My parents had hired a pool boy to clean my pool since I had a busy work schedule. One day, I was given a week of paid vacation. After eating breakfast and taking a shower, I retreated to my room to jerk off to some sexy twink porn. Before I could hit play, I hear a splash coming from my backyard.

I look outside to see a cute, skinny boy climbing out of my pool. His shirt and shorts soaked and clinging to his body. I rush outside to see what happened.

"I'm sorry señor, I was cleaning and fell in."

My god this boy was sexy, had to be at least 18 or 19. I try to hide my growing erection in my sweatpants. I usher him inside, offering to dry his clothes as he showers off. After stripping down and getting in the shower, I gather his clothes, throwing them in the dryer. I notice he had worn a cute g-string. My cock getting harder knowing I plan on keeping them.

I run back upstairs as the water turns off. He's standing in the hallway drying his hair, looking for me. I take notice of his adorable ass, completely smooth of all hair. He bends down to dry his legs when I notice his tight pussy. That did it. I'm now completely rock hard and not sure if this boy will be my bitch.

He turns and looks at me. He smiles as he notices my hard tent.

"Señor, you need me to clean your pipes? Free of charge."

I look at him in pure lust and amazement as he drops his towel, kneels before me, pulling my pants down. He admires and worships my cock as he strokes it, licks it, teasing me with his tongue. He then swallows my cock, sucking and slurping, tilting his head this way and that. I let out a loud groan, fuck this boy is good.

I let him keep sucking me, running my fingers through his wet hair. He moans on my cock as I feel some pre-cum escape me. I tear off my shirt and kick my pants aside. I grab hold of his head and begin to mercilessly face fuck him. He grabs hold of my ass with one hand, playing with his boi pussy with the other.

I forewarn him I'm close, but he only grabs my ass harder. My nuts slapping at his chin, the sound of slurping echoing in the hall. I clench up and grunt loudly as I cum. Feeding him ropes of hot seed. He swallows every drop, slowly pulling off, licking my cock clean then kissing it. He smiles up at me and my still hard cock.

I ask if he is virgin and he smiles with a 'Ci señor'. I raise him to his feet and lead him to my room. I lay him face down onto my bed, his cute ass in the air. I climb behind him and gently lick his crack from taint to tailbone. He quivers and coos in lust. I lick him again then focus on his bud. Licking, poking, running circles around his pussy. He reaches down, playing with his growing cock.

I slap his hand away and continue to rim his hole. He begs for me to take him. After 5 minutes of hot rimming, I lube my cock and tease him once again. Running my cock up and down his ass, teasing his hole, spanking him with my cock before finally slowly penetrating him. He yelps at first then relaxes.

I sink into him inch by inch till I'm to the hilt. His fresh ass raw on my cock. I lean over onto my elbows, kissing on his neck as I begin to slowly fuck this boy. After 10 minutes, he says he's ready for me to fuck him. I bite into his shoulder as I begin fucking his boi pussy harder, faster, deeper. The bed groaning loudly beneath us as my nuts and hips slap his ass hard and loud.

He moans and yelps like a little slut. Fuck I'm loving this boy. I feel the pressure building in my loins as his ass begins to tighten up. He cries out as he cums hands free, clamping onto my cock like a vice. I bite my lip then burp out a loud FUCK as I unleash a volley of hot seed into his ass. I lay my head on his shoulder as I relax. I know I can fuck and cum more than this but why can't I? I slowly pull out and lay next to him.

He cuddles with me, thanking me. He tells me his parents are out of town for the week. I smile knowing I will get more from this boi. We fall asleep, relaxed, waiting for the next day.

There will be a part 2. I'm not done with this boi just yet.




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