Gradually David started to surface into consciousness. Initially confused by the surroundings, he began to recall the previous day. For the first time in his life he woke naked, beside another naked man, with memories of a night of exciting sex. Wow! In just one day his life had taken him to a place from which he could never see himself turning back.

He searched for some means of telling the time and his eyes fell on a beside alarm clock. It was early, but he knew he wouldn't go back to sleep now, so carefully, so as not to wake Sean, he slid off the bed. Sometime during the night one or other of them must have kicked off the sheet and he was able to look back at his naked friend curled up and happily unconscious........and beautiful. He needed a pee and padded off to the bathroom.

As he held his cock and watched a strong stream of piss hit the toilet bowl he noticed how puffy and swollen it still was, presumably from all the activity of yesterday. Thinking about it made him horny. He tugged at his member, shaking out the last drops. The mixture of the action, memories and early morning arousal brought him quickly to an erection. The last few drops of piss provided a brief slippery wetness before drying in his hands. He smiled - life felt pretty good at this time!

He realised they hadn't washed after their return from the beach. Sea salt and probably the odd crusty cum deposit were bound to be coating his body. There was a need for a shower. He stepped in and was soon luxuriating in the hot stream of water. Soaping himself down encouraged his hard-on further. Mmmm...he felt so sexy. The slippery soap made playing with his nipples feel great, especially while his other hand vigorously manhandled his cock and tightening balls.

Today was the day he wanted to get fucked, he remembered. It was after all only fair. He wanted his friend to know he could take as well as give. Though he had to admit he was slightly scared. It was then he noticed the shampoo bottle. He assessed its size and shape. He estimated it kind of measured up to Sean's beautiful stiff cock, and the shape wasn't far off either.

He slid his soapy hand round to his ass, sliding up and down the crack and playing with his tight, rosebud hole. He took more shower gel and played some more. He started to ease a finger in. He was fascinated by how tight it was, and noticeably hot. The inner-skin felt soft and slippery. He pushed further. His finger felt enormous, but the feeling of fullness was sexy, and the sense of movement in a place where he'd never felt it in that way before was weird, but wonderful. He tried for two fingers. Woah! Amazing!

The more he played, the more his ass seemed to involuntarily push back to meet his assault on himself. In the end he was squatting under the spray. He had moved his hand round and was reaching his hole from under his balls, which were now tightly contracted into his body. He found that if he curled his fingers and pushed in as far as they would go, he could apply pressure to an area that must have been at the base of his cock. The sensation was crazy. It made him groan out loud, unable to control the noise, and his cock would throb in an almost painful response.

He removed his hand and knelt down. Reaching up he took the shampoo bottle and applied copious amounts of shower gel. He needed to see what it was going to feel like. He positioned the bottle under him and rested his ass back so that the top was pressing against his quivering hole. or never! He sat back further. At first there was resistance. Maybe his estimate was wrong. Maybe it was just too big. He tried again, pushing all his weight down onto the bottle. Suddenly it entered him, pushing through the muscle wall. The sensation was shocking.


He couldn't decide if it genuinely hurt, or that he was just frightened it did. Regardless, instinct took over and he reared up, his ass muscles spitting the bottle out and onto the floor of the shower cubicle.

But David was determined. He picked the shampoo up and tried again. This time, perhaps because he knew what to expect, perhaps because his ass muscles had stretched a little, it went in easier. Still painful and incredibly tight, but he held it there. It was like he was taking the biggest of shit of his life. Was this really what turned people on?

The pain was starting to subside, and he felt brave enough to sit back a little further. Again there was resistance. His ass muscles were not surrendering easily. Suddenly it happened. The bottle unexpectedly broke through the ring of muscle into the inner space of his asshole.

'Aaargh!' David called again, without meaning too. He hoped he didn't wake Sean. The feeling was amazing. Now he knew what all the fuss was about!

He allowed himself to get used to it and then, hold the base of the bottle he started to slide up and down on it.

'Mmmmm....!' David started to pant. 'Mmmmm.....! Urngh! Aaargh! Oh man!!'

Everything he had felt before was nothing compared to this. Now he felt full. Now he felt pressure against the base of his cock. It made him want to piss and cum all at the same time. In the end he gave in. He had to. He didn't know what would come out of his cock first. Suddenly a steady stream of yellow piss erupted and splattered against the glass confines of the shower cubicle.


For a moment the relief was amazing. But the feeling didn't last for long. He was now riding the substitute cock for all he was worth. Sometimes it came out of his ass completely, but without any need to aim, drove straight back in again. David's arms and legs were aching. He was bent over, reaching underneath his ass, looking straight into the eye of his cock. Every muscle in his body was tensioned. There was desperation in every breath he took. He had to cum. It was close. Nearly there. Keep the pace going. No need to touch. Place all the focus on your ass, he thought.

'Oh! Oh no! Urngh! Wow! Aaaargh! Man! AAAARRRRRGH!!!!!!'

The initial gush of cum shot up through the down-force of the shower and flew directly into his open mouth. Another caught him on his left cheek, narrowly missing his eye. Instinctively he closed his lips and gulped, tasting his own cum, as it slid down his throat. Another jet hit his closed mouth and chin. The need for air opened his mouth again in time to receive another mouthful of the thick nectar. His cock was jerking around of its own accord. Cum was dripping from his chin; running down the cleft between his pecs; sliding over his right nipple and matting in the surrounding hair; the hairs on his belly were coated with the stuff; and as the force of the orgasm subsided, it ran down his throbbing shaft, oozing into his pubic hair and running over his tight balls, dripping into the gushing water of the shower.

At some point during the madness of the orgasm, his ass had ejected the shampoo bottle and fired it across the floor. As he rose on his knees, David saw it completing the crazy spinning circle where it had landed, gradually coming to rest.

