I am twenty now and I have this story I would like to tell, I had become friends with a new student named Hayden, he was very good looking and so hot and sexy my teeth ached, and Me, I was little horny ole me, all I could think about was hot looking guys and sex.

I was into computers big time, during my high school years, and Hayden had taught me a few things about them, I was learning but there were things I wanted to know about.

I was just eighteen at the time, I had just finished High School, preparing to head out for college at the beginning of the new semester, I knew I had much to learn and I was planning to be an engineer,

We were living in a small town outside of St. Louis at the time, and I was planning to attend the Rolla School of Mines and Metalurgy at Rolla, Mo. a town about 100 miles from St.Louis down Hiway 44, it is one of the best schools the nation for learning that subject.

I had gone over to Hayden's house and met his parents and his older brother who's name was Aiden, Now let me tell you something about these two, Aiden was drop dead gorgeous, but he had this rough look to him, he had just finished his time in the military and gotten out.

While in the military he had studied computer sciences and was now working for a large computer repair service there in St. Louis, who took used computers and rebuilt them, and could just about fix anything that was needed on a computer.

Me! all I could do was turn the damned thing on and find the porn sites, which I did with much regularity.

Well I had been invited over for supper that night, and a sleepover at Hayden's home, I found out they were Latino,of Italian and Spanish descent, I knew Hayden had this glowing bronzed, beautifull tanned skin, actually both boys were so fucking handsome I ached when I saw them, but I wasn't about to let Hayden know I was gay, or desired to mess around with him.

Well I slept with Hayden in his bedroom, actually in the same bed that night and we ended up, as all boys do, talking about sex and girls and what we liked to do.

I was surprised to hear that Hayden was still virgin to actually having sex with anyone, but the more we talked the more turned on we both got, and I just said to Hayden,'man my dick is harder than glass,' to which he said, 'Yeah man, so is mine, hey, lets, well you know? jerk off together, Other guys do it, so why don't we.'

Well we both slipped off our boxers and began to stroke off together, I was watching Hayden's nice sized cock, it was about seven or so inches and thick, uncut and awesome looking, I too was uncut but I was almost seven and a half inches long and not quite as thick as Hayden's.

We had been stroking off about five minutes, enjoying looking at each other's cock as we stroked, when Hayden said, 'Hey man, lets do each other, o.k.' I of course jumped at the chance.

I reached over and almost was shaking when I felt his thick cock in my hand, wow, I loved the feeling of someone elses cock.

But not as much as I loved the feel of his warm hand on my cock, it felt different from mine as his grip took hold and began to stroke my cock.

We looked into each other eyes as we stroked each others cock and I saw his sorta roll back in his head and close, and his vocals were awesome, he moaned, 'ah, ah, ah, shit man' and he started jerking and I felt his cock flexing in my hand and Hayden's cock spewed out cum, thick, gooey, pearly white cum all over his chest and up on his face, some landed on his chin, I leaned over and licked it off, god it tastes great.

Hayden just looked at me sorta seriously, 'well, did you like it' he said.

'Hell Yeah man, it tasted different, but awesome.'

Hayden finished me off to a ball busting cum and I too shot cum all over, Hayden tasted a little of my cum that was on still on his hand and just gave me a funny look, it was fantastic watching his face.

We lay back on the bed and just dozed off holding each other and sleeping like a baby, we awoke and went and showered and what we did that night was never mentioned again between the two of us, it was as if it had never happened, but I had the hottest memories of that night, to which I stroked off a lot after that night.

Several months passed and I was really close to Hayden and his family, I was there a lot, then I needed some information about my hard drive on the computer and I called Haydens house to talk to Aiden, he said, 'Well why don't you come over this evening and I will show you all about a 'Hard Drive'.

I hadn't really realized he made the words, 'Hard Drive' so emphatic, nor did It register in my mind what he was referring to.

Well I got there about 5:30 that evening, and Hayden looked out the bathroom door, having just showered and said, 'Have a seat, I'll be there in a second, just finishing up drying off.'

Well I sat down on the sofa, was looking thru a magazine that was laying on the coffee table, when Aiden walked in in just a pair of blue jean cut offs, very short cropped cut off's.

Aiden came over and plopped down next to me on the sofa, and I looked at him and he smiled a sweet smile, and reached over and squeezed my shoulder, 'Hey man, whats up, how's it going?'

'Going great man, how about you?' I said as I took stock of his well built Military body, his body was awesome, he had that same bronzed skin, flawless, smooth, his eyes were dark, his hair was almost shaved, and he had this look of needing a shave maybe a day or two's growth, he had several tatoos on his shoulders and one eagle on his left chest muscle, right above his nipple, which looked like it might bark if it had the chance, my cock was hardening up like a rock, I looked down at his washboard stomach that came from heavy military workouts and then I noticed he wasn't wearing underwear, his thick heavy ball sack was hanging down almost out of his cut offs, I wet my lips and looked back up and saw Aiden smiling, he realized I was looking at his crotch which was almost totally exposed.

I could see just the tip of his cock and it had this nice foreskin on it just like Hayden's, and it was dark looking, so friggin hot, I was almost shaking when I noticed that Aiden reached down and began to stroke along the outline of his thickening cock. It was swelling, getting thick, and so fucking massive looking, 'Tell me something Ken, do yo see something you like,' he said.

