It was a baking hot day and i was relaxing at the park with some friends when my brother came over wit Lobb and his other mates we started speaking and he sat down as he was talking to my mates Lobb whispered to me 'oi come here i wanna talk to you' i got up and left my brother chatting away.

Me and Lobb walked to the other side of the park he was telling me how good the other night was and he hasn't thought of anything else since we hoisted ourselves over a fence and wandered into the woods 'when can we do it again' he asked 'whenever you want' i replied cheekily 'now' he said putting his hand on his belt i reached forward holding his hand 'not right here lets go over there' 'i want it now' he demanded pulling me to him i put my hand over his shoulder and kissed him his hot touch sent me into overdrive

I dragged him over behind a bush and dropped to my knees i unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans unleashing his massive 10inch rock hard cock, god had i missed that, i leant forward and held it still he shuddered and his jeans slid down around his ankles i started licking around his throbbing helmet teasing him 'not again' he groaned he ran his fingers threw my hair to the back of my head which he held tightly i opened up and he pushed my head forward his massive thick cock slid into my mouth and down my throat i closed my lips around his thickness and started sucking it hard i held it and he held my head with both hands he pushed me back and forth forcing it right down my throat i got back used to it and started sucking harder going further down taking more of his cock i gave him deepthroat so hard for ages he pulled me free of his cock i gasped out of breath he pulled me up and turned me around

He ripped my jeans down over my awaiting ass i felt him smother my hole in his spit then place his cockend against my eager opening he teased me by pushing it around my hole up and down my asscrack as if searching for the bullseye i was moaning in pleasure and was absolutly gagging for it i begged him 'oh put it in, come on i wanna feel you inside me slide your cock in now' he knew what he was doing now and i was going crazy then he rammed it in breaking right through and deep in me 'oh' was all i could moan he adjusted himself and i put my legs wider he held my hips and started to slowly fuck me sliding his cock further and further in me i groaned and bucked my hips back on his cock begging for more i clenched onto a tree in front of me and took him pummeling his huge cock in me so hard he reached forward and clenched onto my shoulders holding me still i couldn't move he stood there and absolutly obliterated my ass pounding the fuck out of me so hard every time he thrusted into me he would stop a little and stuff the rest in each time was getting better and better untill he had his whole cock all 10inches all deep inside me it felt amazing he held me and thrusted in and out of me so fast pulling nearly all out then ramming it all back in each hard thrust his big balls slapped against me it was so hot i could feel the sheer power behind him he fucked me so hard and it was all so thrilling being outside in the woods where someone could walk round and catch us at any time.

He pulled back retracting his whole cock out of my gaping hole i stood up my legs felt like jelly i kissed him and he pulled of his jacket throwing it on the floor behind me 'lie down' he demanded this was hot, i lay back and he knelt in between my legs i lifted them up and spread them he held my ankles pushing my legs wider and further down letting my gaping hole be in perfect range i put my arms up putting my legs threw them holding them up he rubbed his cock on my hole making me groan in pleasure he spread my asscheeks and slowly pushed his cock in me it took my breath away as it slid the whole way into me he leant over me and started to fuck me hard thrusting himself back and forth pounding me so hard i groaned so loudly i'm surprised knowone heard he fucked me like this for ages i was staring at him right in the eyes all the way threw him pummeling the fuck out of me his sweat dripped from his face and he groaned every time he did one big long thrust pushing his massive cock deep into me.

I let my legs free and put them over his broad shoulders he fucked me even harder it was so good my legs slid around his waist and he held my hips pounding me hard his massive cock impaled all the way into me stretching my ass wide aswell he put his hand under my back lifting me up onto him he sat back and i slid right down his cock he was hitting all the right spots making me groan like a bitch i bounced off his cock so hard riding him bareback i could feel him throbbing inside me about to explode i lifted myself off his massive cock and he knelt up i leant down and tossed him off he moaned in pleasure i opened up and started sucking his dick 'oh yes you suck that dick after its been in your tight ass suck it suck it' he grunted throwing my head back and forth i sucked it so hard he gripped me so tight he slowed down and i felt his cock throb in my mouth it was as hard as steel he held me down grunting i couldn't get off but didnt mind he started to slowly fuck my face making me give him deepthroat hard then about 6 spurts off his hot thick tasty load splattered the back of my throat filling my mouth up it was all salty and so thick i swallowed of course and sucked him dry he let go of my head and i got off out of breath his cock seeped the last bit i didnt let that go to waste i leant in and licked that straight off we pulled our trousers up kissed and walked back around to find my brother still chatting away probably trying to get with one of my mates, Lobb looked at me and put his hand by his mouth motioning something to me i noticed that i still had a bit of his cum by my mouth we just laughed that knowone noticed when he left he gave me a sly wink letting me know that what just happened was gonna happen again.




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