David collapsed sideways and fell into an exhausted heap under the force of the shower. All he could focus on was ensuring he took in as much oxygen as possible as he gasped for air. Never...never had he experienced anything like that. If that was what this was all about...bring it on!

Gradually David recovered himself. He managed to lift himself into a standing position and rinsed what remained of his cum off his body. He reached down and picked up his new friend from where it lay on the floor, sure it wasn't what the advertisers had intended when they coined the phrase 'you're worth it'! Politeness made him wash the bottle with soapy hands. The action made him wonder if Sean could measure up, and he chuckled to himself.

Finally turning off the water, he stepped out of the enclosure and towelled himself off. Just enough to catch the drips, but not too much so he was still damp. He left the bathroom as quietly as possible. Could Sean really still be asleep after all that?


Amazingly it appeared he was. In his slumber he had taken advantage of having his bed to himself and his beautiful tanned body was draped diagonally across the white sheet. His face was peaceful, matching the deep relaxed breathing, tilted slightly towards his right arm, which was thrown back above his head, revealing the soft dark hairs of his armpit. His left arm was similarly abandoned to the other side, the fingers on his hand curled slightly, twitching every so often as he dreamed.

David scanned down his torso. Those lovely small dark nipples that David wanted to bite, rose slowly with each deep breath. He wondered if there was a time when they weren't erect. Sean's smooth stomach sunk below his rib-cage, rose and fell in time with his lungs. A thin trace of dark hairs ran from his navel to his crotch, spreading out into the neatly clipped mass surrounding his genitals.

Sean's cock was lying across his abdomen, towards his left hip. Almost erect, but not quite. The velvety skin was stretched tight around the shaft, and the dark pink/purple head, fat and full, and juicy.

His hairless balls hung low between his spread thighs, settling over the dark entrance to his asshole. One leg was bent slightly, the other straight, totally relaxed with the exception of his toes, which flexed every so often, joining his fingers in his dreams.

So beautiful, David found himself thinking. He reached for the nearby sketch pad and a pencil, and settled his naked butt down on the stool and started to draw. Every pencil mark was made as though it was a caress across the real-life skin of his model. He captured each shadow and muscle-line with a care that only a lover could. He paid special attention to the face, desperate to encapsulate the peace and contentment that lay before him. Finally he reached that point where he felt one more mark of the pencil would spoil what he had achieved and he rested the pad onto his lap, looking back and forth between the subject and the representation. In his opinion it was his best ever.

'Can I move yet?' A sleepy voice croaked from the bed.

David laughed. 'You little shit! How long have you been awake?'

'Oh...not long' Sean stretched and his cock, which had remained laying across his hip, sprang to a stiff erection.

'You're amazing!' David continued to laugh.

'Well? Let's see it!' Sean crawled off the bed and, stiff cock waving in front of him, he padded across to where David was sitting. 'Very good! A couple of criticisms I might offer...'

'What...?!' David said with feigned weariness.

'My cock's not nearly big enough!' And he ran out of the room laughing. 'Gotta take a piss!'


David heard the shower start up and hoped he had sufficiently cleaned up after himself. Hearing no shout of disgust he guessed he had, and took himself down to the kitchen to find something that resembled breakfast for the two of them.

A while later Sean appeared still soaked from his shower, leaving wet footprints down the stairs to mark his decent. He walked directly up to David and wrapped his arms around him, kissing him passionately on the lips.

David resisted the temptation to react to this cold wet body wrapped around him, and returned the kiss with the same passion, sliding his tongue into his friend's mouth and tasting the minty flavour of freshly brushed teeth.

'I could get to like this,' David said as pulled back slightly so he could take in Sean's grinning face.

'I'm glad, 'cos there's so much more to give.'

They ate sparingly - just enough to stave early morning hunger. Then, without saying anything Sean stood and took David's hand. He led him out of the kitchen, through the outside doors onto the deck.

'Sean! The neighbours?!' David pleaded.

'Oh, they're away.' Sean dismissed David's concerns.

'How do you know?'

'They're with my parents.' He continued walking, leading David to the edge of the pool. He didn't stop. Still holding his friend's hand he threw himself into the crystal blue waters, dragging his lover with him.

'You bastard!' David yelled as he surfaced.

Sean couldn't respond for laughing. He was soon silenced when David pushed him under. But Sean was ready for him and made a grab for his friend's thick cock. David yelped and made to pull away, but Sean had clasped either of his hands on David's buttocks and had slipped his mouth over the inviting length before him. David discovered that being given a blow-job under water is extra special. Sean surfaced briefly, but quickly descended to resume his work on the now rock-hard erection. David threw his head back with delight. He clearly had so many more experiences to discover.

When Sean surfaced again he pushed David towards to pool edge, and with a little help from them both, he was lifted out to sit on the side. With his legs spread David watched as Sean closed his sensuous mouth once more over his prick. He rested his hands on the back of his friend's head and drove his cock to the back of his throat.

'Oh man you're good! Oh yeah! Keep that up and I'm going to spray your tonsils with hot cum.' David called out. 'O-o-oh!' His whole body shook as Sean wrestled his cock with his tongue.

Just when David thought he could take no more, Sean suddenly pulled back.


'Don't want anything to happen that's premature,' Sean winked at him.

He clambered out of the pool and collapsed on his back like a starfish on the nearby grass, grinning at his friend. David crawled over to him on hands and knees, like some predatory beast. He moved up between Sean's legs and lowered his head to the stiffness standing between them. He sucked and swallowed, swirling his tongue around the shaft, playing with the spongy head, working the tip of his tongue into the crowning slit. Sean was writhing on the ground beneath him - moaning, laughing, panting, amid cries of encouragement.

