There is quite an introduction to the sex part but I believe it is nescessery to feel the same lust I did and the same exultation when we had sex. BUT if you just care for the sex part(like I do sometimes) just jump to the ''

I'm not a shy kind of guy but in terms of sexual and romantic relationship I'm quite inexperienced although I'm 19 years old. I used to live in Canada were I had my first sexual relationship with one of my straight friends who was curious about gay sex. It was fun but rather awkward, we did it another and that's about all the experience I have because I moved to New York shortly after that, with my best friend Kate. I don't work out a lot but I don't think I need to that much, cause I have some biceps, abs and nice pecs. I said I don't need to work out much because I'm so 'fat-free' that all those little muscles are really visible for example I rarely do some abs exercise but I have 8 of them visible without effort. But enough about me this is about some really hot other guys.

Everything began at the end of April and it was already hot NYC. I'm working in a nice shoe store where the cheapest thing we have, is a pair of women flip flop which cost 80 dollars. Anyway the store is located in a mall like building and the store next to us is a jewellery. When I got to the store that day Rina, my boss, asked me:

- Did you saw the new guy working next door?

-No..... why?

-Christina and Amber said he was freakin' hot so I wondered if you saw him too.

-Well no, but I'll keep an eye opened.

And the day passed and we barely had some customers, so everybody left and as the newest employee I stayed alone at the shop. At the end of the day, HE entered. He was a little taller than me so about 6'1 or 6'2 and I would guess around 22/23 years old. He had short dark brown hair, a nice tan( but I couldn't tell if it was natural, fake or if he simply had a darker skin than the average American) and it looked like he hadn't shaved cause he had a small beard from the middle of his cheeks to the start of his neck. AND he looked very straight. He was definitely the new guy Rina was talking about because I had never seen him and he was wearing the wine shirt all those who work at the jewellery wear. I welcomed him with a polite 'Hi, can I help you?'.

-Yes actually, I need some fancy black shoes but I would like if they were not in leather if it's possible.

-Okay... well we don't have much but I think you can still find something

And I showed him a couple of shoes and he chose one. When he tried them I propose him to walk around to know if they comfortable. This is always my favourite moment cause I can easily look at their asses while they walk and his was something gorgeous. He didn't like them so he tried some other ones and we casually talked for a while until he chose a pair of shoe. He paid and signed the credit card receipt and when he left I looked at the receipt to know his name, which was Troy and I couldn't read his last name.

Two or three day later me and Kate went to the theatre to see an action movie. In line for the popcorn someone touched my shoulder and said:

-Hey Luke, how are you?

-Hey.... Troy (I wasn't sure I read the good thing so I was kind of nervous) fine and you

-Great, what movie are you going to watch?

I don't remember the name of the movie but it was something like The Last....something. It might sound weird that we are talking like that but we had run in each other and talked a couple of time in the mall.

-Oh we'll sit together then we're here to see that too.

He was with a friend who was pretty cute but not as much as him. The movie wasn't really good so I talked with Troy the whole movie, while Kate was flirting with his friend like she does with everybody. Then we all went to eat in a restaurant to continue the conversations and we parted ways at the end .

The next time I saw him was at a party in a very chic hotel where all those who work in the mall are invited. He was wearing a dark blue shirt, black trouser and the shoes he bought with me and I was wearing a similar outfit but with a black shirt instead. I presented him to the girls who were working with me and we talked like old friends. The party was nearing the end when Troy asked if I was willing to go to the hotel's bar with him.

-Sorry, I'm far from my apartment and if I want to find my way home I need to be sober.

-I have a room in the hotel you can sleep there tonight.

I didn't really knew what to say.

-You can sleep on the couch or in the bed I don't really care.

-Okay then, but I'll pay the half.

-If it makes you feel better.

Rina was looking so jealous and I was feeling very nervous about how my body would react if we slept in the same bed or if he gets out of the shower or.... So I gladly headed for the bar with him. We all danced together and when the girls left, Troy and me sat at the bar and talked and laughed while sipping alcool. Later I felt a little drunk and I bet he did too cause we were laughing like hell at everything we were saying. And while laughing about another 'not that funny' joke he landed his hand on my lap. I instantly felt my face blushing and he said:

-Are you okay you're all red. He said while still laughing.

-Yeah I think everything is just a little too hot tonight. And I ordered another drink.

And he slightly grabbed my tight before removing his hand and I was surprised that I didn't went hard on that. We laughed again for a while, even though it felt more like flirting, before we left for the room. He went to the bathroom first so I entered the elevator alone. Once inside, I realized I wasn't has drunk as I thought I was, actually I was feeling pretty well. The whole time I kept myself saying to myself: 'He is straight, not gay. You're just making movies in your head.'. The room was big but I headed to the bedroom and sat on the bed to gather a little. Then I heard the door and shortly after Troy entered the room with his shirt opened.

He removed his shirt and threw it on the ground, then his belt and he stopped when he reached the button of his now very low rise black trouser. And he just stood there looking at me. He was so incredibly hot, and he was actually more cut than what I would have guessed in his shirt. He had a very nice athletic built with nice arms. His pecs were quite larger than the rest of his torso and his abs were not very visible but he still had a great firm and tanned stomach. He smiled and said:

-I can't remove my pant looks like it's stucked. Could you help me?

-You're kidding me right?

And I was meaning it! Now the odds were that he was more on the gay side and my inexperience in this kind of situation really felt a burden.

-Please, I can't sleep with them.

I stood up and reached to his pants, at that moment I was planning on just doing what he asked and then nothing, but when I unzipped his pants I felt and saw his half hard dick, as I realized he was not wearing undies. My heart was racing but I finally forced myself to make a move and I slipped my hand in his pants and wrapped my hand around his cock. I got it out of the opening and started to slowly jack him. It felt good and my heart slowed down a little while my cock was getting harder and harder. He putted his hand on my shoulder and kissed me. While we kissed passionately I continue to jack more fiercely and he removed my shirt.

I fell to my knee and kissed his stomach while lowering his pants to the half of his muscled tight. I took his (I would say about 8 ½ to 9 inches since it's about the same size as mine) cock in my right hand and swallowed half of it. He exhaled sensually and I sucked his cock and played with my tongue with it until I was able to deep throat him. While I was sucking him hard and was grabbing and fondling his ass cause his ass was firm and sooo juicy! I was having a good time and he did too cause he was moaning all the time.

He made me stood up and he removed his pants completely, then he kissed me again while making me walk in reverse toward the bed. My back lay on the bed and he took my legs around his naked waist. While still lip locking with me, he removed my pants and slowly entered his big dick in me. He stopped kissing and took my leg on his shoulder to better fuck me. He was groaning some 'oh yeah!' and 'that's so good' and I thought the same but it was still a little painful. After a while of sex, he turned me and hop on the bed to fuck me doggy style. Now I wasn't feeling any pain and every thrust was pure pleasure. He was grabbing ass with both hands and I only reached to my cock once before letting alone cause I would have came in seconds. He accelerated as he got louder and then slowed as he came in me.

We fell side to side breathing heavily without saying a word before he rolled on me, kissing and jacking me. One of my hands was grabbing his butt while the other was holding his face, finding every short raw hair more exciting. Soon he sat on me and quickly took me dick in his ass. I always thought I wouldn't like this position because what I prefer is asses but not only did I felt his juicy ass big time, the firm tights under my hands were just as good. He worked my cock with his ass for some time but I finally came in what must have been my most explosive cumming in years. He landed on me and we kissed while rolling in the bed before we fell asleep on this night full of lust.


Adam Monroe

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