At one point in my life, when funds were tight,and my truck was less than reliable, I began taking the bus to work.

  Usually after work, I'd stop at the gym and if it wasn't raining, or winter, I'd walk the fivemiles home.

  That late fall a new regular passenger showed up on the bus. Looks wise he was a total looker. 5'9" or so, solid toned body, beautiful ass, oh and had a white cane to guide him around. Yeah, he was blind.

  Still, unless he had some sixth sense, I could watch him to my heart's content, and not fear getting caught.

 Turns out he was working at the same Medical Center as I was. I offered to walk with him, but he demurred, politely, preferring to manage on his own. Since he did not invite conversation either, I decided to leave him be.

Later, when winter hit, the snow piled up with a vengeance

. One morning, no one had made it to the bus stop, to clear a space for passengers to get off.

 There was a huge bank of snow from the snowplows.

  The blind guy, Kevin, was standing to get off the bus, when the busdriver called back to me, as I moved up behind Kevin. " Maybe you should go first and help this guy over the snow bank." I squeezed past Kevin and climbed out on top of the bank. I turned and told Kevin to hold out his hands. I clasped them and then supporting him, began backing down the bank. Once I had him safely, on the sidewalk, I waved to the bus driver and turned to check out the route to the Medical Center.

 It was a regular obstacle course.

  " Kevin," I said, " You're gonna have to let me help you get to the Medical Center, The way is a total disaster!" Kevin, opened his mouth , I assume to protest. I cut him off. " Look, I understand you like to do things for yourself, but half the snow between the bus stop and the Medical Center isn't cleared, and I'm afraid you could get seriously hurt."

 He paused, then flashed a really beautiful smile. " Sorry, I get so caught up in doing for myself, that I forget that when people offer to help, they aren't always doing it out of pity. So thank you for offering." He held out his hand and I took it and placed it on my arm. " Let me know if I go to fast, I'm not used to this either." " Okay, I will, but seriously no guide dog jokes. Everyone seems to have to crack at least one when they have to lead me around." I spat out a loud guffaw. " Shoot, you read my mind!" Kevin chuckled. " Thought one might be coming."

It was slow going getting to the Medical Center, but I didn't mind. Kevin was chattering away like we were old freinds. I wondered if he was lonely , despite all of his need for independence. I still thought he was sexy as hell, and even bundled up as we were, I could catch a whiff of his cologne.

 Once we made it to the door, he relaxed and thanked me, saying he could make it from there. He hesitated, then " Rusty, are you planning to go to the gym after work?" I was surprised he knew I went to the gym, instead of straight home. " Probably, not . They forecasted more snow, and that can make for a long ride home, I don't want to chance being stuck on the bus too late."

  Kevin looked relieved, then smiled again. " Would you consider being my Guide Man again, after work, just in case there's more snow?" I smiled back even though I knew He couldn't see me. " Ya sure, meet you at the front lobby end of shift." " Great, see you then." and he headed off, white cane tapping away.

Because of the snow, most of the patients for my department cancelled. When it started coming down hard again, my boss started sending people home. When she got to me, I called Kevin's department, he worked in the darkroom of the radiology lab. When Kevin came on the phone I explained I was leaving early. Kevin was relieved, because his boss was sending him home too. I told him I'd meet him in the Lobby.

When I got to the lobby, I found Kevin waiting by the entrance. I must have very distinctive footsteps, because as I neared he smiled and asked. " Rusty?" I just couldn't resist. " WOOF!" Then yelped when his cane smacked my shin. " Hah, just because I can't see you, doesn't mean I can't get you, Smartass!" Then we both laughed, as I tucked his hand onto my arm and we headed out into the hard blowing snow.

For the first time we sat together on the bus. True to my prediction, the bus was slowed to a near crawl and the few miles to our stop seem to take hours. I eyed the snow outside, then turned to Kevin. " I know you get on near the Uptown area, how much further do you go?" Kevin answered " I live near the Bus Stop, about three blocks away."

