I slept like a baby the whole night and woke up only once, to go to the bathroom. When I came back, I felt rather proud to have fucked such a nice hunk and closed my eyes on the sweet memories of that night.

Then when I came back to my senses on the morning, I said 'hi' to Troy by simply moaning loudly. He didn't really answer which is understandable since what woke me up was his mouth wrapped around my cock. The warmth of his tongue was feeling so good on my dick and every time he swallowed my cock, I felt like I was going to burst. I played a little bit with his hair before he came to kiss me. He fiercely jacked himself while liplocking with me. I wanted to give him a little treat so I pushed him on his back, kissed him a little while he generously rubbed my ass then I aimed for the 69 position and began to eat my breakfast. I was eating his cock like hell while he was giving me the same treatment and we sucked each other with passion and lust for a while. His unshaved cheeks were brushing my inner tights and this raw sensation soon bring me close to come. I was completely overwhelmed by my pleasure because of the insane sensation you have just before cumming, was lasting forever. So much, that with his dick in my mouth I was having a hard time breathing. I let go of his cock who slapped on his hard stomach and I exploded in his throat. I rolled on the side and tried to catch my breath. He quickly started to jack himself and I kissed him and rubbed his tights to help him. He finally came all over his chest in a satisfaction sigh.

We both went in the shower where we kissed and hugged a lot, but when we got out, I think we both knew that even tough everything was perfect between us, we would never be 'together'. Nevertheless, we chat like the good friends we were and he ended the conversation by saying:

-I'm leaving today because I have a meating out of the city. But the room his paid for still three days so you can stay here cause I know their is some construction by your apartment.

-Okay... that's very nice of you... but why is the room paid for three days?

-Yeah... that's the only issue their might have. I rent the room for one of my friend who is coming back from a trip in Europe and since I'm not in town... I can't let him stay alone at my house.

-Wow you look like you trust him a lot!

-That's not it, it's just that I moved while he was gone so he never was in my house before so...

-I see but there's one bed here and even if the bed is big, I don't feel like sharing it with a stranger.

-Ohhh but Mark his a very... warm guy you know. You might like to share a bed with him!

-(laugh) So I'm your welcome gift for him?

-(laugh) No seriously you should at least stay to see him. I will already be gone, but I'm supposed to talk with him on the phone so I'll warn him you'll be there.

-Okay I'll do that but I doubt I'll stay for the night.

Troy left I killed some time for most of the day until 8 pm when someone knocked on the door. I was excited to see what he looked like and wasn't disappointed when I greeted this handsome guy. He was about Troy's height but looked a couple years younger than him, so closer to my age than to Troy's. He had some short wavy white blond hair and the bulky built of an american football player. But gosh did he look straight: some Wall-mart style jeans, and a very boring red t-shirt which was hiding most of his built. I think this kind of outfit has it's charms but doesn't really make me believe anything is possible, but I remembered Troy's comment which has to mean I have a chance. Anyways, we chat a little and I felt both a lot more uneasy than what I would have guessed. We ended up listening to tv. We talked and laugh a little about all the boring programs playing that night and then he wanted to rent a porno on the hotel's channel. I smelled the lust in me and quickly agreed. We were at opposite sides of the couch and we didn't move a bit, the movie played and the only development was between Mark and his hand. I didn't even got to see his dick cause he only unbuttoned his jeans and slipped his hand in his underwear. Bored to death, I went to shower and wasn't even to cum in it. I wanted to go back home but I realized it was pretty late and chose to wait until the morning. Planning on going to bed I only putted back my boxers and got out of the bathroom. Then, things got more interesting. Mark had lowered his jeans to his mid-tight, not only revealing his large tights but his huge balls and an enormous dick. His left arm was lazily lying on the back of the sofa while his right hand was actively sliding up and down his big pole. 'My! Tings heated up here' I said. 'Yeah' he answered sensually while turning his head to show me his content smile. When he saw me he completely scanned me from head to toe and then, he moved on the sofa and said: 'Sorry I took the entire place while you were in the shower, you can come back now'.

