I woke up to nature calling. I felt the warm breath of someone on my neck. Disoriented, it took me a moment or two to place where I was. ( OH yeah, Snowstorm, Kevin's place, must have fallen asleep. Light still on.) Kevin had an arm across my stomach and was cuddled close by my side. Gently, I tried to ease out from under his arm. Kevin stirred, mumbled a sleepy protest, and tightened his hold. I whispered I'd be right back, needed the bathroom, he let me go.

When I turned out the light and returned to his bed, I could tell Kevin was awake. I crawled under the covers, and Kevin reached out to pull himself close. I could hear the wind still whipping outside. Kevin was stroking my chest hair. I slid my arm under him, to stroke his back. I let my hand drift down to that spot where his butt cheeks started to swell. I could feel a little wisp of hair in the start of his crack. Kevin's hand stilled a moment, then found it's way down to my stiffening cock. He lazily stroked it a couple of times, until it was a seven inch pulsing rod. He started kissing my neck, moving down across my chest. When his lips found nipple, he tongued it gently, then sucked on it. I moaned low and deep. I let my hand splay out across his firm round ass. Kevin worked my nipple for a bit, then began to kiss and lick across my hairy belly. He had to shift, a bit, which took his head lower and brought his ass higher. He was still slowly stroking my cock. When his face was near, he paused. I held my breath, hoping he'd take the next step. I wanted that pretty pair of lips around me. To feel his wet heat surround the head of my pole. I felt a warm wet touch on the tip of my cock. I also felt his hardness along my side. Just when I thought he wasn't going any further, he pulled my foreskin down. I felt the warm breeze of his breath. Then a hot wet warmth around my dick head. He sucked on it gently, just the head. Getting a feel for it, I imagine. I didn't care, all I cared about was the feel of wet heat on my glans.

Kevin ventured to slip a bit more of my dick inside his mouth. While the head of my dick doesn't mushroom like some, the shaft actually widens about half way down. I've had men tell me it feels like it goes in twice, because the middle is so wide. Kevin only got the top half of my cock in his mouth. He began to slowly piston up and down. I pulled on his lower body, and manuvered a leg across my chest. I rose up until my nose made contact with his ballsac. I laved his balls with my tongue. Kevin moaned around my cock in his mouth, vibrating it.

I found the base of his dick with my tongue and ran it the length of his shaft. I pulled his dick down with my hand, until I found it with my open mouth. Kevin had stilled, mouth still around the top half of my shaft. As I took in his entire length, he growled around my cock. Definitely felt wonderful. I began to work my mouth on his dick. Sliding it in and out, my tongue swirling his length.

Kevin began to copy me, still only managing the top part of my shaft. I had a hard time controlling the urge, to just buck my cock deep in his mouth. Had to keep things gentle. Meanwhile, I knew that sweet little ass was just over my forehead. I yearned to take a quick taste of his little hole. I wasn't sure he was ready for such action, but decided to chance it. If he protested I'd quit. Easier to beg forgiveness, than permission.

I let his dick slide from my mouth. I licked a trail on his shaft, and back over his nearly hairless balls. I played there awhile, loving the taste of sweaty ball flesh. Kevin decided to mimic my actions. Licking my hairy balls in tandem.

Then I let my tongue slide to his taint. Kevin froze over me. Not protesting. I raised my head up a little more, and sent my tongue in between his cheeks, as far as I could, the tip just grazing the edge of his pucker. Kevin gasped, but didn't pull away. Taking encouragement, I rose my hands to his ass cheeks. Gently prying them apart, I pulled him down, until I could run my tongue the length of his slightly hairy crack.

I could feel Kevin quiver. I just couldn't tell if he was liking it or not. Well, he had a voice. Unless he told me diffrent I was going to eat his little butt out, until I had enough. I began working his little pucker with my tongue. Taking time to nudge the tip into that tiny clenched slit.

Kevin began to growl a little. He laid himself down on my body, face nuzzling my dick. His little butt began to push back against my probing tongue. I let a finger join my tongue, playing at his back door. Getting it wet with my tongue.

Kevin's breath was hot and fast on my dick. His tongue darted out occasionally to lick at my dick. But I think he was too caught up in the feeling of someone playing with his asshole. He didn't try to suck on it. The tip of my wet finger found that tiny slit in the middle of his pucker. I forced just the tapered end into him.

Kevin gripped my legs tightly. He froze, I froze, waiting for him to say no. But he didn't. I rose my head back up and lapped around where my finger barely breached him. Wetting my finger more. I pushed my finger in past the first knuckle.

Kevin's whole body started to shiver, his ring tightening hard around my finger. Leaving my finger in place, I slid my other hand between us until I found his now drooling dick.

Kevin cooperated, lifting himself off me, so I could stroke his boner. I could feel his ass ring relax around my finger. He was so tight at first it had actually hurt. I squirmed around under him, getting his dick in line with my mouth. As I engulfed his cock, I pushed my finger in past the second knuckle. He was so wet and hot inside.

Kevin had his head down in my crotch again. His mouth found me and began sucking at the head again. When I felt his ring relax again, I began to move it around inside, looking to find that little nub of sensation. When I found it, Kevin groaned around my cock, and somehow opened his mouth wider. I felt his wet heat slide past the wide part of my cock. He didn't suck, just held it there in his hot mouth.

By now, my finger was in to the hilt. I was massaging his prostate gently. Kevin was actually pushing back against my hand. His growls were vibrating around my cock, making it feel even harder. I pulled my finger out a fraction, then pushed it back in. Kevin gasped in a little more of my cock, then pulled off to breath. He laid his head on my hip, next to my dick, grabbed it in his hand and began to stroke it. I began to pull out a little further, then send my finger back in, trying to bump his gland .

Kevin actually started moving his ass, until my finger was stroking in and out in a regular rythym. I wanted to slip in more fingers, but they were too dry. Besides judging from Kevin's panting, I thought he might be close to unloading his balls. I know I was pretty close to blowing!

I was right! Kevin let out a strangled howl, growl, groan, and his jism started pumping into my mouth. Greedily I swallowed it down, just letting him unload inside me. I kept my finger inside him, trying to massage his joy bump, until he was finished spurting. When he finally collapsed on top of me, dick starting to soften in my mouth, I just held my finger still.

After a minute or two, he eased his ass away from my finger, pulling his now softened cock from my mouth. He began stroking my cock again, a few strokes and I erupted. He didn't suck down my cum, but let it cover his hand.

When I finished, I pulled his upper body back up alongside mine. I gave him a deep kiss, getting some of his cum on his lips. His wet hand went to my chest, smearing my cum into my chest hair. We lay like that for a bit, getting our breath back. Then this time I went to the bathroom, to get us a rag to clean up with.

Once clean, we snuggled back under the covers, daylight still a couple of hours away. A peek out the window had shown the snow still coming down hard. The plows had come through once or twice, but the roads were still buried. I had a feeling we weren't going to be called into work. Snuggled naked skin against naked skin, we talked a little, kissed a little, then finally drifted back to sleep.




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