I sighed in relief. " Okay, I live about ten blocks from there, so I think I should help you get the rest of the way home." Kevin paused a moment. " What if there isn't another bus ? As much as I appreciate your help, I'm afraid you might not make it home for a long time." " Look, Kevin, It's really a blizzard out there, and whether you like it or not I getting you home! I can make it ten blocks on foot if I have to, and I'm doing this for me. I'd worry myself half sick, if I didn't know you made it home safe." Kevin smiled, " Looks Like I have no choice. I'm betting you'd get off the bus anyway and follow me home." " Damn! Are you sure you can't read minds?!"

Getting to Kevin's place was an adventure. It took a whole lot longer to wade through accumulating snow, and I was seriously nervous about getting myself home, despite my former bravado. When we finally got to his apartment, I waited until he got the Building door open, then told him I was heading out.

  He paused a moment, then shook his head. " You'll never make it in this shit, Rusty! You should just stay here for tonight or until the snow stops." " Aw, Kevin I don't want to put you out, It's only ten blocks from here."

  " Might as well be ten miles tonight. I insist. I'd worry my self sick wondering if you made it home in this crap!"

  " Geez, throwin' my own words back at me, are ya?"

  " Just get your butt in here before you freeze it off!" Kevin ordered.

  A particularily nasty swirl of wind and snow decided me. " Get me outta here ,then, Mister, it's fricking cold out here!"

Kevin's apartment was blessedly warm. He pointed out where the bathroom, the bedroom and the kitchen was.

  Then he laid down a couple of rules. " If you pick anything up, please put it back where you found it, otherwise I won't be able to find it later." "Okay, makes sense." " Also, try not to move any furniture, beacause I could stumble over it and fall." He touched his face near a scar on his forhead. " Out of place coffee table."

" Okay, got it." " He walked over to a closet, started pulling off his outerwear, paused and told me to bring my coat and boots over to him. He put my coat on a spare hook, then put my boots on a mat with his.

  He paused for another minute. " Guess I'm going to have to feed you, too." I laughed, " Hope so. I don't think I can get a pizza tonight!" Kevin's face lit up. " Sure you can! I've got one in the freezer." " Sounds almost perfect" I quipped. " Almost?" " Well, night like this calls for a big hot bowl of chili. but beggars can't be choosers." Kevin groaned. " God! Now I'm hungry for a great big bowl of chili, but No chili fixings on hand."

Kevin had me park my butt on the couch, while he took care of the pizza. I offered to help, but he waved me away, saying I'd just be in his way.

  When the pizza was in the oven he came out holding a pair of beer bottles. " Hope you like beer, I don't have much else beside water." " Thanks, beer is great." He settled down on the other end of the couch.

  There was an awkward silence, during which I realized there was no tv in his apartment. I had a book in my backpack, but I'd finished it at lunch. I cleared my throat awkwardly, then gave up and asked. " Um, I hate to be pain, but you don't seem to have a tv, so maybe we can exchange life stories to keep us entertained."

 Kevin, got a startled look on his face his whole face turned red. " Sorry, I don't have people over often. I can turn on the sound system or the radio."

  " Why don't we just talk, find out more about each other, instead?"

So with the wind howling outside the window, I got to learn about Kevin. He had lost his sight very young. His parents and two brothers lived in the suburbs. I learned that while his parents were proud of him, they had a difficult time with him living in the city alone.

  I gave him my life story, farm boy moved to big city to study art, yadda yadda yadda.

  Then he asked the big question about my love life, like did I have a girlfriend. I debated just saying no and avoiding any further questions, but that kind of goes against my beliefs,

  I told him I was gay, but currently not involved. Then waited for a reaction.

  Kevin frowned into the silence. " Rusty, are you afraid I'll be bothered because you're gay?"

  " Kinda, it makes some people uncomfortable."

  " What? Like being blind doesn't?"

  " Yeah, guess that happens to you a bit."

  Kevin snorted, " You think?"

  " Okay, I take it my gayness doesn't phase you! I cry Uncle!"

