I have just came home for the summer from college when my Dad introduce myself to our new neighbor who had just move in 4 days ago. His name Arnold Anderson who was wrestling on the pro circuit for a number of years. He also brought his new girlfriend to move into his house.  

It was around 2 am when I got up hearing the sounds of a shower coming through my bedroom widow and notice that his bathroom widow shutters where wide open. My cock got hard right away seeing himself dry off his wet body with a beach towel. I deeply enjoy watching himself rubbing the towel around his huge bulge and ass to get the extra access of water of his hairy frame body. He stood just over 6'1 with very short blonde hair along with a bushy beard that he properly had most of his life.

Once again I ran into him the next morning shortly after 10 am when I was mowing the lawn out front of my house.  I then started to drool seeing him going for his jog wearing his very tight light blue Nike short which I can see everything he has hanging in the front. I then got arouse when he came back completely soaking wet from his jog and workout before he rub his bulge and gave me one of those sexual smile.

A month has pass when he came home from his road trip and found his girlfriend with another guy, It was not to long after that she move out of Arnold place. Our AC went on the blink and we were waiting for the repairman to show up to fix it as the temperature outside a night was well over 80's. I had just put my head down on the pillow when I heard a noise coming from Mr Anderson bathroom and quickly got up to check it out.

He was now standing there in front of his bathroom mirror wearing  a pair of dark red bikini briefs trimming his beard.  He quickly began looking up and notice me staring down at him as I try to hide behind the curtain. The next day he then call me over to my garage and started to question me about  seeing him trimming his beard with his underwear on.

" Sorry Mr Anderson it well not happen again Sir "

He took my apology and threaten me by going to my parents if it happens again. I never seen or heard from him again for almost 3 months and figures that he was on the road wrestling all over the country. My alarm clock was now showing just pass 1 am when I heard some moans and groans coming from his bathroom .I was very careful this time enjoying watching him jerking off in front of the mirror before he shot off a huge load of hot juice into the bathroom sink . He then grab the wash cloth to wipe off the rest of the cum that was still hanging down from his nice 7 inch semi cut cock.

Over the next few night I could not stop jerking myself off thinking about sucking himself off and letting him fuck my virgin ass. My Parents went away for a week holiday up in the mountains and I was outside washing down my motorcycle when Mr Anderson came over with a couple of beers in his hands. My heart started to pound and notice that he was wearing some kind of spandex wrestling trunk.

" How about a beer my son "

" Thanks Mr Anderson, Please call me Arnold "

We had a great conversation talking about everything from sports, movies,politics and music.  I then found it very strange that he invited over to his place for a swim and a hot tub. It was now late September and the weather at night is cooling down a lot. His backyard was like a health spa with a beautiful kidney shape pool and jacuzzi build into the ground close to the fire pit. The sun is now going down in and we were well into our fourth beer by now when he got up and sat on the side of the jacuzzi scratching his balls in his green speedo the he was wearing.

" Can I ask you something "

" You sure can Arnold "

" How about you come over and plant your lips on my crotch ? "

" Holy shit, I'll love to dude "

My huge 8 inch thick cock got so fucking hard as I was rubbing my and lips and mouth all over his semi hard crotch. He then stood up and pull his speedo down to his ankles and order me to suck his cock. 

" OMG it feels great "

" You like it Arnold "

" I sure fucking do "

The blow job lasted for a good five minutes plus before he shot a huge load of his cum all over my nipples and chest. He then took his hands and started to wipe the cum all off and started to feed me it to me. I was truly amazed tasting his sweet , salty beer load of his spray. We both jump back into the heated poo for the last swim of the night before I headed on back home.

It was now early spring that I came back home for March break and notice a sold sign on Mr Anderson house, I then ran into him over at the Pro Bass store and he started telling all about a huge contract he had sign over in Florida. I then congratulated him before he then ask me to pick out a package of 4 underwear for him. Of course I pick out the new Colt  brand Hunter spandex briefs that came in 4 different colors.

" How about you come over tonight to watch Monday Night Football game with me "

" That well be great Arnold, We will also order in a Dominos pizza for the game "

" Holy shit, I will love that "

" Come over around 8pm "

The game was now into the second half and the Packers were beating the Giants 21 to 3 in the third quarter. Arnold and myself are well into our third tequila cooler that began to make us both good and horny by now. 

" Can I ask you something Mr Anderson? "

" It all depends "

" I alway wanted a rugged man like yourself to be my first one to fuck my hole "

" You do my friend "

" Yes Sir "

" How about we go upstairs to my bedroom and I will show you how a rugged man fuck a Virgin hole "

I then follow him upstairs to his room and began to take my clothes off. Mr Anderson was now in the bathroom getting a few thing for the fuck. My naked hairless body was stretch over the side of bed with my feet touching the floor.

He then came over to the where I was laying and started to rub us both down with this heat active massaged oil that send a tingly sensation all throughout my body. I then watch him roll up the Trojan condom all the way up his 7 inch semi cut shaft as he began to pull his cock through the hole in the new briefs he just bought over at the Pro Bass store. His hole body was cover with Brute Aftershave.

He then took his time and place my legs over his hairy broad shoulder and began rubbing more of the massaged oil all over his cock and my ass. He then began to penetrated the opening of my ass as I try my best not scream from the pain when his cock first went in.

It took a good 2 minutes until I was completely relax as his cock was now in full throttle fucking my Virgin Hole. I then began hanging on very tight to his underwear was it band as we were both well into some sexual fucking passion. His greenish blue eyes where roll back into his head like a great white shark after each one of his deep hard long strokes that he was giving it to me.

I then felt his balls slapping tightly against my ass as we where both moaning of pleasure and our bodies were all cover with in a sweet smelly sexual sweat. His hard nipples were very erected from me pinching them good and hard during the fuck.

" Fuck it feel good "

" I love your cock Arnold "

" Fuck me good and hard "

" Oh Jesus you making very close now "

"  Give it to me Arnold, Give it to me "

" Holy shit here it comes "

" Fuuuuucccccccccccck "

Both of our sweaty bodies jilted back and forwards as he was now orgasming in my ass both my hands were hung onto dear life around his spandex briefs that he had on. He then pull out of me fairly fast as I felt a very sharp pain from it all. I then watch him slip off the condom which had a huge load of his white cum that fill up the bottom sack very well. Once again I pour it all over his hairy chest and nipples and started to slurp it all up. His cum tasted like a lemon along with a shot of tequila.

" How about we hit the showers now "

" That sounds great Sir "

 I deeply enjoy letting him scrub both of us all down with the shower gel before he took the shower handle to wash the suds off our bodies. He then pull on a fresh pair of yellow jockey pouch briefs and handed me over the underwear that he just fuck me in for a special gift. We gave each other a huge hug at the door before he open it up to let me out.

Over the next week I jerk off every night smelling his briefs thinking about him fucking my ass. Two days later I watch a moving truck pull up into his driveway to get all of his things that were in the house. It was late Tuesday night that I began flipping the TV channels and spotted Mr Anderson on one of the station wrestling some young dude like me. It was very funny that he was wearing the same red speedo type trunk that I blew him off  back in his jacuzzi. I also notice that he had a very small semi on after his match was all over when he climb out of the ring. His TV interview made me more horny once again watch him standing there all full of sweat from his match.





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