Now I know that the title of this story sounds like it might be an incest story, but it isn't.

My name is Percy, I hate that name, but I'm stuck with it, I had my friends call me 'Skipper' in grade school and it stuck, so for just downright plain all intents and purposes sake, I will be Skipper.

I grew up in a rather rural area of Kentucky, I had been a farm boy most of my life untill I got thru with High School and spent a couple years in the Army, I got out, still in the 'Reserves,' for a couple more years, but out none the less.

My Mother is from a family of four siblings, and there is one of the uncles who is really different, Uncle Hank, now Uncle Hank, was my Idol, I had admired him since I was a younster, I would get excited just being around him. He was the youngest of Moms brothers, but he was way different than his brothers, He didn't look like them, he didn't really act like them, and He was someone I had looked up to all my life, my other uncles were, to busy to be a friend to me when we were growing up, just plain didn't have the time.

I remember I wanted to go fishing when I was about seven and I guess Uncle Hank was about fifteen, He just said to Mom, 'I'll take Skipper fishing with me to the pond,' I was so happy, I felt like a real man, Uncle Hank was gonna take me fishing, Well we went and he made me feel so darn special, I was really smitten with Uncle Hank, and for some reason as I got older those feelings for Uncle Hank didn't go away.

Now Uncle Hank had worked Hard on the farm all his young life, and he was so drop dead gorgeous, Muscular, real hard work type muscular, and I wanted to be with him, around him, I wanted to be besides him.

I remember one time, and this is where I learned some 'extra' things about men and what they do.

I had to go and find Hank for dinner one day, I didn't yell for him, I wanted to find him and surprise him, I checked out the tool shed, not there, then the smoke house, where they kept the farm garden accessories, since they don't smoke meat anymore, he wasn't there, only one place left, the barn, I went there and I heard this kinda grunting and moaning, I snuck up to the hay loft and looked over a stack of Hay bales, and there on a pile of hay was Uncle Hank, he had his jeans down around his ankles, His hard cock, which looked like it was from a small horse, in his hand and he was pumping and grunting, I had just gotten there and I was standing there watching Uncle Hank, I heard Uncle Hank let out a loud moan and grunt, and I saw this massive explosion of some white stuff, shoot like a cannon going off out of the end of his big pecker, Holy shit, what was that, I had never done that before with mine, I had played with it and made it tingle before, but nothing like that. Well Uncle Hank heard me as I stumbled trying to hide behind some bales of hay, He jumped up and stuffed his cock back into his pants and pulled up the zipper, and said 'Skipper,' I was a little scared and really nervous, and I said, 'Yeah!' Uncle Hank said, 'come on out where I can see you,' I came out and he said, 'I guess you saw what I was doing?' I said a nervous, 'UGH HUH,' He told me to come over to him and he just set me down and told me all about jerking off, that all guys do it, and all about, my pecker, and all that stuff, He answered just about all my questions I ask him concerning my little pecker and guys cocks and even what the white stuff was that he shot out of his, I was mezmerised by all that he told me, I couldn't wait untill I could make that stuff come out of mine. Uncle Hank had endeared himself to me more than ever before because he made me feel like I was a big guy.

I really loved him and he was my Hero, my Idol, God I loved Uncle Hank.

Now I must tell you about him, He was really not my mothers brother, My Grandma, had taken Hank in from a really poor family that had twelve kids and took him to raise cause they couldn't for themselves, He just became part of My Moms family and he grew up as part of their family. I didn't know this untill I was about eighteen years old and I was talking to My Mother, I had asked her how come Uncle Hank, looked so different from the rest of them and how come he acted different, He was always so nice and friendly and her real brothers were 'absolute assholes,' 'I told Mom I couldn't stand uncle Riley and Uncle Doug, they were jerks.'Yeah! She said, I know they are.' Well several years passed, I was twenty, and Uncle Hank was about twenty eight. I had come home from the Army, and the family had planned a 'family reunion' God I hated those damned things, they were like a get together to see who drives the best car, who made the most money, and of course who looks the youngest now, a real fucking competition gathering.

