Justin had a great apartment, one that was on the seventh floor of the East View building in Midtown neighborhood facing downtown. He had had to wait over a year to get the apartment, having accepted one on a lower floor in the meantime. He sat for hours in his living room with the lights out just staring at the skyline watching windows come on or turn off and followed the lights of planes circling down to land at the airport. Every time a friend wanted to have a party it was his place they wanted to have it.

But a little over two years ago he knew his view was going to be short lived. A new apartment building went through zoning approval for the site across the street. And it was going to be ten stories, one more than his. No one in the building would have a view of downtown for long. The construction began fall a year ago and it seemed to take a long time for the building structure to begin rising upward but once it did the floors were added fast. Then the walls were constructed and windows put in the façade and Justin's view was gone.

He thought about moving but he loved the neighborhood with its mix of bars, restaurants, clubs, galleries and independent shops all within blocks of his building. He could sit on his balcony and watch people milling up and down the street, hearing them laugh and joke around even from the seventh floor. Over the months the building across the street was finished out and the first tenants began moving in and he found himself sitting in the dark staring at it, watching the crews working overtime doing their final tasks, then a few tenants move in, a few on nearly every floor so the lights came on in a random pattern within the building.

One evening when the construction was complete and most of the apartments were occupied Justin stood at his window just looking from one room to the next amazed at how each interior was so visible. He saw couples watching television, cooking meals together, and messing around until they left the living room disappearing into a bedroom whose blinds were closed. He saw some guy at his dining tablet on his computer, a woman doing yoga in her living room, and several apartments having parties, the interior crowded with guests. And in the apartment directly across from his own he saw the guy who lived there come in with another in tow and the two of them began to make out as soon as the door closed.

Justin felt like he should step away from the window but he couldn't take his eyes from what was happening across the street. He had seen the guy many times before, walking around in boxers revealing a nice upper body or just lounging on his sofa in a tank top and shorts watching television. Now the guy had his guest pushed up against the wall holding him by the neck as he reached around and undid his jeans. He fumbled to undo them then pushed them down his guest's legs.

Justin couldn't believe what he was witnessing as the two guys hadn't even made it into the living room. One held the other against the wall as he moved up to his ass and entered him, shoving forward with his hips and Justin could see the guy against wall lean back as he cried out.

Justin had never seen two men have sex before, especially like this. He had considered the possibilities, wondered what it would be like so many times, but never seriously considered it. Now, before his eyes, he watched as the guy across the street was fucking another man, his hips rocking back and forth faster and faster, slamming up against the other guy's ass. Then his neighbor pulled out of the guy and pulled his head around roughly so he could kiss him. Justin watched them as they kissed, so physical in the way one handled the other, then they broke apart and headed to the living room. Justin could see both of them as they came toward the window, both hard, their erections angled up in front of them rocking back and forth as they walked. He felt his own strain against his jeans as it grew erect. The two guys fell on the sofa, the guy who lived in the apartment leaning back at one end and his guest down between his legs.

Justin watched as the guy had his guest hold up his cock, run a hand up and down its length, milking it with his fist then leaning over and licking the head, his tongue swirling around the head and down the shaft. Up and down his head bobbed with the guy's cock disappearing and reappearing wet and slick. Even from across the street Justin could see the way it glistened in the light of the room.

Justin rested a hand on the jamb of the window, bracing himself as he watched the guest climb over the guy and sit on his cock. It amazed Justin the way he could just let that cock slide right up his ass, so easily with a look of pure bliss on his face. The guest rocked up and down riding the guy's cock with his own bouncing up and down in front of him and Justin found his eyes following that cock, watched the way it flopped up and down with their fuck. He watched as the guest took it and began to stroke it with the rhythm of his fuck, moving faster and faster till Justin watched the way he shook, rocking his hips back and forth and even though it was too far away for him to see it, he knew the guest was cumming.

Justin felt his own ache with a need for release and he backed away from the window feeling scared at the way it turned him on to watch those two guys fuck. He moved back into his bedroom and went straight to the bathroom. He didn't let the water warm up before he was under the spray letting the shock of the cold water kill his desire to cum and make him go flaccid.

