September 1988

It had been three months since moving into the city and Jacob was finally settling into what he could call a routine. It was all so new to him, this complete break from his dependence on his parents, their paying for college, and thus always hovering over him in some way, always keeping tabs on him: always seeming to set boundaries. Now he found those boundaries were more of his own making than any outright delineation on his parent's part. The one he was determined to get rid of as soon as he could was the preconception of how he was suppose to get a degree, find a good job,find someone who'd make a good wife and settle down. He knew no matter how much he actually wanted to please his parents, that was one thing that would not happen, could not happen, for his every attraction, his every desire, every sexual fantasy revolved around another guy.

Jacob had gone to the neighborhood bars, the local places where gays hung out and he had gone out to the clubs staying till the sun came up just to be around other guys. He had flirted, been flirted with and even traded numbers with a few guys but each time by the next day something was off about the whole connection, something amiss. He knew it was his expectations, or maybe it was just some silly jitters about still being so inexperienced. There had been some touching and shared blow jobs in high school but not even that in college. He couldn't believe how he let all those years at the university slip by without doing what so many others had done: gone out with as many as they could, sometimes just for the fun of it.

He found himself standing at the mirror looking at his reflection wondering all sorts of silly things. Who is this person? Is he attractive to others? Can he satisfy another guy? Can he actually break this barrier he has created and start to live his life, on his terms, the way he desires? He found himself leaning closer and closer to the mirror looking at the way his skin had small variations, variations that did not normally show, the way his beard tried to come in, so sparse along his jaw with only the circle around his mouth having a fullness to it, the way his eyebrows arc subtly over each eye and the way the blue of his eyes had such depth, such a vivid blue at times it even amazed him.

He straightened up and grabbed up his favorite cologne and sprayed a fine mist in the air, walking through it. He moved through his bedroom picking up his leather jacket and headed to the door. It was Saturday night and one of the guys at his office had invited him over to a party at his place.

The traffic was heavy, bumper to bumper on Peachtree and he moved slowly along thinking about the guys at work, how he didn't really know them. Those in his area that he had developed some level of friendship with were Rob, married already with two kids; Michael who was a year older and dating someone seriously for at least all the time he had been with the company; Ryan, who he had done more with than any of the others, a regular guy who liked to go to baseball or football games, and so many times in the last three months, Jacob found himself with Ryan and some of his other buddies at one sports bar or another listening to the way the guys flirted with the waitresses or any women in the bar who seemed available; finally there was Anthony, the person having the party tonight, the one person he seemed to know the least about. But he found himself time and time again comfortably hanging out in Anthony's cubicle talking about one thing or another. He had wondered if Anthony was gay by the way he never mentioned dating, never wanted to go with Ryan and him to a sports bar and he had found himself questioning himself on this notion: was he projecting onto Anthony what he wanted to be true?

Jacob turned into the old neighborhood where Anthony lived, some old house he and his two roommates rented for cheap with the agreement they would slowly renovate the interior for the owner. The neighborhood hadn't become 'the next destination' in the city so many houses were in disrepair. He turned onto the street and eased along looking for 1715 wondering all the while if where Anthony lived had anything to do with him not invited more from the office to his party. As far as Jacob knew he was the only one from work invited. As he eased down the narrow residential street, the trees randomly spaced down each side a blaze of color as their leaves were changing to reds, yellows and browns he saw more vehicles than usual lining both sides of the street. Jacob eased down between the cars and saw to his left an old house with a large low porch across its front. Candles burned in various glass containers along the low wall that partially enclosed the porch, only the wide wood steps off to the right breaking through. 'This has to be it' Jacob thought as he drove on down the street till he could park.

As he approached the porch along the broken sidewalk he could hear the laughter and conversations of those on the porch, all of whom were in silhouette with the brightest light coming through the large windows where inside he saw others standing in groups or milling around each other. He moved across the porch heading for the front door, a wide heavy wood door with small windows positioned near the top.

"Jacob! Hey, glad to see you made it" Anthony's voice came to him from his side. Turning he saw Anthony rise up from a chair and come toward him.

"Anthony; this is quite a party" he replied as Anthony came up to him.

"Yeah, they do grow a bit out of control sometimes" smiling back at Jacob, "come on in and I'll show you around" Anthony added as he opened the door for him.

