It was a miserable day, that day that I first moved into my first home, I was out of college, I had gotten a nice job in a city in the midwest, and I finally had saved enough to put a down payment on a house out in the 'burbs.'

I had lived in my new place for about three months, it was about the last part of August, it was hotter than hell outside, And despite the weather I had been growing consistantly hornier as each day as passing.

I was setting on the edge of my porch, having just finished mowing the lawn. The sweat was pouring out of me likewater from a waterfall, all over my body, and I was drinking a nice glass of fresh Iced Tea.

I was enjoying the shade of the front porch overhang when I heard this young guy walking up the driveway beside my house.

'Hey man, you look like you could use some help with that lawn, I do that sort of thing,' I lifted my sun glasses from my eyes to get a better look and I saw this gorgeous young black dude, it was the kid from across the street.

I had seen this guy several times, mowing their lawn, I looked up and said, 'Hi! I'm Ken, and you are?'

'Glad to meet you Ken, my name is DeAngelo Davis, I live across the street and I have noticed you several times and have always wanted to meet you.'

I shook DeAngelo's hand, stood up and said, 'So you do yard work, do you have a regular job.'

'No, Im still in college, second year, I do yard work on the side to make some extra spending cash for the summer.'

'Hey man, a guys got to do what a guys got to do.'

He smiled at me and his beautiful smile was heart melting, God I don't remember ever having seen a nicer looking black guy, he was about six foot one inch tall, slender, with a nice thick chest, not overly built but very nice and muscular looking, his complection was not black black but a nice beautiful deep brown, but his face was gorgeous, his hair was close cut and he had wire rimmed glasses resting on his nose.

He was wearing these sorta loose fitting shorts with double white stripes going down the legs of his shorts. I didn't see a bulge, which I looked for, having always wondering about the myth of black men being hung heavy, just wondering. And I was surprised at his educated speach, I could tell he had gotten a nice education.

Well I really wanted to get to know DeAngelo better, so I offered him the job of helping me around the place, doing odd jobs, helping with the yard work, cleaning the garage etc.

All I know is that I wanted to try to get the chance at DeAngelo, he was so fucking sexy It made my knees go weak.

He had been doing work around the house for about a month when I needed him to work on a Saturday afternoon, we got to do some heavy lifting and cleaning in my basement, getting rid of junk and so forth, we were both tired and sweaty, the sweat was pouring off us both, I told him to take a break, he smiled and said, 'I didn't think you were ever going to take a rest stop.' Then he started laughing.

We went up to the kitchen and got something cold to drink, I was setting at the table, DeAngelo was leaning against the kitchen counter next to the sink. I noticed the outline of his cock under his sweaty shorts sticking tightly.

I stopped smiling and just stared at his cock, laying there like a fire hose laying over to the side, it looked humungous. I could see its length and girth, I could even tell he was circumcised, it was outstanding looking, 'HOlY FUCK DEANGELO.'

He looked Startled and said,'What, What's wrong?'

'SHIT MAN, nothing's wrong, it's your?' then I realized what I was about to say, not being sure of how he would react or take it, I just stopped in mid sentence. 'Oh nothing.'

He looked puzzled and then realized I was staring at his cock. DeAngelo smiled at me, then he asking me a questions about my love life, 'Hey Ken, I never see you with woman, do you date women? I have never seen one coming here or you taking one out or anything like that.'

I stammered and hemmed and hawed around a second and decided to tell DeAngelo the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

'Well you see DeAngelo, I don't mean to bring a shock to you and get you upset, but if you don't want to hang around me if you have a problem with it, but I'm 'GAY.'

DeAngelo smiled and said, 'No Shit? I thought you were gonna say you were some sort of murderer or a serial killer or something. Hey man, I got a few gay friends at school, its cool with me, actually I have been wondering what that was like.'

'What that is like?' I said.

'Yeah, so many guys are homophobic, but I have always had this thing that made me wonder, you know?'

'Don't you have a girlfriend, or a main squeeze?'


'You do have sex don't you?'

'Sorry man, My parents wouldn't let me date untill I was out of High School, My Father is a pastor of a church, but I guess you would say that I'm still virgin.'

'Your twenty two, and still virgin? I thought I would go for it and reached over and rubbed the outline of his very large cock thru his shorts, 'You mean that this has been put on silence for twenty two years, never had the touch of another person of either sex?'

'Yeah! sorry, I am about the only person to touch my cock except the Doctor that circumcised me as a baby.'

'Well DeAngelo its about time to do something about that don't you think? and what your father don't know won't hurt him.'

I stood up and stood face to face with DeAngelo, I lifted his face to mine and began to stare into his eyes, God they were beautiful, blackish brown, his facial features were of model quality, I felt an excitement like I had not felt with any other guy, He was gorgeous, I pulled his sweaty shirt off his lean body, his chest and stomach rippled with muscles. I touched his nipples with my fingers and I heard his slight moan under his breath, I could sense the breathing start to pick up pace as I began to rub on DeAngelos body.

