For the first time, I felt so comfortable, so calm sleeping in the arms of my favorite teacher who had shown me that love still exists in this world. He kissed my forehead and I fell asleep in no time. A night which was so beautiful was followed by even a better morning when I was woken up by a kiss from Mr.Parker who slowly pressed his lips on mine with his stubble tickling my chin and lower lip. Kissing him back I said "Good morning Mr.Parker" . He replied "Good morning bud. Call me Richard . Hope you had a nice sleep." "Indeed I mean Richard. You are the best thing that has happened to me. I never thought that I would be loved this way and that too by my favorite teacher. I want to confess that I jerked off at home to your pics and whenever you used to pat my back, I got goosebumps", I said smiling at him.

"I had figured it long time ago that you were interested in me and that made me attracted towards you. I was always afraid of what you might think if I told you that I liked you and more so I am your teacher, so I had to keep my thoughts under check. Although, now I am glad to have you in my life. I love you Kevin" Richards said as he kissed me again passionately. This kiss was longer than the previous one and he slided his hot tongue in my mouth. I sucked on it for a long time as he grabbed me tight,holding my waist and massaging my lower back. He parted and asked me if I would like to shower with him. It was the best moment. Here I was with my hot teacher who had always been my fantasy and he was asking me to shower with him. How could I deny his proposal and so I agreed in affirmative.

He started undressing, removing his shirt first which showed his hot pecs,nicely built and defined. His broad shoulders and well defined arms made me drool and I had a raging hard on soon. His abs were clearly visible and dusting of hair on his hot torso made it a perfect physique. I was looking at him when he said "Hey are you going to shower with clothes on? " ,winking and grinning. I lifted my T. Inspite of all my family problems, I never missed my workout and that's what saved me from getting embarrassed in front of the muscular hunk who was standing in front of me. I had smooth defined pecs , built delts and washboard abs. "Wow Kevin, you look damn good bud", Richard smiled. Then he dropped his shorts and briefs, revealing a big boner which was oozing precum. It was around 8" long and 6" thick, veiny and the cockhead was flaring which made my heart to beat faster. "Like what you see Kevin? " Richard asked to which I nodded and got down to taste the strand of precum hanging from his big knob. I licked his tip and he moaned. "We will get to it soon bud."Richard said as he asked me to turn around. I felt his big hands stripping down my shorts and briefs. "Fuck!! Those 2 mounds of muscle are hot Kevin. Nice" Richard groaned with pleasure as he bent down and kissed my buttcheeks. "Ohhhhhh Richard" I moaned loudly. He picked me up in his arms and proceeded to the shower cubicle kissing me passionately on way,as I felt his big boner rubbing against my crack.

As we entered the cubicle,he turned on the shower, put me down and started kissing me sensually. Grinding against each other,we made out under hot water trickling down our bodies. His long tongue probed my mouth as I moaned in his mouth. He turned off the shower and started kissing my neck,as I moaned with pleasure. His tongue made me groan more when he slided it up and down my neck and shoulders. Collecting drops of water with his hot mouth he went on to suck my nips. Clamping his mouth on my nip,he tongue circled it and then bit it lightly. I was moaning non stop and his kisses were becoming more intense and passionate. He slid his tongue from one nip to other as he flicked my buds with his hot tongue. He slid his tongue from middle of my torso to my abs and I groaned harder. He kissed my abs making my body to spasm. My dick was leaking globs of precum and I was feeling that I would cum soon if Richard went on to explore my body with his hot mouth and tongue.

I wanted to save my cum for the best time and so I retracted back. He stood up and grabbed me closer as he kissed me again. I kissed his neck and then went on to suck his Adam's apple which made him groan harder. I was loving exploring this hot hunk's perfect body with my mouth. I gave his nips a hot tongue bath as I tongue circled and sucked them hard. He was groaning in his husky voice and this motivated me as I dragged my tongue from his torso to his navel button. Kissing each ab, I rubbed my palms on his hot chest. Soon I felt the heat from his big tool as his wet and hot knob hit my pecs. I was so turned on by it that I rubbed his knob against my nips and pecs. We both moaned loudly.