There was another long silence, as Kevin seemed to be about to say something. Then he sighed. " Truth is, Rusty, I'm pretty much gay too,"

 I wondered about his phrasing. Most people either say they are gay, straight or bi. Not pretty much.

  I debated for a moment, then blunt guy that I am, asked. " Why do you say pretty much gay? Usually you are or you are not?"

  Kevin sighed. " I haven't had much experience with sex at all. Actually pretty much none. Just know my fantasies tend to be about men, not women. But as I've not had sex with either, I don't know for sure which way I swing."

  " Huh, Really?"

"  Yeah, Really! Why do you sound so surprised?"

  I paused, looking for the right words. But, hey, I tend to be blunt. " I'm surprised, because you are such a totally good looking dude, that it is hard to believe no one hits on you."

  Kevin paused. " I guess maybe it's because I'm blind and people can't get past that."

  I was quiet a moment. " Or maybe, you can't get past being blind, and miss oppurtunities, because you hide behind your blindness. and having sex with someone doesn't always have to come with a big commitment. Sometimes you just gotta enjoy the moment and let everything else go."

  I saw Kevin's face redden, and thought (oh great Rusty, you and your big mouth, you are so gonna be walking home in a blizzard tonight.)

 " I'm sorry, Kevin. That was uncalled for. I tend to be blunt and talk without thinking my words through."

  Kevin hung his head, " And maybe you are absolutely right. Maybe I do hide behind my blindness, because I am afraid of being hurt."

  Then he looked up defiantly. " But I have to protect myself. I can't function in the real world otherwise!"

  God, how I wanted to jump up and put my arms around him and comfort him. But I knew he did not want my pity. So, I decided to share my admiration instead.

  " I can't begin to understand what it is to be blind. Just the thought terrifies me. I'm an artist in my soul. I can't imagine not being able to put the wonders, I see, down on paper. I see you almost every day, so strong and defiant, not letting your lack of sight stop you or hold you back. I admire you a great deal for that."

  Kevin quieted again. Then out of no where. " So do you really think I'm hot?"

  Totally surprised at the turn of conversation, I blurted out. " Yeah, Totally."

  " I'm good looking?" " Uh, yeah."

  " Why?" I paused then decided to go for broke. I told him how I thought his face was very handsome, his body really nice and even went so far as to say his ass was really fine.

  He processed that for a moment, then asked. " Rusty, are you good looking?"

  " No, not really," I said. My ears are too big, my nose is crooked, I have a little pointed chin. I work out on a regular basis, so my bod's okay. I'm not ugly, but I'm not going to grace the cover of a magazine by any means."

  He grew silent, seeming to wrestle with some dilema. " Rusty, I know this seems strange, but can I see you?"

  " Uh.. See me, sorry but how can you see me if you'"

  " I can sort of see through my fingers, through touch. I'd need to touch your face. Some people are uncomfortable with that, so I understand if you don't want me to."

  I could feel the longing in Kevin's voice. I wondered how many times people had turned him down.

  " I won't say that I am comfortable with someone feeling my less than wonderful features, Kevin, but I don't see how it would hurt me. So, yeah, you can see me if you want to. Besides, I haven't got a whole lot to do right now anyway."

Kevin smiled as I scooted over next to him. I took his hand and held it up to my cheek.

I won't say it wasn't wierd, having someone run their fingers over my face. He was very gentle and there was something almost erotic about the way he explored my face. Kind of like exploring someone's body in the dark, during sex. When his hands left my face and moved down my neck to my chest, I began to get hard. He ran his hands over my arms, my chest, my stomach. He stopped at my waist.

  Then sat back and put his hands back in his lap, covering what I thought was a dick just as hard as mine.

  " I think, maybe you are better looking than you think, Rusty. But It's hard to tell, because I haven't really "Seen" too many guys."