Sean lifted his legs so they rested on David's shoulders and down his back, clamping his head in place, like some purpose-built suction machine. But David wanted to prove that he was in control this time. He placed his hands on the back of Sean's thigh's and pushed forward. Sean's ass naturally lifted as his body curled up. David found his face level with a tightly closed, pink hairless asshole. This was his moment. He reached out his tongue and took a wide, wet swipe up and across the tight pucker. Sean squealed. David continued. Soon Sean's ass was wet and shiny.

'Go on Big Boy! You know you want to!' Sean called from above.

David straightened his tongue to a stiff point. He aimed, and plunged it forward into Sean's hole.

'Aaaargh!' Sean yelled.

Again and again he pushed his stiff tongue into the eager hole. He took a breather and noticed how the hole was now open, quivering and winking at him, pleading for him to ravish it. How could he refuse? He plunged back into the warm, tight, wet orifice, holding himself in there and wiggling his tongue around - eliciting screams from the writhing body under his command. He slurped and lapped like a thirsty dog, every so often withdrawing and biting lightly the smooth ass-cheeks on either side. He took one last swipe across the spasming hole and then gently lowered Sean's ass back to the grass. He looked up into a distraught face. Red and shining with sweat.

'Marks out of ten?' he enquired.

There was a pause, 'Is that the best you can do?' There was now a smirk across the previously exhausted features.

David's response was unthinking. Without aiming, but with perfect success, he rammed his forefinger up his friends ass and held it there.


'You were saying?!'

'Two. I'll give you two' replied Sean between panting breaths.

David curled his finger forward and found the hard spot at the base of Sean's cock, that he had discovered in his own ass just that morning.


David held his finger in place, Sean writhing beneath him.

'Ten then. Definitely a ten!' Sean shouted.

David wriggled just the tip of his finger.

'Aaaaaaaargh! Eleven! Twelve! Oh fuck it! Twenty!!'

'Mmm careful. Leave me some room for improvement.' David laughed.

He withdrew his finger slowly, wriggling it every so often to remind Sean who was boss. Once he had pulled free he crawled up Sean's body and kissed him passionately. They fell into an intense embrace, rolling around on the grass, their hard cocks mashing against each other.

They stopped when David was on his back and Sean on top. They separated and looked into each others' eyes.

'My turn,' Sean said.

'Remember your have twenty to beat,' David grinned.

'Let's see what I can do.'

Sean slid down David slippery, sweat soaked torso, stopping to lick and nibble at his nipples on the way, matting his chest hair with saliva. He traced a line with his tongue down David's taught stomach, pausing briefly at his navel, before continuing down to his cock. He swiped his tongue around the head, making it dance with excitement. He continued his trail down the ridge of flesh leading to the root. Lifting David's legs he moved over the tight pair of balls, following the seam that lead to his tight hole.

'Now you're mine!' Sean said quietly.

Before David could prepare himself, Sean has plunged his stiff tongue into his unprepared hole.


'I'll give you fucking twenty,' Sean called.

With that he literally devoured David asshole. David was screaming in ecstasy. Writhing uncontrollably under the restraint imposed by his lover.

'Aargh! Please...please...'

'Please what? Please stop? More please? You have to be more specific David!'

'Aaah! Mmmm! O-oh! Please...!'

'Ooh! I know...' Sean had David knees pinned back against his chest. He was kneeling high, his stiff cock resting in David's ass-crevice. 'Please fuck me!'

Sean pulled his hips back and the head of his cock slid down David's ass-crack to rest at the tight muscle of his hole. For a split second David was scared - this was no shampoo bottle!

Immediately Sean pushed his hips forward. What felt like half a yard of hot cock-flesh pierced David's rectum.


'It's OK my little virgin, I'll hold still. Let you get used to the way things are before we move on,' Sean said softly. 'How's that? Starting to feel good?'

'Oh yes! Mmmm!' David was licking his lips, his eyes rolled back into his head. 'More. I want more. I want all of it!'

Sean slowly ground his hips forward, slowly and steadily, feeding David until his neat pubes were scratching at his friends hairy hole.

'There you have it all.'

'Because I'm worth it!' David panted.

'You crazy fuck!' Sean laughed.

And so it started: a long steady fuck. Sean ploughed into the warm, tight, virgin hole, folding David in half as his knees now rested either side of his head, accompanied by Sean's hands on the grass supporting only the tips of his toes as his body drove his cock in and out with a violent passion. When Sean could hold this position no longer he pulled out, flipped David over onto his front and plunged back into him, draping his whole body along his lover's back.

David was consumed with lust. He wanted everything Sean had to offer. He lifted his ass up to meet each thrust, before having his own hard cock shoved back into the damp grass beneath him. His efforts to get more of Sean inside him had him pushing his ass up, bending at the knee, opening his hole to welcome in every inch. He was going crazy with the feel of it.

Sean helped David up onto his hands and knees so he could take him doggy-style. Now he really went for it.

'Ungh! Fucker! I'll show you twenty,' he gasped.

It was at that moment that David froze.

David was facing the back of Sean's house, therefore the back of his neighbour's house. There on a balcony, overlooking both gardens stood a boy, stark naked, sliding his hand over a huge stiff cock. Smiling at the two men, performing for his pleasure.

'Sean!' David hissed.

'Why have we stopped?' Sean said, clearly irritated by the interruption.


'Oh yeah, that's Paul, he likes to watch. Hey buddy!' he called out. 'Looking good!'

Paul grinned in acknowledgement.

'He's just a kid,' David hissed again.

