David was finally where he wanted to be. The education system had never really agreed with him. He was intelligent and perfectly capable of achieving good grades - he just couldn't motivate himself to do the work. The one faculty that gave him the inspiration to apply himself was art, and now the eighteen-year-old had succeeded in getting a place in art school, using his creativity to achieve some really good work.

It wasn't just the work - he loved the environment. Everyone around him was as focused as he was, making inspiring visual representations of their imagination. His class was a great mix of characters, and there were many with whom he was already making friends.

One such was Sean. He was a fresh-faced young guy, below average height, dark hair and glasses. David suspected he had the capability to be rather good looking under the slightly geeky exterior, dressed in baggy-pants and faded T-shirts. He found himself spending more and more time with Sean. They just seemed to hit it off.

It was Friday morning - David's least favourite for classes. At least there was the weekend to look forward to. He parked his motorbike by the entrance to the school, ran inside, stopping briefly to stow his helmet and leather jacket. Grabbing a file he caught up with his class mates heading for the lecture theatre, slipping in beside Sean as they found seats up at the back.

'Don't you just hate art history?' Sean mumbled.

'I wouldn't say I hate it. I just find it so hard to stay awake sitting in this place. Hot, dark and boring - and the world's most uninspiring tutor. I love seeing all the paintings and comparing them across the years, but she's shit!'

'Yeah, yeah!' Sean grinned. Anything else he had to say on the subject was interrupted by the lights going down and the start of the lecture.

Every so often for the next three hours David and Sean attempted to keep each other awake, prodding each other and trying to stop from laughing too loud when they discovered they were both ticklish.

Finally it was over and there was a break for lunch. Usually at this point David and Sean said goodbye to each other and set off for their respective homes to start the weekend. This Friday however they had signed up for a new afternoon class. Life Class!

This was one artistic discipline that was new to David. He loved to look at the beauty of the human form perfected by the painters and sculptors of the Renaissance, but he was slightly scared to find out if his artistic talent extended to representing the human form with the same skill that he approached other projects.

Just before class started David decided he needed to take a leak. Sean decided to join him. As both boys stepped up to the urinals, David couldn't help but notice the way that Sean didn't quite move in to piss as close as he might. He seemed to stand back a way, and out of the corner of his eye David could make out what appeared to be a rather chunky cock. Sean made a point of handling it - stroking it to encourage the steady stream of piss. David realised he was staring and went to look away. It was then he noticed that Sean's attention wasn't on the task in hand and David found himself looking into a large pair of brown eyes, with long lashes, that seemed to be laughing.

'And shake!' Sean obeyed is own command. 'Come on Big Boy, you can't stand there wanking all afternoon. We have naked bodies to explore!' He slapped David on the ass as he left, laughing.

With their fellow students, David and Sean filed into the large room and found places alongside each other to wait for the nude model to appear. In due course there appeared an elderly woman, old enough to be David's Grandmother. She approached the podium and removed her robe, taking up her first pose. Sean looked across at David, registering his obvious disappointment in the model. Quite what Sean had been hoping for David wasn't sure, but whatever it was, the present focus of their attention obviously didn't fit the bill!

David applied himself, and as the afternoon progressed had some success in representing the body before him. He could see the benefit of all the sagging curves and wrinkles, as they offered plenty of opportunity for him to develop his draughtsmanship. But, like Sean, he also wished for a younger, more beautiful...more inspiring focus for his attention.

Class ended and both boys agreed that they were pleased with what they had achieved on paper.

'...but I have to get out of here and seek out the beauty of nature that I know is out there somewhere!' Sean called as he hurried out the door. 'Have a good weekend! See you Monday!'

David watched him go. As he reached the door Sean dropped his sketch pad, and David noted with interest the way his pants tightened across his muscular ass as bent to pick it up. Checking himself, David assumed he had noticed this having spent the whole afternoon looking at the human form and the way muscles and flesh stretched and moved to create fascinating curves. David's social life was such that the next time he was likely to see bare human flesh would be next week when Grandma made another appearance. Anyway it was time to start the weekend.


Over the weeks the life classes continued with David and Sean becoming increasingly skilled in their drawing.

'I wish there were more classes we could go to - I really want to get better at this!' David said as they packed their things away one Friday afternoon. 'But I'd rather choose my own model than the geriatrics they pick for us.'

As they walked towards David's motorbike Sean suddenly said, 'I'll model for you...if you like!'

'Are you serious?!' David laughed.

'Yeah, sure!'

