'I am so sorry Clark for letting you go, but mostly for lying to you about why.' I tell him

'Kevin, are you all right babe,' he asks. 'Nothing broken.'

'No love, nothing broken but my heart, when I thought how I lost you forever. We need to talk, love! About why I drove you away.'

'I know why babe, I found out yesterday just before the tornado hit. I went to see our doctor, and he told me about you prostate cancer. Do you think that sex is all that matters to me in our relationship, Kevin Dylan Jones? I married you for in sickness and in health babe. Doctor Mathews told me that you are in the very early stage of it, and it can be cured most likely.'

'I am so sorry for not trusting your love for me. Will you forgive me love? I know I was stupid to drive you away, but I thought that if I could not make love anymore you would not want me. That was something that I just could not bare and I felt that if I drove you away you would not have to make that choice. How did you figure out something was wrong?'

'Your mood changed so drastically after your doctor's visit that I figured it had something to do with that. I never once believed that you had found someone else. I always know when you lie to me babe.' He says and he kisses me so intensely that my heart beats twice as fast. 'Now lets go find a place to stay, babe.'

'I love you, Clark so much.'

'I know babe, I know.'

Clark and Kevin went to a local motel, and got a room.

They spent much of that night holding each other and discussing the treatment options for Kevin's cancer.

'I'm scared Clark,' Kevin says crying as he leaned on Clark's chest 'I have never had to face something like this before, and I don't know how to fight an invisible enemy.'

'We are in this together babe, you and I my lover,' Clark reassures him. We have an appointment tomorrow with your oncologist and together we will determine the best plan of attack,' he says pulling his man close.

The next morning they met with Dr. Phillip Andrews. He was one of the top oncologists in the metropolitan area.

'Good Morning Kevin and Clark,' Dr. Andrews says shaking their hands.

'Good Morning doctor.' They both say as they are shown into his office and take a seat.

'First Kevin let me tell you that Prostate cancer is often curable. About 90% of new cases of prostate cancer are caught early, and almost 100% of men with these early cancers survive five years or more after being diagnosed,' he says looking at Kevin.

'That is good to know,' Kevin says knowing that his is in the very early stage. 'What kind of treatments do I have to choose from doctor,' he asks nervously.

'Well treatments depend on what kind of cancer cells you have, how far they have spread, your age and general health and your preferences. With your particular cancer I feel a combination of radiation and hormone therapy will be best for you, Kevin.

'Will I have a problem with erections with this kind of treatments doctor,' Kevin asks.

'Well as with all radiation type treatments, erectile dysfunction is often a side effect. Nerves that help a man have an erection are right next to the prostate. The x-rays that are used in radiation therapy can damage these nerves.

There are drugs and mechanical aids that may help men that become impotent because of treatment. Many men recover their ability to have an erection several months after their treatments,' he tells Kevin.

'See babe, I told you there is hope,' Clark says taking Kevin's hand.

'We will start you with Proton Therapy Kevin, this kind of therapy allows me to deliver low doses to the bladder and rectum while high doses are delivered to the prostate. That along with your medications I feel we can have you cancer free in a very short time.'

'That would be great doctor. When do I begin my treatment,' Kevin asks.

'Well I would like to begin them as soon as possible,' he says. 'How about the first of next week we set up for the radiation treatments,' the doctor says, looking at his schedule.

'That is fine with me,' Kevin says nervously looking at Clark still holding his hand.

They set up an appointment and head for their hotel. Kevin is quiet as they drive home and Clark notices it.

'Talk to me babe, what's going through your head,' he says looking over at his man.

'I am scared to death babe, even though he explained it all,

I am still scared,' he says taking Clarks hand.

'I know you are, and I would be also if it were me going through it. But you have me by your side through it all babe, you are not in this alone,' Clark says squeezing Kevin's hand.

'I thank you for that babe, I do not think I could go through this alone,' he says now looking out the car window.

That night lying in bed, Clark is holding Kevin telling him how much he loves and needs him.

'I hope you still want me when I can't get it up anymore,' he says turning from Clark.

'Kevin do you think I am that shallow a man,' he asks pulling Kevin around to look at him. 'Have I ever given

you a reason to think that I love you only for your cock,' he says as tears come to his eyes.