Anthony led Jacob through the living room introducing him to several people, cut through the dining room where assorted foods were laid out and on back to the small kitchen in back. The kitchen was crowded as well as the small sitting room open to it. Anthony made introductions and indicated where Jacob could put the liquor he brought for himself.

"There's ice in the freezer and in that blue cooler over there and I see you brought your own tonic water but if you need more or anything else help yourself to anything on the counter."

"Thanks" Jacob replied as he began to mix a cocktail for himself. "Anyone else from work here?" he asked.

"No. I just invited you."

"Really?" Jacob replied and he looked around at Anthony unable to conceal his look of wonder.

"Get your drink and come on back to the porch and we'll talk. All these bodies inside has it too hot to stay inside" Anthony replied as he backed away, then without further comment he turned and headed back to the front of the house.

Jacob made his way back to the porch, stopping a moment in the dining room to eat something and to mingle with those around the table. He found himself introducing himself over and over as a co-worker of Anthony's, something benign, meaningless really; something safe. At first he wasn't sure how he noticed but he began to realize the ratio of guys to girls was odd, very odd. Far more guys were at this party than girls and then reality hit him. The way some guys were obviously together, paired off, two by two, the way they leaned against each other, the casual touching, the hugging and Jacob found he was excited by it at the same time the old fear of it all mixed up together.

Coming through the living room he watched two guys kiss, passionately, arms around each other and for a moment, a brief moment he stared. On the porch Anthony gave him a worried look and rose to meet him half way.

"Come on, let's walk a minute" Anthony said leading Jacob to the steps and down the sidewalk. At the street they strolled down the sidewalk, for a long time neither saying anything.

"Hey I'm sorry if this okay?" Anthony asked.

"Yeah...I'm good. I just never saw two guys so open about it before" Jacob replied, his mind filled with the image of Lamar, school jock, big ladies man on campus and the guy who loved to receive and give blow jobs. The only man he had ever kissed the way he saw those two guys earlier kiss. Passionately, freely giving into the desire and pressing against each other with their whole bodies. It was afterward that things got weird, when Lamar let what they had done become a reality in his mind and freaked out about it. Jacob has thought the yelling, the name calling had been the worst, but really it was the way Lamar never had anything further to do with him. Not for the last three months of high school. Not one word.

Anthony realized something in Jacob's response was telling but he sensed not to push, sensed how Jacob seemed more than just surprised to see two guys kiss openly.

"Look I'm sorry but I kind of wondered if you might be...and I thought if you were around others you'd feel more comfortable. I hope I haven't..."

Jacob interrupted Anthony putting his hand on Anthony's shoulder in a casual manner. "it's okay...really. I'm good. I just wasn't expecting it. That's all."

"You didn't suspect that I'"

"I have been so busy trying to get settled in at work I didn't give it any thought. You want to head back. I could use another drink. I seem to have finished this one" Jacob stated as he flung the ice from his cup across a yard of a neighboring house.

"Yeah, sure. So you're not..."

"I'm fine...come on; there's a party waiting" Jacob replied, knowing he just misled Anthony is some way, led him to believe he had no issue with Anthony being gay but didn't let him know he too was gay. He didn't know why, didn't understand his deceit. It made no sense and he knew it.

The house had even more people inside and on the porch. There was laughing and horsing around, there was music being played louder and louder, there was the smell of cigarettes. There was the smell of pot. Jacob and Anthony found themselves on the porch more often than not watching people come and go, Anthony introducing them to Jacob as they arrived, hugged Anthony and headed inside for a drink. It was nearly midnight when a little red hatchback drove by, easing down the narrow road carefully.

"Hey, David actually came" Anthony said as he watched the car move down the road looking for a place to park. "He's a straight friend I met shortly after moving into town. He is such a sweet guy, if only..." Anthony said almost more to himself than to Jacob, then he turned to Jacob and smiled, one reserved, one that is accepting of things as they are, not the way he wished. "David is straight."

"Oh, so he's off limits to ya?" Jacob replied giving Anthony a mischievous smile.

"Yes, he is."

