I had gotten to the campus rather late that year. The new term had already started and I was playing the catchup game. I had finally brought everything up to date when I got transferred into to my forth, and I hoped final dorm room. I really didn't like packing up all my belongings again for the forth time but, thats the way tho old cookie crumbles so to speak.

I got to room 233 and knocked on the door and a very scraggly looking guy came to the door, 'yea what can I do for you?'

'Hi, My name is Kyle Boschert, Im your new roomate.' 'No shit, they finally got a roomie for me that don't look like shit and smell worse.'

I was a little taken back by his statement but I went in and he even helped me carry my junk in.

He said, 'By the way my name is Dyson Loughborough.'

'Glad to meet you Dyson, Hope we get along together this year.'

'Well come on in and lets get aquainted, we got my stuff in and put on my twin bed, which by the way was across from Dysons with just a rug between them and a nightstand large enough for us both, two drawers etc.

Dyson just looked me over and said, 'At least you don't smell, 'the last guy smelled like he had never seen a shower much less underarm deodorant.'

'Wow, that must have been a real bummer.' I said.

'It was more than a bummer, it was nausiating.'

'I can imagine.'

Dyson set down on the edge of his bed and started to tell me about himself. He was a pre-law major, already doing some part time paralegal work at a law office, but studying corporate law as a precursor to his chosen profession,he wanted to be a lawyer, but to look at Dyson you would have never guessed it. His home town was a small town in Hazzard County Kentucky.

Although he was a real southern country boy, he was rather educated, not a hick or anything like that.

I began to notice that Dyson was rather a nice looking guy, I would guess about twenty three to twentyfive, nicly built, not overly muscular like an empty headed jock, but nice looking, not an ounce of fat anywhere, about six feet tall, and sorta husky looking, just alround nicly built.

His face was very studdley and handsome and he had these thick fingerd nice looking hands, I was impressed with his hands.

Well he said, 'hey man get your stuff put away and I'll take you on a tour of the campus,' 'Sounds great to me, but I'm really Hungry, is there somewhere to eat?'

'Oh sure, theres the cafeteria, and then theres the comissary.

We walked around a bit and then headed over to the commisary for a bite to eat.

Dyson was sorta sloppily dressed, flipflop sandles, not socks, khaki pants that looked like they needed ironing and a button down front shirt.

He walked around with his hands in his pockets, and for some reason as a joke I just said something my Dad had always said to us boys, if we walked around with our hands in our pockets, Dad would say, 'Hey man, Leave it alone, it will grow.' He smiled at me, and said,'Fuck man, I hope not, it's already too big as it is, nobody wants it now.'

I started laughing with him and said the usual response to a braggert, 'Yeah Right!'

We got something to eat and went over to the sports arena and set on the bleachers and watched the cheerleaders for the football team practice.

I just smiled at Dyson and said, ' I'll Bet you would like to nail one of those?' you know just guy talk,'

'He turned and said, 'Hey man, I told you, I already tried by they said no.'

'What are you talking about man?'

'Hey Kyle, you see that short haired blonde in the middle three girls there?'


'Well one night last week I had a date with her, she got one look at my garbage and changed her mind.'

'You've got to be fucking kidding me, right?'

'hey man, when we get back to the room, I'll prove it to you.'

'I would rather you didn't,' but the truth was I really couldn't wait to get a glance at it, I had seen him in his briefs but never naked.

Later that night we got back to the room and he started getting ready for bed, He had this little thirteen inch t.v. hidden in his closet in our room and a DVD player attached, we could rent movies and enjoy them.

Well Dyson said, 'man, you want to go down to the mens Locker room and have a quick shower before watching a movie?'

'Sure, lets go.'

We grabbed some towls and our hygeine bags, shave cream tooth paste etc.

When we got to the locker room there was a couple guys coming out of the shower room, Mother F---k they were awesome looking, this one guy had a build like a body builder and a cock that belonged on a horse. I just ogled his body and his cock, I could tell he was a jock,he probably muscles in his shit, god he was built.

Dyson, looked at me ogling these guys and smiled, 'If I didn't know better, I would say you liked to look at naked guys.'

