My name is Rodger Beemann, I was twelve years old in 1928 when this story started taking place.

My Father ran a fishing boat out of Port Au Prince, and I was always helping him with his Boat.

I can't remember how young I was when I began going out on the boat with my Dad, but he usually had a crew that would be with him in the boat fishing.

He was a wonderful man, as I recall he was very nice looking, handsome, and well liked by just about everyone that knew him.

I remember my mother really being in love with him, and My Father had made it his life's quest to make a boat captain out of me, teaching me, training me, I learned to read Maritime Maps, reading the weather and such, and I was learning all the things that were necessary to carry on the family's fishing business, as my grandfather had done before my Father took over.

My father decided to take the boat out this one particular afternoon, to check out a new motorized propelling system that he had built into the boat, with an inboard system, it would eleviate the need for sails, it was the latest and most wonderful invention, it would make the boat much faster, guaranteeing a bigger pay load of fish due to the fact of getting out there further and better and quicker..

I'll never forget how proud and bragadotious my father was haveing that new motorized fishing trawler.

Well My Father was anxious to try her out and so My Father, my cousin David and I took off for an afternoon trial run of the trawler.

In a very short time we had gone quite a ways out to sea, how many miles I was not sure , but there was no land in sight in any direction when the new motor conked out and quit on us.

At first it wasn't so bad but after about an hour of just floating and drifting It was starting to get dark, having not planned for such an event, my Father was beginning to get concerned, we hadn't stocked any food or extra drinking water, no having planned to be out to sea for an extended trip.

The ship at that time had no radio, it wasn't really necessary being that it was a day trip boat, only goin out for a day's trip at a time and usuall coming in just before dark each evening.

Well we were adrift for at least three days when the whole thing began to go bad, up ahead was a huge storm, and my father was getting concerned, we had no way to steer against the storm, all we could do was hang tight and watch as the seas began to batter and blow us around like a match box in a bath tub. Huge waves were hammering the boat with the heavy wind doing just as badly, it was like all nature had lashed out at us, we had no idea where this storm was taking us, we were at the mercy of the winds and waves. I remember saying a prayer I had learned in church, but anyway, we woke up when we felt a big thud and I looked up over the edge of the boad and we were against the rocks beside this beach and there were trees and Land.

We climbed out of the boat and almost got down and kissed the soil.

We got the rope and tied up the boat to a large rock, it was definitely battered and beaten, by the storm, but it was still together.

My cousin and My Father and I began to look around to see if the Island was inhabited and we took some canteens and flaskes and went looking for first water, fresh water to drink, and then anything else we could find, really we were looking for people and maybe civilization.

We had firstly stayed close to the edge of the Island shore to follow it and not get too far into the Island interior, there was noting, lots of different birds, we saw several wild pigs, and many different kinds of animals. but not human beings on this island.

By the time we had been there a week we found not one livign soul and we had covered the island completely.

After seening my fathers disappointment turn to necessity, we began to built a hut to shelter us from the weather, and as time went on we began to find nuts, fruits, and we found out ways to trap those wild pigs for meat, and of course we had the fishing equiptment from the boat.

I remember us finding this little fresh water fall, and a deep pool that we could get fresh water to drink from at the fall, and we would rinse off and wash and swim for enjoyment at the pool, it was almost like an Island Paradise.

Outside of missing my mother and sister, I was loving it on this island, and My cousin was thoroughly enjoying it.

I saw my father was looking sorta like he was in a fog one day he had begun to dress more appropriately for island life, he was now just wearing his boxer underwear, why not, no one else was on the island, I loved seeing his nicely hairy chest, and he was really awesome looking, nice muscular arms, thick chest, big thick legs, but I was getting curious what was under those boxers, for some reason, I coudl see it thick and long hanging under those boxers as he walked and I realized he was missing my mother, he looked at me and David and just said you boy's stay here, I'll be back in and hour or so.

He took his long pole staff he had made and took off into the brushy almost jungle.

Dave looked at me and said, 'Where does he go?'

'I don't know,' I responded.

So as curious boys as we were, we decided to follow him one afternoon, we stayed back so he would not see us, I watched as he walked to the pool of water and as we watched he stripped off his boxer's and got under the stream of falling water layed back against the falling spray and began to at first I thought wash himself, that's when I noticed his cock was standing up like mine gets sometime and it was big, really big, I had never seen a cock like that before and as a twelve year old it looked like wow, huge.

I watched my father as I got so turned on, sprouting my own wood, and I looked over and saw David as he reached into his own shorts and began to stroke his own pecker, and My David smiled at me, 'So that's what he does.' He said.'