  He chewed his lip, a bit. " Rusty, Would you touch me back? People avoid touching me, like being blind is a disease they can catch. I'm not looking for sex, just the feel of someone touching me. "

  Oh the yearning in his voice. I reached out , took his hand and tugged him into my arms. " Like this, or something more intimate," I murmured into his short honey curls.

 " Um this is nice, but what do you mean by more intimate?"

  " Would you like to "See" my body without clothes?" I whispered. " I'd sure like to see you without any."

  Kevin paused for a long time. " I'm kind of afraid to get naked, that you won't like what you see." he whispered.

  " Kevin, I can already see you have a nice tight body."

  " Yeah, but I've been told there are a few scars, and well..." He shifted uncomfortably. " I don't think I'm very big.. um.. down there."

  I smiled into his sweet smelling hair. " Kevin, you do have one don't you? I mean your aren't like woman in disguise are you?"

 Kevin gave a nervous laugh. " Yeah, I have a dick not a cleft."

 " Then we're good, I'm not one of those guys who cares about big dicks. As long as one is there, I'm happy."

  Kevin sighed, " Okay, maybe later we'll do the naked thing. Right now, I like this, snuggling, hearing your heartbeat against my ear. It's nice."

  " Okay, lets just cuddle for a while. After all judging from the wind, I get to stay here all night, plenty of time to work my whiles on you and get you nekkkid." I drawled inmy best Southern drawl

. Kevin, just sighed, and wiggled around until he could get his arms around me. We sat there in the increasing dark, his head against my chest, my nose buried in his sweet smelling curls, my hands slowly stroking up and down his back. Quietly enjoying the warmth and feel of another man against our bodies.

Finally Kevin extricated one arm and begain idly playing with the top buttoned part of my shirt.

 " Go ahead Kevin, unbutton my shirt if you want to."

  I swear I felt him tremble, as he fumbled with the button. As much as I wanted to get him naked, it was obvious I was going to have to take things very slow. Once he managed the buttons and pulled my shirt tails out of my jeans, he began tugging my t-shirt out too. Once he had it free, he was almost timid, in the way he lightly edged his fingers in to touch my skin.

  I shivered at his touch. Kevin froze. " Are you okay Rusty?"

  " Oh yeah, It just feels really good to have you touch my stomach like that." Emboldened, Kevin moved further up under my shirt.

  " You seem very hairy? You didn't mention that when you described yourself."

  " Huh... Guess I don't think about it, it's just what it is. Why, don't you like body hair?"

  " Oh yeah, it feels so great. Kind of coarse springy. Are you really hairy?

' " Yeah, I suppose I am. Guess I fall into the bear category."

  " Hmm..Aren't bears supposed to be kind of stocky and oh plump."

  " No, there are muscle bears too, just generally means I guy is hairy. But I guess I'm not a muscle bear either, too skinny."

  " I never asked, but what color is your hair?"

  " Kind of a dark red. Why?"

  " Aren't foxes long and lean with red fur?"

 " Well yeah."

 Kevin laughed, " Then you're not a bear, you're  a a fox!"

  I laughed back, kind of liking the idea of being a fox. After all when I was young all the goodlookers were called foxes. As Kevin gently ran his fingers under my t-shirt, through my chest and belly hair, I gave into temptation and let my stroking hand slip down to run over the contour of his butt.

 He stiffened against me and let out a little gasp.

  " Okay?" I asked, " If I do something you don't like, you have to speak up."

  " No, it's just that I don't think I've ever had a man touch my ass before. It feels strange."

 Reluctantly I started to move my hand back up to his back. " But it feels good, don't stop doing it!"

 Relieved, I let my hand drift back down. I'd wanted to touch that sweet bubble butt from the day I first saw it. I knew that chances were against getting inside his sweet ass, but I was content at the moment, just to fondle it.

  Meanwhile Kevin got bolder, letting his hand drift out from under my tee, and slide over my crotch and the rock hard dick straining against the denim. I shifted enough to open swing my free leg out to give him better access. He gently cupped my package, kneading through my jeans.

 Kevin let out a little laugh. " Maybe the time has come to get naked."

