It was a hot day and i'd been at the beach when i came back my brother and Lobb were in the garden, now Lobb was my friend aswell i just didnt speak to him much and when he spoke to me it was either to ask me for something or when he was with people or pissed he'd say he wanted to fuck me, so many times i had been tempted to just say 'come on then, upstairs' but i hadn't come out yet him and my brother were out there chilling i went out and started speakin to them both lobb had this smile on his face that made me nervous he had been drinking and started being a twat, we were talkin about all sorts when cocks came up i said to him 'you aint got a bell have ya' when he replied 'my bell is that big u couldn't fit in your mouth' 'i'd like to try' i thought to myself then i stood up to go inside and Lobb grabbed me pulling me onto his lap i sat down and he started joking around bouncing me up and down then as he bounced me his cock got underneath me and i felt it against my ass from what i felt it was big i couldn't get off i didnt want to i finally did and went in for a shower it wasn't long untill i was wankin in the shower with him rushing through my head the night went on we had a drink chatted then my brothers phone rang, it was his boss wanting him to go into work immediatly for something, he had to leave. After he left it was just me and Lobb, knowone else was in. We watched tv for a bit then i said 'right i'm going to bed' he stood up and said 'wait i'll join you' 'what do you mean' i asked 'oh come on i know your gay i know you look at me i think the same as you, lets give it a go' he said, i felt my cock grow we went up to my room and he said 'i've never fucked a guy' 'i've never been fucked' i replied i had but just didnt want to say because he knew the person who was meant to be straight 'well i'm doing the fucking and i wanna fuck you' he said getting more and more turned on i could tell he was fidgeting 'lets just start like this' i said droppin to my knees i unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans the slid down his thick hairy thighs and he sat in his boxers i leant up and we kissed our lips connected and the warmth was amazing we kissed for ages i then kissed down his slightly hairy chest licking his nipples and going down his hard but not noticeable sixpack i peeled back his tight white boxers to let his huge cock spring up it was perfect at least 8inchs and that wasn't even hard it was thick and uncut his big hairy balls dangled underneath i held his piece by the base and started teasing him it was rock hard now throbbing i pulled back his foreskin revealing this huge bulbous purple helmet he moaned and groaned untill i opened up and engulfed a good length, it was at least 10inchs now it was fully erect i sucked so hard going back and forth just sucking and sucking he let out this huge sigh and put his hand on the back of my head pushin me back and forth forcing his massive rock hard piece down my throat i choked a little untill i and sorted my reflex out and then dived on giving him deepthroat hard i sucked his huge fat perfect cock for ages untill he said 'wait or i'll blow my load now and i'm saving that' 'just blow now and u'll be back up in no time' i replied, my lips were numb from sucking that hard he knew what i meant and pushed me back onto his cock and he started to moan and groan he slid down the bed a bit and held my head with both hands i put mine on his tree trunk thighs and he started to fuck my face hard thrusting his massive cock down my throat i sucked so hard untill he pulled out holdin my head back he slapped his cock against my face and 1, then 2 then 3, 4 and 5 spurts all over my face he completley covered me i had it all over my cheek and it was running down onto my chin and actualy dripping off i held his cock and opened my mouth letting the last bits drip in there i swallowed and he said 'fucking hell'.

I smiled and went into the bathroom to clean up he followed me in and i laughed he said 'i'm ready again are you' i looked down and his huge fuckrod and gained size again it was just such a perfect cock we were back in my room and i pushed him on the bed i climbed on and he said 'lube, johnnys' 'i've got lube but not johnnys' i replied 'but come on i'm clean your clean' i got the lube out and smothered his dick in it he liked that cause i dribbled a bit on it as well i reached back and smothered my ass in it he sat up and said 'wait.....let me' he took the lube of me and put some on his thick stubby fingers i felt him press them against my eager hole then he slid 1 then 2 then 3 in me loosening me up i needed it if i was gonna get that beast of his up me it felt amazing he caressed around my hold stretching it he slid them out and they got replaced by his massive bulbous helmet he slowly pushed up as i slowly went down it slid in breaking through me making me yelp a little it hurt but was good then i eased down a little more and a little more till about half was in i started riding him bouncing slowly taking it slow he held my hips and said 'fuck this i'm breaking you in' 'no' i said shocked i was helpless in his big manly hands he thrusted himself deeper in me making me scream in pain and groan in pleasure he enjoyed it he slid it slowly back out popping his helmet out and in sending me crazy for not ever doin it he was bloody good after his cock pushed everything out of the way inside me and had a clear path he started fuckin me hard and fast i squatted on top of him as he pumped his piece in me harder and harder untill i thought 'fuck this'i dropped onto my knees sliding all the way down his massive rock hard cock i could feel the hardness of it in me it was amazing he looked into my eyes and i sat up and started riding him so hard bareback i leant back and he put his knees up i clenched onto them and bounced hard and fast it wasn't untill i leant forward putting my head into his shoulder and riding harder he slid his hands down my back and squeezed my asscheeks hard spreading them apart he had hold of my ass which was being impaled by his love snake and he started to throw me up and down pounding the shit out of me he fucked me so hard he put his legs up for more thrust and god did it work he thrusted his whole length in i could feel his pubes tickling me and his balls slapping against me on every hard fast thrust i groaned in pleasure and he kissed my neck up to my face when he came he slowed down and i leant up a bit face to face with him he was sweating i could tell by his facial expressions when it was coming and i could feel his cock throb and pulsate inside me we kissed and i rid him hard untill 'ohhhhh' he moaned and i felt my entire ass go warm with his cum he emptied his load inside me and slowly fucked me squeezing the rest out he filled me right up his cum dribbled out down his shaft i was actualy overflowing with his hot thick cum. We fucked all night and now whenever he comes round we'll always have time for a quick blowjob or a quick absolute pasting by him.




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