I jut figured that I had been a well adjusted all round country boy, raised by a loving, wonderful Dad, and since My mom passed with breat cancer when I was twelve, it had been just me and Dad on the little country farm there in Southern Missouri.

I was a hard working kid, like most farm boys, worked my country boy ass off on that farm, was nicely built, hard work muscular, learning the facts of life by watching the farm animals, and getting turned on watching the animals breed. I always called it country boy 'Porno,' but fuck me if it didn't work, I walked around the barnyard in my bib overalls, with a stiff cock from the time I was ten I think.

Well I had something that happened that sealed my fate, I saw my Uncle Clifford, behind the barn one afternoon, I guess he didn't know I was watching him thru the cracks in the boards and I watched him let this young guy, a friend of his,from his home town that was visiting with him, suck his big ole cock for him, damn was his cock big.

I was mesmerized by the sight of his long thick, uncut cock, and I watched as his friend took it all in his mouth, damn, he had to be swallowing that thing, it was just too long, and sucked Uncle Cliff untill I noticed him pull this guys face to his body and started sorta jerking and I realized he was shooting his cum into this dudes mouth, who in turn just licked his cock and swallowed it all. I got so turned on that I pulled ole peter out and started something I had learned from a friend, I stroked myself off untill I shot my own cum on the hay covered floor, it felt so awesome after watching Uncle Cliff shoot his in that guys mouth. Well that was the incident that got me to knowing I liked guys cocks and wanted to try that too.

I was over at a friends farm, that lived a couple miles up the railroad tracks from our place one afternoon, and I was walking down the railroad tracks, holding on to a stick trying to walk the rails, when I noticed these four guys about maybe eighteen to twenty five years of age, coming up a path from down the river bank, since the railroad ran along the river.

I just smiled and being a down home friendly country boy, said, 'Hey guys whats happening?'

'They looked a little pleased that I spoke to them and said, 'Just trying to find a secluded place to have some fun, do you know any?' The oldest guys said with a big smile.

'OH sure, there's lots of very private places where no on will bother you,' I said.

'Hey would you mind showing us some, that would be great,' he said.

I said 'Sure Follow me,' then I led them down this one rather long secluded path, I knew about.

We got to the river bank and then I showed them a place I use to go for a get away, it was back up in the woods a ways and very private,If you didn't know where it was you wouldn't know it was there.

I had made a lean too out of poles and brush. It was a nice place, actually my own private get away.

Thats when it happened, The older guy who looked like he was a good twenty five or so, grabbed me and said, 'Now we are going to have a little fun, and your going to be part of it,' I wasn't sure what he meant, still not knowing what was going on.

I guess I was very naive, being only sixteen at the time, but sure I wanted to have some fun, but little did I know I was to be the center point of their fun, but it made me know something about my life, and what I was wanting.

The two guys that were about eighteen looking, both grabbed me and said, we want to have some fun with you, I smiled at first and then they held me down, and the youngest started undoing my bib overalls, and takeing my clothes off, I was a little scared then, but mostly excited I think, by the time they got my white briefs off my six and a half inche cock was already harder than a peice of flint rock.

The youngest reached down and took ahold of it and smiled as he jerked on it a little bit, altho I was scared, It felt so good, to feel someones hand stroking my cock, something I had never felt before.

I layed on the ground naked and vulnerable, I realized that they were all four getting naked too, I don't know If I realized in my mind that I was going to be gang raped, because I was so excited at seeing those guys naked and their boners, as they all smiled at me and stroked their quite large cocks, watching those foreskins on those cocks as they slid back and forth exposing those beautiful cockheads, not realizing I would be the object of those cocks enjoyment, I was mesmerized.

Finally thats when I realized that I was their pleasure and fun.

The oldest guy said, 'Damn guys I think this kid wants it, look at the stiff cock of his, he's fucking enjoying it already,'

He walked over and said,'Here kid, suck on this' and he shoved his cock into my willing mouth, then I really did realize what was Happening,

I was really loving that taste of his cock and feeling it go in and out of my mouth, 'Damn kid your really into this aren't you,' I just kept sucking, and I was, damn I loved it.

I had sucked on his cock about ten minutes when I noticed the other guys watching and stroking their cocks too.