'I am so sorry babe,' Kevin says now holding Clark in his arms. 'I never once felt that you loved me just for the sex babe.'

'Than why do you now feel that I would desert you when you need me most babe,' he asks kissing him softly. 'I do love this guy,' he says reaching down to Kevin's cock, 'but not half as much as the man it is attached to. If you could never have sex with me the rest of your life, I would be content just holding my man,' he says crying as he kisses him.

They tenderly kiss and soon their passion sweeps over them like a tidal wave, flooding them with love. Their tongues wrestle for dominance as their lips meet in lust and passion.

'Make love to me,' Kevin says to Clark. 'I want to feel how you feel when I make love to you.'

'Not tonight babe,' he says as he pulls his man on top of him. 'Tonight I want my man to fill me with his love.'

Kevin sits up and Clark hands him the lube as he prepare them for their lovemaking. He pushes against his lover's rosebud and it gently slides in as Clark lets out a sigh.

'Fuck me my love as you did when we first did, fill me full of your love.'

Kevin slowly pulls out and then quickly pushes in, as Clark rises to meet his thrust. He moans as his man makes sweet love to him, he gives his heart to him. He wraps his arms around his man pulling him into his lips, as their kiss seals their hearts into one, and as their bodies now become one. Clark can feel his sperm churning around in his balls and he knows he is about to come.

'Oh Kevin I'm coming babe,' he cries out in ecstasy. He shoots his seed on his chest; his ass tightens around Kevin's cock and he shoots his love in Clark's ass. Shot after shot

Kevin shoots, as he fills his lover's ass.

'Oh babe, my love I love you,' he cries out, as he fucks until he has no more to give. He pulls out from his man and falls onto his chest and they meet in a kiss of passion.

They hold on for dear life to one another, as their breathing comes down to normal.

'I love you Clark,' Kevin says as he starts to cry.

'Don't babe,' Clark says as he wipes the tears away. 'We are just entering a new phase of life,' he tells him. 'That is why tonight I wanted you to make love to me. From now

on until you can again I will make love to you my lover,' he says holding him tight as they both cry.

Kevin began his treatments, and as the doctor had said, he experienced eventually erectile dysfunction. His doctor eventually, after he finished his treatments, gave him pills to help with an erection.

'Now remember Kevin, if you have an erection that lasts longer than four hours seek medical treatment,' the doctor says.

'Doc if I have an erection that lasts four hours, I am hanging a 'for rent' sign on it,' Kevin says laughing remembering that it had been over a Month since he had last had an erection.

That night after many nights of either no sex or him being the bottom man to Clark's top, Kevin had a secret weapon. He went home and took one of the pills. As the hours went

by, they finally went to bed. Clark took him in his arms.

'How are you feeling tonight babe,' Clark asks trying to feel out his lover's mood.

'I'm in the mood for romance; I'm in the mood for love,' he sings to Clark and Clark looks at him then reaches for the lube.

'Not tonight babe,' he says taking his lover's hand and

placing it on his now hard cock.

'Kevin babe, your back,' Clark says and instantly rolls on his back opening his arms for his man. Kevin climbs on his man and their lips meet, as their passion is ignited once

again. Kevin sits and looks at his lover beneath him, who now has tears in his eyes.

'I have missed you babe, welcome home,' he says as

Kevin slowly enters his man. They both let out a passionate moan, as their love now comes alive once again.

It was always there but just never the same, now suddenly life seemed to be breathed into it. He slowly pulls out and then pushes in, and Clark rises up to meet him. They move in and out, up and down, until both shoot their love at the same time.

'I love you Clark, and thank you for being there when I needed you most babe,' Kevin says looking into his lover's eyes.

'I love you babe, and welcome back lover,' he says and they kiss passionately.

The End

Just information


Prostate cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed

cancers in the U.S. In 2004 (the most recent year for which

statistics are currently available):

- 189,075 men were diagnosed with prostate


- 29,002 men died from prostate cancer*

Therefore, those of you in the age range get tested

and be safe. If you are one who is going through this

disease, now that you can and will come out on the

other side still able to love and some with help, perform.



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