Joe had just turn 19 when he was hired for security at his city newly build sports coliseum which hold many of sporting and entertainment events. He just found a hidden glory hole that somebody made in one of the dressing room back of the arena.

It was late Thursday afternoon when Joe was call in for shift as the Rodeo has taking over the complex for the next few day's. The time was well after 6pm when he decided to take a look though the hidden hole and got very turn on from a huge bulky solid cowboy in his middle age. Paul stood well above 6 feet tall and weigh a solid 220 plus with huge bicep from top to bottom and show off a huge basket standing there just in his Hanes tight white pouch briefs.

The hole was located were you can see very clear of the shower room and the locker room and have the right lighting rig that hang down from the ceiling. Paul began slowly removing his briefs as he walk slowly over to the shower stall with a tube of soap and his towel, Joe eyes were amazed as he walk right by the hidden hole as his nice 8 inch cut was flapping from side to side.

The shower was steaming up the room with huge amounts of vapours when Joe notice that Paul started to jerk himself off as the soap lather his tool and balls all over. Paul began to moan out fairly loud as his cock had just shoot off a huge load of his white clear cum all over the wall in the stall. Joe was so totally horny by now and started to jerk himself off when someone heard him on the other side and began to bang the wall a few times, My god it was Paul the cowboy standing there with a fresh pair of Clavin Klein brown bikini sports briefs that his wife put in his travel bag.

Joe slowly got up from his knees and left the area fairly fast after he heard and saw Paul in his sexy underwear. It was about another 5 minutes later Joe pounded on the door to see if the room was cleared when he heard Paul shouted out who there. 

It was a week later that the ICW wrestling came into the coliseum for a night of championship wrestling when once again Joe got his nerve up to check  out the glory hole, This time he notice that someone placed a paper cup in it to block the hole. The time was well after 3 pm that the crew was all finished setting up the wrestling ring before they went back to their tour buses for a brake. 

The room has just be clean all out before Joe had to check out the room before the wrestler arrive for there training  session before that night event. Joe was all by himself when a wrestler walk in with his sports bag and his suitcase. " Hi there I am Mike Gilroy " Joe hesitated for a few seconds before he introduce himself to him. " Hi Mike I am Joe working here in security for the Coliseum" They both shook each other hands firmly along with a nice smile from both of them.

The both were enjoying each other company when Mike got up slowly and started to strip down and get his wrestling trunks on for the practice. Joe was ready to leave until Mike told him he could stay there as he slowly got changed. Joe eyes were clued watching him slip on his black Colt jock strip before his bright powder blue wrestling trunks. The door began to open as more wrestler started to show up.

Mike was the last wrestler to leave that night as him and Joe meant once again this time it was in the medical room were Mike had to get a few stitches put into his head from his blood bath match he had. Joe told the trainer  that he will make sure that the room will be clean and all lock up before he leaves the building. Mike knew that Joe might be interested in him as the vibes got stronger from each other. 

Mike had Joe bend over the medical table as he started to fuck Joe small hole good and hard.Joe was screaming real loud as Mike got more aggressive as his cock was pounding the shit out of Joe ass along with a huge load of his pre cum.

The fuck lasted a good 20 minutes as Mike shot off 2 loads of his white spray all over Joe's bubble butt hole and checks. " Mike God Joe that was fucking hot dude " Joe turn and smile as he slowing got up from being bend over the table. They both went back to the locker room and shower off the cum and sweat from their sexual encounter. Joe and Mike both exchange information to one another before they left the building.

It was a good year later that Joe was now working at the Hilton hotel as a bartender when Cowboy Paul stop in for a beer before he heads back up to his room for the evening.  He slowly sat down on the bar stools as the clock was showing just after midnight when Joe made it the last call of the evening. 

" My God is that you Joe "

" Yea I am Joe "

" Do you remember me "

" You look familiar dude '

" I am Paul from the rodeo "

" Holy shit yea I remember dude "

" I see you switch jobs "

" Love it here Paul and lot's of more money "

" What would you like to have for a drink "

" How about a triple Martini Joe "

The martini went down real good before cowboy Paul go the nerve up to invite Joe up to his room for a beer after the bar closed. " Sorry Paul it is against Hotel policy dude " Paul just smile as he told Joe that his best friend is one of the Hiltons top  Executives. Paul then slip Joe a card and wrote on it what his room number was.

The time was well after 1 am Joe made it up to Paul rooms were he knock on a door a few times before Paul walk over to open it up. " Come on in Joe what would you like to have for a drinks " They were both on there 3 rd beer by now when they both started to kiss one another on the bed. Paul then took his time to undress Joe before he fucks his hole.

Paul was at the side of the bed as he pull his huge cock through his white spandex Duluth Company sports briefs that came onto the market a few months back. Joe was totally horny by now as Paul place Joe ankles and legs over his broad hairy dark shoulders and chest. Joe took a huge moan as he felt Paul shaft go all the way up to his hairy balls. 

" Holy shit Paul it feels good "

" Same here dude "

" Pull my waist band good and tight now Joe "

" Yes sir "

" Tighter dude "

The fuck is now in full motion as Paul juicy cock is thrusting Joe hole good and hard as they sweat began to roll off his bear body. The cock and balls were slapping real good against Joe shaven hole as he stare into Paul wolf blue grey eyes along with his hard sweating nipple.

" Fuck me Paul "

" Fuck me Paul "

" Love your ass Joe '

" Fuck your Hot dude "

Paul was well into a sexual trace as his begins to thrust more deeper and deeper into his hole as the droll from his mouth was pouring all over his greyish trim beard.

" Fuck Joe I am close "

" Fuck dude "

" Give it to me Paul "

" Here it comes dude "

" Holy shiiiiiiittttt "

They both scream out as Joe felt a huge explosion from Paul hairy sweating balls as 2 loads of hot cum shot off inside of his sore hole. Paul then took his time as he withdrew his cum filled cock from Joe ass. 

Joe once again was totally amazed seeing all of Paul cum and his own juice hanging down before he kneel down in front of Paul to lick the rest up. They both slept very will that night and deeply enjoying blowing one another in the shower next morning. Paul then gave Joe the pair of his brief that he fuck him in the night before for a present before he let Joe to stay and watch him get dress.

He first put on a fresh pair of red spandex briefs then it was his socks, wrangler 501 button jeans. cowboy shirt, hat before he let Joe snap the massive belt buckle into place. They both hug one another at the door and meant one another down at the back parking lot of the hotel. Paul slowly into his Dodge Ram Pick Up truck and wave goodbye to Joe as he drove off down the highway to the next city were the Rodeo will be held.

The End




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