It was only few minutes when David came up the sidewalk. He walked in a manner that reflected someone conscious of being watched and not liking it. When he came up on the porch and the light from the living room window cast its light across his body Jacob saw he was average height, lean with light blonde hair that fell straight around his head. His skin was so fair it seemed to glow in the dim light.

"David! I'm so glad you could make it" Anthony said getting up and going to David. His tone was more sincere than it had seemed all night and Jacob knew they really were close friends.

"David, this is Jacob; Jacob this is David."

"So you're the new guy at his office. Glad to finally meet you" David said holding out his hand.

For the next two hours, as the party ebbed from loud and rambunctious to a settled down quiet with everyone in small groups all through the house and on the porch. Jacob had found himself staring at David, studying his boyish looks, the way he seemed so animated when talking with Jacob but more reserved around most of the other guys. Jacob found himself wondering if Anthony could be wrong, if maybe David could be gay. Maybe like himself just someone who gave Anthony the wrong impression. It was a foolish fantasy but one he let play out in his mind whenever he wasn't part of the conversation.

It was late when David stood up telling them he had to go and Jacob found himself standing too; found himself saying he had to go too. He was tired and it was very late but more than anything he wanted to follow David down the sidewalk, to be with him just a little longer, to feel him out away from Anthony. What he thought he was going to accomplish not even Jacob could form the thought, knowing how crazy it was to even consider it and in the end their conversation had been meaningless chatter, just about him moving to Atlanta and getting the job with Anthony and how David was working part time and going to college. He wanted to be a nurse but had to work his way through college taking what he could when he could afford it. David admitted he was twenty, a couple of years younger than Jacob. A couple of years that Jacob knew were in reality insignificant.

"Hey well, I guess I'll see you around, although I'm afraid I don't make many of Anthony's little social gatherings. But I hope to see soon" David said as he left Jacob at his car moving further down the street to his own.

"Yeah, hope to see you soon" David replied, hoping the anticipation of doing so wasn't evident in his voice.

March 1989

Jacob drove through the now familiar streets heading to the house Anthony, Rob and Chris shared. Over the last few months he had developed a close friendship with the three of them. Rob and Chris were the couple who shared the master bedroom that was at the rear of the house. Anthony had the front bedroom that allowed him to watch the activity on the street in front of the house, and gave him some separation from Rob and Chris, joking that he couldn't stand to hear their moaning and groaning all night long.

Jacob found himself in the odd situation of still being closeted from them, foolishly, so ridiculously silly he couldn't begin to say why. At times it made him feel trapped, left out of the inner circle with the guys, but those old demons still haunted him, this desire to be the good son, the one who met or exceeded expectations. He would go to dinner or to a neighborhood pub with the guys but he had yet to venture into a nightclub. The guys had not asked him to tag along and he had not grown bold enough to ask if he could tag along. He kept saying next time, next time he would, but each time he eased out of the picture, watched them head out while he turned and went home, to watch TV or listen to music and feel the regret within simmer, to make him feel all the more his ridiculous situation.

The one real weakness he had was David. David's schedule of work and classes did not let him come over to Anthony's very often but when he was there Jacob found himself lingering in his vicinity, made every effort to include David in any conversation and time and time again he found himself sitting next to David, so close it made his heart race. He savored every accidental touch, every bump of leg or arm or a look that was directly into his eyes, the two of them close enough Jacob could see their emerald green color and the soft curled eyelashes and the slightly arched eyebrows that were so blonde as to nearly disappear with the background of such fair skin.

It was Saturday late afternoon and Jacob knew if David was visiting the guys this would be the time he would be there so Jacob found himself driving down their street hoping with some school girl crush that David would be there. As he approached the house he saw the familiar hatchback parked in front and Jacob smiled at his luck.

Parked in front of David's car Jacob headed up the walk looking around for Anthony's car, not seeing it in its usual place. The house was quiet, no music playing, no lights visible from the front and he wondered if they were out somewhere and in the end he had missed David.

He knocked and waited feeling it was futile but he heard footsteps coming from within and suddenly David opened the door.

"Hey, come on in" David said stepping back.

"Hey here alone?"

"Oh yeah, Anthony and the guys went to some benefit in town. I came over to just get away from home" David replied and Jacob knew still living at home was tough for David, his parents so devoutly religious which added with their overprotective nature sometimes drove David to come over to hang out for a day, or on some rare occasions to crash for a night.