'Now that would be weird! I know you!!' David exclaimed.

'So?! It's life drawing - not porn!' Sean playfully shoved David towards his bike. 'A body's a body. If you're not interested, put on your sexy little leathers and I'll see you next week. Of course you could say that you'll come over to my house tomorrow and spend the weekend with me perfecting your skills as an artist. Let's face it, you need all the practice you can get!'

'Hey! Who says you're so great!'

'So - say you'll see me tomorrow and maybe we can both get in some practice. My parents are away - we'll have the whole place to ourselves, and if we get bored we can go to the beach!'

David could feel himself blush as he pulled on his jacket. 'There'll be no one there?'

'No one.'

After a long pause David heard himself say, 'Oh well...OK!' And he accelerated fast away from Sean, leaving him standing with a joyful grin on his face.


'What am I doing?' David said to himself as he drove into Sean's street that Saturday, just after lunctime. A voice in his head said, 'It's only art - grow up!'

All too soon he was swinging his leg over the leather seat of his mean-machine and making his way towards the front door. Before he could change his mind it was thrown open and there was Sean grinning at him.

'You came!'

'Hey! One thing at a time! I'm here. And I'm here to draw. How you choose to occupy your time is your own affair!!'

Sean grabbed him and pulled him through the door. 'Smart mouth!'

David followed Sean into the kitchen. 'I've sort of set us up a space to work, but I thought you'd want a coffee first,' Sean said.


'Or a beer?'

'Better. I need something to give me courage. I kind of feel self-conscious about why we're here.'

'Oh come on! It's no big deal. Surely you're used to life classes now?'

'Yeah, but this is different...'

'How?' Sean surprised David by taking quite an aggressive stance before him, frowning.

'Well, it's you...and me...'

'...Naked!' Sean finished David's sentence for him. 'Tell you what, let's start things the way they need to continue.'

With that Sean reached for the neck of the faded T-shirt he was wearing and pulled it over his head. David was shocked - not just by what Sean had just done, but also by what he had revealed. Underneath the T-shirt was a tight, lightly muscled torso - smooth and pale, with small, dark, erect nipples.

But Sean didn't stop there. He undid the belt at the waist of his trousers, flipped the top button and pulled down the zipper. He let his trousers fall to his ankles and lifted his bare feet out of the folds of material, standing there in just a pair of tight white shorts.

'Hey, come on Big Boy! I'm not doing this on my own!' He reached out and unzipped David's biker jacket. He pushed it from his shoulders and let it fall to the ground behind him.

'What are you doing?' David laughed nervously.

'Look, if we're worried about being naked together, then let's get it over with,' Sean said. And without further comment he pulled at the buttons on David's shirt and they came apart, perhaps a little too easily for David's liking.

'Hey - hairy chest and belly! That'll be interesting to try an draw,' Sean exclaimed.

The shirt soon joined the jacket on the floor, as Sean reached for the waist of David's jeans.

'Alright! Alright! I learnt to undress myself a long time ago. I can manage,' David objected.

As he started to deal with his button-fly, Sean dropped to his knees in front of him and started work unlacing his boots. Each was pulled off in turn revealing white socks, which Sean also removed.

He looked up into David's face, 'And?'

Looking slightly embarrassed, David pulled his fly apart revealing blond pubes to match the hair on his head, and the healthy growth down his front.

'Ooh! Commando!!' Sean laughed.

'Fuck off!'

There was a pause.

'Do I have to repeat myself?...And?!' Sean persisted.

'Oh fucking hell!' David gave in. Lifting one leg up he tugged at the ankle of his jeans, pulling them down from his waist. Lifting his leg out the jeans, he repeated the action with the other leg and stood naked before his student friend. His cut cock arched thickly over his substantial ball sack and he instinctively tugged at it, forgetting his friend, who's face was no more than two inches away from it.

'Wow! So I was right...and I didn't know it. Big Boy!!' Sean giggled.

'Shut the fuck up and let's see yours, wise ass!' David challenged him.

Sean stood up, and as he did so, removed his underwear in the process. An equally thick, long cock came into view, also cut, crowned with a neatly clipped patch of dark pubes, and arching over a pair of hairless balls.

'See? That wasn't so tough,' Sean said. 'House rule: no clothes for the rest of the weekend!'

'Well, I...'

'House rule: my house,' Sean commanded. 'Beer?'

'OK! OK!'

