The sky is gray and ominous, and a rumble of distant thunder breaks the silence. I watch as a squirrel scurries across the lawn to seek shelter from the coming storm. The wind tosses some leaves across the patio into the pool and a chair flips over from its force. The coming storm is just a reflection of the storm that has been brewing in me for days. I slightly turn my head as I sense his presence as he enters the room.

'Kevin, I am leaving now,' he says.

I look for a brief moment, nod, and then turn back to the window as he turns and walks out of the room. I faintly hear has he closes the front door, as he exits my home and my life.

'Goodbye Clark, my love, my sweetheart.' I say to myself as the tears start to fall.

I think back to the day we met and how full of life we were. It was our first day of college and we were roommates.

'Hey I'm Kevin Jones,' I tell him.

'Clark Jenkins,' he says with a smile that could melt ice.

'Where are you from,' I ask.

'Omaha Nebraska, you.'

'AUSTRALIA PERTH,' I tell him studying his masculine form.

We were freshmen at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. We hit off straight from the start. He was so handsome as he stood there putting away his things. I could not keep my eyes off him. This was going to be a long year

I thought to myself as I notice his hard round ass. He stood a good six foot five to my five foot seven. He has a football players build as compared to my swimmers build. Where my hair is black hair and my eyes blue, his is blonde and green. As he finishes putting his away and he turns and he says.

'Hey, want to go get something to eat?'

'Yeah, I haven't eaten since this morning and I'm famished.'

We walk across campus to the cafeteria to see what is on the offering for dinner. We survey our choices, decide that we should maybe venture out, and find something more eatable. We head back to my car and drive down to route nine to a place I had found earlier that day.

'Where we heading,' he asks.

'To Pete's Drive-In,' I tell him. 'It's a nice hang out and good food. A lot of us students eat there, and it's fast and convenient to school.

We drive to Pete's and we talk about our lives back home.

He tells me tells me about his sisters and how they fussed over his leaving home to go off to school. He talked about how he had a football scholarship and that he never had time for a girlfriend. I told him how I had been the captain of my school's swim team and had made state champions three years running.

'You have a girlfriend now,' he asks.

'No not at the moment. Like you, I never took the time to develop any serious relationships with a girl.'

We get to Pete's and we order and grab a booth. We see many fellow students from Umass and other area colleges having something to eat also. They finally call our number and we go up and get our order. We eat and talk more of our interests and future goals. When we finish, we head back to our room and just hang out for the rest of the night.

He looks at me and then says to me after a bit.

'Hey, back home I usually hang around in my underwear when I am in for the night. Do you mind if I do that here?'

'No, not at all, Clark. I usually do the same at home. I have no one to see me at home so I usually walk around like that most of the time.'

With that said he jumps up and starts to undress. I try not to watch but cannot help myself. I steal a quick glance here and there at him. He strips down to his white boxer briefs and I can see the outline of his cock in them. I quickly turn over to hide my excitement so he will not see what he is doing to me. He sits back on his bed and we start to talk once again.

'This just feels so much better than being all dressed up lying on the bed.' He tells me as he adjusts himself.

'Yeah I know what you mean.'

'I notice you haven't set up your computer yet. Do you want some help with it? I am very good at that shit.' He says to me jumping off the bed and going over to my


'That would be great if you don't mind,' I tell him still not able to get up.

He gets down on the floor and starts to hook up wires and I lay on the bed watching.

'Can you hand me that wire,' he says to me and I panic because I still have a hard on from watching him.

'Yeah, I guess,' I tell him and get up hoping he does not notice my rod.

I hand him the wire and my cock is just inches from his face. He looks up at me as he takes the wire and goes back to hooking up my computer. I quickly go back to my bed and lye down. He finishes it and starts it up and the screen comes to life. As he waits for it to boot up he sits on the end of my bed.

'Did I do that,' he asks me, and turns and smiles.

'Do what Clark,' I say somewhat puzzled.

'Your erection you are trying to hide.'

I am so embarrassed now my face feels hot. I can just imagine how red it is. I cannot look at him or even answer because of my embarrassment. He reaches over, rubs my ass, and says.