One of the eighteen year olds said, 'Here dude, raise him up so he pulled me up and I was bent over sucking on the older guys thick cock, takeing as much of it as I could trying not to gag and choked, when I felt the sharp pain of a good sized cock penetrate my virgin asshole, now that hurt like a mother fucker. He just held on to me and started fucking, I had to train my mind not to react to the pain, and not bite down on the older guys cock, but after several minutes of enduring the pain of rectal/cock entry, I began to feel an awesome plesure coming out of the pain of being fucked for the first time, something was making me feel wonderful, up inside of me, God was I loving it after about ten minutes of having a cock slid up and down inside my asshole.

Damn I never realized it could be like this, it was awesome, I wanted to do like Uncle Cliff's friend, and taste this guys cum for some strange reason, and even tho I was suppose to be scared and hurting, I was loving this, me sucking his cock, and the fucking I was recieving.

Well I was thoroughly enjoying this, and I was completely oblivious to the sounds these guys were making, the warning signs of their impending cum shots.

I felt the older guy began to stiffen up and he started to face fucking me more intently and then he just pulled my head tight against his body and almost choked me with this thick long cock and I felt his body start jerking as My mouth filled with the new, different taste, the taste of cum. It was a totally new flavor to my taste buds. but I liked it, and I didn't want to miss a drop, even though his load was so big a load It was leaking out the sides of my mouth, I wanted it all.

As the older guy unloaded his load in my mouth, I felt the dude behind me grab my ass and pull himself deep inside me and he started shooting his warm cum into my asshole. The older guy just

got his breath and stood there like a Zombie, 'Fuck kid that was fantastic,' he said, then the youngest guy took his place and put his cock all the way in my throat,although it wasn't quite as big as the older guy's it was big enough to gag me, and he began to fuck my face too.

At the same time the other eighteen year old kid slipped his cock, which was just a little bigger than the first guy's, balls deep in my asshole and it all began over.

By the time I was finished with, I had swallowed two thick, heavy loads of cum, and taken two shots up my asshole, but what was strange, was the older guy then rolled me over and sucked me off in return, god was that an awesome feeling, I was in heaven that day.

We all five went for a skinny dip in the pool at the edge of the river, and I loved doing this so much, I promised to meet them there again next week if they wanted too, I guess we had this little gang rape happen a dozen times or more, over teh remainder of that summer. I also got to fuck a couple of them, actually it was the beginning of a great friendship plus benefits.

Well anyway that was my beginning at the ripe old age of sixteen, and I'm still at twenty four loveing it too.

I did finally tell Uncle Cliff I had seen him and his friend that day behind the barn, and I ended up sucking my Uncle off too, actually several times, but what shocked me the most, and yet helped me to understand myself and why I like guys is One afternoon there was a Cattlemans Association, man come to the house and Dad was going to sell him some of our beef cattle that he had been fattening up.

Mr. Echles was his name, He was one very sexy, good looking guy about forty I guess, and He was very nice and outgoing.

He and my Dad went out to the barn lot and then to the barn and I was waiting for them to come back and we were suppose to go to town.

I waited and waited, then decided to go and see what the hold up was.

I got to the barn, and I noticed it was dark inside and then I noticed the Tack room light was on, thats when I heard, 'OH Fuck man, OH shit, Oh shit man,' I was wondering what was happening, and I went to the back of the tack room and I looked thru an opening in one of the boards and I saw my father down on his knees, and Mr. Echles fairly large cock in to the balls in my Dad's mouth, My Father was sucking Mr. Echles Cock, Holy shit, you could have bowled me over with feather.

Well, as I watch Dad suck Mr. Echles, and with my own cock in my hand I stroked off as I watch my father enjoying sex with Mr. Echles and after seeing Mr Echles unload his cum into my Dad's mouth, I watched my Father slide his niced sized cock balls deep into Mr.Echles ass, and have a great fuck himself, I had never given thought to the fact that my father was so fucking hot looking, and hung so well, it just never occured to me. I shot a huge load all over the barn floor myself.

But you know what, thats my Dad, and he deserves a good time every so often too, and now at least I know where I got it from, first my Uncle Cliff, Dad's youngest brother, then my Dad, Its like Father like Son, it must run in family's or at least its an old family tradition, either way I love the fuck out of it.





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