I awaken to the smell of chorizo and eggs. My cock semi hard, a bit crusted with dry cum. I get up to take a piss and pop a sex enhancer. I know I don't need it but I truly did love fucking this boi. 

I go downstairs, still nude and find my boi naked and cooking. I sit down and he serves me breakfast then getting himself a plate. After we finish eating, he volunteers to do the dishes.

I watch his cute ass wiggle as he cleans up his mess, my pill kicking in and I'm fully erect. I get up, moving behind him, my steel missle rubbing on his ass. He pushes back and wiggles against me. I kiss and nibble on his neck, he tilts his head back and whimpers in lust. He turns the water off and raises a leg onto the counter, begging for my cock.

I reach down and find him pre-lubed. I slowly slide in then pull out over and over before stuffing my cock balls deep inside him. He gasps and moans in pleasure as I slowly thrust into him. He squeezes his ass muscles onto my cock everytime I push in. I grip his petite waist firmly as I pick up the pace. My cock drilling his still tight pussy harder and deeper.

The harder and deeper I plunge into him, the more his foot leaves the floor. I slow down just enough to whimper in lustful disappointment. I kiss his neck once more before clamping my hands onto his waist harder and assault his little ass. Pounding his pussy without mercy. My cock moving like the flash as I slide in and pull out.

He cries out as he cums into the soapy sink water, forcing me over the edge. I throw my head back and roar out as I unleash more hot seed into his pussy. I grip the counter as we catch our breath.

I don't wait too long though. I pull out slowly but quickly throw him onto his back onto the dining table. I raise his legs up and drive my steel rod back into his ass. I pin his hands onto the table as he vice grips his legs around my waist. I assault his ass once more. 

My hips smacking his ass hard and loud, the suctioning sound of lube from his ass echo about the kitchen. The table squeeking and moaning under us as I try to drive my cock up through his ass and out his mouth. I relinquish his hands as I raise his ass off the table. He thrashes this way and that, playing with his nipples, whimpering and yelping in pure lustful pleasure.

He suddenly stops before going completely stiff, crying out as his cock unleashes a bigger volley of cum. I bite my lip, trying to with hold my orgasm. As he rekaxes, I slowly pull out, sitting in one of the chairs in the dining room. He sits on my cock, back to me. He turns his head just enough for a kiss.

I raise his legs up and unleash my pent up lust. Pounding him harder than I have ever fucked before. A few times my cock popping out of his ass but quickly being replaced. I stand up to my feet, holding his legs out wide as I fuck his cute boi pussy without remorse. 

He quickly cums again and again. His ass clamped tightly on my cock as I finally roar out and unleashes noahs flood inside his ass. 3 nuts, one after another, from pent up sex and my lust for this boi unravel into his used ass. My cum leaking out around my cock as I'm still inside him.

I slowly pull out and at least a cup of hot fluid gushes from his ass. I lay him across the table, admiring his gaping, cum filled, cum gushing, cum plastered ass. I kiss him on his neck and help him to the tub. After bathing him, I take him to my bed where when he awakens, I will surely fuck him again and again till his family comes back.



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