'I know how you feel, you did that to me earlier.' He says

as he lies down beside me and kisses my hair. I look up at him and his eyes are like pools of water, reflecting the thoughts that I feel.

'Really, I gave you a rod earlier,' I ask.

'When you were hanging up your poster of Mark Spitz, your ass just drove me wild,' he says to me.

I roll to my side and we face each other and embrace. He stares into my eyes for a moment, and then lowers and gives me a kiss. His kiss is a kiss of first love, because this is the first guy I have ever kissed. His tongue gently presses against my lips and they part to let it in. Our tongues they search out each other and they do the tango of love. His hand gently runs through my hair as my hands discover his chest.

'You are the first man I have ever been with,' he tells me.

'I have never been with a guy before either.' I respond and

I kiss him back. 'I am not sure what to do, are you,' I ask him.

'Not really, but I am sure we will soon find out what to do.'

He takes me in his arms and we kiss, as we tightly embrace each other. His taste is sweet and his lips full as I tenderly bite on them. He kisses his way down to my chest and he softly caresses my nipple, while his fingers play with my other one, gently pinching it. He continues to suckle my nipple, and I moan from the feelings it gives. My fingers run through his hair as he leads me to places I have never been. He kisses his way back down to my naval and his tongue plunges deep into it. My back arches up and I am in heaven from the pleasure he is giving to me. He moves further down to my soft hair that surrounds my manhood and he buries his nose, inhaling my scent for his mind. He sits up and lifts up my stiff manhood and just stares at it for a while. He then slowly goes down and envelopes the head, running his tongue around the base of it. He then takes and swallows my cock down to my bush and then slowly comes back up. Over and over, he does this until I am ready to come. He senses my closeness, lifts off my cock, and takes my balls into his mouth. He slowly rolls them around and sucks as he pushes a finger into my hole.

My ass lifts up in surprise as new feelings run through my body. He moves his finger around until he finds my prostate. He puts in another finger and soon begins to work both around. I am so close I don't know how much longer

I can hold off and I tell him so. He pulls out his fingers, sits up, and spits into his hand. He works it into my hole and puts some on his cock. He moves closer to me and positions himself and he gently pushes against my tight hole. I push back and his cock's head breaks through, and I cry out in pain, and he stops to let me relax. He slowly starts to fuck me, pushing a little bit more in with each push. He is fully in, and we find our rhythm, and we fuck with no cares at all. He kisses me as we make love and my fingers run through his hair. My legs are around his waist and I use them to pull him into me.

'Deeper Clark, fuck me deeper and harder Clark,' I tell him, and he picks up his pace. He is pounding away at my ass and I am meeting each push with my own. I am close and I arch my back as I shoot my load all over my chest.

My coming tightens my ass around him, and he is soon filling me with his seed. He is pounding me deeply as he fills my tight ass, soothing the fire within. He collapses on top of me and we get lost in a kiss, lost in the new love we found. When we finally calm down we just gaze into each other's eyes and we sigh with the pleasure of the moment.

'Pretty good for our first time, huh,' he says still looking at


'Excellent topper for your first time.' I tell him and then kiss him.

'Oh Clark, what have I done, my love,' I say to myself.

'Why have I driven you out of my life now that I need you most.' I continue to watch the approach of the storm, and drift back to a sweeter time.

'Are you sure its safe here Clark,' I ask him looking around. We are under the bleachers and its nighttime just after a night game. Clark is still in his uniform and his cock is standing tight against his pants.

'Everyone is gone and the team is inside in the showers,' he says as he undoes his football pants. He pushes them down and then his jock, cup, and I drop to my knees.

'Well keep your eyes open and your mouth quiet,' I tell him knowing how noisy he can be when he gets a blowjob.

He has always wanted to have sex under the bleachers he said to me. He says it makes it more exciting knowing you could be caught. I told him that we could be expelled if we were caught.

'All the more exciting,' he says as I take his cock into my mouth. I quickly start to suck on his cock and he pulls it out and says.

'Slow down Kevin, I want to make it last a bit,' he says.