'Yeah, great isn't it. He looks about fifteen. He's actually only a few months younger than us, but looks like real jail-bait. One day I'll fuck him rigid. It's what he wants, but for now he prefers to watch. Gets bored like me when the parents are away. Let's give him a show to remember!' With that Sean slapped David's ass hard and drove his rigid member into his friend's tight hole. David yelped. Paul grinned. And the hard fuck continued. Only now, harder, faster and with the excitement of being observed.

David surrendered to the assault on his virgin ass. He soon found he was exchanging lustful looks with Paul as Sean pounded against his body. Paul brought his fingers up to his mouth and sucked on them before moving them round to his own ass and thrusting them inside. His cock significantly stiffened in his other fist and he matched the rhythm of the two men next door. It made David wish Paul was nearer, so he could touch his cock and invade his ass.

Sean lay his body along David's back and reached for his nipples. He tweaked them hard, making David squeal.

'Time to get serious!'

Sean pulled out of David's hole with no warning. He wrestled him over onto his back, lifting his legs as he went. Holding David's legs up straight and wide he plunged back into his ass. David shouted. As he did so there was an equally loud shout from next door. David craned his head back to see Paul shooting cum over the balcony into the garden below.

'!!' Sean commanded in unison with his penetration into David's ass. 'Time...he...found...out...the...truth!' He gasped.

A slap to both David's thighs drew his attention back to his lover, as Paul disappeared inside his house.

'You...keep...your...mind...on...this!' Each thrust ripping into David's insides, making his own cock ache with the need to cum.


'Oh...yeah...!' Sean was losing himself in lust.

David watched in delirium as Paul entered the garden by the side gate a couple of minutes later. He slowly walked towards the fucking pair, his cock in his hand, still dripping cum and as hard as ever.

'Oh yeah! Fuck me you bastard!' David yelled.

Paul looked on.

'Oh! Yeah! Here it comes! Are you ready for me?'

'Yes! Now! Please! Cum!'

'Aaaargh!' Sean thrust forward with such force it caused David to scream. The stream of hot lava that coated his insides was scalding. He felt Sean's cock jerk twice. Then he withdrew and surged back inside, firing more cum into the hot interior.

'Aaaargh!' Both men yelled in unison as the thrusting continued.

Suddenly David was hit in the face by a jet of cum. He opened his eyes to see another heading his way from the tip of Paul's cock. He shut his eyes just in time and opened his mouth hopefully. He was rewarded by a huge squirt of tasty boy-cum. And then another. Paul's aim was good!

Sean's orgasm was subsiding now and David could feel hot cum oozing out of his ass. He opened his eyes and looked into Sean's face.

'That was amazing!

'A fuck-cite better than twenty I hope?!' Sean thrust his cock back into David's ass one last time.

'You know it.' They both grinned at each other.

'And as for you - you horny little fucker!' Sean slapped Paul on the ass, hard.

Paul smiled.

'Why don't you let me finish that off?' David asked Paul, nodding in the direction of his dripping, stiff cock.

Paul moved forward and knelt down beside David's head. The head of his cock dropped down into David's mouth, and he sucked the remaining cum greedily. As this was happening Sean reached over and grabbed a handful of Paul's hair.

'Hey kid, why don't you clean this off?' Sean's cock had withdrawn from David's ass and was shining with cum and ass-juices in the sunlight. Leaving David sucking his own cock, Paul allowed Sean to drag his head into place and happily commenced the cleaning process.

'That's it kid. Oooh! You're good!'

Finally satisfied, Sean withdrew his cock from Paul's mouth and Paul sat back, in turn, his own cock, now softening, falling out of David's mouth.

'Well boys,' Sean announced, 'that wasn't bad, for starters! But what are we going to do about this?' He swiped at David's rock-hard cock with his hand.


'Well, the job needs finishing,' Sean said, matter-of-factly. 'Go on Paul, sit on it!'

David laughed nervously. He was still slightly bothered by how young this beautiful boy looked.

'How old are you Paul,' David asked nervously.

'Just turned eighteen,' Paul replied quietly, but proudly.

'There you are. Now stop the fucking debate and Paul? Get on board!' Sean commanded.

Before David could object, an obedient Paul swung his left leg over David's body and sat astride him, his young innocent face looking down at him.

'OK, let's help you out here,' David heard Sean behind the boy. There was the sound of Sean spitting and Paul lifted slightly as saliva was rubbed into his hole. Again the sound of spitting and David received the same treatment on his cock.

'Have you ever done this before,' David asked the boy quietly - a conversation just between them.

'No...but I want to,' Paul added quickly.

'I'll take care of you. I'm kind of new to this myself.'

'Yeah, yeah! Now get on and fuck this virgin ass that I've laid on for you!' Sean laughed impatiently.

A fist grabbed David's stiff cock, and he saw a hand come to rest on Paul's shoulder. It guided the boy to sit so that his asshole was positioned, hovering over his assailant-to-be.

Silently Paul started to sit himself down on David. The sensation was incredible. So tight. So hot. And taken so slowly, prolonging every sensuous minute.

'Aaah! Oooh! Yeah!' David moaned. Paul just smiled.

Soon the boy had all David had to offer. They froze staring into each other's eyes.

'You OK?'

'Yes. I've been practising.' The boy said proudly. With that, he lifted himself off David and then rammed his ass down onto his pelvis.

'Mmmmm,' was all he had to say. And he continued to quietly moan as he built a rhythm riding David's rock-hard dick.

'Oh yeah man! Fuck the little kid!' Sean was clearly getting excited. 'You want to see it from back here! Wow! Oh yeah!'

David was getting pretty excited too, but he was taking care to fulfil his promise to the boy. He wanted his first time to be as enjoyable as his own had been. Paul, however, was behaving like a pro. His movements were now frenzied as he rode, twisted and flexed his body, finding new ways of getting David's cock further inside him. It was driving David insane with lust. He couldn't help himself. He started to punch his hips up to meet the downward thrust of the boy's ass. They were working in unison, driving both to delirious pleasure.

