Brandt woke up not smelling fresh Bacon

on the stove. He brushed his dogs fur, Cherokee slept at Brandt's feet on his bed. He had slept in late today because it was a holiday, something about a new contagious virus. He got out of bed, Cherokee following and walked to the Kitchen in his Pajamas. There was a note on the fridge. 'I had to go into work early today and your father had to go on a business trip to California, because of the new virus his boss is making him check it out, don't worry I will try to be home as soon as I can. Feed Cherokee, Love mommy'Brandt opened the cabinet and pulled out the bad of dog food and poured it into Cherokee's bowl, made himself a bowl of Cheerios and sat on the high chair, just then he heard a creak but before he could turn around someone grabbed him from behind, it was Max, his brother.

Max rubbed his head and said, 'hey bro how have you been? ', 'Maxx, hey. . why're you home? what? they kick you out of college? ', Brandt was happy to see Max, since Max went to college Brandt didn't get to see him alot.

'No they've sent everyone home until further notice, something bout avoiding an epidemic of some new virus'.

'Oh. . . . . . . . . . dad's in California for research on the virus, he left early, didn't get a chance to say bye. 'Brandt said thinking about the virus, wondering if it was anything serious.

'So where's mom', Max said looking around to see if she was there. 'She's at work, probably will be sent home too, eveything's closing down, schools, factories, malls, anywhere with alot of people. Only things like banks still open, thats why she had to go, even busses have shut down, only trains still

running. '

'Max'Brandt said. . . . 'yeah'Max replied. . . . . 'Do you think its something serious? '. 'I don't know, could be', 'lets see if they're saying anything on the news'

Brandt truned on the T. V.

IT was turned onto the news. He saw a sight that almost made him barf. It was without an arm and a hole in his chest covered in blood actually walking! He stared at the T. V in horror as he saw at least three dozen more just like the first one walking around. The news chopper tried to stay still as they kept the camera focused on them.

'What the hell? !!? ', he heard Max say.

He then saw the police forming a barricade with their Cars and they started to shoot them. He couldn't believe it but they still kept moving regardless of being shot. Brandt turned off the T. V and started to cry. He sat there shocked to his very core with his bowl of cheerios still in his hands when he heard a noise. It was a low moan that sent shivers down his spine. They heard a 'Bam'and they both went to look out the window at their neighbor's house. He saw Mr. Bryant with a shotgun in his hand shooting something that looked like a person. Brandt squinted and tried to see who Mr. Bryant was shooting at. He looked with an expression of terror on his face as he saw a woman covered in blood slowly stumbling towards His neighbor. She lunged at him and soon is screams filled the air.

Brandt and Max sprinted to Brandt's bedroom and looked out the window to see dozens more of those things wandering around. They heard a Banging on the front door. Brandt stared at his front door as it started to break off the hinges, the wood splitered enough for them to see what was trying to get in, more of those things.

Max grabbed his father's car keys and then pulled Brandt out the back door, 'wait, Cherokee, she's still in there'. 'I'm sorry, Brandt it's too late'

'Noo!!!!', Brandt pulled his hand out of Max's and ran back throught the front door. 'Brandttt, Damn it come back', Max followed his brother inside the house again.

'CC--Cherokee, h-hh-here girl, Cherokeeee', Brandt was scared but all he cared about was his dog. She run to his, even she looked spooked, she came to him and began making that whining sound dogs make when they're hurt or scared.

'Come onn', Max grabbed Brandt's hand again, more firm this time and they ran out through the back door just as the front door burst open and zombies fell in one on top of the other, Max and Brandt got to their father's grey Mercedes.

Max fumbled with the keys before he turned the car in ignition and slammed the pedal. The car lurched forward just before the zombies could get to it.

'Where the hell are we going to do. 'Brandt said, putting on his seat belt. 'I really don't know, first we have to go get mom', Max said.

They got to the bank only to find it burned to the ground, 'NNOO!!'

Brandt said as he began to cry. 'It's ok, maybe she got out', Max said trying to consol his brother. 'Now we have to get to the mini-mart and get some supplies, no. . wait. . the gun shop first. Otherwise we'll be defensless against those

things. '

'Maaxxx. . . . . Look that's dad down there', Brandt said looking through the sniper scope. They were on the roof of a 10 story building and Brandt could see his father, alive on the roof of the police station. Max fired a round in the air to get his father's attention and their father looked in the direction of the shot.

Brandt woke up, with a tear in his eye. He always had the same dream of how he and Max survived, he wondered where Max and Cherokee must be, he hadn't found them after they got seperated when the old bridge at a town gave way and Brandt and his dad fell into the ice cold river below. He knew that Max was alive, he was the reason Brandt was still alive, lucky for Brandt Sam had found him, when he had supplies enough for only another day . Only after a few more seconds did he realize that Sam was on top of him and they were both naked. He knew he wouldn't be able to move from under Sam so he just laid there thinking.

Sam woke up in a few minutes and saw that Brandt was already awake, 'for how long have you been you babe? ', he asked. 'Not for long', Brandt replied and kissed Sam. Brandt could feel his cock hardning again, then he felt Sam's hand move to his cock and kept it there.

Sam moved down to Brandt's cock and licked the head, then he took it into his mouth and began to suck it. 'Ughh. . ', Brandt moaned. 'Ughhh, , , yeah. . ohh. . fuck. '

'Sam. . ughh. . I'm gonna cumm. . babee', Brandt said after a while. But Sam just kept cumming and soon he felt Brandt's body arch and warm cum gushing into his mouth, he wanted to swallow it all but Brandt's cum was too much, some of it dripped out the sides of his mouth. He lapped Brandt's cock a few more times and Brandt rested back.

Brandt panting pulled Sam up and kissed him again, he was getting used to tasting his own cum in Sam's mouth.

'Uh. . come in Sam, Brandt. . . . over', Charlie said over the radio. Charlie Brow was one of the survivors and the leader of the convoy. 'Come in. . . Sam, Brandt. . . over'. Sam moved from over Brandt and crawled into the front seat, he picked up the radio and said, 'Yeah Charlie go ahead. . . . over', 'Sam we have to go. . . . now. . , they tripped the perimeter alarm. '



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