'Well don't take forever then.' I continue to slowly now suck his cock, taking my time to taste his sweetness. I stop when my nose is buried in his bush and I take in the scent of my man. It is musk mixed with sweat and I inhale his

sweet scent making a memory for my own personal stash. I drop his hard manhood, take one of his balls, gently roll it around in my mouth, and then do the same with the other one. He is moaning in ecstasy as I again swallow his cock

And start to suck for his sweet nectar. He is moaning more deeply now and I can sense he is close as I quickly apply more pressure. He irrupts like a volcano deep into my throat as I swallow all he will give me. He is just about done when from behind me we hear.

'My turn next gay boy.' I jump to my feet as Clark quickly pulls up his pants and Tom Martin comes out of the shadows. He walks over to us and he looks at us and says looking at me.

'My turn I said fag, now drop to your knees.' Clark looks

at Tom and says.

'Hey Tom lets not do this, he isn't like that.'

'Well from where I stood I would say that he is most definitely like that. If he doesn't suck my cock then I am going to the coach and reporting both of you, got it.' He says as he starts to pull down his pants. I start to drop down to my knees and Clark grabs me by the arm.

'No Kevin, this was my idea to do this. If anybody is going to suck this prick it is going to be me.' He says and drops to his knees.

'I don't give a fuck who sucks my dick as long as someone sucks it, now get going fag.'

Clark took Tom's cock into his mouth and quickly chomped down on it leaving teeth marks and drawing

blood. He got up as Tom fell to the ground in pain.

'Now go explain that to the coach, asshole. If you say anything about what went on tonight here it will be the last time you ever say anything, got that fuck head.' Clark says putting his arm around me and leading me away.

'Wow, my man,' I say to him with a smile. 'I told you I didn't want to do this here.'

The clap of thunder brings me back to the present and I move away from the window. I go over and start a fire, and I sit in my favorite chair. The storm is getting closer, as lightning lights up the room.

'How strange my life has turned out,' I say to myself.

I stare at the fire and I once again go back to a time when

Clark and I had nothing to face but time and love. We had been out of school for quite a while, and we had gone to Cape Cod for a long weekend. The weather was great and I had just found us a great house to buy. We decided we needed to get away because it had been a long time since we had last had a chance to have a get-a-way. We stayed at one of the local hotels in P-town and got there on Friday afternoon. After we checked in, we went for a walk and me another couple walking the beach. We were holding hands as we walked along and as they approached, they stopped and talked.

'Hey guys, where you from,' they ask.

'Boston, where you guys from?'

'Plymouth, just up the road,' they say. 'I'm Paul and this is

Justin,' Paul says.

'This is Clark and I am Kevin,' I say to Paul and Justin.

'You here for the long weekend?'

'Yeah, then back home.' Justin says. 'How long you have been together?'

'Almost two years,' I tell them. 'What about you two.'

'We just met last year and moved in together last month. We hope that it last as long as you two,' Paul says kissing Justin.

We walk along together for a distance and Paul says to us.

'You guys want to play around later?'

'What do you mean by play around,' Clark asks.

'You know swap partners.'

'Listen Paul that is why we have been together for nearly

ten years. We are exclusive to each other. We don't share

one another.' He says and we walk off leaving them behind. 'I love you Kevin, and I don't want to share you with anyone else.'

'I don't want to share you also stud man. I do like to show you off though. Your hot body turns a lot of heads here.'

'Well my little stallion, you aren't exactly turning them off either with your looks and body,' and I take him I my arms and we kiss as the sun is setting on the horizon.

'How I wish we could have those days back. When all we worried about was what we would do next.' I thought as the thunder now was right overhead and the rain came down in torrents. It was a simpler time when we gave of ourselves.

We were concerned for each other's happiness.

'I never stopped loving you Clark,' I said aloud. I got up and went downstairs to get a drink and the lights flickered and then went out. The storm was now pounding away at

the house and I could feel it shake. I grabbed a glass of

wine and went back upstairs, as lightning lit my way and

the thunder shook the very foundation of the house. I sat

back down before the fire and took a sip of my wine. It brought back a time when we celebrated an anniversary.