David felt Sean cupping and massaging his balls. 'Come on Big Boy, fuck him hard!'

Once again David heard Sean spit. Then he felt what he assumed was a finger being slid into the kid's ass along with his cock.

'Mmmmmm.....' The boy just moaned, but louder.

Suddenly a hand grabbed Paul by the hair and yanked his head back. Sean's face came into view and David saw him whisper in the boy's ear, 'You want it don't you?'

The boy moaned louder.

'Tell me, tell me you want it!' Sean hissed menacingly.

'Mmmmm.... Yes....please....please...please fuck me!' the boy pleaded.

'You dirty little fucker,' Sean growled.

David couldn't believe it as he felt Sean's cockhead pushing against his shaft, trying to force its way in alongside. There was a hard thrust and he was in there.


'You're not moaning now are you kid!' Sean laughed.

'Jeeze Paul! Fuck you're amazing!!' David said.

'Aaaaargh!' The boy was screaming, while also begging for more. 'Oh yeah! Mmmmm! Aaaaargh! Fuck yeah! Fuck me you motherfuckers!!' He was shouting now. The quiet boy was now a man. 'Fuck my ass! Hard! Yeah! And again!'

The two young men ground the cocks together and rammed them into the kid for all they were worth. The boy was now furiously wanking his huge dick and pinching his nipples on his smooth, under-developed chest, hard. His eyes were rolling back into his head and he was screaming with ecstacy.

'Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Make me cum! Fuck me! Make me cum!'

And then all three climaxed together. Once again David's face was plastered with Paul's cum. In his mouth, in his eyes, in his hair, up his nose. He licked and swallowed all he could. Meanwhile the feeling of two cocks erupting in the same confined space was unbelievable. The heat for all three of them was almost too much. The hot cum then ran down each of the shafts and oozed all over the two men's balls. Sean was supporting Paul as his body thrashed about uncontrollably, and David reached up and cupped his face as he writhed about on top of him. It was like the cum was never going to stop coming. Eventually of course it had to. Cocks started to relax to limpness and the three disengaged. Sean first, then followed by the others, threw himself into the pool. The cum washed from them, a sore ass was cooled, and they ended in an embrace with the boy hugging his fuckers, who passionately kissed each other in the shallows. When the embrace broke, each took it in turns to kiss the boy.

The spell broke when a telephone could be heard ringing next door.

'Gotta go!' Paul said and leapt out of the pool and ran out of the garden.

David and Sean looked at each other and burst out laughing.

'Some kid!'

'Some neighbour!' They said to each other and laughed some more.

'Hungry?' Sean asked.

'Ravenous!' came the reply.


They lunched on beer and badly made sandwiches, constantly stopping to grab at cocks, balls, nipples and asses. Kisses were plentiful and laughter easy. They were happy and comfortable in their nakedness.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The noise fearful. Both men froze, staring at the door, the source of the interruption.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

'Police! Open up!'

'What the fuck!' David leapt to his feet. 'Fuck! Where are my clothes? Oh shit they're upstairs. Oh man!'

'Woah! Calm down,' Sean said. 'Stay here. I'll go see what they want.' He moved towards the door.

'Sean?! You're buck-naked!'

'So? It's my home!'

He reached the door, unlocked it and peered round the edge. 'Can I help you officer?'

'Are your parents at home?' David listened to the disembodied voice.

'No officer. They're away for the weekend.'

'Then perhaps you'd like to let me in son. I think we have some talking to do.'

David watched as Sean slowly opened the door. As he did so the policeman entered. As frightened as he was, David couldn't help but appreciate what he saw. Dressed in a tight-fitting regulation cops uniform stood a man in his mid-thirties who was a stunning specimen of humanity! The short blond hair; the exquisite bone structure of a beautiful tanned face; piercing blue eyes; naturally smiling mouth; an open-neck shirt revealing golden chest hair; strong muscled arms; a wide chest and tapered waist; tight trousers stretching across a firmly packed crotch; and strong legs spread apart with confidence, all caused David's cock to jerk involuntarily.

The policeman took in the scene. Two kids in their late teens, naked.

'What's going on here?'

'I don't know what you mean officer?' Sean tried the innocent kid approach.

'Neither of you appear to be wearing clothes son! Is this the way you normally wander about the house?'


The man raised his eyebrow sarcastically. He walked further into the room, Sean following, now looking David up and down, seeming to privately grin to himself. As scary as this situation was, no one seemed to have told the boys' cocks. Both Sean's and David's, while not erect, were still thick and lively from their previous activities.

'We've been hearing some reports of some very odd behaviour, and I think these reports might involve you two boys,' the policeman said.

'Sorry officer, I'm sure we don't know what you mean.' Sean was still trying.

'Reports of a couple of young kids, like yourselves driving around naked last night, sporting hard-ons, that they were happy to wave at anyone who cared to notice!'

Sean couldn't help himself - he laughed.

'Think it's funny son?' The policeman sounded threatening. Suddenly the mood changed. In swift movement the cop reached out and grabbed Sean's hair and shook him. 'Think it's funny?' he said, even more aggressively.

Sean was gasping with the pain as the cop manipulated his head. 'Little old ladies being exposed to dirty fuckers like you two, waving their dicks about. I've heard from smart-mouth, what about you?' He had turned his attention to David.

'We were just having some fun officer!' David blurted out.

'Fun?!' The cop's other hand shot out and he now had David's hair as well. 'You two shits need a little lesson in what fun is all about!' He shook their heads, making them both shout with pain. 'I should take you both to a cell for the night and then you can see if your idea of fun changes. Put you in with a few old-timers who know how to fuck young asses til they're raw. Think you'll find that fun?'

