After a few hours of listening to music while organizing my room, Tom poked his head in to let me know Tammy had gone to bed, so I “better keep the noise down”.

 I put my head phones in and laid down on my newly assembled bed, browsing through every social media site that I was a member of. I couldn’t help but feel jealous as I looked at pictures of my friends from my old school enjoying their last week of summer together while I had been thoughtlessly dragged 4 hours away to start my senior year in a place where I knew no one, all “thanks” to Toms new job. After about an hour of internet stalking, my phone buzzed with a new message from an unknown number that read:” hey.  r u still awake?” I replied,

Me: Yeah……who’s this?

Him: guess :)

Me: Grandpa?

Him: u can call me grandpa if u want to ;)

Me: LMFAO ew no

Him: wow, kink shamer!

Me: Lol

Him: keep guessing

Me: Is it…Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

Him: no.  I’ll give u a hint tho. I’m really great kisser

Me: So it IS The Rock!

Him:  lol no. uh! aaaaanyway what r u doing?

Me: Nothing. Listening to music.

Him: nice nice. drake?

Me:  No, I hate Drake lol

Him: bruh no!!!  :o drake is boss

Me: Oh, I’m sure he is, he’s just not my type of music

Him:  oh, let me guess…u like angry white boy music?

Me: Well, I AM an angry white boy, after all…

Him: wtf do u have to be angry about?

I stared down at my phone as my thumb hovered above the letters. I didn’t know how to answer that without telling my entire life story, so I pretended to assume he asked it rhetorically and ignore it completely.

Me: So, what are YOU up to?

Him: nothing …bored af

Me: Same…

Him: u should come over

Me: I would like to but…I don’t think my parents would be cool with that 

Him: why???

Me:  Because you’re Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Him: for fucks sake lmfao ur killing me. but, seriously…come over

Me: Dude, it’s almost 11 o’clock…

Him: but it’s the summer!!!  its not like u have school in the morning. Besides, ur 18

Me: And where do I tell my parents that I’m going? What do I tell them that I’m going to be doing and with whom?

Him: u don’t have to tell them anything! just sneak down stairs!

Me: I can’t, if Tom catches me he’ll freak L He’s got ears like a fucking hawk

Him: so use the fire exit.

Me: The what-now?

Him: open ur window and look outside

I raised an eye brow and got up, walking towards the window and pulling back the navy blue curtains that the previous owners had generously left there. I peered out the window into the darkness and realized that there was a set of stairs there. It was a rusty set of steps, presumable a fire exit, that lead up and down the entire building. I put my hands on the bottom of the window, slowly pushing in the little black tabs that made it unlock and pulling the glass upwards as quietly as I could manage. I carefully pulled my torso through the open window, followed by my legs, and climbed onto the stairs. I closed the window, leaving an inch wide gap for myself so that I’d be able to get back in later. I climbed down the stairs as quietly as I could, staring into closed windows and curtains as I walked lower and lower. The first window of the third floor was the first one I reached that was wide open, with white curtains blocking me from seeing inside.

“Noah?” I whispered. A set of tattooed fingers wrapped around the curtain and pulled it to the side.

“Come in! Hurry!” His voice said from behind it. I swung my legs through the window and carefully pulled myself in.  He reached behind me and pulled the window shut, letting the curtains fall back into place. He stood in front of me shirtless in only a pair of black track pants.

“Hey,” he grinned.

“Hi,” I said, my eyes wandering up and down his abs.

“See something you like?” He asked. My eyes moved back up to his.

“Your tattoo,” I lied.

“You’re gonna have to be more specific,” He replied. I glanced back down at his stomach quickly.

“The bird,” I said simply looking back at him. He looked down at the bird, then back to me.

“This is actually my least favourite tattoo,” he admitted.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because,” Noah sighed, “I went into the tattoo shop and told them I wanted a big black hawk on my stomach. And they guy draws a fucking bird!”

I burst into uncontrollable laughter. It actually got to the point where Noah started asking me, “are you okay?” over and over again as I was hyperventilating.

“I’m sorry,” I said, letting out the last of my chuckles, “I wasn’t expecting that. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” he grinned, “I like that I can make you laugh.”

I looked around his apartment. It was just as big as ours and nicely furnished. 3 leather couches surrounded a glass top coffee table with 3 gaming systems under it, connected by multiple cords that connected it to the flat screen TV that must have been at least 50 inches. The dining room had been converted into a mini-gym of sorts with a punching bag, weights and pull up bar.  Noah’s apartment surely didn’t reflect that of someone who supposedly didn’t have a job.

“So,” he said, causing me to stop admiring his things and start admiring him, “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. What do you want to do?” I asked. Of course, I KNEW what I wanted to do but I wanted to see what he had in mind first.

“We could…watch a movie?” He suggested, “Or play video games? OR.”

He moved closer to me, placing his hands on my hips. I had a feeling I was going to like option C a lot more.

“I could make you cum harder than you ever have in your entire life.”