  " Okay by me, here or in the bedroom?"

  " Definitely bedroom, more room to spread out."

  I bit back a groan. His phrasing popped a picture of him lying on his stomach, legs spread wide, and what I imagined a beautiful butt on display.

Kevin untangled himself and rose to his feet. He held out a hand and after pulling me up, unerringly led me to the bedroom

. I stopped just inside the door. " Kevin, can I turn on the lights. I'd like to be able to see you and it's dark in here."

 " I don't know Rusty. I'm a little afraid for you to see me. Self concious I guess." I held back a sigh. " Okay, lead on my friend."

  Kevin hesitated. " No, you should be happy too. go ahead, the light switch is right beside the door."

The light revealed a very spartan room. A bedside table, with an alarm clock in braille, the first I'd ever heard of. A dresser and a bed. Of course, he had no need for lamps and such, and I imagined clutter could be dangerous for him. He led me to the bed and turned to face me.

 " So, what now?"

  " Well, do you want us to undress ourselves, or do you want to undress each other?"

  " I think I'd just like to get undressed and get into bed. Okay?"

 I shrugged forgetting he couldn't see. " Okay by me."

 He was nervous as he began pulling off his shirt. I didn't take my eyes off him, as I undrssed. His chest was nicely toned with a triangle of hair between his nipples. A line of dark blonde hair bisected his body disappearing into his pants. I licked my lips, I love treasure trails. As our pants came off, a healthy boner tented his white bvd's. Not big, four maybe five inches. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

 I dropped my underwear, pulled off my socks and stood straight to see him hesitating. " Leave them on for now, if you want. You're naked enough for starters."

  He blushed. " Sorry, just this is all kind of scary. Thanks."

 He very carefully placed his clothes against the wall by his night table. He held out his hand and asked for mine and did the same. He had to be so careful. However, as he squatted away from me I got a wonderful view of his firm round ass, outlined by the white of snug briefs

. When he straightened and turned to face me, I walked up to him, wrapped my arms around him and pulled him against my naked body.

 At first he stiffened up in surprise. I silently cursed myself, blind, can't see me coming.

  Then he relaxed. His hands found my naked ass, and stroked the fur covering it.

  " Wow, you really are hairy!"

  Now was my turn to stiffen a bit. I tend to be more dominant in sex, I mean I've been fucked, but I don't get the pleasure from being fucked like I do from being the fucker. I relaxed almost immediately. If I didn't want to be fucked I wouldn't be, simple as that

. I looked down from my six feet to see Kevin biting his lip. A very kissable lip. I freed a hand to gently touch his cheek. I tilted his head up, his eyes though unseeing moving back and forth nervously. I brought my lips to his forehead. Kevin his arms now around my waist, tightened them. I let my lips travel down his cheek, stubble rough against the sensitive skin. Kevin's breath let out sharply as I brushed my lips against his.

 " No kissing?" I asked.

  Some guys don't like to kiss. Maybe Kevin was one of them. " It's just that other than kisses on the cheek by family and freinds, I've haven't been kissed on the lips very much."

  Then he smiled a shy endearing wisp of a smile. " I think I like it."

 " I can kiss you then?"

  " Please!"

 I lowered my head and placed a long lingering gentle kiss on his lips. I pulled back and Kevin raised a shaky hand to touch his lips. His blank eyes closed. Then he tilted his face back up to mine.

 This time when I kissed him, he kissed back, fiercely, pressing hard. I opened my mouth a tad, to let my tongue slip out to run over his tightly pressed lips, seeking entrance. He got the idea pretty fast and opened a bit so my tongue could slip inside and taste the tip of his.

 I pulled him even tighter against my naked body, our naked torsos and legs pressed together. My hard naked dick was jammed up tight against his belly. His hard cotton, clothed ,one, poking me just under my balls.

 Kevin moaned into my mouth, his body trembling against me. His arms came up to circle my shoulders and neck, and he pressed against me as hard as he could.