Jacob found himself sitting across from David it the small little room just behind the foyer, a room no wider with its own small fireplace. It was used as a second living area, one that Anthony used to watch TV or read and one David used frequently to study when he was over for a day. Jacob tried to keep his tone casual, tried to converse without losing track due to his mind racing with the fact he was alone with David.

"Hey, you want to go grab a burger or something?" David suddenly asked. "I've not eaten anything since a late breakfast this morning."

"Wha...oh yeah, sure" Jacob replied, with more excitement in his voice than he knew he should have for such as simple thing; two guys going to grab a hamburger. He saw David smile before replying.

"Will you drive? My car is acting up again" David asked as they went out the front door.

"No problem, I don't mind driving."

They sat at a small two top near the back of the little neighborhood grill. It was just after five o'clock so the dining room wasn't busy yet allowing them to talk casually in quiet voices that seemed to hold reverent the quietness of the room. They talked more personal than any time in the past, about their families and their own lives. Jacob telling of growing up in a rural area of southern Alabama and being the first in his family to go away to college and David telling of growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta and his family never being financially well off. They ate slowly as they talked, eventually Jacob relaxing and talking freely. David was so similar in some ways even though he grew up in the city as opposed the rural countryside and it was this difference that gave them opportunity to really get to know each other, just the two of them away from the guys.

And there were moments that made Jacob struggle to remain calm, to keep a casual attitude; the time they both reached for the ketchup and their fingers brushing against each other. The touch made the hairs stand on Jacob's arm. Then there was the bump against his foot, David's foot pushing up against his own and he froze in place, unable to move, with the reality being he didn't want to move. He held still and David's foot pressed against him then pulled away. Jacob watched David, while talking to him without hesitation, shift in his chair and sit back up, casual, as if no contact had been made. But it had, and Jacob felt his heart racing, so desperate to have it happen again. When they finished eating and leaned back, relaxing in their chairs as they talked Jacob felt his knee bump one of Jacob's and he scooted up in his chair to break the contact.

"Oh, sorry" Jacob apologized and he saw David smile back at him.

"No problem" David said in a lower voice.

All too soon they were back in front of Anthony's house and David just sat for a moment and Jacob made no move to hurry him out. He kept trying to figure out a way to make the evening stretch out, some way he could continue to be with David, even if it tortured him to be so close to him, every accidental touch like a caress the way it made his skin feel. He remembered how David had said he was here to study, Anthony's place a quiet retreat from his own home shared with his parents.

"You have a lot of studying still to do?" Jacob asked trying to control his voice.

"A little" David replied noncommittally.

"I guess I should leave and let you get to it" Jacob replied even though he made no move to restart the motor, no move to hurry David out. Instead he faced down the street almost afraid to look at David. He was afraid David might be able to read his expression, his look just had to show his inner turmoil and he tightened his grip on the steering wheel for a moment then relaxed.

"You want to come in for a while? I can finish tomorrow easily and...there's this movie I was going to watch on cable. Mom and dad won't have cable installed" David said looking over at Jacob.

Jacob glanced over at David seeing the way he looked at him, smiling casually, warmly, everything about him inviting.

"Yeah...I have no plans" Jacob replied struggling to keep from smiling too broadly.

Instead of going into the living room with the larger TV they found themselves in the small side room, the light of a single dim lamp on the side table the only light. During the thirty minutes before the movie started they sat at opposite ends of the small sofa, one leg propped up on the central cushion their knees almost touching and it took all of Jacob's will power not to ease down a little more, to stretch his leg the last little distance till they touched.

David asked Jacob if he thought he would be a career employee at his company and Jacob admitted how he wanted to do his own consulting, to eventually run his own company. He found himself admitting to David his secret fantasy of where he saw himself in five to ten years, his own place, something a little less corporate, a renegade atmosphere and attitude and David listened intently occasionally asking a question or making a comment. Near the top of the hour when the movie was to begin David excused himself to go get them something to drink. Jacob watched him leave through the door that led to the back of the house and for a minute he shifted into a more comfortable position adjusting his cock that was painfully trapped wrong within his jeans. He felt his heart racing, and he had been struggling to control the tone of his voice and now he could literally feel how clammy his hands felt.

