I had been going to Gabe and Steve's Gym for a couple of months, and I was quite pleased with the results. I could tell that Gabe and Steve were pleased too, as they'd both been giving me the eye when I was in the shower. I didn't mind all that much; it was a free world and looks didn't cost me anything or so I thought at the time. I knew that Gabe and Steve were a couple, but that didn't mean much to me either. Somewhat of an odd couple. Both were handsome and well built, to be sure, but Gabe was a bulging Nordic god, while Steve was the lithe and hirsute Mediterranean type.

Everything was going fine until that evening when I'd worked late and didn't arrive at the gym until near closing. No problem, Gabe had said. I could continue working out after they closed, as Steve had to do some paperwork anyway. Gabe could spot me, if I liked for my barbell set. While he was talking to me, he stripped off his shirt. His bulging chest muscles tapering down to washboard abs and strong stomach muscles were an inspiration for me to work harder on my own routines. He was well tanned and hairless; I knew that he shaved all over regularly, as he appeared in many local bodybuilding contests.

When I got around to doing my barbell lifts, I started to settle on my usual bench, when Gabe suggested I try the new bench in the back room. It was a strange contraption, raised higher than the normal bench off the ground and with stirrups for the feet. Gabe told me this was an improvement in two ways, as it prevented the lifter from using his feet so much for traction and put the barbells at a better height for the spotter to work with. I knew little about such things, so I didn't ask any questions and jumped up on the bench and flopped down on my back.

Gabe called Steve in from the office and asked him to help get me settled on the bench. Steve must have been on his way to the showers when Gabe called, because when he entered the room, all he had around him was a skimpy towel that veed in front to below his waistline. Incongruously, though, he was carrying a big pair of scissors. He was deeply tanned and covered in curly black hair that spiraled down the front of him to where the towel was knotted. His muscles didn't bulge like Gabe's, but he was still well muscled and lean, a regular Apollo. He sauntered over to us, gave me a big toothy smile and, flipping my right foot out of my sneaker, began strapping my foot into one of the stirrups. When I was lying flat on the bench, my legs didn't reach the ground, but the stirrups, which were attached to the bench by long leather straps could be adjusted to my leg length. They really were quite comfortable when Steve had gotten my feet strapped into them.

Gabe put a set of bells on the stand, and I took hold of the bar. He wrapped his big fists around mine, but let me provide all of the power in the lifts. I had done a couple of lifts before I even noticed that Steve had his hands on my knees, and I probably wouldn't have noticed even then if he hadn't been working his hands up my thighs.

'What?' I said as I looked up sharply. Steve was still smiling that smile, but he had lost the towel and his prick was standing at attention. I started to lurch up, but Gabe swiftly tied my hands to the ends of the barbell rack with leather straps I hadn't noticed being there before.

Steve's hand went up into the legs of my shorts and stroked my dong through my jock strap. I started to curse them both in a loud voice, but Gabe just laughed and told me to go ahead and yell. No one would hear. I looked back down at Steve, whose hands had withdrawn from my shorts, and my eyes opened wide as I saw him coming at me with that pair of scissors.

'Be still, or you'll get hurt,' he said, as he snipped at the hems of my shorts and gym shirt. Then, in almost simultaneous motion, he ripped off my shorts and, after cutting the bands on my jock strap, ripped that off as well, as Gabe reached down, took the hem of my gym shirt and just ripped that off my body.

'Hmmm, nice, Steve, said, as he took my now-naked and quivering body in.' I gasped, as he took my dick into his mouth, He swallowed it all the way to the root in one gulp, and, I couldn't help myself, it started to engorge.

'There, that's good,' Steve said, as he withdrew. 'We'll have this stiffened up in no time.' He licked down to the root on one side and then back up the head, which he took into his mouth. He rimmed the underside of this with his tongue and then moved the tip of his tongue to my piss slit, which he flicked and forth while I moaned quietly in guilty ecstasy. His hand went to my balls, which he rolled and pulled gently.

I felt something hard and moist strike my cheek, and I looked up to see, to my horror, Gabe's huge dick and balls suspended above me. He took my head between his two big mitts and positioned my mouth under his dick and commanded me to suck him. I refused indignantly, and suddenly I felt an excruciating pain in my balls, which Steve was crushing.

'Do as he says,' Steve commanded, so I started tentatively giving Gabe head. Meanwhile, I felt my legs being pulled apart and up by some unseen adjustment Steve had made to the stirrups and Steve took hold of me by the hips and slid me until my butt cheeks were off the end of the bench. The next thing I felt down there was Steve's tongue. He started rimming my ass with his wet tongue and flicking his tongue in and out of my ass. I felt myself tighten up down there initially, but as his tongue probed deeper, I felt myself loosening and my ass passage relaxing and widening. I was enjoying this now. I could continue to fight it, but I knew I was beginning to want this.

Gabe took his dong from my mouth and moved around the bench, straddling me above my chest and coming at me again with that big cock of his.

'Rim it,' he commanded, and I took the knob of his cock into my mouth again and ran my tongue around where the glans met skin.

'Open wider,' he said, and as I did, he pushed his cock farther into my mouth, and I almost gagged on the load.

'Don't fight it,' he said. 'Stay relaxed and open and you'll manage just fine. This is all quite natural; it just takes some experience.'

I tried to do as he said, and I found that I could, indeed, manage the slow pumping action Gabe had set up. After a few minutes, I found, also that, if I brought my tongue into play around his glans, he spent more time right at the entrance of my mouth and less time probing the back of my throat.

Meanwhile, Steve had taken some cool salve of some sort and slapped it on my asshole and was slowly working his fingers into my ass; first one finger and then two, and eventually three. I jerked as he found my prostate. A jolt of sexual arousal and pleasure shot through me.

Gabe reversed above me, taking my cock in his mouth and presenting his cock, balls, and asshole for me to lick and suck.

I gasped and lurched again when Steve entered me. He held his dick just inside my hole until I had adjusted and then just drilled it in deep and plowed me. I began to buck against him in a passionate response to the action of his dick.

All of this was just too much for me, and I shot off in Gabe's mouth, my cum bubbling out of his mouth and down onto my belly. Gabe cleaned me off and then got off me and went behind Steve, where he entered him, and fucked Steve in rhythm with Steve fucking me.

When they had both cum, they released me and told me to go off to the showers and then I could dress and leave. They were laughing and joking and saying we'd all gotten a good late-night workout. They acted like they'd done nothing wrong and that I had no reason to be upset. And I went along with them; I certainly didn't want to make them angry. They had the cheapest gym in this part of town, and there was a long waiting list for members. They were nice enough to tell me they'd take the cost of the shredded gym top and shorts off my monthly bill.

But that was all just rationalization on my part. Three nights later I appeared again at closing and they didn't even have to tie me down this time when they ravished me.



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