He went to bed where he tossed and turned unable to get the image of two men having sex out of his mind. His cock grew erect and wouldn't go down. He got up, seeing it was a little after two in the morning, and walked over to the window raising the blinds. The apartment across the street was dark but he could imagine what was going on over there, in the dark, between two men and he stroked his cock as he stared at the building, faster and faster, desperate to get off, and he closed his eyes leaning his forehead against the glass and came. He thrust his hips forward with each ejaculation till he was spent and his hand was slick with cum he had smeared along his shaft. He opened his eyes and saw cum trickling down the glass and he stood up and looked out at the building noticing someone at a window watching him. He panicked at his exhibition and stepped back into the darkness of his room.

The next day he was busy at work so he was able to keep the image of those two men at bay most of the day but on the way home he wondered about this guy who lived directly across from him, who he was, where he worked and where he socialized in the neighborhood. He knew there were a couple of bars that catered to the gays and there were some bars that catered to anyone gay or straight and he wondered if this new neighbor went to those places. Justin had been in one of the bars that catered to anyone but he had been with a date and had not paid attention to his surroundings.

Back in his apartment he stood at the refrigerator wondering what to prepare for dinner of if he should call a friend and go out, or maybe he should just grab a book and go somewhere and enjoy a quiet dinner alone. He thought of that small café a couple of blocks away, one that he knew was owned by a gay man and thus had a large clientele base that was gay. He told himself it was for the food, for it was quite good, but he was curious. Curious about being in an environment where gay men hung out and how he would perceive the whole affair once he was amongst them.

The café was busy and Justin had to take a table near the back. His waiter was prompt and soon he had his dinner before him. He read off and on, more often than not though, he was scanning the room watching the men. The way they laughed and had a good time, some in large groups but most were just couples. Justin was nearly done when he saw two guys come into the café and at first he didn't think much of it but he took another look at them as they were led to a table. He realized it was the two guys from across the street whom he had watched last night have sex. The guy who lived in the apartment was average height and build with short brown hair and his date was of similar build only with dark hair. Justin could admit they were attractive, both of them and he thought of how the dark haired guy had taken his neighbor's cock, the way he let it fuck him. Suddenly Justin's wine glass was lying on its side and red wine was cascading off the table to the floor.

It embarrassed Justin how clumsy he had been and he finished his dinner, paid and left as quickly as he could for it felt as if everyone in the room could look at him and know what he was thinking, why he was so distracted which resulted in his knocking over his wine glass. Back in his apartment he left the lights off as he sat watching the lights of the apartment building across the street come on and off. He watched people go about their daily lives, cooking, watching television and socializing with each other. He leaned back and let everything play out before his eyes till he was nearly falling asleep.

Then the lights came on directly across the street and he sat up watching the two men come in and move to the sofa. They turned on the television and Justin assumed they were settled in for the night but he couldn't stop watching them and he saw the dark haired guy reach over and rub the other's leg, then pull his hand up till he was manipulating the crotch and he leaned over so they could kiss.

Justin watched them make out, watched how one then the other removed one article of clothing after the next till both were naked, their cocks growing erect as their hands roamed over the other. The dark haired guy leaned over and took the other in his mouth and Justin watched his head move up and down, over and over till his own cock hurt from its confinement. Justin undid his jeans and pushed everything down his thighs letting his own cock bob freely in front of him as he watched the cock sucking across the street. He watched the dark haired guy hold still a moment, the other's cock buried fully in his mouth and Justin took his own cock and stroked it slowly as he watched the guy rise up slowly obviously sucking vigorously for the other leaned back, mouth open and pumped his hips up and down a few times.

Justin watched the way one bobbed his head up and down on the other's cock and when the dark haired guy rose up and straddled his partner's waist and eased his ass down letting the other penetrate him and sink into his hole, Justin watched. He watched the way one body moved up and down on the cock of the other, stroking his own cock quickly following in sync with their fuck. Up and down he watched the body move on that cock and his hand stroked back and forth along the full length of his cock. He occasionally ran his hand over the head and eventually he felt the slickness smear over the head and he used it to lube his shaft for his strokes. He rose up and moved to the window, cock in hand as he watched the two guys fuck.