He leaned in kissed me very gently, running his hand across my jaw.  I bit down his lip and pulled slowly.

“What games do you have?” I asked in a hushed voice.

“OH my god…” he groaned, rolling his eyes in frustration. I wrap my arms around him and peck him on the lips, smiling.

“I’m sorry, sorry,” I apologized.

“Why do you have to be such a smart ass all the time?” He asked looking down at me, having at least an inch of height on me.

“Defence mechanism,” I muttered, kissing his neck, “Let’s go to your room.”

“Really?” he asked, kissing me again. I nodded and he grabbed my hand, leading to his bedroom. It was surprisingly neat, not counting a large pile of clothes that I assumed to be his floor-drobe and a few scattered envelopes. He pushed me down onto the bed, climbing onto of me, kissing me as he took my glasses off, followed by my shirt. I laid down and closed my eyes as he kissed my neck and hands ran over my stomach. Compared to him, I looked like a toothpick, but he didn’t seem to mind. He made his way down my torso, kissing every inch of my stomach, stopping when he got to my jeans. He un-did my belt and pulled it off, discarding it on the floor before un-buttoning and un-zipping my pants. He grabbed the sides of my pants and ordered me to lift my ass up. I did and he yanked my pants down and grabbed a hold of my already hard dick and began sucking it as if it were the last thing he would ever do.

“Holy shit,” I moaned, staring up at the ceiling. I closed my eyes and rolling my head to the side as his head bobbed up and down enthusiastically.

“Mmmm, fuck,” I cursed as I felt his tongue move lower, gently licking my balls before moving back up the head, then  back down again. He stopping, looking up at me but continuing to stroke my shaft.

“You good?” he asked.

“I’m more then good,” I sighed happily, my eyes still closed. He grabbed my right hand and put it on the back of his head.

“I want you to be more forceful,” he told me.

“Mmm, meaning what?” I moaned softly, rolling my head to the side.

“Push my head down, make me choke on it. Be rough,” he replied, running his nails across my stomach. I opened my eyes finally and stared down at him.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” I said honestly. He shook his head at me.

“Not gonna happen,” he assured me, “Trust me, nothing you’re capable of doing could hurt me.”

I decided to take his word for it and grabbed a fistful of his hair, forcing his head down, allowing him back up for air for only a brief second before shoving my cock down into his esophagus. He seemed to approve of his as he moaned lowly, moving his head up and down, making audible gagging noises as his lips reached the base of my dick. I placed my other hand on the back of his head and began throat fucking him harder, much to his delight as he dug his nails into my hips. My breathing got shorter and quicker as I felt my orgasm building. When it got to the point where I felt like I couldn’t contain it anymore, I let go of Noahs head and began vigorously tapping him on the shoulder.

“Stop, stop,” I begged. He did as he was told and looked up at me worriedly.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing, nothing, come here,” I said, breathlessly, sitting up. I grabbed his face and kissed him, relentlessly invading his mouth with my tongue. I pulled away and looked at him intensely, biting my lip.

“Are you top or bottom?” I asked. His eyes widened with delight.

“Top, usually,” he said. I took a deep breath and laid back down.

“Okay. Let’s go,” I said.

“Seriously?” He asked in disbelief. I nodded and he giddily moved between my legs, pushing my knees up.

“Wait!” I said, just as he was preparing to enter me, “Put a condom on.”

“Oh, do I have to?” He whined.

“Yes.” I said firmly. He rolled his eyes and moved away from me, opening his bed side drawer, digging around for a minute before finding a bottle of lube and box of condoms. He ripped one open and put it on in record time, lubing up before leaning down to kiss me again with his hands behind my knees, lifting them up.

“If it starts to hurt, just let me know and I’ll stop,” he said sweetly. I kissed him back and ran my hands through his hair.

“Stop talking and fuck me,” I demanded. He positioned himself and without another word, began slowly pushing himself in.  I exhaled deeply I felt the pain I had missed so much over the last few months begin to consume me entirely as he pushed himself in deeper. I closed my eyes tightly, wincing as my shaking hands gripped the bed sheets. It hurt like hell but I knew that as long as he took it slow, the pain would subside into something much more enjoyable. I leaned over top of me, supporting himself by laying in a plank position.

“You okay?” he asked, kissing my neck.

“I’m fine,” I lied, digging my nails into his back as he continued to slowly move in and out while I tried to get used to it.

“God damn,” he moaned, pulling out most of the way, before sliding it all the way back in. I kept my breathing at the steady pace, continuing to fight the urge to just give up and push him off of me. I knew it was just one second away from getting good.  

“Wrap your legs around me,” he whispered. I wrapped both my arms and legs around him as he began gradually picking up speed. And then I felt it.

My eyes rolled back as he hit that spot inside of me that made me go absolutely insane.

“Fuck!” I gasped, as he continued to pound away, staring down at me. The pain was still there but it was nothing compared to the pleasure I was feeling now.  He grabbed my wrists and pinned them down next to either side of my head as he kissed me hard, beginning to slide in and out of me faster and more vigorously.