Cold beers in hand they went upstairs, leaving their clothing on the floor. Sean led the way to his bedroom. It was a big room. Large double-bed at one end, and the makings of an art studio at the other. Not desperately tidy, there were tubes of oil paint, pencils, brushes, half-finished drawings, an easel with a canvass on it, just started.

'Wow! Great space!' David was envious. 'I have to share a room with my older brother, and he doesn't have an artistic bone in his body!'

They were getting used to their nakedness. David started to look around. He found pencils had been set up, along with a sketch pad for them to work with. He sat his naked butt down on a stool and picked up the pad.

Sean took a slug of beer, then put it down. Moving to the bed, he said, 'how do you want me?'

'You know the stuff we do in school - like that.' David said.

'Show me!'

Reluctantly David got up and moved over to the bed. Sean was sitting on the end looking up into his face innocently.

'Well, sort of lie back,' David said.

Sean lay straight back and lifted his legs up with bent knees, making his cock and balls flop down between them, and exposing his small pink ass-hole.

'Not like that!'

'Then show me!!'

'Like this...' David pushed Sean's left leg back down so his foot was back on the floor, leaving just the one arched. 'Actually, turn your body like this.' David reached down to Sean's rib-cage and supported his back while shifting him to one side. Sean's left forearm rested against David's right thigh and his hand cupped his right buttock to steady himself as he was turned. 'Turn you face towards me.' David reached over and carefully brushed Sean's fringe of hair over his brow. He stepped back and Sean's arm fell across it's owner's torso, the finger tips touching his right arm, that lay be his side. David appraised the pose - looking with an artist's eye. There was one thing not quite right - but did he have the courage to change it?

Sean's cock was still hanging down between his legs. It looked unnatural - uncomfortable. David reached out, picked it up delicately with his fingers and draped it across to Sean's left hip. 'There! Now you're ready.'

'Come on then Leonardo,' Sean quipped, 'let's see you draw.'

David returned to the stool and picked up the sketch pad. He looked up. Was it his imagination, or was Sean's cock now reaching out closer to his hip bone than it had been before? Whatever! He started to draw. He quickly sketched in Sean's overall position, making sweeping lines with his pencil to indicate the placing of limbs. Then he started to bring shadowing in to indicate form, muscles and skin tone. Each time he looked up, however, Sean's position changed.

'Hey! What are you playing at? You're supposed to keep still.'

'What do you mean,' Sean exclaimed. 'I am!'

'Every time I look up that great dick of yours has grown longer and moved. It was pointing at your hip. Now it looks like your cock-head is trying to creep into your belly-button!' David laughed.

'Well, what about yours?!'

David lifted the sketch pad that was resting on the lap of his parted thighs. His thick, hard cock was pointing straight up at him. There was even a clear bubble of pre-cum oozing out of the end.

There was an embarrassed silence. Neither knew what to say. Eventually it was Sean who moved first. He got up from the bed and walked towards David, his stiff cock bouncing in front of him. Slowly he took the pad and pencil from David's hands and put them down. David looked up into a pair of sparkling dark eyes as Sean removed his glasses. He was as handsome as David had suspected.

'I'm sorry,' David said quietly.

'Don't be.' Sean reached down and very lightly brushed his forefinger across the top of David's cock-head. He lifted his finger and left a string of pre-cum maintaining a connection between the two extremities, which eventually broke as Sean brought his finger tip closer to his face. His lips parted and he reached out with his tongue to lick the clear liquid into his mouth. It tasted sweet and clean. He couldn't help himself, 'Mmmm,' he moaned softly.

David was blown away by what was happening. There was electricity sparking between them. Whatever happened now was nothing to do with them - the moment was taking over. Without thinking he slowly reach up so that each of his thumbs grazed across the small, dark, erect nipples of his friend. Sean shuddered, and moaned again. David's hands now stroked their way down either side of Sean's torso, coming to rest on his hips. Only now did he break eye contact with him and look down at his cock. It twitched, and a droplet of pre-cum appeared. In one move, David slid of the stool and knelt down in front of his friend, his gaze fixed on the vibrating, hot cock that was now no more than an inch away from his face. If he had stopped to think about what happened next, he would have perhaps responded to reason rather than desire. But he didn't think. He wasn't in control.

His hands slid round behind Sean so each cupped a soft, smooth butt cheek. He slowly made Sean's pelvis thrust towards him. As he did, so Sean's cock was brought towards his mouth until it rested against his lips, smearing them with clear liquid.