The dark haired guy began to rock to his hips and when he leaned forward over his partner Justin could see the way his partner began to pump his hips up and down, rapidly thrusting upward, his fuck urgent and when he slammed upward with hard short jabs Justin knew the guy was pumping his load into that ass. Justin watched the way their fuck came to a climax and he felt his own, the way his cock swelled in his hand, the way the head flared out wider and he jerked his hips forward pumping out wad after wad of cum till he was spent. He let go of his slimy cock and felt it begin to go flaccid as he leaned forward breathing hard. He saw his cum running down the window and using two fingers he scooped up a thick wad and brought it to his nose. He smelled it, that odd unique odor and then he brazenly stuck out his tongue and licked at his fingers tasting his own cum for the first time. It was an odd flavor and he pulled his hand back as if to study it for the first time as it dripped from his fingers.

When he looked up the living room across the street was empty and he suddenly felt an odd sense of being alone.

Two floors up across the street Avery had saw movement in a dark window and when he focused his eyes he could see the pale form of someone at the window, naked stroking their cock. He had watched them, their body illuminated enough to see from the exterior lights as they stroked their cock and he wondered what this guy was staring at in his own building that made him so aroused that he would jack off standing at the window.

When the guy moved away from the window Avery wondered who he was and he stood at the window for a few minutes wondering if they were going to bed now or if they would come back and maybe this time turn on their lights. He waited for what seemed like a long time and eventually gave up going back to his sofa to watch television before calling it a night. He flipped through the channels not stopping on any one channel very long. Nothing caught his attention for his mind kept returning to the guy across the street and the way he had jerked off standing in the window.

Avery turned off the television and started for his bedroom but he stopped turning to the window wondering if his mystery man was still up, and just maybe had the lights on. He went to the window and saw the light was indeed on and he watched the apartment for movement. How long he stood there he didn't know but he was about to give up when he saw the light level change as if a light had been turned off somewhere inside the apartment and he watched holding his breath, waiting till he saw a shadow approach the window. Then he saw him, the guy who had jerked off earlier and he smiled knowingly for he recognized him. He was someone he had noticed for the last week since moving into his apartment, a guy who left in the morning and returned each afternoon at the same time as he did for work. He had noticed him for he thought the guy was attractive with his reddish brown hair cut short with sideburns rather long. When the guy moved away from the window and the light went out in the apartment and came on in what had to be the bedroom, shining through the blinds, Avery turned and went to his bedroom, smiling the whole way knowing his mystery neighbor just got more interesting.

Justin watched the two men across the street, some nights they just sat in front of the television and other nights they entertained a few other guys for dinner sitting around the table laughing and talking till late in the night, but other nights they would strip each other, garment by garment, till each was naked and they sucked each other's cock, they manipulated each other, touching with hands, and with lips, and all too soon they fucked, one on top of the other, plunging their cock into the other, powerfully, so physical was their fuck. And Justin watched, standing in his darkened room, pants open or completely taken off, and he stroked his cock to the rhythm of their fucking till his cum ran down the window thickly.

Across the street just above Justin's floor Avery watched him, his fair skin appearing to glow in the dim light shining into his apartment, and Avery watched him stroke his cock, watched how his body rocked, slowly at first, then faster, in pace with his masturbation till he was rocking violently, hips slamming forward and Avery knew he was coming, knew by the way he moved and by the way the light caught the wet cum on the glass.

The neighborhood's annual music festival was packed with people for it was a perfect spring day. The sky was a bright blue, totally cloudless, bringing everything to full bloom. The bars each had bands lined up to play late into the night and all the other businesses set up special sales. The main gallery in the business district had an open house with local artists as their focus. During the day people strolled in and out but that evening the gallery set up for a formal presentation of performance art pieces. The caterer had their tables lined with food and a bar was set up in the middle of the main room.

Justin had gone to the festival with several friends and during the day he kept seeing the two guys from across the street. They crossed paths constantly during the day and when it became evening and Justin's friends were going to one of the restaurants he begged off saying he was going to run over to the gallery opening. He had seen the two guys go in and he intended to follow.