My own cock was almost like a hammer head, hard as steel, I needed this, and I could sense DeAngelo did too.

I leaned into his face and he closed his eyes to me as he sensed the coming kiss, my lips touched his lips, and I felt the moisture, the heat, the excitement, but when his tongue slid into my mouth and I began to nibble on it and lick his beautiful perfect teeth, I thought I would fall over from the excitement.

I felt his body melting into my arms and I could sense his desire building, that bulge in his crotch was huge now, and it wasn't soft anymore, it was like concrete. It was so confined that I was sure he was in pain.

I told him to follow me to the bedroom, he said, but I need a shower, I assured him that his body was just what I wanted, sweaty, manly, just what I needed. I was going to break him in and make him want it again before the afternoon was over.

I led him to the bedroom, and when I slid those wet, sweaty shorts off, god I thought I had died and gone to heaven, there before me was a cock of legendary porportions, it was long, almost nine and a half inches, and it was six and a half inches around, we got a tape and measured it, I was astounded, he fit all the stereo types of the extremely well hung, 'Black Man'

I had him naked, and I told him how much I loved his body, and boy did I ever.

He smiled as he realized his body was really desireable and so hot, and turning me on.

I layed him back on the pillows and told him to just lay still and let me show him a wonderful time. He smiled and let me at his body, wimpering and groaning and moaning as I performed man sex on his body for the first time.

I had started by licking his armpits and tasting that hairy and sweaty armpit, god it was intoxicating. and I licked his neck and earlobes, probing my tongue into his ears, making him squirm with excitement, I licked my way down to his stomach and licked around his navel, He loved that, I think he was in limbo, I then took his balls into my mouth licking, sucking tasting that awesome sorta musty, sweaty, aromatic area of his manhood, saving that awesome cock untill last, then I took his long muscular leg, raised them up and went for his love hole, I probed his asshole for at least twenty minutes with my tongue, untill I had his body ready to receive more pleasure, I had at least three fingers full length deep into his asshole, before he even knew that it was happening, but I wanted that cock, god did I want that kids cock. It was long, thick, black and there at the circular scar from the circumcision, the color slightly changed and then that chocolate colored head, perfectly shaped, I looked up from his asshole, and saw that his cock was leaking that beautiful clear pre-cum and I wanted it. I licked my way up to the head of that cock slowly, as he held onto the sides of my bed covers with his hands clenched.

I finally reached his cock head and slid my mouth over it, he bucked upwards and grabbed my head, and I slid his cock into my mouth and throat as he let out this loud gasp, 'Oh Shit man, Oh shit, Oh shit,' that seemed to be the only thing he was going to say, but that was fine with me, as Long as I knew he was enjoying it, and believe me, he was.

I had sucked him about ten minutes taking that huge cock to the curly little black carpet of kinky pubic hair. his crotch aroma was totally awesome, I was in another world, I have always loved sucking cock before but this was my heaven, he was young, very good looking, hung and virgin on top of it all, what more could I want.

I had sucked him for a good while when I decided to change things around, I wanted to see if I could take all that cock in my ass.

I stopped and DeAngelo looked so damned disappointed.

I reached over and got some lube, now since he was virgin I saw no need for a condom.

I slathered up his cock, and straddled his body, and I set down onto his thick cock, at first I didn't think it was gonna work, that I would have to finish him off by sucking him, but finally I opened up and tight as it was I took the whole enchilada, and I could feel his pubic hair against my ass cheeks. God was I ever full.

I worked his cock with my ass muscles as best I could, but as the climax got closer he wanted to move faster. so we changed positions, I got on the bottom, and he slid into me, and leaned over like a groom on his bride, and fucked me like a young lover, he had his body laying on mine, his cock was buried into my man hole, and he was moving that cock in a circular movement in my asshole, he had his arms around my body, very close contact, and he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow.

I was loving the fuck out of it.

After about fifteen minutes of his constant assult on my anal opening,and I was fucking back up at him with each thrust, milking that awesome cock with my anal muscles, he let out a big yell,'Oh Fuck man, Awe Shit.' and I felt his huge cock start emptying out it's contents, and my intestines was totally filled with cum, I felt like I ould shit cum for a month.

He layed over on top of me and started kissing me like crazy, I was feeling no pain then.

It was fantastic, I knew from this time on, DeAngelo would be back for more, and I wanted him back.

After about ten minutes I realized I had shot my load at the same time he dumped his. God this sex was intense.

DeAngelo smiled at me, and said, 'So thats what Gay sex is like,' I think I like it.'

I kissed his lips and smiled at him and said, 'I know I liked it, Damn DeAngelo, you were amazing, you sure you haven't done this before?' He just smiled and said, 'Well lets put it like this, when I came over here today I was a virgin, I'm not anymore.'

Well to sum it up in a 'Biblical' term I learned that day just what It meant to 'Love they Neighbor.




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