I got to town about ten O'clock and Mom said I could go over to Uncle Hanks and stay during the Reunion, I was really excited, all the bed spaces were taken up at Moms.

I walked up to Uncle Hanks place, knocked on the door and opened it, it wasn't locked, mom said he would be expecting me to arrive sometime tonight, and would leave the door unlocked.

I went in and there was a little light on so I could see, I thought I would probably sleep on the couch, and when I found it, It was covered in all sorts of boxes, and papers and well it was a mess, I thought man, I guess I'll just sleep on the bed with Uncle Hank, I went into the bedroom and Uncle Hank was already sleeping, covered up and I undressed to my briefs and slipped into the bed under the covers, Uncle Hank just mumbled something to me like, you finally got here, and went back to sawing Logs.

I was laying there next to Uncle Hanks very warm body, and I was starting to feel arousal, damn, his body was so warm and I gently reached over to feel his body, and he was naked, asleep, laying on his stomach, I started to feel his back and he moaned and raised his leg upward still laying on his stomach, I was really feeling horny and frisky and, I rubbed his lower back and down his leg, I felt this hair all over his legs, and when I got to his ass, I felt the glute muscles contract, and he sorta wimpered, I slid my hand down between his buttocks, and I could feel the heat given off by the warmth of his ballsack, god I was so friggen turned on, I had a boner like a Iron pipe. I wanted to do more, I layed my and right at the center of his ass crack and I had wet my finger and slid my center finger into his asscrack, he sorta raised his ass up against it and I started to gently push on his little love button, I didn't know if he would like it or jump up and knock the shit out of me, I had to know,

I stuck the tip of my finger into his ass hole, he grunted and said, 'OH Fuck, Skipper, shit that feels good,' I was astounded at that statement, I only knew that my Uncle Hank was likeing it and I wanted to keep doing it. I stopped long enough to pull my briefs off and I was sporting a hard, throbbing, cock that needed something, Uncle Hank rolled over on his back and I reached down and felt his cock, I took it into my Hand, Jesus Christ it was so frigging big, bigger than any I had seen before, and so friggen thick, He said 'man, I have been waiting for you to do this for years, Skipper' and now your here, lets rock and roll, he started kissing me and feeling my balls and cock, and moaning and He said I want you to fuck the hell out of me, I said 'What?' He said Fuck me man, Give me that White stuff in my ass,' I said 'Really?' I got up over his body and he raised his ass upward and I stuck some of the KY jelly stuff into his rectum and I slid my thick, hard, seven inch cock to the balls into his ass, and fuck me, man, Uncle Hank was loving it and asking for more, Shit I didn't know a dude would like that feeling, I had a doctor stick his finger up my ass and check me for hemmoroids once and I like to pissed myself, but uncle Hank was taking my cock, which is a lot bigger that a finger up his ass and loving it, well I wasn't gonna stop him if that's what he liked, I just started shoving the meat to him and I was really liking it too.

After about twenty minutes of feeling the most intense feeling of my life, My Cock gave a jerk and started shooting the white stuff, It just kept shooting and I kept pumping, God it was incredible, and I watched as Uncle Hank Grabbed his cock, and started shining the shaft, with his hand, stiffened out and shot a load that went clean up over his head and hit the wall behind us.

I looked up and started laughing, and then Uncle Hank looked up and laughed too, and said, 'I have been taking target practice,' and he giggled and started tickling me, we enjoyed each other for a whole week, sex out the wazoo! I got to suck that awesome cock of Uncle Hanks and he showed me the great pleasures or oral sex getting sucked off as well as sucking off a cock. I love the fact of his haveing an awesome foreskin, and He loved mine too.

I must say that I have throughly enjoyed my Uncle Hank and we are very very close as a result of my loving him and learning aobut him. I love Uncle Hank very much. And as of right now, I can't get enough of him and he acts the same way about me.



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