I really at that time wasn't sure what he was doing, all I know he was hoding his cock with his hand wrapped around it and pulling his hand back and forth with his right hand, and pulling on his chest nipple with the other, and from the looks on his face he was enjoying it a lot.

I looked at David and said, 'What's he doing,'

David pulled out his pecker which was a lot bigger than mine and said, 'This,' and David began to stroke his cock too, I was astounded at their actions. I guess I was a little embarrassed because I looked funny at David and left.

About three weeks later David was now seventeen, and we were in our shelter, I was laying there on my sleeping mat, I guess my Father thought I was asleep and he told David in a whisper, 'come here'

David looked over to check an see if I was asleep and he went to my fathers bed, that's when I began to take notice of something very unusual, My father began to undress David, and then he got naked himself, David leaned over and My father reached up and pulled David's mouth down over his cock and David began going up and down with his head and my Father's cock going in and out of David's mouth, it was so exciting to watch, I was only twelve at the time but I wanted to do that too, my pecker was like a rock it was so hard..

Well I tried to get to do that same thing with David, but he wouldn't, he just said 'I was too young.'

Well I watched this for several years, it had become a regular think with My Father and David, I would watch and I guess the thought I was alseep.

I was not just over seventeen and David was twenty two, I has seen some things change during their times together, My Father began to putting his cock inside David's ass hole and fucking him like he was a woman, and they both seemed to enjoy it very much, I think David liked to feel my fathers big cock as much as My father liked to do it.

I would wonder how that felt, and as they would be involved with their thing I would finger myself and pretend it was me Father was fucking.

The My big Day came, David and I was gather some fruit from teh big trees inland on the Island deep in the jungel area, when I turned around to David, and said, 'O.K. David, I'm older now, and I want to know how that feels,'

'How what feels,' He said, looking like he didn't know what I was talking about.

I walked up to David, and stood face to face with him and my hand reached out and began to rub his crotch. David smiled and said, 'Oh that!'

I pulled down his clothe that covered his cock and it was quickly getting hard, it was beautiful, I wanted it badly, It was hooded as most guys were then, and thick, and long, he was hung really good,

I leaned forward and got at whiff of his aroma, and that sealed my fate, I licked on his swollen head as it began to unsheathe itself from it's forskin confines, I felt his cock as I slowly took it into my mouth and I heard David, moan, and say, just watch those teeth, I began to suck his cock like I had seen him do my Father, and it didn't take me long to feel his very muscular, slim, tight body start to almost convulse and his salty, sweet tasting, musty smooth, cum began to pour into my mouth, I swallow it like it was the nectar of the god's.

David's body finally stopped jerking as his cock emptied its seed. David, just stood there looking down at me like he was in love.

'Man, That was fantastic.' He said.

I said, 'now what about me,I want to feel that too.'

David, just turned around and said, 'Here, like your Father, use this and He offered his asshole to me.

Hey I already knew that my Father had been enjoying it for a long time now, I guess It was like Father like son.

I looked at his little starfish looking rectum, and my cock got like a board, rigid, and very hard, I wet the tip of my cock with some saliva, mixed with a little of Davids cum, and then stuck a finger in his asshole, I had never done anything like that before, but it came natural to me.

It was tight and a little rough getting my now fairly large cock into David's ass, but I heard his groan as I finally sunk my cock into his manhole and god it felt awesome, I had never felt that before.

His body was hot inside, and I could feel each little movement his body made, and when he would flex his asshole muscle it was just squeeze my cock like he was trying to milk me or somthing.

By the time I had been in him twenty minutes I was huffing and Puffing, stroking and poking my cock in and out of his ass, he was in his zone, Damn he was enjoying it as much as I was.

I felt his body get rigid and began to spasm as he unloaded his cucm onto the ground and I began to shoot my load into David's asshole, My climax lasted for several minutes as I just went weak from it.

Damn man, it drained my body of all it's energy,

'Well, how did you like it?' David said with a smile,

'I loved it, I hope we can do it some more.' I said.

'Hey babe, anytime you want,' he said.

Well you can guess the rest, we stayed on that island almost twenty years untill one day a US Navy vessel pulled into the bay there on the island to do some minor repairs to a damaged Prop, we ran down to introduce ourselfs and they took us back to mainland we had drifted, and been blown almost fifteen hundred miles in that storm.

My Father looked at us and said, remember what happened on that island was just between us, due to necessity.

We knew what he meant, but his joy was shortlived, My mother after we had been declared dead, missing at sea, greived herself to death and died five years after we went missing, My sister lived with My Aunt, David's mother and she as raised by Aunt Jenny.

Well My Father and I and David lived together untill the death of my father in 1972, but I have very vivid memories of the Island, and you can guess the rest.



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