David came back holding two wine glasses, the deep red wine shiny in the clear glass.

"Maybe Anthony won't mind if we raid his wine" David joked as he held one out to Jacob.

"Thanks" Jacob replied raising the glass to take a sip. He was surprised to see David ease down on the floor in front of the sofa and lean back against it near the middle, a position so close, so near Jacob found himself staring at the smooth fair skin of David's neck and how his light blonde hair, the cut cheap and not perfectly even, fell along the edge of his hair line. Its imperfection was more enticing, more alluring for Jacob and he felt the strongest urge to reach out and touch David along the edge of his hair. He looked at the way David's hair grew around his head, the way it radiated out from the back part of his skull and feel over the sides, back and toward the front. Jacob noticed the way it looked so soft, the color like honey in the dim light and he found himself literally reaching out, his desire to touch David so great as to erode his inhabitations.

"This movie probably sucks" David said without turning around.

"I guess we'll see for ourselves" Jacob replied pulling his hand back.

"Kill the light, will you? I'm getting a glare on the screen."

"Okay" Jacob replied and he turned to the side and reached under the edge of the shade for the switch. His fingers fumbled around feeling for the switch and he felt his leg press against David and he froze for a split second. He resumed fumbling around and he was even more flustered as his fingers moved around feeling for switch.

"Anthony turns that lamp with the side that isn't scratched facing out and it puts the switch on the side away from you" David said just as Jacob felt the round switch and turned it off. The room fell into darkness, only the small TV illuminating the room. "Thanks" David said in a low voice that was barely audible. Jacob turned and moved his left leg over breaking the contact he so desperately wanted to maintain.

David leaned forward and slipped off his shoes and when he sat back Jacob hesitated a brief moment then did the same easing each foot free and pushing his shoes over to the side. He had worn dock shoes without socks and his bare feet felt the soft rug that was positioned in front of the sofa and he absentmindedly ran one foot back and forth over it. The soft fibers tickled the bottom of his foot distracting him from his thoughts, his imagining of the current situation being far different, different with an intimacy.

The movie really was bad and Jacob began to lose what focus he could maintain on it and he looked over at the silhouette of David, the way he seemed to be leaning toward his legs, closer than a moment ago.

"This movie really sucks" David whispered.

"Yeah" Jacob responded barely above a whisper.

For a minute neither said anything more, neither moved, each frozen in place. Jacob shifted down on the sofa moving his butt toward the edge of the seat cushion and his legs out further till he knew they were visible from the corner of David's eye. He rocked one knee back and forth, nervously, a juvenile attempt at attention. David shifted slightly on the floor and Jacob stopped moving his leg as he found himself holding his breath.

Then Jacob felt it, a light touch to the top of his foot. One small area feeling the sensation of a touch and Jacob knew it had to be one fingertip. The touch circled over the top of his foot, slowly, the circle widening each time. David didn't say anything, didn't turn to face Jacob, or do anything to acknowledge what he was doing, and Jacob said nothing to break the spell of the moment.

The touch moved to Jacob's ankle and lightly up his leg, only a few inches the first time, the grazing touch raking over the hairs of his leg. Jacob was frozen in place unable to move, his every sense, his entire awareness was focused on this touch. David shifted slightly and turned toward him, head down with eyes turned up toward him.

" want me to stop?"

"No" Jacob replied his voice hoarse, anxious, full of emotion and he saw David's lips curl upward in a smile. David turned bringing his hands up resting them on each knee and as he rose up he pushed Jacob's legs apart moving between them. Jacob watched him intently, unmoving, as David moved up on his knees and leaned forward till his face was only inches from Jacob's.

"You too?" David asked. It was such a vague short question but Jacob knew the full depth of what David was asking. The way he had kept his true self secret, a part of himself always hidden even though he didn't want to be that way.

"Yes" Jacob whispered as he moved toward David, turned his head slightly and brought his lips into contact with David's. David moved up all the way between his legs and leaned his body over Jacob as they kissed, as hands roamed over the other's body, as they embraced, hugged, feeling the heat of the other's body.

"When will Anthony and the guys be back" Jacob whispered in David's ear.