“Ho-holy f-fuck,” I stuttered as he slammed into me, seemingly having lost the fear of hurting me as I appeared to be enjoying myself just as much as he was now. With some difficulty, I was able to pull my right hand away from his grasp and began to stroke myself.

“Feel good?” He asked staring down at me.

“Yeah,” I moaned, as I moved my hips up and down, trying to match his rhythm  “Go harder.”

Noah sat up straight and lifted my legs, placing my ankles on his shoulders, and began fucking me for all he was worth. I moaned his name loudly as the bed banged against the wall, much to the dismay of who ever lived on the other side of it, I’m sure.

“Jesus Christ,” I cried out as I could feel my orgasm building again, but this time I don’t think I was going to able to suppress it.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum,” I moaned, my face flushed. He leaned over top of me again, slamming me into the bed as hard as he could.

“Cum for me baby, come on…” He urged


My toes curled and my entire body shook while a stream of expletives spilled out of my mouth as I shot my load onto my stomach. Noah slowed his pace down, staring down at me with a look of absolute satisfaction while I breathed like a person with asthma who had just ran a marathon.

“That was awesome,” I sighed. He grabbed a Kleenex from the box on the bedside table and began cleaning me up, whilst still inside of me.

“Are you tapping out now or can I keep going?” He asked, balling the tissue up and throwing it on the floor.

“Did you cum yet?” I asked, running my finger tops across his glistening chest.

“Not yet,” he answered.

“Keep going until you do,” I told him. He smiled and kissed me again.

“Turn over,” he commanded. I did as he was told, getting on all fours as he positioned himself behind me.

“Arch your back more,” he instructed. I did and pressed my face into the pillow as he entered me again.

“God, you’re so fucking tight,” he said, kissing the back of my neck, “Wait….you weren’t a virgin before this, were you?”

“No, definitely not a virgin," I replied. 

“Could have fooled me,” he said, as he began assaulting my ass once more. I gripped the pillow tightly, pressing face into it to muffle my screams as he fucked me. The euphoria had worn off a bit and it was started to hurt again, but I was determined to let him finish.  I heard his breathing get quicker and shallower and I knew he was getting close.

“Mmm, Noah,” I moaned as he gripped my hips tightly, thrusting in and out of me, “Fuck me, cum inside me, I want to feel it.”

Technically, we both know I wouldn’t be able to feel it because he was wearing a rubber, but the dirty talk its self must have sent him over the edge because he let out one final exasperated moan, pushing himself inside of me as hard as he could as his finger nails dug into my skin, before his sweaty body collapsed on top of me.

We laid there in silence as he tried to catch his breath with his arms wrapped tightly around me. After a couple of minutes, he slowly pulled out of me, taking the condom off and putting it back into the wrapper, tossing it towards the garbage can and missing.

“God damn,” he sighed, laying down next to me, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. I rolled onto my side to face him as he leaned over the side of his bed and grabbed a pair of jeans that were on the floor.  He reached into one of the pockets and retrieved a lighter and a pack of cigarettes, offering me one, to which I politely declined. He lit it and leaned back with his eyes closed, inhaling deeply.

“That was fucking dope,” he sighed, exhaling a cloud of smoke. I nodded in agreement as I moved closer to him, placing my head on his shoulder. He happily obliged, wrapping his arm around me to let me nestle in the crook of his arm. I laid there with my eyes closed as he smoked, a question looming in my bed.

“That was seriously the best sex I’ve had in a while,” he continued.

“Me too,” I mumbled, my eyes still shut, “Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead,” he said before taking another drag of his cigarette.

“How did you know I was gay?” I asked. There was a rather long silence.

“I didn’t,” he answered finally, “I just kind of….took a leap of faith, as your people would say.”

I looked up at him curiously.

“My people?” I asked with great confusion.

“Christians,” he clarified. 

“I’m Catholic,” I corrected him.

“Oh…” he replied, exhaling smoke. I sat up all the way and slowly moved towards the edge of the bed.

“I should probably get going,” I said, reaching down to grab my boxers.

“No, don’t,” he said, grabbing my arm in an attempt to pull me back, “Stay.”

“I can’t,” I sighed.

“Why?” He said with a frown.

“You know why,” I shot back quickly. He put his cigarette out in the ash tray, still holding onto my arm.

“Just…give me a few more minutes,” he said.

“Noah…” I sighed.

“Five more minutes,” he interrupted.

I rolled my eyes and laid back down, placing my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me.

“Five more minutes,” I agreed, “But that’s it.”

He grabbed the blanket and pulled it over top of us. I closed eyes as I listened to the sound of his breathing. I couldn’t remember the last time I had cuddled with anyone other than my sister and I had to admit, it felt really good to be coddled in his muscular arms.

Slowly but surely, and without realizing it or meaning to, I fell asleep.


Alex C


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