It's 2017, the world as we know it has come to an end and

humankind is on the verge of extinction. It all began in 2014 when a new virus hit North

America, within weeks, the world.

A few of us are immune to the virus, which left 700 million healthy people. But the

rest of the 5 billion died, only they didn't remain dead, after getting infected you basically die. . . . . but

don't stay that way for long, once you wake up. . . . . . . . . you tend to become extremely violent and

hungry. . . . for other people, which leads to more infection. Next thing you know everyone's turned into

a zombie. Soon 700 million reduced to a few thousands.

We live moving from one place to another avoiding the zombies

searching for food, water and other supplies.

43 of us in the convoy, 50 earlier but we stayed in one place for a little to long

and they followed us. After that we never stay in one place for too long.

Brandt closed the diary as Sam Grey opened the door to the

black SUV and got in. Mike was 18 years old, he was found by the convoy in an abandoned printing

press, Sam remembered the day like it was yesterday, Brandt soaking wet with sweat, his T-shirt

sticking to his body, sweat driping from his hair which was till his eyebrows and a 9 millimeter in his

hand, he even fired at Sam but in panic forgot to turn off safety, so he ran in the darkness not

knowing where he was going only after catching him Sam got a chance to calm him down and tell him

about the convoy and Sam thought that the weirdst part was that he was attracted to this 16 year

old boy that he'd just found.

After a week Brandt and Sam were alone in the SUV when Brandt said, 'Sam

I don't know why but I've been in love with you, from the minute I saw you'. Sam's stomach jumped as

he heard this boy confess his love to him. Sam leaned in and kissed Brandt, but what surprised him

was Brandt's hand which moved to his cock all while he was kissing back.

Sam broke the kiss and moved Brandt's hand off his growing cock, Brandt's

face looked like he was about to cry, 'I'm sorry Sam did I do something worng?'

Sam sighed, 'No Brandt, I don't think you could ever do anything wrong'

Brandt smiled, 'thats what my father used to say before he died, he cared so much about me. He was

bitten trying to save me, he told he to tie him to the bed and then take the guns we'd found in the

local gun shop and run away'. And then Brandt let out a sob. 'It's just that your 17 Brandt, I can't do

anything with you until you 18. 'Sam said kissing him on the cheek. 'So we only have to wait for a few

months then. 'Brandt said excited. Luckly they still had a clock that ran on solar power, the clock

also showed the date and day.

Sam snapped out of his thought, 'Happy birthday babe', he said, kissing Brandt

hard, moving over his body, Brandt leaned against the door. Through the dark tinted windows no one

could look inside even if they wanted to, plus everyone knew about Sam and Brandt.

'Finally, today we can do it', Brandt said panting. Sam began unbuttoned Brandt's

blue button-down and moved his hands to Brandt's nipples sqeezing them one at a time. Brandt

moaned and moved his head close to Sam's neck kissing down his jaw line all while Sam was feeling

every inch of Brandt's body. Brandt tugged Sam's T-shirt and Sam pulled it over his head, Brandt

moved his head to Sam's nipples and licked them alternating from left to right. Then he moved down

to Sam's navel and licked around going lower he pulled down Sam's jean shorts and underwear. He

held Sam's growing cock in his hands and felt it pulsating. He pulled back the skin and took it inch

by inch into his mouth, he licked the length of Sam's cock and Sam moaned, 'yeahhh. . uhh. . ooh'.

After alot of sucking Sam came in Brandt's mouth and Brandt had it all not

missing a drop, he looked up at Sam and licked his lips. 'I love you so much Sam' he said with

innocent eyes. Sam answered that by pulling down Brandt's shorts and Brandt's cock hit his

stomach, Sam looked at Brandt and said, 'you ready babe, coz it's gonna hurt for a bit'. 'I've been

ready for a long time. 'Brandt said showing not even the slightest worry. Sam lifted Brandt

effortlessly and positioned him above his cock. Then ever so slowly he pushed in invading Brandt's


'AuuHHgghh. . ahhh. . ', Brandt moaned to this new pleasure. Sam increased his pace slow

by slow and then began fucking Brandt hard. After an hour of fucking Brandt could feel his butt get

numb, just as Sam said, 'I'm gonna cum again babe', 'ok let me have it', Brandt said as he began jacking

his own cock after a few strokes he felt Sam cum a hot load in his ass and that threw him over the

edge he came shooting on his stomach and chest. Sam pulled out and fliped Brandt around and

said, 'that was awesome babe, happy birthday'. Sam pushed Brandt flat on the back seat and licked

his cum, 'mmmmghhh', he moaned.

Sam crawled up to Brandt and kissed his again, Brandt could taste his own cum. And

then fell asleep one on top of the other with they're cocks hard again.



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