"I don't know" David replied just as he took Jacob's earlobe and nipped it lightly, gave it a tug then rimmed the curvature of the ear with his tongue. "You want to come up to my room?"

David's room, the one between Anthony's bedroom and the bedroom Rob and Chris shared at the back of the house was one of the two guest rooms. David came often enough staying overnight that Anthony let him leave some stuff in the room. Jacob was so excited to be following David up the stairs, some steps creaking with their weight, then coming down the hall till they were at the door. It was pulled almost closed with light spilling out around its perimeter. David pushed it open and pulled Jacob into the room. The bed had a backpack lying on it and David quickly sat it on a chair then turned to Jacob.

"You okay?"

"Yeah" Jacob replied smiling, unable to hide his anticipation.

David took Jacob's t-shirt by the hem and lifted it up slowly till he had it free, Jacob's lean upper body bare and he put his hands on the flat chest feeling the warmth of the skin, the smoothness of it, and he moved them slowly around in circles till he could feel the erect nipples as he raked his palms over them. Jacob was breathing hard, nervous, anxious, eager, and he stood nearly frozen in place as he felt David's hands roam over his chest.

Jacob brought his hands up to David's waist and found himself pulling them together till they were face to face so close he could feel David's breath. David smiled then moved to him kissing him passionately, roughly, quickly pushing tongue into Jacob's mouth. Jacob felt David's hands slide down his back following its slight curve down to his waist then he felt the hands hold him by each ass cheek, squeezing each one as David pulled their bodies together. Jacob felt his confined aroused state intently and he pushed tightly against David.

David pulled back slightly and Jacob felt his hands move to his stomach, take his belt working it free. Soon Jacob felt his jeans open up and fingers work over his erection still trapped within his boxers. Then fingertips lightly moving along the edge of the waist band of his boxer, fingers that slipped underneath the elastic band and worked their way downward till bare fingers touched bare cock. Jacob sucked in a deep breath at the touch and pushed his hips forward as if that would make the contact more intense.

David kissed his neck, moved his lips along the edge of his jaw till he felt David mouth his earlobe, tugged on it, nip it with his teeth and Jacob was lost to the sensations David was giving him, unable to focus on any one touch and before he realized it his jeans and boxers were around his ankles and he was stepping out of them as David moved him back closer to the bed. His nakedness was absolute, even the cool air of the room was caressing his skin. He felt the way David's hands moved over his body, felt their every touch and he pressed his nakedness against David, felt the way David was still dressed, the soft fabrics of his clothes against his bare skin, felt the way his erection pressed against the worn soft denim of David's jeans.

"You feel good" David whispered as he ran his hands down Jacob's back, down till each hand held a bare ass cheek. Jacob felt the way David held him, firmly in each hand, a soft squeeze, the circular movement and finally fingers sliding along the cleft between his cheeks, then slipping down between them. Jacob had never been touched there and he clung anxiously to David as the fingers moved deep down between his cheeks and probed along the dark skin of his crevice, lightly at times, urgent, forceful, probing at other times till Jacob could feel a finger circle his opening, touch him there. The finger rubbed over his opening then pressed against it. Jacob tensed, nervous about letting even David touch him there but David pulled their bodies together and ground crotch against crotch as he whispered to Jacob to relax.

Then the finger breached the tight ring of his opening and sank into his depths. It felt good the way it opened him up, the way it moved through his opening; the way it touched inside of him.

"Fuck" Jacob uttered. The coarse word with its hard ending was the only word he could say as he allowed himself to feel the pleasure of this penetration, the stroking of his tight opening and the feel of the fingers digging deeply into his hole. He pushed back with his hips taking the fingers as deeply as he could.

David pushed him to the bed and had him lay across it, legs hanging over the side. He sat up on his elbows and watched David take off his clothes. Slowly, moves that were deliberate, David pulled his shirt over his head and casually tossed it to the floor then he stared at Jacob mischievously as he undid his jeans and worked them down his legs and after what seemed an eternity to Jacob, tossed them off to the side. David stood up and Jacob could see his aroused state, the way his cock pushed out obscenely at the front of his boxers. David tugged on his erection, stroked it with the soft fabric of his boxers as he kept his eyes on Jacob.

"Please" Jacob whispered with desperation causing David to smile.