'Well whats wrong with admiring the beauty of Gods awesome creation?'

'From the looks of the log laying hard in your shorts you really get into admiring don't you?' he started laughing.

We stripped naked and I watched Dysons ass as he walked into the shower room, god it was round, bubbley and covered with a light covering of hair, it was astounding.

I walked behind him and by the time I got under the shower head next to Dyson I was completely hard, my cock looked like the leaning tower of PIZA. I was totally embarrassed.

Dyson never said a word, and I looked down at the package that he was sporting, Jeeze man, he wasn't kidding about its size. It looked like it was eight inches soft and bigger soft than mine was hard. No wonder his briefs were so filled out.

I tried not to let on that I was looking but I couldn't help it.

I got finished and hurried out and dried off before Dyson had gotten out.

Back at the room I thought I would tell Dyson the truth, 'Hey Dyson man, I need to confess something,'

'Yeah man, whats that?'

'I'm Gay,'

'No Shit man, really Gay?'

'Yep I'm really, really Gay?'

'I'm a dick smoker, Peter puffer, and Rider of the Hershey Hiway, A real honest to god Fudge packer.'

'Wow I have never met a gay man before,'

'Well you have now, Do you have a problem with that?'

'Fuck no man, Whatever, I'm not sure what means tho. But i't don't matter, I like you and thats all that matters.'

I kinda relaxed and just went on with whatever I was doing.

That night I was in the room we have for studying when I came to bed, the little night light was on in our bedroom.

I noticed that Dyson was asleep, lightly snoring, and he was laying on the sheet of his bed with just a little top sheep on his body, actually it was almost on his body. The weather was really hot and humid and Dyson was almost uncovered, his chest was bare, his legs were out from under the covers and just his crotch was covered up, he was laying on his back and there was a substantial, very noticable lump actually log, sticking up under the sheet holding it like a tent prop.

I gently went over to his bed softly set down on his bed beside him and lifted the light cover off his body, I almost bit my tongue, he was naked under the sheets and his cock was almost completely hard, god it was huge, he wasn't kidding at all, It must have been ten inches or more, and as thick as his wrist, no wonder that cheerleader didn't want it.

I pulled off the covers and took his cock in my hand and just wrapped my hand around it's unbelievable girth, I could't believe this.

It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. I was mesmerized by its size, it had a beautiful foreskin on it and the tip was just barely sticking out from under the hood, the beautiful thick head was flaring out visably under that foreskin and his cock was a work of art to look at,thick, long and veiny.

I wanted to taste it, to feel it, to watch it shoot its mansauce from that awesome slit in the tip. The glans(Head) was bluish Pink when the skin was milked back, tight and shiny, god it was beautiful, I stroked it a little as he breathed that sleep mode breath. Then after a couple minutes I noticed a slight drop of pre-cum ooze out of the slit, I had to taste it, and I did, It was like fine wine to the taste.

Dyson re-adjusted himself in his sleep as if he was wanting me to suck him off. Which I gladly obliged him in doing.

I was working his cock over really gently with my right hand swirling it around up and down as I tookd his cocks head into my mouth, and played with his egg sized nuts.

I had just been doing this for about ten minutes, enjoying myself to the max, when I felt that feeling of his cock as it started pumping out his cum, straight into my mouth, His moaning and wimpering were quite noticable. His body was sort jerking as he unloaded his load, and I heard him groan loudly and say,'Oh Jeezus man, awh fuck, and his body folded up like a closed knife as his hand shoved my head down onto his cock as it pulsed. I held on and finished swallowing his load.

He was gasping for air as I came up, he looked a little shocked yet amazed, and said, 'Fuck Kyle, that was fantastic.' I smiled and said, 'Now Dyson, you can't say someone doesn't want that awesome cock of yours.' He smiled and said, 'wow, I have never felt a blowjob before.'

'The only thing I have ever done is Jack off.'

I said,'Really? well let me introduce you to some of the better things in life, since girls won't let you touch them.'

I began to lick his cock off and stroke and suck him again and his cock started to become harder than flint again.