'Oh God yes!' Sean whispered. There it was, the permission that David was unknowingly seeking. He parted his lips and drew Sean's cock into his mouth. He had no idea what he thought a man's cock would taste like. It was sweet, soft and clean. The velvety, spongy head pushed up into the roof of his mouth, and the shaft slid along his tongue. Instinctively he stopped before he gagged and held the strangely soft, but hard length in the warm wetness of his throat. Sean groaned, bringing David out of his trance. He started to suck, pumping saliva around Sean's cock. His friend was now slowly sliding himself in and out of David's mouth. Their energy increased. The pumping grew faster. Sean brought his hands up and tangled his fingers in David's blond hair, increasing the rhythm further.

David needed a bit of a rest. He pulled back, exposing Sean's wet stiff cock to the air. Sean shivered. David licked up and down the shaft, and then moved down to swipe at the balls as well. Instinctively he sucked one and then the other into his hot mouth. Sean was now groaning loudly. He pulled David hair back and slammed his cock back into his gaping mouth. He then started to fuck him, harder and faster. His cock was now sliding down David's throat and David found he had to control his gag reflex to accommodate it. Both young men used their hands to draw the other into increased depth of contact, rhythmically thrusting until without warning Sean shouted.


David felt a hot liquid hit the back of his throat, and before he could wonder at this, or prevent it happening again, more was gushing down into his insides. Sean had stopped thrusting and was holding David's head in place and he pushed his cock into him as far as he could. David had no choice but to swallow. Sean's cum tasted both sweet and salty at the same time. David swallowed again, and again. Sean kept cumming. David sucked and swallowed, now working the shaft with his tongue, greedily wanting more.

Finally, Sean's grip on his friend's head relaxed and he slowly drew his cum and saliva-slicked cock from David's mouth. He looked down into his friend's face. A little dribble of cum was seeping out of the corner of David's lips.

'So, Big Boy - what was that all about?!'

David didn't know what to say. He was embarrassed. He hadn't meant any of this to happen. He'd never touched another man's cock, let alone sucked it before! What was going on? Why had this happened? How did Sean feel about it? Would he hate him?

'Whoa! Stop it with all the questions!' Sean cried.

'I...I...I never said anything,' David was finally able to stammer, in a husky whisper.

'Your face said it all. You've never done this before have you?' Sean stroked his hand down David's cheek, catching the dribble of cum as he went.

'No. You?'

'Once or twice,' Sean chuckled. 'Up you come.' Sean lifted David to his feet, supporting him as his knees buckled, still dazed by what had just happened. He helped him over to the bed and lay him down on his back. David felt helpless and weak.

He looked into Sean's eyes. 'I'm sorry.'

'What for?'

'I never meant that to happen.'

'Are you sorry it did?'

David paused. 'No,' he said quietly.

'Then don't apologize. And let me return the favour.'

Sean's right hand traced his finger tips down through David mat of blond hair on his chest, grazing one of his nipples as he went. He continued down his belly and into his pubes. David looked down following Sean's progress and saw that his own cock was still standing to attention. (Unlike Sean's, which was now softened, but still large and puffy, weeping the remains of his cum explosion.)

Sean slid his hand over David's stiff shaft and stoked it. He gripped it tight and David moaned. He held it so just the shiny, purple head was protruding out of his fist. He bent down and licked at it. Then he slipped his lips over it and sucked it into his mouth, shifting his fist down so more of the shaft became available to him. David groaned louder.

Sean slid up and down David's cock, coating it with copious amounts of saliva, until it was slick and shining. He held it tight at the base, making it even stiffer, if that was possible. David felt it ache. He knew he wanted something more to happen, but he didn't know what. He hoped Sean did.

Releasing his grip on David's cock for just a moment, Sean knelt with his knees either side of his friend's torso. His leaking cock left a trail of cum in David's chest hair as it drew down his body. Sean had reached behind him and was once again gripping David's cock at its base. As Sean sat back on his haunches David felt the head of his slippery cock come into contact with the hot, soft muscle of what he assumed to be Sean's asshole. David gasped. Sean locked him in eye contact, smiling assurance. As he did so, David felt Sean's asshole give way and allow David's cockhead to enter. Slowly, very slowly, David felt the heat of Sean's inside and he seemed to be forced further into him, as Sean sat down on his prize.

The softness and the heat were incredible as David felt his cockhead break into the inner space of Sean's rectum.

'Oh God!' David yelled as Sean's ass-cheeks came to rest on his hips.

'Take it easy. You're big. I need to get used to you.' Sean instructed.