The gallery was slowly filling up as the sun went down outside and darkness descended. Justin moved around the room looking at the works of art then he would cut his eyes over to the two guys moving through the room ahead of him. He watched them walking together, touching casually with one leaning toward the other whispering. So open in the way they responded to each other and Justin studied it, watched how they moved together, it seemingly so strange to him and when they went over to the tables set up by the caterer Justin went and got in line a few people behind them. He tried not to stare at the two guys making himself look around the room or over at a sculpture nearby. He watched one of the guys hand the other a plate and spoon something on it and it made Justin wonder what it would be like to be in such a relationship. He saw the guys begin to turn around toward him so he looked around the room and as he scanned the room he noticed the guy behind him.

"How's it going?" the guy said to Justin.

"Fine; are you enjoying the exhibit?"

"Oh yes. The artist from Seattle has a beautiful style...the work over there" the guy replied pointing across the room.

"I've not gotten over to that side yet."

"I'm Avery by the way."


Justin kept telling himself he wasn't really going to do anything, wasn't really into guys, had brought Avery back to his place just to hang out, but another part of him knew what he wanted, knew that desire lurked deep within, and he followed it. Timidly, at times acting contradictory with Avery, but slowly, he let the night unfold until he and Avery were sitting across from each other in his living room, their conversation mundane, pointless, but it let the moment build, the tension so charged Justin felt the room close in on him. Avery excused himself to go to the bathroom and Justin found himself standing at the window looking across the street and he saw them.

They were lying on the sofa one on top of the other, both naked, their bodies intertwined with their lovemaking. Kissing, hands roaming over the other, and the one on top slipping down between the legs of the one on bottom and Justin watched, intently, feeling his nervousness give way to his arousal. He didn't sense Avery come up behind him and he flinched when he felt hands touch his shoulders, gently resting on them before moving up his neck and through his hair rubbing the back of his head.

"Do you watch them often?" Avery whispered as he moved up closer till his chest touched Justin's back.

"Uh-huh" Justin mumbled as he nodded his head then leaned back feeling Avery's hand slip through his hair. Then he felt Avery's other hand as it gently touch his waist, just the fingers at first then the whole hand as it slipped around his waist and pulled their bodies together. Justin rested his hands on Avery's thighs telling himself he should stop this, he couldn't do it as he felt Avery unbuttoning his shirt, easing each button through its hole opening his shirt slowly. The warmth of Avery's body against his back, his shirt opening up and the brush of Avery's hand on his chest, then his stomach, aroused him and he opened his eyes to the scene across the street to the two guys as they fucked, one on top of the other, moving up and down and Justin moaned as he pushed his ass back against Avery.

Avery pulled back and slipped Justin's shirt off and when he moved back against him Justin felt the bare skin of Avery's chest press against his back. The contact was hot and Justin relaxed against Avery as he felt hands move around his waist undoing his jeans. He felt Avery's hands work them open and slip down inside them fingers manipulating him, touching him, tracing the length of his cock then grasping it, tightly, squeezing it and he flexed in Avery's hand, hardening all the way. He looked across the street and saw the guys shift position, the guy on top move back to an armchair and the other one move to him, straddle his legs and ease down on his cock taking it all the way inside his hole once again. Up and down the guy moved on the cock, slowly at first and Justin watched as he felt his own jeans and boxers being pulled down his legs, felt the warm breath of Avery on his ass, then the soft gentle kiss of Avery's lips on one cheek. He felt Avery's hand on his back pushing him to bend over and he leaned forward till his forehead rested against the cool glass. He watched the two guys across the street, the way one rode the other's cock, up and down, getting faster and faster, and he felt Avery spread his cheeks and touch him there, touch him with fingers moving softly up and down the cleft between his cheeks till one was rubbing over his hole and he moaned loudly as he pushed back against it.

