In my early years Living on the farm as a young man, times were really hard, we did everything for ourselves, we had The animals, the fields to tend, planting, harvesting, gardening, wood cutting for firewood, helping Mom do the vegetable canning,repairing the farm buildings and equiptment and so forth and so on.

Sometimes it seems there weren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. It was just our way of life.

Mom and Dad were just good ole country folk, trying to make a living from the good earth. And me well I didn't know any different, times were just plain hard, life was hard, we had what we called barn dances and parties on different special occasions, and as I started mature, I started feeling the harmones raging, noticing things about my body changing, I remember one time when I guess I was about seventeen, maybe eighteen, I went to the old spring creek swimming Hole down the road a peice, about seven of us young men from the area would use it together and we used it to wash the dirt and dust off from working in the fields, most of us were strong well built strapping lads trying to outdo each other in just about everything, sort of a pissing contest, checking each other out to see who had the biggest cock and largest nuts.

I'll never forget meeting a boy across the valley named Sammy, He was a muscular, hard as a rock, solid, farm boy and he was drop dead gorgeous looking, well we were all going to the swimming hole and Sammy was coming with us this time, it was his first time to come with us and he was a little shy about stripping and getting naked, in the creek, finally we kinda dared him into getting into the pool of water, he took off his trousers and then his white briefs and fuck man, we just about all let out a gasp ,He had a hairy chest, Not bushy just nicely hairy, He looke like a mile runner fromt the olympics, he had arms like a lumberjack and his cock belonged on a pony, we all gasped at the sight of Sammy, He just kinda got red faced and jumped into the water, He was so damned cute and just shy as hell, and when I saw Sammy naked I felt something stir inside my stomach

We enjoyed ourselfs Sammy started loosening up and less shy and we started playing around in the water dunking each other and splashing water, diving off each others shoulders,slapping at each others dicks, and the usual playful things boys do while swimming naked together.

Sammy came over and put his hands on my shoulder and then raised up and locked his legs around my body, and just giggled and said I got ya! I laughed and kinda squirmed around and was faceing Sammy in his leg lock around me, man my eyes found his eyes and they just locked together and I sorta stammered and said that feels great Sammy, man you can really squeeze, but that feeling started again in my stomach and I noticed something different. Now I never thought of anything but my hand as a sexual object, I had started, just like all boys to jerk off, several years ago, but really in my mind I thought I was the only one in the world that did that sort of thing, boy was I wrong, I notice while standing in chest high water with Sammy clinging onto me with his legs, I started noticing things, I felt his bare hairy legs around my midsection, I could feel his nutsack up against my body, and I something else, I felt his cock pushing against me, It was hard as a peice of flintrock and I felt it throb and expand against my body and I felt Sammy sort hump it against me, and I looked at Sammy and smiled, and something I noticed, my cock was about to burst open it was so hard, we went out into the water deeper so no one else could see our boners and Sammy reached his hands up around my neck to hold on and just rubbed his dick against my body, and said Ken this feels awesome, I have never felt this way before, I said me neither, we better stop, and try to do this again alone maybe, I said yep.

We seperated and finlly the cocks both got soft in the cool water and I had a new feeling for Sammy, one that I had never had before for anyone,

Sammy came over to me after we had gotten dressed and said wanna come over and spend the night If it is allright with your Ma and Paw, I said sure.

Well They said alright but be home in the morning by ten a.m. you got your chores to do, I said O.K. Paw.

We acted like to kids I think they used to call it 'puppy love', Damn I felt so giddy and almost silly, I wanted to please Sammy and impress him so bad.

WE got to his house and His Ma o.k.d me staying the night and I was always to respect my elders, and she Said Sammy I need the eggs from the Hen house and feed and water the Chickens and Put a couple bales of Hay down for the milk cows, Sammy said yes Ma! I helped him with his chores and then we went kinda touring his Paw's farm and when we got to the barn, Sammy said man if feel different around you, I said I know Sammy I feel the same way.

The evening went on I helped Sammy with his chores and then about ten o'clock we got ready for bed.