There was a pause. Too long a pause.

'Oh! Interesting! Maybe that would be fun. I was right. You are a couple of little fuckers.' He shook their heads again.

'Aaaargh!' they both cried.

'Look officer, we didn't mean anything by it...' Sean stuttered.

'Yeah...we didn't mean to upset anyone...' David added.

'You two need to learn some good manners.'

'Please officer! What can we do to put things right?' Sean cried.

'Please don't lock us up. My parents will kill me!' David pleaded.

'Shame they're not here to discipline you. Looks like I'll have to do it.' The cop shook their heads so hard they both fell to their knees at his feet. They looked up at him pleading to be let off. 'Lean over that table!' he commanded.

He indicated the coffee table behind them, and both obeyed, presenting their asses side by side. Both beginning to understand what fate had in store for them. David was scared. The cop knelt down behind them on one knee.

'Time to teach you boys a lesson you won't forget!'

With that he lifted his arm and brought the palm of his hand down hard on David's right butt cheek.

'Aaaargh!' the boy yelled.

'Shut the fuck up,' the cop growled. 'Every time you yell, I'll double what I had in kind to give you both.'

He raised his hand again and brought it down on Sean's butt.


'Didn't you hear what I said?'


'You fuckers don't learn.'


'Or maybe you want me to keep going?!'

The cop continued to beat the boys, and they continued to yell. Whether David enjoyed it and wanted more or not, he couldn't help himself. His ass was tender and raw, but every new assault on his cheeks hurt a little less, scared a little less and excited a lot more.

The policeman stopped to admire his handy-work.

'What cute little red butts you boys got!'

He took the tip of his finger and very lightly touched David's butt cheek. The boy jumped in anticipation and the cop laughed. He did the same to Sean and got the same reaction.

'Mmmm...nice and sensitive.' He compared the asses and admired the difference: one hairy, one smooth. He shifted his position to check out their little puckered holes: one hairy, one smooth. He noticed how their balls hung down between their legs: hairy, smooth. 'Mmmmm...nice.'

He employed his index finger again and pressed it against Sean's tight hole. It opened to receive him and tried to draw him in.

''re no amateur!'

He made the same move on David, and this time experienced a little more resistance. But only a little, as his finger slipped inside, lubricated by Sean's cum from earlier in the morning.

'Mmmm...newer to the game but you've sure been having some fun!'

Both boys were now visibly trembling. Was it fear or lust? Using both hands, the policeman reached down under each set of low-hanging balls and found his answer. Two rigid cocks, weeping pre-cum.

'You are bad boys!' He gave both their asses a few more hard slaps for good measure.

'Maybe that's enough of that.' In response to this David started to lift his head from its leaning position. 'Did I say we was done? Get back down there boy!' the cop yelled. And then, almost to himself, 'so what shall we do next?'

David was feeling weird. He couldn't understand why fear and obvious pain was making him feel so horny. He turned to Sean and was met with a grin and a wink. Clearly horny was an OK way to be feeling!

Suddenly a big pair of tanned bare feet stood in from of him. Both boys slowly looked up. David took in every detail: the strong tanned legs, dusted with golden hair; the fat pair of balls, pushing out a massive, thick and long cock; the thick golden pubes; the flat hairy belly; the powerful hairy chest; and finally, the grinning, beautiful face.

'You boys want some real fun?'

'Yes sir!' they responded in unison.

'Then show me what you can do with this!' the cop said waving his increasingly stiffening cock at them.

Both boys crawled round the table on their knees, pushing the table out of the way. They met at the cop's monumental cock. They leaned in and took their first taste.

'Hey ladies! I don't want no delicate licking. I want you boys to chow down!'

A big meaty hand came down on the back of David's head and ground his face into the cop's genitals. He saw the same thing happen to his friend and the face met in a kiss with a huge cock sandwiched between their lips. Sean's eyes were laughing. They seemed to be saying, 'Come on let's have some fun!'

It was like a trigger. Both boys switched into acting like a couple of hungry dogs, licking, slurping, sucking, devouring. There was plenty to go round. They took it in turns to swallow as much of the long cock as they could. Sean was more adept at this, but David was doing his best.

The cop's big hands reminded them to keep at their task, which he was clearly enjoying.

'Aargh! Mmmm! Oh yeah!'

The boys' tongues wrestled with each other. They started to become almost competitive: tongue to tongue; tongues to balls; balls to mouth; mouth to mouth; mouths to cock; cock to throat. This was getting wild, and the cop was starting to lose it.

'Aaaaargh! Ooh yeah! That's it! Eat Daddy's cock! Mmmm! Aaaargh!'

Then David felt the hand on his head grab his hair, only not as painfully this time. He was guided to start to move up the cop's body. He tongue matted the hairy belly with saliva as he went. He was just given time to chew on a nipple as it passed. He nuzzled into the soft skin on the side of the man's neck. Finally he was brought to face the man. Their mouths came together in a wet, animalistic kiss. A thick tongue battled with his own and he felt as if the man was trying to devour him.

All too soon he was redirected back down the body again to continue his attention on the cock. His face passed Sean's on the way and he received a grin from his lover, and a wink. This was sex like David had never imagined it could be.

After a while it became clear that the cop was bored with the ministrations of his boys. David's head was pulled off the man's body, along with Sean's. The cop looked down at them both, grinning.

'Time to change the pace boys. You,' he shook Sean's head, 'let's see how much you know.'