'O-oh!' An involuntary cry left David's lips. Sean had started to rise and was sliding David's cock out of his ass. Just when David thought his cockhead was about to pop out, Sean sat back down on him.

'Aaaaargh!' David screamed.

'Ssshhh! Big fella! I know my parents are away, but you keep that up and we'll have the whole neighbourhood round. All wanting some of that cock of yours,' Sean laughed.

'I...I...can't help... Aaaargh!'

Sean laughed as once again he sat back, thrusting David's cock into his hot intestines.

Once again he rose, only this time Sean seemed to hover over David, not moving.

'P-please!' David moaned loudly. 'D-don't stop!'

'You're in charge now. Go on, fuck me!'

David didn't need to be asked twice. Grabbing Sean's hips in his hands, he thrust his pelvis upwards forcing his cock deep inside. Instinct took over as he built up a rhythm, in and out. Now it was Sean's turn to scream. Both men were panting loudly. Moaning. Shouting.

'Fuck me you bastard!'

'Urngh! Here it comes again you little shit! Urngh! Urngh! Urngh!'

Somehow Sean knew the moment. The moment that David's cock exploded. He sat down hard, just as David made his final thrust into the hot canal.


David could feel his cock being coated with his own boiling hot cum as it gushed into Sean's insides. He thought he was dying. He had never cum like this. Would he ever stop? Sean seemed to be squeezing it out of him with the muscles in the walls of his asshole. It was unbelievable!

Finally the moment subsided and every muscle in David's body relaxed from rigid tension to exhausted weakness.

Sean looked down into his friend's face and laughed at what he saw.

'Didn't see that coming, did you?!' He grinned. 'Ready for the final exit?'

A confused David soon discovered what he meant. Gradually Sean rose up squeezing David's cock as it slowly drew out of the confines of his asshole. There was a final pop and it slapped down onto his abdomen. Sean slid off him and lay beside him. Slowly the two fell into a soft hug and gradually fell asleep.


David woke to find Sean still snoozing in his arms. He looked into his friend's sleeping face and realised he wasn't just handsome, he was beautiful. He rose up slightly so his face looked down over Sean's. Now, because he wanted to, and very deliberately, he tenderly kissed this beautiful man's lips.

'Mmmm! That's nice. Do it again!' A croaky murmur greeted his action.

David moved in again. This time their lips parted as they met. Tongues slid into mouths and tenderness developed into passion.

'Are you OK?' Sean asked as they finally broke the kiss.


'Sure? You don't hate me - or worse - yourself?'

'No! It was wonderful!!' David drew Sean in for a massive hug and another deep kiss.

Sean chuckled. 'Hungry?'


Sean leapt up, dragging David up by the hand. 'Shower first then food.'

They stood together under the warm spray of water, sensuously stroking each other with soapy hands. Cocks became engorged once again, but they took it no further. They stepped out and lightly towelled each other down so they were still damp as they descended to the kitchen, hard cocks leading the way, and fixed themselves a meal. They ate, sharing food off each other's plate, feeding food into each other's mouths by hand.

'Will my cock ever go down?' David laughed.

'Do you want it to?'

'No. I want it to stand out proud when you're thrusting this into my virgin ass!' He grasped Sean's also stiff dick and squeezed it hard.

'Later!' Sean laughed. 'I said we'd go to the beach. Want to?'

'What now? But it's just getting dark!'

'Perfect - come on!' Sean leapt up and dragged David to the door of the kitchen.

'Er...clothes?' David shouted.

'Who needs 'em! Remember the house rule? Come on we're going in my car.'

'Now hold on,' David pulled back. He was uncertain about this.

'Look you said yourself, it's dark. Who's going to know? Come on!' Sean dragged David through a connecting door into the garage. He opened the passenger door of the car inside, pushing a still slightly reluctant and bewildered David inside. As he got in beside him he pressed the remote and the garage door started to open. He started the engine and so they took off for the beach.

Sean took the back roads and although people were about, no one seemed to take any notice of two young eighteen-year-olds with stiff pricks, naked for all the world to see as they sped to the coast. Within 5 minutes they were pulling into the car park on the edge of the sand. They drove to the far end and parked. David looked around. There didn't seem to be anyone about.

'Come on coward!' Sean jumped out of the car, slammed the door and ran towards the water's edge. With a slight shrug and a laugh, David followed him. Both yelled as they ran into the cooling surf. Some horse-play ensued. They ducked each other under the waves, some grabs were made for stiff dicks and bear hugs in an attempt to block each other's attacks. Eventually they tired and waded out of the crashing waves. The cool evening breeze made their nipples stand to attention, and played on their stiff wet cocks.