I sat much closer to him this time than earlier. I slipped my hand in my boxer and sloppily played with my dick. Mark was giving me glances from time to time and when I got hard, I completely removed my boxer. This triggered a little moan from Mark. We both jacked individually until the movie ended before we could both cum. Mark continued to jack in silence but I took my courage in hands and grabbed his pole. I started to jack him and he moaned while letting his head fall back. He soon joined his arms behind his head to better enjoy my jacking. I got closer to him and he leaned a bit so we could kiss while he replaced me in jacking myself. His hands were really big and even if I consider myself well endowed, my cock felt small in these manly hands. I fell down on his dick and swallowed the most I could. I love to rub some skin and the fact that he was still completely clothed was getting on my nerves, but he stopped me in my blowjob and installed me over him. While we were kissing I very slowly lowered myself on his dick until it was completely in. It took a big while before my ass adjusted but it eventually did, then the fucking fun began. I had never felt something so big and was enjoying every inch of pleasure it was giving me. I was jumping on his cock while kissing him hand rubbing his giant pecs through his red t-shirt when he was grabbing my ass really hard. My dick was aching with pleasure with that fucking, he was pushing me harder and harder on his pole. Then he moaned loudly grabbed my ass even harder to keep me from jumping and burst in me. I fell on the couch beside him and started to stroke me, soon enough he putted back his pants and started to rub me and kiss me in the neck, to finally replace me in my jacking. After some nice gentle kissing he kneeled in front of me and started a clumsy, but way satisfying enough, blowjob. He gagged a little but his fucking had me excited enough to come whatsoever.

We didn't take our shower together but we cuddle and spooned in the bed for a comfortable night. We slept naked so the next morning, I woke up before him and I took a pair of jeans and headed for the kitchen. I made myself a light breakfast and crashed on the couch to wait for Mark to wake up. He finally got out of the bedroom in those tight electric green boxers who were revealing every curve he had. When we had fuck, he was still wearing his clothes and even though I felt his muscle during the night, it was the first time I could see his body. He was sculpted like a Greek statue but with about 30 pounds of muscle in addition. His ass was big and muscled while every abs he had, were looking like they were going to explode. He came standing in front of me, looking at the tv, and rubbed his eyes like a little kid, but with giant biceps. I was trying to find a way to hold back my erection, cause he was very very hot, when he asked if I was going to take a shower. I said 'yes' and went straight to it. I was still thinking about his amazing body when he entered to brush his teeth. The curtain of the shower were only half closed so I looked at his amazing butt and back, while he brushed his teeth and he looked at me in the mirror. I wanted him so much that the second he dropped his toothbrush, I shove him in the shower, barely leaving him the time to pass over the edge of the bath. We both vigorously hugged and kissed each other under the warm water falling on us. While our tongue wrestled, I grabbed and rubbed his ass cheeks throught his soaked boxers. He was slowly jacking me and when I got hard enough, I turned him against the wall and lowered his boxer briefs just enough so that his butt popped out. When I drove my dick in that smooth piece of heaven, chills of pleasure ran on my entire body. He was obviously not very used to be fucked because he yelled and swore a lot, but I was too busy pounding this hunk to care. My cock was bouncing on his cute butt when he slipped a hand in his underwear to treat himself. I generously help him a little, but all of my attention was dedicated to his firm and big ass sliding on my cock. When I felt I was nearing my climax, I made every thrust stronger and deeper in his athletic bottom until I exploded, half in and on him. Then we both took a few minutes to recover and when he was done, he dropped his underwear as I dropped to my knees and happily wrapped my mouth around his huge endowment. I gave him a rough and smooth blowjob that he enjoyed pretty much, probably as much as he enjoyed cumming half in and on me. We finally washed each other and got out of the shower.

I was resolute to go today, so I packed my things and left him alone but not without a big sensual kiss of good bye. I closed the door and smiled, thinking to the nice week-end I just had and I would have smiled even more, if I had knew what was coming for me.


Adam Monroe

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