 " Bed, now, please!" I moaned. He let go, turned and fumbled his way onto the bed.

  Treating me to another show of his pretty round butt.

  As he lay down on the bed, I climbed on and stretched out beside him. He reached for me eagerly to pull his compact body tight to my longer leaner frame.

 He began to run his hands all over my chest and stomach, until they finally stopped at the mass of fur at my groin. He combed his fingers down through it until they found the base of my iron hard rod.

  Slowly he wrapped his fingers around the base and eased his hand up my proudly rearing seven inches.

  He gasped in surprise when his fingers found the hood of my foreskin. " Is this what they mean when they say uncut?" He whispered.

  " Yeah, I've got all my original skin."

 He played with my foreskin, then I leaked precum onto his hand. It was all I could do to keep from bucking, when the tip of his finger found the dripping slit on the head of my dick. He swirled his finger around the now wet head, making me moan.

 I reached to stop his hand.

 " Did I do something wrong?"

  " No ,no it's just that I'm so sensitive right now it wouldn't take much to go off. I don't want to cum just yet, Okay?"

" Oh, okay, what should I do then?

" " I 'd really like to touch you for a while, Kevin."

  " Oh, um, sure, whatever you want!"

 I accepted his agreement, and began to run my hands over his body. He had very good muscle tone, and very soft velvety skin. Yes. there were a few scars that some might think marred his beauty, but I saw untold stories in each mark. To me they added a certain allure to him.

  His nipples were fairly large, the areoles about the size of half dollars, and a a pale pink, that got deeper as I ran my fingers over them.

  I let my fingers follow his treasure trail until they came to reach his indented belly button. I swirled my finger around it, then dipped it inside

. When I came out I continued the trip down until I reached the waist band of his briefs. I forced a finger past until it found the curls of his bush.

 Kevin moaned and arched his back just a little. I warned him that I was going to kiss him again, as I swirled my finger through his pubic hair. HIs mouth met mine eagerly and he kissed me fiercely as I slipped my finger out of his shorts, then reached to lightly stroke my finger over his cotton covered dick.

  Kevin gasped and arched against my stroking finger. I let my hand cup the pouch holding his package.

  Kevin moaned again and moved under my hand. I let my kisses drift from his lips. down his chin, his throat, his clavicle.

  Across one pectoral, until I found his peaked nipple. I flicked it with my tongue. Kevin squirmed. I flicked it again, then swirled my wet tongue around it. Kevin bucked into my hand again. Man I love a guy who has erotic nipples.

  While my tongue worked first one nipple then the other, I slid a finger in under his leg band, and stroked it against the round orb of a ball.

 Kevin, moaned again, his legs opening involuntarily, to allow better access.

  I dared to stroke his taint just above where his hole would start. I gently massaged the area in tiny circles.

  " I think maybe it's time for these shorts to come off", I breathed into his ear.

  In answer his hands came down and began shoving them down, tangling my hand in them before I could move.

  As I tugged my hand free, I was captivated by his hard cock popping out

. The head was a very wide mushroom in an angry pink shade. His balls were large and round, hairless and very white. His dark blonde pubic hair was short and thick and almost a perfect triangle.

 As he raised his ass and legs to push off his briefs, a small bead of precum was forced out of the slit.

  His cock was very stout and pale. Probably around four and a half in length.

  I licked my lips, wanting to slurp up that bead of cum

 Briefs off, Kevin settled back beside me, almost tense, waiting to see what I would do next

. I reached out a finger and scooped the bead of moisture off his cock.

 His dick twitched hard in reaction.

  I brought the bead up to my lips and droppped it onto my tongue. Salty, like Kevin's independent nature.

  " What are you doing? " Kevin asked.

  " Tasting you." I mumbled.

 " Tasting me?" " Yeah, tasting the juice from your cock."

  " Oh uh okay...... Do people do that?"

  " Yeah, hard to avoid it, because most gay guys like to suck dick."

  " Are you planning to suck my dick?!"