Richard put his hands on my shoulders and said "Kevin I would not do anything you don't like. We can stop here if you are uncomfortable. Its your call bud." I knew his cock was huge and I had never sucked a dick,but I wanted to suck it,drink Richard's nectar that was oozing from his big shiny knob and make him feel good. So I said "I am enjoying all of this Richard. Don't worry." He smiled and kissed me on lips and stood up with his raging rod inches away from my mouth. I stroked his big dick and felt how heavy it was. I licked the tip and Richard moaned. Then I wrapped my lips on that big mushroom and sucked on it like a lollipop. It was my first time but I was loving sucking Richard's sweet knob. He groaned and grabbed the back of my head. He started humping gently as I started bobbing my head up and down on his fat cock. He shot wads of precum in my mouth and he was leaking heavily. I was able to get half of his big dick in my mouth. He asked me to relax my throat muscles as he humped further. I gagged as I felt his big head hitting the back of my throat. I took his cock out as I gasped for air. "You ok bud? You sure you want to continue?" Richard's concern for me made me more determined to make him feel better and I again went down on his cock,this time I relaxed my throat muscles and took almost 7 inches in. I continued sucking his cock and was able to get it balls deep. He groaned as I held my mouth clamped on his big cock with nose rubbing in his neatly trimmed pubes and lower lip pressing against his balls. Then I came up and although my jaw ached but I continued slobbering over his tasty fuckpole. He was groaning wildly as I tugged his balls and sucked his ballsac,taking one ball in my mouth and rolling it with my tongue. He pulled me up and kissed me sensually,deeper and with a burning passion. He pressed my buttcheeks which felt so good.

He turned me around and bent down. I pressed my palms on cubicle wall as he parted my bubble buttcheeks and slid his hot tongue up and down my crack. I had never felt so good and it made me moan so much. He licked few more times and then he spat on my hole 4-5 times,rubbing my pucker with his thumb and fingers. I was in ecstasy. He again started licking my crack,circling his hot tongue around my virgin hole. My whole body was squirming and I was grunting with pleasure. Then, I felt an electric pulse running from my hole to my brain as he darted his tongue in my tight hole. "Oooooooh Richard,don't stop.Feels so good." I moaned. He rubbed my ass cheeks as he started fucking my hole with his tongue. He wiggled his tongue left and right in my velvety hole with his spit trickling down my balls. He was making my hole ready for the "big invasion", as he slid his finger in my hole,making me press wall harder. I grinded my butts as he finger fucked my hole . Soon, I felt another finger going deep in my hole as he licked my taint and spat more on my hole. He gave my inner ass walls a hot massage and stood up.

Grabbing my waist, he rubbed his hot fat cock up and down my now wet crack. I moaned in pleasure,as he kissed my neck and nibbled my ear lobe. "Ready for the big moment hot stud?" Richard whispered in my ear. I knew that we had ventured to the point of no return and I moaned slowly "Yes Richard. I love you and want you to seed my ass. I have never felt this good. Go on, don't stop." Richard slowly pressed his big knob on my pucker which was wet from his spit and precum. He massaged my ass lips with his big fat knob as he pushed. "Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuck!!! Awwwww yeah" I hollered loudly as his big knob popped my ring. I felt as if something snapped in my hole and I knew I was no more a virgin. I felt pain which could have been a lot more worse,had Richard not made my ass ready for his big thick dick. "You ok dear?"Richard asked in a low husky voice. "Yeah Richard.Your big cock feels so good. Go on." I moaned. Richard slowly started sliding his big cock inch by inch in my hot hole,as I groaned harder. "Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssss",we both exclaimed as I felt his big balls resting on my ass. He wrapped his arms around my torso as I turned around and our lips met. Grinding my butts against his big balls, I kissed him sensually. Richard kept on kissing me as he began sliding his thick cock back and forth in my hole. We both were moaning with pleasure. Then Richard built up speed and started banging my hole as I threw my head back in ecstasy. He was growling like a bear as he slammed his thick hot sausage in my hole. I was having the time of my life with my hunky lover drilling my hole.

Richard turned me around and picked me up as he slid his hot dick up my ass as he started fucking me in standing missionary position. "ohhhhhhhhh Richard,damn feels so good" I moaned loudly. "Fuck yeah, love you buddy" he groaned as he pounded my ass,slamming his dick faster and harder. He fucked me harder and harder as I felt his big knob hitting something inside me that made me cum so hard. Knew it was my prostate as I had read in some gay magazines and seen in gay porn movies. I shot a big load with one shot landing at his chin. I leaned in and licked it as Richard power fucked my hole. I felt his dick getting bigger as he fired jets after jets of hot mancream in my hole. "OOOOOOOOHHH FUCK KEVIN!!" he growled as he emptied his nuts in my ass. As he slid his big head out of my well fucked hole, his hot cum dripped down my ass. He massaged my butts as he kissed me deep. "I love you Richard" I said hugging him and he hugged me tightly as he said " I am glad I could make you happy. I love you too Kevin and now your world will be better. "

We showered and then he picked me up,taking me to his bed and we rolled under the sheets.

End of part 2. Part 3 soon



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