Dyson just layed there and enjoyed my working his cock over, in about five minutes of sucking and getting him ready again I said,'so you've never fucked anyone before?'

'Never, I have always wanted to try it but all the girls would see my cock and say 'no thanks,' maybe some other time.'

I said, 'Well I ain't no girl and I ain't got a pussy, but I will let you fuck me, But promise me this one thing, Take it really easy, let me adjust to that horse cock of yours O.K?'

'Dyson smiled like a kid with a new toy and said, 'Yeah man, I will be easy with you.'

I got some lube from my dresser drawer and started by lubing up his ten inch boner, I knew from its size I was in for a ride, but what the hell, I was a giving sort of guy.

Dyson got up and he started pulling my legs back like a whore on her back I said, 'put some lube in the hole deep inside.' He lubed me up and got three fingers inside my hole, It was feeling fantastic, I was almost as anxious as he was, his size was going to be a real test for me but I felt like I was up for the test.

Dyson then knelt up to my ass rubbed his cock head around the opening and I tried to relax as much as I could then he punched forward a couple times and finally the head slid thru and he slid about four inches in. I jerked a bit and felt that ring burning from the stretch, and from experience I knew that it would soon expand and allow Dyson access with ease. I can't say it didn't hurt for a while, but I finally subsided and then I said, O.k. give me more, and he slid about eight inches in, He just said, 'Oh my god that feels awesome, Damn man.' I was starting to feel full, and then he finished it, I could feel his nuts on my ass. Damn, man was I ever full, it felt like his cock was touching my lungs and heart area, I was packed full of cock.

I felt almost like a lover, Dyson smiled and leaned over and started kissing me on the lips.

I was starting to feel an awesome feeling as he slowly rocked back and forth sinking ten inches of man meat into me each time he lunged foreward.

I said,'Hey Baby, How do you like it so far,' He smiled and said,'Outside of you sucking my cock a little while ago, it's the most awesome feeling thing I have ever done.'

His movements were feeling more awesome with each stroke of his cock, I was going into a tail spin as he made love to me.

I looked into his eyes and he was fixed on mine as he sunk his beautiful uncut cock to the hilt pushing hard and letting me feel his depth. I felt awesome and I felt his cock gently rub across my prostate with is awesome lengthed shaft I was not going to last long, I wanted to cum with Dyson, My god I felt like never before.

Dyson, said, 'Kyle, do you want me to cum inside you, I said, 'Oh Yeah man, thats the best part, felling your man unload his love nectar.' He smiled and said, 'that sound so fantastic, 'your man,' am I your man?'

'You better believe it, you are definately my man, nobody has ever made me feel like you have today.'

Dyson started pouring it on then, He was huffing and working up a real manly sweat, his eyes were getting bigger and he was biting his lover lip and he rammed his love log into my manhole, Then it happened, He shoved it in one last time, hard and deep and held it there as his body jerked and he growled deeply and I felt his cock spasming as his hot lava of love unloaded inside my body, It was the best feeling of my life, sexually, that is.

When I felt that, my body responded with excitement and sensuality and I started shootin my load over my chest, hitting myself in the mouth and face.

Dyson Collapsed ontop of me and just layed there, spent, exhausted and totally happy, huffing and gasping for air.

I raised up his face to mine and started kissing him. 'Hey baby,' I said,'How was your first fuck?'

'I want to die right now, I have never felt this good in my life,'

We layed there and made out like young lovers. When I finished I looked up and under his pillow on his bed I found a pair of my unclean, worn underwear. I said, 'Hey Dyson whats this?' He looked a little embarassed and said, 'Ah,I ah, got those the other day, and well Ah, I sorta.'

'Hey baby just say it, its alright.'

'Well I have had those for a while under my pillow, I like to sniff them when I jerk off, I love to smell your crotch.'

I looked at him and smiled and said,'Oh you mean like these, and I reached under my mattress on my bed and pulled out a pair of his briefs that had been worn, 'I love to smell your aroma too, its such a turn on.'

Dyson said,'aint we something else.' I leaned over and said, 'Dyson the Lawyer, and I got a pair of his Legal Briefs.' We both laughed.



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