I looked up and smiled, 'Go ahead and feel it, it loves to be rubbed,' he said.

I stared into his eyes as I reached over and began to stroke Aiden's now totally boned up cock as he watched me, I could feel my own cock aching to be released.

I was in a state of disbelief as I felt his hard cock and I slipped my fingers under the fold of denim and touched it, it felt hot, and throbbing,

I then felt Aiden's hand against my own swollen boner, 'Wow Ken, lookes like we have the same problem here.'

I felt almost faint, this gorgeous guy and I were doing what Hayden and I had done, but somehow I knew this wasn't the only thing we were going to do.

'Kiss me,' he said, It was like an automatic thing for me, I leaned over and felt his wet hot lips as he sensously kissed my lips, and I was in a state of Euphoria by this time, I had slid my hand under his cutoffs and felt his hard cock, wrapped my hand around its thickness and pulled it free, I was stroking his thick uncut cock and I wanted more.

I felt his hand undo my shorts and then I looked at Aiden, 'Arn't you worried about getting caught?' I said.

'NOt really Dad and Mom are gone for the weekend to Moms Sister in Kansas City, and Hayden won't be home till after eleven, he had to work tonight.' he said.

Well it was all down hill from then on. I took my shorts off and I undid Aiden's shorts.

Aiden leaned over and for the first time in my life I felt that Hot, Moist feeling of an awesome mouth take my cock to the pubic hair. I let out a gasp and moan, and Aiden started working on my cock. I was of course stroking his like crazy.

Everything about Aiden was awesome, I loved his thick hairy bush around his cock and balls, and the curly hairness of his legs. yet for some reason his stomach and chest was totally hairless, which of course showed off his beautiful abs and pecs, Aiden was one gorgeous guy, and his balls were huge, and thick in that tightend up sack, dark and hot looking, but his cock was fantastic, it was thick, veiny with that huge thick tube like running up the length of the under side, to a beautiful glowing almost bronze pink colored head under that foreskin it was totally phenomenal.

Well we had played and messed around and gotten each other totally turned on when Aiden showed me something I had never thought of, he layed me on the sofa with my legs hanging down to the floor and he raised my legs up and got on the floor between my legs and went face first into my asshole, I almost flew out the window.

Aiden was going after my anal opening like a dog after a hunk of red meat, and I couldn't do anything but enjoy the sensations it was causing me.

I pulled my ass cheeks apart to give him greater access and I felt his tongue penetrate the opening and make me crazy with lust and desire

'God Damn Ken, your ass tastes fucking great,' he said.

'Where the hell did you learn all this, did they teach you this in the Marines.' I asked.

Aiden just started laughing, 'Not exactly, they didn't teach it but thats where I learned it, I got to eat a lot of Military asshole while I was in there, I even got to eat my drill Sargents ass, and he loved getting fucked.' he said.

Aiden munched and licked and sucked and made love to my asshole almost twenty minutes, I was almost exhausted but he could have eaten my asshole till I had a heart attack if he would have wanted, but the best was yet to come.

All of a sudden Aiden stopped, told me to stand up and pulled me behind the back of the sofa, told me to lean over and he started eating my asshole for a few more minutes with me bent over the back of the sofa.

I felt him stand up and lean into me and with the sloppy wetness of his saliva on my asshole, and the slickness of his own pre-cum he placed his cockhead at the opening of my asshole and quickly slid about five inches of cock into my manhole, I grunted and gasped from the pain, but I wanted Aiden to do whatever he wanted, I would handle the pain part, but instead of endureing the pain, it began to turn to pleasure, his thick cock was stretching my asshole out bigger than I thought possible but his cock head was rubbing something deep inside my intestines, and It was feeling so fucking awesome I didn't want him to stop, not untill I wanted him too.

'Well Ken, what do you think of my 'Hard Drive' training now?'

'Holy shit man, I love your 'Hard Drive,' I said. as I began to push my ass back against his 'Hard Driver.'

I felt his cock sliding all the way out and then plunging back all the way in, and I heard Aiden as he started to breathing quickly and rapidly heavy, I could sense that Aiden was getting close to shooting his load and I wanted it deep inside me.

'Hey Man Shoot your load deep inside me, O.k' I said. 'You got it man, Im almost there,' he said and he sped up ramming my ass like a piledriver.

I felt his cock feel like a steel rod it was so fucking hard, as he pounded my ass, but along with his pounding was the feeling like I was getting ready to cum, that tingling deep in my intestines, and that coupled with my cock being held tightly against the back of the sofa as I was being fucked and moving with each thrust, my nuts were feeling that churning and tingling as I felt a big climax coming, and as Aiden grunted loudly and shoved his thick cock to the balls as deep as it would go into my intestines, I felt his jerking and his cock expanding and shooting into my body, I began to shoot a load all over the back of the sofa, we both layed there spent, exhausted, god man, what a rush.

'Damn, Dude, I think I'm in love with your ass,' Aiden said with a giggle,'

'Yeah I know the feeling, I think I'm in love with your awesome cock,' I said as I gave it a squeeze and a little bit of cum came out and I licked it off.

That was an eveing I will never forget, well truthfully I never had to, because Aiden and I did a lot of work on his 'Hard Drive' after that.

Oh yeah, he fixed my computer free of charge, and now my 'Hard Drive' works fine.



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