  " I'd love to suck on your dick, Kevin, why? don't you want me to?"

  " I guess I'd never thought it through that far. I thought we'd just jerk each other off."

  " We can do that if you want. I understand this is kind of new to you. I don't want to push you where you aren't ready to go."

  Kevin sighed. " I imagine it must feel good?"

  " Most guys do like it."

  " Okay, if you really want to,... but..."

 " But?" " I'm not sure I want to suck on you,...sorry."

  " It's all good Kevin. I don't want to pressure you."

  I grasped his cock with my hand then and slowly stroked it a few times. Kevin shut up and moaned.

  I shuffled around until my head was over my stroking hand.

  When his fat head popped out of my fist, I swiped my tongue over the split.

  Kevin almost shrieked.

  I kissed the tip, edging the tip of my tongue into his piss slit.

 I saw Kevin bunching the sheets in his fists. His mouth was open and his breath was coming fast, vacant eyes, rolling in his head.

  As I opened my mouth and took him in, Kevin hissed and went rigid.

  I could taste more precum coating my tongue. Man he tasted good.

 His dick was wide enough I had to stretch my mouth wide to get past the head, but short enough once I relaxed my mouth enough, for me to swallow him to the root, without any gagging.

  I paused letting his dick fill my mouth, and enhaling deeply the smell of his wiry pube hair.

 I came up, letting his dick almost pop free, then buried him in my mouth again.

  As I worked his dick with my mouth I massaged his balls.

  Kevin was writhing under me, moaning, whimpering, making incoherent noise.

  As I bobbed up and down, trying to keep suction tight but not painful, I let my finger slide down to massage his taint.

 Kevin began to buck into my mouth.

  I slipped my finger down and ran it across his most intimate opening.

 Kevin yelled, and drove up into my mouth as deep as he could, and I felt the salty essence of him flood my mouth.

  I kept sucking, he kept bucking, until the eruptions finshed and he collapsed bonelessly into the sheets.

 He lay there gasping, as I gently stroked his quivering belly. His hand fumbled for mine, then he lifted it up to his lips.

  " Oh my God in Heaven," he panted. " I never felt anything like that before."

  I took in his fine panting form laying there beside me on the bed.

 " Um Kevin, do you mind if I jack off, I kinda still got a problem here?.

  He frowned, then smiled. His hand fumbled then found my iron hard dick and closed around it. He began to gently stroke it for me.

  I eased down on my back and Kevin rose up on one elbow beside me. The feel of his stroking, had the precum dripping, lubing up the hood over my glans.

  It didn't take long before cum was plopping down on my chin, chest and belly.

 Kevin kept fisting me until I had to grab his hand and pull it away.

 He seemed to understand I got sensitive after cumming, and didn't protest.

 After I stopped breathing hard. Kevin climbed over me and walked to the bathroom. I heard running water, then he was back wash cloth in his hands. He groped to find me, then carefully washed the cum from me. I had to direct his hand to a couple of spots he missed. He very carefully, put the cloth to the side then started to climb over me again. I protested that I could shift over, but he informed me, that he liked having me between him and the edge of the bed. He snuggled up to me laying his head on my chest.

He broke the comfortable silence after a while. " I was wondering, what else do guys do with each other?"

  " oh all kinds of things depending on the guys."


  Inadvertadly a picture of his fine butt popped into my head. " Like rimming and fucking."


  " Yeah, wow, you really haven"t heard much about gay sex have you?"

  " No, but I'd like to learn, so rimming?"

  " Basically in crude terms, it means asshole licking, often followed by licked asshole being fucked."

  " Really? Guys lick each others bungholes?"

  " Some do yeah, not everyone, it's not to some guys taste,"

  Kevin slapped my belly in protest over my pun.

 " I heard about ass fucking, but it sounds like it would really hurt!"

  ' Oh, it does, especially at first, then it can feel pretty good."

  " Oh,....Why?"

I must have mumbled something.  I vaguely remember Kevin saying my name in a questioning tone.

I think I fell asleep.




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