Then there was the shock of it, hot, wet, slick against his hole, Avery's tongue pressing against him and he pressed the side of his face hard against the glass letting a cry escape from deep in his throat. Avery tongued him, moving over his hole then pressing against it and Justin initially fought against it, this breach of his opening, but it felt so good, the way Avery's tongue touched him probing the entrance to his hole and he soon found himself opening to it, pushing back against it allowing its probing, the slight penetration.

"Oh...fuck..." Justin uttered against the glass fogging it up.

Justin put his hands on the glass and pushed up. He looked across the street and saw how the guy riding the other's cock was now slamming his ass down hard, working his body till the muscles in his back flexed with his exertion. His skin glistened hotly in the light.

"Fuck" Justin whispered and he felt Avery pull away. Glancing over his shoulder he saw Avery had his jeans and briefs down around his ankles and his cock up and hard with the head wet and slick and he watched Avery run his hand up and down the shaft, stroking it, making it harder.

"I'm going to fuck you" Avery uttered in a low voice as he moved forward. Justin saw the thick hard cock move toward him, saw the head nestle between his cheeks and press against his hole. He felt his own resistance at first and he turned to the scene across the street and saw the way one guy took the other, riding his cock with abandon, and he relaxed pushing back. Avery penetrated him, slowly, sinking inch by inch into his hole gradually till he was all the way inside of his hole and their bodies pressed together.

"Fuck...you're tight..." Avery whispered as he began to rock his hips back and forth working his cock inside of Justin.

Justin had never felt anything like it before, the way Avery sank into him, all the way, and he pushed back to meet Avery's forward push into him. Soon Avery was fucking with a steady rhythm, driving his cock into Justin deeply and Justin felt every move of Avery's cock, the way it pushed inward through the tight ring of his opening then pulled back, over and over and over. He put his forehead against the glass again and felt its coolness against his hot skin, felt the way he rocked against the pane with Avery's fuck and he closed his eyes loosing himself to this fuck.

Avery ran his hands up Justin's back and he felt them move slickly over his skin. He felt them move over his shoulders and hold him firmly in place as Avery drove into his hole harder, faster, sinking into him roughly hips slapping up against his ass and rocking him against the glass even harder. Avery held him firmly as they fucked and Justin took it, every inward stroke, and he felt his own cock bounce beneath him, felt how hard he was, harder than he'd ever been before and when Avery shifted his stance and drove into him roughly his cock bounced off his stomach with every thrust, smacking against his skin wetly.

"Fuck me...fuck me...oh... fuck...me" Justin uttered through clinched teeth as he felt Avery drive into him. He put his hands on the glass and began to work his hips with Avery's driving his ass back as Avery pushed forward. He felt like he was on fire, his body so hot, his heart racing so fast, and everything dimmed down to just Avery and himself, just the two of them, interlocked in their fuck. Justin felt Avery lean over his back and the contact was slick and hot as he felt their bodies undulating against each other. He felt Avery's hand move around his waist and soon grasp his cock, take it firmly and begin to stroke it, slickly moving from head to base over and over in rhythm with their fuck. Avery wrapped his other arm around Justin's chest and pulled them up as he drove into his hole hard. Avery pushed Justin's chest against the glass window and drove him again, over and over until he was thrusting inward rapidly. Justin felt each exhale by Avery on his neck, felt the way their bodies rubbed over each other as Avery fucked him, fucked him hard, rocking him roughly in his grasp.

"Oh fuck...I'm coming" Avery cried out as he drove into Justin in short jabs pumping his cum deep within Justin's hole. Justin felt the way Avery was coming in him, the way his hips jerked forward with each ejaculation and he thrust his hips forward hard once pushing his cock through Avery's hand and came. He came hard, his cock flexing within Avery's tight grip. He pumped wad after wad out of his cock not caring where it landed, only lost in the moment of ejaculation.

Suddenly the two of them grew still, spent and exhausted with Avery leaning heavily against his back. He opened his eyes and looking down saw his cum trickle down the glass, thick wads of white cum streaming downward and he felt Avery's hand rub over his spent cock then up his stomach and with the other hand hugged him tightly. He looked up and for a moment wasn't sure what he was seeing then his mind processed what he was looking at across the street and he realized it was the two guys standing at their window watching Avery and him fuck.





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