Suddenly Sean was thrown forward to resting on his hands and knees, his ass arched up towards the older man. The cop knelt down behind him and started to man-handle his ass. It was obviously still sensitive from the beating it had received and Sean moaned, hissed and cried out with a mixture of ecstasy and pain as his cheeks were mauled and his asshole assaulted with probing fingers. The cop leaned forward and spat accurately in the direction of Sean's hole. David watched as he massaged the saliva all around the opening and then slid his wet finger inside. He forced his way in up to the upper knuckle, thrusting it around, investigating the whole space. David watched in awe as he withdrew slightly and a second joined the first, widening the muscular ring. Sean seemed to be enjoying it and the cop appeared to take this as licence to introduce a third.

'Oh God yeah!' Sean sighed. 'Fuck my hole! Ooh yeah! Fuck me!'

'Fuck me what?!' The cop called out.

'Oh! Ungh! Fuck me, sir!' Sean called back.

The cop spat again, only this time catching it in his hand. He covered his cock with slimy saliva, joining what the boys had previously left behind. He withdrew his fingers, making Sean sigh. He moved his body so that the tip of his cock was resting at the entrance to the boy's hole. It was the first time David had had this view. He was going to see his friend get fucked! How big was that thing? He estimated it had to be at least nine inches - more like ten. And so thick! Could Sean take it, he wondered. At that moment the cop jerked his hips forward and the wide, spongy head of his dick disappeared inside Sean's ass.


Had the cop not had hold of Sean's hips, the boy would have thrown his body across the room. As it was, the cop held him in place.

He laughed. 'Ready for some more son?'

'Mmmm,' came the less than sure response.

Inch by inch the cop worked his cock up Sean's tight ass. It took a while and Sean moaned, hissed and yelped all the way. With the final inches it became clear that he just wanted the slow process to end and he thrust his ass back to bury the cop's cock deep inside him.

'Oorh!' he cried out. And his head fell to the ground in surrender.

The cop took this as his cue to fuck. Slowly at first, but with the tempo ever increasing he started to slide his huge member in and out of the boy's ass. David watched as the shaft withdrew, dragging the walls of Sean's tight opening with it, and then the reverse move as it drove back inside. The noises coming from Sean were incredible and slightly frightening as the speed picked up.

'Make him shut the fuck up!' the cop growled at David.

David shuffled round to his friend's head-end and tenderly lifted Sean's face up to meet his gaze. It was red, shiny with sweat and showed an expression which was a mix of pain and absolute pleasure.

'Are you OK?'

'Not like that!' the cop yelled. 'Fill his hole! Make him shut up! Fuck his face! Spit-roast him!'

Sean smiled at David from somewhere in his delirious state. He opened his mouth to receive David's cock and the boy obliged his friend by presenting it to him, dripping with slimy pre-cum. Sean gobbled it down greedily.

The sensation was amazing. Best blow-job so far. David tried to match his thrusts into Sean's mouth with those of the cop at the other end. Although now gagged, it didn't stop Sean from vocalising his physical and emotional ecstasy. If he got too loud the cop would slap his sore ass cheeks to bring down the volume as they ploughed into his body from either end. Otherwise the three men became like some machine. Fluid movements, perfectly synchronised, in pursuit of their objective.

Suddenly, the policeman withdrew his big cock violently from Sean's ass, causing the boy to detach himself from his friends cock.

'What?!' Both boys protested the loss of their individual attention in unison.

The policeman sat back in a chair, legs spread wide and cock standing high.

'Come to Daddy!' he said to Sean.

Sean instantly got unsteadily to his feet and walked over to his assailant. He stood between his spread knees, facing the cop, his raging hard-on smearing the man's chest hairs with sticky sweet pre-cum. The man placed his hands on the boy's hips and turned him around to face David. He then guided him to sit. David watched as the policeman's nine inches disappeared with ease up his lover's hole. He continued to watch as Sean raised and lowered himself rhythmically over the stiff column, lost inside himself, oblivious to his surroundings. After a while the cop persuaded the boy to sit his legs on the man's thighs, his feet not touching ground, and then the policeman took over, fucking his cock deep into the boy's yearning ass.

David crawled forward and took Sean's cock into his mouth. The pre-cum was tasty and plentiful. He sucked down to the root of the shaft; played the head with his tongue; licked up and down the length of muscle; savoured each ball as he sucked on them separately; and then repeated the action on the policeman's considerably larger package. He even dared to use his tongue to lubricate the cop's plunging cock as it slid in and out of Sean's ass, sometimes slipping the tip of his tongue in with it, tasting the musky, slippery walls of his friend's insides.

It was probably this action that tipped Sean over the edge. He suddenly started to gasp for air.

'Oh yeah! I'm cummin'! Oh suck it! Mmmm...take me! Urngh! Fuck my hole!' His almost incoherent gasps of frantic emotions tumbled out of his mouth.

David immediately took his friend's cock down his throat. He worked it hard, forcing it to have no alternative but to blow its load.

'Aaaargh!' the boy yelled involuntarily.

The first load hit David at the back of his throat and he gulped. But he didn't taste. So he moved the spurting head so it rested on his tongue in time for the volley of thick spurts that coated the inside of his mouth. He could hear the cop growling,

'That's it boy. Cum for Daddy. Squeeze Daddy's big cock with your tight little ass!'

'Aaaargh!' Sean yelled. 'Aaargh! Oh yeah! Mmmm-n-ngh-urngh! Mmm...mmm...please...please fuck me! Aaaaaargh!'

Eventually the cum stopped. David let Sean's cock fall from his mouth, licking his lips to capture any cum that had escaped. Sean's puffy, swollen, and exhausted cock hung before him and he kissed the remaining drop of white liquid from its tip. The cop lifted the boy from his lap. Sean tried to walk away but his legs gave way and he tumbled to the floor.

'Come on son. Now it's your turn!' David realised the cop was addressing him. Mesmerised, he moved towards him. The policeman brought his knees together and made the boy straddle them. Spit was applied to his, until recently, virgin ass, and he was lowered to receive the already slimy cock of the man.