It was our second anniversary and we had gone to Montreal. Clark

had made reservations at the Hotel Laurention in downtown

Montreal. We were sitting in bed with a bottle of wine, he

filled our glasses, and we lifted them in toast to our


'Happy Anniversary babe,' Clark says

'Happy second year love,' I say and we clink our glasses

together and we drink to us. We put them down and we

kiss. 'I love more today than I did when we first started

living together love.'

'You have made me complete Kevin. My heart holds

nothing but love for you, babe.'

There were no lights on in the room but that of the candles

that he bought, and the glow cast a softness to his face. I

took him into my arms, held him, and whispered softly in

his ear.

'My love, my heart my husband, you have given so much to me. Today we celebrate more than two years

together; we celebrate a lo

ve that has survived time. I love

you more than my own life love. You have made me

whole as a man and as a lover.' I took him in my arms and

we kissed so passionately, we kissed the kiss of love. I

kissed and nuzzled his neck and then I dropped to his

nipples and kissed them. I sucked and I gently bit on them,

making sure to arouse him with pleasure through them. He

moaned deeply as I sucked on them as his fingers ran

through my hair. I looked into his eyes and then kissed him

again more deeply then even before.

'I want you to make love to me my love,' I tell him. 'I

want to feel you deep inside me as you fill me with your

love seed.'

He got up and I lay on my back, as he sat between my legs.

I brought my legs up and held them to my chest, as he

lubed his fingers. He slowly pushed in one finger and

started to work it around. He quickly found my special spot

that always drove him insane. He then put a second finger

into me, and he started to work it around giving me

pleasure I never knew. I was moaning and I knew I was


'Clark, fuck me love, I am so close babe.' I tell him.

He pulls out his fingers, moves closer, and positions

himself to me.

'Are you ready my love, are you sure,' he asks.

'I have never been more sure of anything in my life.' I say.

He slowly pushes in as I push out and the head pops in.

My head lifts up off the pillow in pain and he stops and

then pulls out.

'No babe, put it back in,' I tell him. 'Just give me a minute

to relax. I never realized how much it hurt the first time.'

'I don't want to hurt you babe. I can bottom if you want.'

'No I need and want to feel you in me. I want your love to

fill me.' I tell him.

He slowly puts his cock back in and waits for me to relax.

When he senses me ready he slowly pushes in and then

stops to let adjust. We do this for a while until he is fully

inside and we begin to make love. He slowly pulls out and

then pushes back in and my hips rise up to meet him. We

find our rhythm and we are fucking away to the beat of our

hearts and our breathing. He lowers his lips to mine and

we kiss, as my legs wrap around his waist. I can feel him

so deep inside me as he hits my prostate with each thrust.

'Clark I'm coming babe, oh fuck it feels so good babe.' I

cry out in my pleasure as I come.

I shoot volley after volley of my seed onto my chest as I

tighten around his manhood. I can feel his cock swell and

then he erupts, filling me with his love. He shoots and

shoots his seed deep inside with each push that he gives my

ass. He pushes away until he has no more to give and he

slowly pulls out. He drops to my chest and we kiss our

kiss, as my seed spreads between us. My arms cling to him

for I never want to let him go. We ride out the tide of our

climax, we embrace, and we tenderly kiss.

'I love you Kevin, my love, my man.'

'I love you also Clark, my heart, and my soul.'

Boooooooooom, as the thunder rocks the house again, as it

once again rocks me back to the real world.

'How stupid I have been to have ever let you go, my love.'

I say aloud. 'I should have never let you walk out that


The storm is more intense now as it picks up wind speed. I

try to turn on the radio, but remember that the electricity is

out. I know we have a battery operated one somewhere,

but damn if I can remember where. I take another sip of

my wine as I watch as the fire dances in the fireplace.

Clark would always sit with me whenever we had a storm.

He knew how much I hated storms and I always dreaded

them. He would take in his arms and hold me tight, until

the storm passed. Why did I lie to him and tell that I no

longer loved him. He could see I was lying, he could

always see right through me. Like that time I tried to

surprise him on his 25 birthday with a party I think to


'I want to take you to dinner tonight for your birthday,

love.' I tell him. 'Your 25 is a special birthday and we

should go out and celebrate.'

