt extended his stay and the sex continued. When he finally did have to leave, he told me that he was jealous of me for being able to have more sex with Cody when I wanted.

Cody made frequent visits home now that it was all out in the open. Matt and I also resumed our get togethers

I was an assistant district attorney for my county. Matt was a state police officer back home. Six or seven months later, I got a call from Matt asking if I had ever considered a room mate. I said I had but never found the right one.

"Well bro, what about me?" he asked.

"Hell yea, but how are you going to manage that?"

"I requested and got a transfer and will be stationed there. I will be moving this weekend."

Cody and I will be waiting."

Matt asked me not to tell Cody as he wanted to surprise him. I agreed and when Matt arrived and Matt told him Cody was thrilled.

Matt settled in and became my lover. however when either of us wanted a one-on-one with Cody, the other slept in the spare bedroom. It was a wonderful arrangement and during Cody's senior year, he found a lover.

We remodeled the house to give them a larger bedroom and private bath. It was awesome having them there as we all lived nude when home. Cody and Brad were open to swapping and we did it often.

They both finished college and got jobs here in town. Yes they still live with Matt and I and the swapping continues. You might say that each of us has three lovers. We couldn't be happier.




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