'You are beautiful,' David shouted above the noise of the surf to his new lover.

'I think so too!' A night-time beach jogger was just passing. 'Nice cocks guys!' He grinned as he ran by.

Sean and David looked at each other, surprised, and then laughed loudly. Sean reached his hand to stroke David's cheek. He pulled his face into his own and they kissed passionately. The ensuing hug became so physical they fell back into the surf and crawled back out laughing. It was then they realised the jogger must have doubled back. He was standing at the water's edge as they emerged on their hands and knees.

'You two look like you're in love to me!'

He was very handsome on closer inspection. Bare-chested, bare-footed, with just a pair of tight running shorts. The ambient light of a pale moon and distant street lighting showed his skin, shining with sweat across a tight muscled physique.

Both boys were looking up at him as he hooked his thumbs into the waist-band of his shorts and slid them down to reveal a thick and very long cock, rapidly rising to attention. 'Fancy a bit of fun?' He said as he stepped out of them.

Both young men looked at each other, shrugged, grinned and crawled forward. Both attacked the runner's cock simultaneously; kissing each other around the shaft; tangling tongues as they licked up and down; taking it in turns to swallow the head into throats, eager to please.

The runner moaned loudly. Sean left David to swallow down on the thick cock, while he moved around behind their new friend. He planted his hands on either of the man's ass-cheeks and spread them to reveal his twitching pucker. Without hesitation he plunged his tongue into the crevice. Lapping up and down, made the whole area slippery and wet, sometimes working down between the guy's legs meeting David's tongue as he was licking and swallowing the heavy balls in front. Then he pulled back slightly, stiffening his outstretched tongue. Suddenly he lunged forward, piercing the guy's asshole, forcing his way through the centre of the ring of muscle. The guy screamed in ecstasy.

David stopped what he was doing and came round back to see what was going on. He watched in wonder as his friend attacked the stranger's ass with his tongue.

'Let me,' he growled, unceremoniously pushing his friend aside. He repeated Sean's actions and found he like it. By now the runner was howling with delight, thrusting his ass back in David's face. Sean went around front, and to shut the fucker up, thrust his cock down the runner's throat.

After a while David's mouth began to tire. His jaw was aching and he felt he'd exhausted this new experience, he later found out to be rimming. He stood up, spat on his hand, slicked his hard cock and with no warning slammed his cock into the runners wet, slippery, quivering asshole. The guy reared up with a scream, coming off Sean's cock.

'Aaaargh!' He yelled. 'Oh fuck yeah! Pound that ass boy!'

David was happy to oblige. He grabbed the runner's hips and proceeded to piston his hot cock into the guy's ass. Bored with no longer getting his cock sucked, Sean looked for alternative pleasures. Spitting onto his hand, he reached round and loosened up his own asshole. When he was ready, he turned and backed onto the runner's big cock.

'Oh man!' Sean yelled. 'Fuck him into me David!!'

And so the three men fucked. It didn't take long. Almost simultaneously all three blew their loads: David into the tight-assed runner; the stranger into the kid he had discovered crawling from the waves; and Sean into the foaming surf. Exhausted they fell into the water as they disengaged, the remainder of their cum mixing with the salty waves. As they emerged once more and the runner retrieved his shorts he said, 'you kids are awesome!'

'You're not bad yourself,' Sean replied for the two of them. With that the runner jogged back along the beach, shorts in hand and gradually softening cock bouncing before him. David and Sean, howling with laughter ran back towards the car.

'How's your weekend so far?' Sean laughed as they threw themselves back into the vehicle.

'Crazy! Fantastic! Blowing my mind!' Came the reply. 'Let's get back home. I want to lick out your ass and then I want you to fuck me!'

'Easy baby! We have the whole weekend. Don't overdo it on your first day out!'

With that they took off. Sean took a busier route back home. More people, brighter street lighting. Kids out cruising, saw them riding around naked, sporting once again stiff cocks and whistled, shouting abuse or admiration. They arrived back home nearly pissing themselves with laughter.

'Come on lover. Bedtime!' Sean said as they re-entered the house. They climbed the stairs and crashed into Sean's room, throwing themselves onto his bed.

'Will you fuck me tomorrow?' David asked his friend.

'You bet!'

'I want you to be the first.'

'I will be. Now go to sleep.' Sean drew David into a hug, and slowly they drifted off to sleep.


Continued in Part 2



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