Frank Darcy had just move into my trailer park 10 day's ago. He looks like a person who is very private when it comes to himself. One thing I also know that he does not  have a wife or girlfriend around, My Father spoke to him a few times over this pass week when he told him that he just retire from the Military were he had well over 30 years serving our country. Frank had the Military look to him in many ways as for been tall he only stood around 5'9 weighing a good 155 and had a body of a 30 years old for someone who is 55 now.

I have just 19 when I went over to his place to borrow some tools for the project I was working on, He open the door and invited me into the kitchen for a coffee and a muffin that he was having for his breakfast that morning. One thing it did seem strange that he is only wearing a bright yellow Jockey Brief and a white V neck t-shirt with his very blond chest hair showing.

" Would you like another Coffee Ron ? "

" Sorry Mr Darcy, I had to get back to my project that I am working "

" If you need anything else please let me know okay "

" I will Sir "

My eyes could not stop looking at his huge bugle that was showing as he open the door to let me out. It was 2 days later that I return his tools and began to knock on his door once again.

" Hi Ron please come in "

" I am just returning your tools Sir "

Now this time he was wearing a very tight pair of Arm Gym shorts as he stood there glaring at me with know shirt on at all. We then chatted for a good 10 minutes before we sat down to watch some NFL Football highlights that was on the TV. 

" I take it you like Football Mr Darcy ? "

" It is one of my favourites next to Baseball & Hockey "

" I play 4 years of Football in High School "

" Cool, what positions Ron "

" I was the team punter and field goal kicker Sir "

"  As for me, I was the assistance Coach for our Military Football team and I also did some High School wrestling before I join the Army. "

The time was well after 11 am before I got home to cut the lawn and do so more work on the project for Dad. It was a good two weeks when I got invite from Mr Darcy to go and  see the Pittsburgh Steelers play a game up in Buffalo. My  mouth drop to the floor when he show me the 2 tickets that he has were right on the 50 yards line.

" Holy shit Sir, you are serious I hope "

" Yes Ron ,Put you need to get your Father permission first and tell him that we will be staying over night in Buffalo since the game starts at 8 pm and that it would be over tell late "

" Where are we going to be staying at Mr. Darcy "

" I got the Holiday Inn book through Air Miles "

I quick ran home to let my Father know about the invite from Mr Darcy and what his plans were going to be. It took my Father a good day before he went over to Mr Darcy place to ask him a few question before that he will let me go with him. 

" Hey Ron you there "

" Yes Dad whats up, I spoken to Frank and he seems a descent man for you to join him for the game in Buffalo "

" Thanks Dad got to go and finished cleaning the Lawnmower now "

Mr Darcy came and got me around  8 am for the 4 hour drive up to Buffalo for the game that night, We finally got to the hotel just shortly after 1 pm long enough to grab a  nap and  a bite to eat before we drive out to the stadium. The clock on the desk was showing just pass 2 30 pm when I notice Frank laying flat on his back sleeping with a massive Hard on in his black spandex briefs that he was wearing.

We had to share a bed that day since the Hotel made a huge mistake with Frank reservation. I then began laying there still and notice that he was slowly beginning to touch himself as my cock grew much harder. I was so nervous when I saw his cock sticking out the top of his underwear full erected now. 

I was so horny by it all it was a few minutes later that my mouth was sucking his nice 8 inch uncut dick as he was moaning with pleasure as my mouth was wrap all around it.

" Fuck I love your mouth Ron "

" Suck me good and hard dude "

" I love your juice Sir " 

" Fuck Ron deep throat me "

" Love your dick Mr Darcy Love your cock "

" Fuck I am close "

" Give me your load, Give me your load "

" Holy shit Ron "

" Here is comes "

" Fuuuucckkkkkkkkkk "

Frank shot off a huge load of his salty sweat cum all down my throat and over my lips before I got up to grab a bottle of pop to wash it all down. " Holy shit Ron that was the best blow job ever my friend" By now I was standing  over by the table looking over at the stadium. " Maybe after the game you can fuck my Virgin hole if you like Sir " Frank took a minuted before he told me that he will be honour for him to be the first one to fuck me.

Their was over 70,000 people at the games as myself and Frank had a great time drinking a few beers as Pittsburgh beat Buffalo by 7 points. It took well over and hour before we made it back to the Holiday Inn for some more action.

Frank bend my ass over a few pillows and began slowly putting his cock into my Virgin hole. It took a couple of minutes until he was all the way inside me before he started to fuck me good and hard. I can hear his cock and balls slapping my ass real good and hard. Frank then began soaking the both of us with all of the sweat coming off his body.

" Fuck me harder Sir "

" Fuck I love you dick inside me "

" Fuck me, Fuck me "

" You want it dude "

" You want my juice Ron "

" Give it to me please Sir "

" Fuck here it is "

" Oh fucking  Jeeeesssuuusss "

I felt his hole body exploded as his huge load of hot juice pour all over my hole and ass cheeks before he got up to grab a towel to clean us both up. " Fuck that was good Ron " By now I was totally exhausted. " Holy shit did that felt great Sir " The rest of the night we both slept very will before the Alarm Clock went off at 8 am. The two of us took turns in taking a shower and getting clean up before we went home. I can see there was a massive load of a wet spot all over the bed sheet. 

Frank was now putting on a fresh pari of Powder Blue Jockey briefs along with his new Track Suit that he just bought, As for myself the same old pair of white Hanes Briefs , Levis jeans and a brand new Wrangler button shirt. The drive home took us just over 5 hours since we stop for some food and snacks along the way. We finally hit the driveway at my place close to 3 pm as my Father was standing there waiting for me to come home. He was so protected of me since my mother passing over 10 years ago. 

" Nice to see you made it home safe "

" Thanks Dad "

" We had a great time and the game was the best Dad "

" I watch it for a bit on TV last night "

" I take it Frank treated you will "

" Yes Sir, he really took good care of me "

" He is a good man "

This rest of the day I just took it easy since my ass was so sore from Frank dick. We only seen Frank a few times that next week until he told us that he is going down south for a few months starting in December. I build my dad a great Bookcase for a Christmas gift. It was well into January that we got a call from Frank inviting us both down for a couple of weeks in February. 

" Hey Ron this well be a great holiday for us before i gave him a huge hug and smile. We were both packing our suitcase before we head on out for the trip to Florida. The plane ride was great and Frank was right there on time meeting us both at the suitcase belt. I love seen Frank once again this time he was wearing just had on a basic pair of shirt and a Miami Dolphin T-shirt.




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