'We never go out on our birthdays,' he tells me. 'We

always stay home and make love.'

'Well not this year, lets start a new tradition.' I counter.

'Why?' Is all he says suspiciously.

'No reason love, I just want to take you out for a nice

dinner and then we can come home and make love.' I tell


'You are lying, I can tell.' He says looking at me straight

in the eyes. 'Look me in the eyes and tell me why you want

to go out.'

'Babe come on, don't you trust me?' I ask slightly

avoiding his eyes.

'I said to look into my eyes, Kevin.'

'All right, I want to take you out, ok,' I say looking right

into his eyes. 'Now can we go it's getting late.'

'Late for what,' he asks.

'Oh fuck, you aren't ever going to go unless I tell you the truth, are you.' I say in frustration and he just nods yes. 'I

have a surprise party planned, and the guests are waiting.

Ok, you happy now that you spoiled your surprise.'

'I didn't have to have a party babe, I would have been

content to spend it making love to you.' He says as he

kisses me.

A siren goes off in the distance, and it snaps me back to my

senses. What is that, I think to myself. A siren is for

warning of .oh my God a tornado. I get up from my chair

and turn off the fire, and head down to the basement. I am

halfway down the stairs when I hear a rumbling like a

freight train. I freeze in my tracks as the house starts to

shake and the roof starts to come off. I grab my head and

lye on the stairs as the walls begin to collapse. My God,

not this way, I pray to myself. Please Lord do not let me

die. Suddenly the stairs collapse, and I fall with them down

into the basement. Rubble from the rest of the house

begins to fall down upon me, and I fear for my life. When

finally the tornado has passed, I realize I am alive.

'No one will know that I am here alone,' I think to myself.

'Clark has left and he will not be around to help. Why did I

have to be so stubborn? Clark, please come back and I will

tell you the truth, love. Please Clark if only so I can tell you

how I truly feel before I die.' I start to cry from the pain in

my heart as I feel that I have lost Clark forever.

I must have been hours because it is light now, I think to

myself. I must have passed out or fallen asleep. Why has

no one come to look for me? Someone must have missed

me or have thought to search to see if anyone was home at

the time.

'Kevin, can you here me.' I hear a voice say. 'Kevin babe,

its me Clark where are you.'

My God, he came back for me my heart jumps for joy.

'I'm here Clark, in the basement.'

'Don't move babe, help is on the way. Are you alright?'

'I think so just buried in debris. Don't you come for me, it

is to dangerous.'

It is a while later and I can here rescue workers as they

work to get me free. It takes them many hours until they

finally reach me. A man in a black and yellow suit comes

down on a rope, and starts to slowly clear away the debris

that is covering me. I am finally free and he ties a rope

around my waist and they pull me up to freedom. The day

is sunny and not a cloud in the sky as I see Clark with a

smile come running. He grabs me and holds me as if

letting me go, he will loose me forever.

'I am so sorry Clark for letting you go, but mostly for lying

to you about why.' I tell him

'Kevin, are you all right babe,' he asks. 'Nothing broken.'

'No love, nothing broken but my heart, when I thought

how I lost you forever. We need to talk love about why I

drove you away.'

'I know why babe, I found out yesterday just before the

tornado hit. I went to see our doctor, and he told me about

you prostate cancer. Do you think that sex is all that

matters to me in our relationship, Kevin Dylan Jones? I

married you for in sickness and in health babe. Doctor

Mathews told me that you are in the very early stage of it,

and it can be taken cured most likely.'

'I am so sorry for not trusting your love for me. Will you

forgive me love? I know I was stupid to drive you away,

but I thought that if I could not make love anymore you

would not want me. That was something that I just could

not bare and I felt that if I drove you away you would not

have to make that choice. How did you figure out

something was wrong?'

'Your mood changed so drastically after your doctors visit

that I figured it had something to do with that. I never once

believed that you had found someone else. I always know

when you lie to me babe.' He says and he kisses me so

intensely that my heart beats twice as fast. 'Now lets go

find a place to stay, babe.'

'I love you, Clark so much.'

'I know babe, I know.'

The End of part one.



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