"Okay" David replied as he took the waistband of his boxers and pushed them down, working them over his erection till they feel freely to the floor. His cock rose up hard, the curve of the shaft holding the head up making Jacob think of a cobra the way the head flared out wide, dark red against the pale white skin of the shaft. Jacob watched as David ran one hand down the curving shaft and has his hand reached the base he involuntarily pushed his hips forward. So aroused his cock flexed in his hand and a bead of clear liquid formed in the slit, growing larger and larger till it cascaded down the underside of the head and drooled to the floor. Jacob wanted to rise up and get down on his knees and catch it, to hold out his tongue and let that nectar collect on his tongue were he could savor it, capture the taste of David just before swallowing it. Before he could move David moved to him coming up between his legs. David took each leg and brought them up resting them on his chest and Jacob felt the way he was being positioned, the way his ass was spreading open more and more with each move. David moved closer and leaned over him folding him in half causing his ass to rotate upward, spread open further and Jacob felt this submissiveness, the way he was so venerable, giving himself to David. He felt his nakedness, the way he was so exposed then he felt the touch, the flared head of David's cock touch him, felt it press against him and he reached up and held David by the waist feeling his every move.

He was nervous, so anxious about everything. He was afraid it would hurt; it had to hurt the way David's cock flared out so wide at the head. But he wanted it; wanted it more than anything. He slipped his hands down to David's ass cheeks and pulled him downward, gently, feeling David's cock push against his opening. He threw his head back, relaxed and pushed upward with his hips and felt it, David's cock breach his opening and sink into his hole.

The flared head stretched him open and the thick shaft followed it down into his hole, inch by inch, pushing into him till he felt David's hips press against his ass.

David kissed him roughly, slipped his arms underneath his own and scooted him up on the bed more, cock buried in his ass and once David had him where he wanted him, he began to fuck, to drive his hips up and down, slowly at first, sinking his cock all the way inward then pulling nearly all the way out. Jacob shivered with the way it moved through him; the way it stroked through his tight opening. He stretched out his arms and lay his head back gasping for breath as David pumped cock into his hole, drove it inward all the way. He felt every move by David, felt the way his lean body moved over him, undulating with his fuck. The bed began to squeak, to rock back and forth. David's pace increased, hips moving faster and faster till Jacob felt the guttural rhythm of their fuck, the way the bed moved up and down with David's movement, the way it squeaked when Jacob felt David's cock stuffed into his hole all the way.

"Oh...OH....OHHH...fuck" Jacob cried out as David shifted position, took each of Jacob's hands and held him down, pushed down with all of his weight and drove his hips faster, his hips smacking against Jacob's ass, loudly, the sound of it echoing in the room.

Jacob took his own cock, felt its slickness, the hardness of the shaft and he began to stroke it in rhythm to David's fuck, fast, a furious pace, his hand noisily slamming down his shaft. David began to grunt with every breath and Jacob felt drops of David's sweat as it drizzled down on him, the droplets hitting his bare skin hotly.

"I...I...I'm going to...cum" David grunted as he slammed his cock into Jacob's stretched out hole, pushing inward all the way. He held still for a brief moment and his first ejaculation shot deeply into Jacob. He began to fuck again, his moves timed with each subsequent ejaculation, pushing each one deep into Jacob and as he thrust inward into Jacob's hole he suddenly felt it spasm around his cock, felt the stimulation of it and he knew Jacob was cumming.

David finally stopped, totally spent he pulled out of Jacob and eased down next to him looking at how his skin appeared to glow in the dim light of the room, so shiny with his exertions, his stomach rising up and falling down with his breathing as it began to slow to normal. David reached out and ran a finger over Jacob's chest feeling the smooth slick skin as he circled it around one nipple and through the cum spattered across his chest.

A knock on the door, two sharp raps and they jerked up onto their elbows staring at the door wondering if someone was about to enter.

"Hey guys, if you're finished in there come on down. We've order a pizza and it'll be here soon" Anthony said through the door, the tone of his voice full of amusement at catching them. Jacob and David were holding their breath, momentarily surprised but as they listened to Anthony's footsteps going down the hall they looked at each other and tried hard to stifle their laugh. First David then Jacob began to snigger then laugh freely, with abandon, lying across the bed legs and arms tangled together.



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