WE went up stairs to his bedroom and he had a big double bed and HIs oldre sister slept in another room across the hall, and we stripped down to our briefs and I felt that feeling again, and looked at Sammys body and for some reason we just stared at each other and I looked down and Sammy's huge cock was straining his briefs and Mine was too. I wasn't as big as Sammy, but I wasn't small either we got a ruler and measured ourselves, His was just shy of 8.5 inches and really thick and mine was about 7.25 and pretty thick but not as thick as Sammys, and I noticed Sammy had that skin covering his like mine. I had seen boys at school with the skin removed but ours were not cut, Didn't really matter. I couldn't take my eyes off Sammys dick, We turned out the lights and got into his bed and we were laying there silent and We both started to say something at the same time, and I said you first and Sammy said can I hug you and hold you like we did at the pool, I said I was ask you the same thing, we started hugging and holding and I started breathing funny, and Sammy reached down and started rubbing my dick thru my shorts I really started feeling funny in side and I said Sammy that feel so good, he said do me too, So I reached down and started rubbing his cock and then we just took each others briefs off and I started just sizing his nuts and his dick god I was about to go nuts, he was breathing hard and for some reason he just leaned down and took my dick into his mouth and started sucking and licking and I said Sammy what you doing, He said I have wanted to do this for a long time, I said I feels so good, then I just layed back and let him do it, He had slipped my forskin back and exposed the head of my cock and Damn man, I had never felt anything like that before, my exposed cockhead was so sensitive to every thing he was doing,I said I wanna try to do it to you and we got into what someone told me later was a 69 position and we started suck the bejeezuss out of each other I fell in love with the feeling and taste of his cock, I was going wild and so was Sammy, and I started feeling something happening down inside my body, I had never noticed my nuts tightening up before, my cock felt like it was getting bigger and flanging out, and the sensation Sammy was causing on my cock and in my body overall was something I had never felt before, I started feeling that feeling down in my cock, and then I felt like it exploded into an explosion of extasy, God I had died and gone to heaven, my body was jerking and I felt the convulsing of my cock and Sammy was sucking and going wild and I felt his body start to do the same thing and I just wanted him to feel that same feeling and I started tasting something wonderful inside my mouth, so different tasting, It felt like someone had opened a floodgate and I tasted nutcream for the first time and the extasy and taste of it mixed together was awesome. Sammy just layed back, just totally exhausted, and So did I, after about ten minutes of silence, he leaned up and said Ken can I kiss you, and I started kissing Sammy like a lover, man I was into the third heaven.

We finally slowed down and went to sleep. Well I had to go home pretty early and left about nine the next morning and before I left Sammy told me that he had feelings for me.

About a week Later I couldn't keep this past experience out of my mind and we met again in the Hayloft of his dads barn, they were gone for the day and I met him there on a Saturday afternoon, We climed up into the hayloft and started kissing and hugging and Sammy said I have heard about something else from an older guy the other day, and He said I want you to fuck me, I said what, he said fuck me, I said O.k. what is it. I didn't Know, I had a pretty good Idea but I was wondering how two guys did it, He said I brought some vaseline from the house and I was starting to guess what it was far.

Sammy took off his overhalls and slid his briefs down, and I did the same and I watched, and we both started stroking our cocks to a firm hardness, he said here Ken, and he slid some vaseline into his asshole, and he said now start by pushing your finger into it and loosening it up, I did that and he had me go up to four fingers gradually and I was getting so turned on by then my cock was like a peice of stone, almost aching, and then he said now take it slow and easy and I gently and slowly slid my cock head into his asshole and he just grunted a little and finally after about five minutes I had all my cock to the balls deep into Sammys ass, He was breathing heavy, and said now, start fucking me, I did and I noticed how hot his ass was his intestines were aflame, hot and I was starting to feel a quick climax comming on. Sammy was snorting and saying, fuck me, man fuck me, and then said jam it in me, Oh Shit, thats it man, I was almost startled by his words they were something I had never heard Sammy say before. I was ramming my cock in his asshole almost violently and he seemed to be loving it. There was a sorta spot, I guess I was hitting up inside Sammy because he was saying Oh yea, Oh yea man thats the spot and he started jerking and grunting, I thought, I did that do Sammy? and Then seeing him shoot his load caused me to go over that ledge, and I grabbed his legs and rammed my cock deep into him as I unloaded my Mancream onto his intestines, Mother fucker It was awesome. I must have shot a half quart of the stuff, I wondered if thats what a bull felt like when it bread with a cow. just a thought. We finally calmed down and got dressed and walked back to the house and cleaned ourselves off, and Sammy said Ken I think I am falling for you in a big way, I said I know I am falling for you Sammy, we agreed to keep our sex and love life to ourselves, and we would get together as often as we could. We did ,and had a wonderful time together and we found a couple other guys around the area that liked to do the guy thing and had barnloft parties whenever we could. Man I know things are really good now for me and for Sammy too. But nothing compared to those early years and our Life on the Farm.

Oh! you will excuse me please, Sammy just walked into the room with his hard cock in his hand and it needs some taking caring of. Chow!



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