Probably because he wanted it to; probably because his insides were still coated with Sean's cum from earlier; the policeman's huge appendage slipped in easier than David had feared. He felt it pop through his sphincter muscle and enter the cavern of his inner ass as Sean's had, when he had fucked him that morning. He felt it slide over his prostate, bringing back that feeling of wanting to piss and cum at the same time. But then he started to experience something new. This time the penetration kept going. The long cock continued its journey, reaching what felt like another wall of muscle. As David's feet left the floor and his ass sat down between the spread limbs of the policeman, what remained of the huge length disappeared into his spasming hole. The head continued to push against the newly-discovered muscle wall, and David was afraid for a second that some damage would be done to his internal organs, then suddenly, as with his outer sphincter, the cock-head pushed through a further muscular ring. The surprise was immense and the sensation incredible.

'Oh-ah-aargh!' David called out.

'First time you've felt that, eh kid?' the cop chuckled.

The policeman covered the boy's mouth with his own, thrusting his tongue inside, probably hoping to muffle the sounds of ecstasy. His mistake was, however, that he decided at that moment to start to fuck David. Drawing back down and then taking an upward thrust, he drove his cock high up into the boy's intestines. David's torso fell back, away from the cop, thrusting his cock in even deeper. Fortunately Sean was there to catch his friend, and between them the cop and the lover supported David as he started a fuck to oblivion.

The cop continued to fuck into David's body, driving him forward. Sean helped the man lower the boy's shoulders onto the floor. This allowed Sean the freedom to start attacking David's nipples, massaging them and pinching them hard. David was a writhing mass of sexual energy. All actions inflicted on his body by his lover and the policeman blended into one mindless assault. His ass was high in the air, his knees pushed either side of his head, Sean's limp, thick cock dribbling extraneous drops of cum into his gasping mouth. The policeman was pile-driving into his hole, slamming his pelvis down onto David's upturned hairy butt. The cop was now passionately kissing Sean above him, and all three were working as one towards an extreme climax. David blew first. His rock hard cock, hovering over his open mouth squirted a huge gob of cum inside and straight down his throat. The tightening of his ass walls brought the cop to his 'point of no return', and scalding jets of cum filled up the boy's asshole. Still the man continued to drive into the boy. David's cock squirted load after load into his hungry mouth. He took every drop and when the firing stopped, he reached out with his tongue and lapped the remaining drops from the tip, that he was almost able to capture between his lips, as the weight of the man drove down onto him.

As both climaxes subsided, the man allowed the boy to lower himself to the floor. Slowly the length of his cock withdrew from the boy's twitching hole. As it popped out, a spurt of cum erupted with it and ran into the hairs covering David's muscular cheeks.

All three were exhausted. They lazily looked into each other's eyes, searching to see if the experience had been as good for the others as it had been for the self. Gradually each one grinned and then laughed.

'You boys are something,' the cop sighed. He reached forward holding Sean's chin in his big meaty hand and kissed him passionately. He then dropped down and did the same to David, tasting the boy's cum in his willing mouth. The man sat back on his heels and surveyed the two young kids.

'Next time you want me to come give you both a hard fuck, there's no need to go round the neighbourhood terrorising old ladies with your stiff cocks to get my attention. Just dial the station house and ask for Officer Pete Stavely and I'll willingly come back here to bring you two young fuckers into line.' He grinned at them. 'Now, duty calls. I gotta get out of here,' and he stood and started to dress, with some difficulty pushing his huge cock into a pair of tight briefs and then into even tighter trousers.

Pete stood by the door to the street and turned back to the boys who had followed him there. One last time he grabbed both of them by the hair and kissed each with deep passion and a very wet tongue.

'Now remember, you two behave!' He paused, looking into their eyes. 'Aw shit! What am I saying? You two are wild little fuckers. I'll just bet I have to come back here and tan your hides some more. ...I can't wait!'

With that he left.

The boys stood in silence, looking at each other. Then Sean's eyes twinkled, his grin returned and he burst out laughing, soon followed by David.

'Now that was some fuck!' Sean exclaimed. 'Amazing things happen when you're around, you know that man? I need you to stick around 'cos you do incredible things for my sex-life!'

David held his gaze.

'I was planning on sticking around...if that's OK with you?' he asked his friend.

They looked into each other's eyes and kissed.

'But right now we have to clear up, get a shower and I have to head for home. Your parents will be back soon and mine will think I've crashed my bike or something.'

'Oooh! Mr Practical!!' Sean sneered.

David slapped his ass and ran up the stairs.

'I'll sort out things up here and leave you to work out how to get three kinds of cum out of your Mom's carpet!!' He ran up the stairs laughing.

Once the tidying was complete, and showers had been taken, David, regretfully, got dressed.

'I'll leave my best-ever life-drawing with you,' he said to Sean. 'If I was to take it into college I think people might just recognise my model and I'm not sure I want to share your lovely stiff prick with all of them!'

'How do you know some of them haven't already seen it?' Sean laughed, standing naked before his friend, now lover.

'Well it's mine now, and anyone who wants it has to get past me first!' David proclaimed, holding the object in question for one last time.

'Hey, hey!' Sean suddenly became quiet and tender. 'No need to worry, this is all yours,' he said, and he reached down covering David's hand, wrapped round his dick. 'If you want to share it with others, that's your choice, but it will always be because you want that to happen, not because they take it without your permission.'

With this promise of fidelity ringing in his ears, David happily drove off in the direction of home. There were already plans for evenings next week, and even bigger ones for the next weekend. His life had certainly taken a drastic change, and he was looking forward to all the new experiences to come.

The end.



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