Going back to my childhood home was finally a pleasure, but I remember when I almost despised going home, for fear that my father, whom I really adored would have found out the truth about me.

I am Gay, I love guys with a passion, I discovered this on a warm Summer afternoon when Kyle, my best buddy and I went skinny dipping in Bryant Creek, after doing Hay at a neighbor's farm, we really didn't go there for what happened, but it was one of those things that happened.

I remember seeing Kyle's well built body as he slowly stripped naked that afternoon, Kyle was a high school hunk that was into school sports and we had been best buddies for years.

I was about to discover something about Kyle that I had never given thought to all those years.

Kyle finally got down to his white briefs, looked at me and said, 'Ready,' I, without thinking reached down as I said, 'Yeah,' and slipped my briefs off and threw them aside.

I smiled and said, 'Chicken,' not realizing that Kyle was not planning to swim naked, but planned to swim with his briefs on.

I looked up out of the water as Kyle stood there in his white briefs, 'Come on man, its just us two guys, Ive seen your dick before at school, so what's the big deal?' then I noticed his cock swelling as he stripped off his briefs and by the time he got ready to dive into the water, he had a full blown boner, damn I had not realized his cock was that big, but it was awesome looking.

Kyle just blushed, 'Sorry man, lately I've been getting boners a lot,' he said.

'Well Kyle do you jerk off, I do, that helps relieve the pressure,' I said.

'Fuck yeah man, I think I beat that sucker five times a day but it still is not satisfying enough, ya know?' he asked.

'I guess I need to get laid, like the guys from town are always bragging about. They say it feels really great getting your dick sucked too, that it's the most fantastic feeling in the world.' he said.

My mind was going a million miles an hour, 'Well you still hard Kyle? I asked him. 'Yeah,' he said.

I walked over to where we were standing almost chest deep, looking straight into his eyes.

I saw things I had never seen before in Kyles face, eyes and all around looks, I was getting turned on to the thoughts of me doing something to relieve his boner.

I got up close to Kyle and just looked into his eyes, Kyle smiled a beautiful smile and I felt very warm, sensual feelings.

I reached out and took Kyles very thick cock,Kyle let out a little gasp, his cock felt strange to me, not only was Kyle's cock thicker and longer than mine, but his cock was cleanly cut, his head was flared out thick and tight and his cock felt awesome as it flexed in my hand.

'Oh shit man, that feels so good.' he said.

I started rubbing his cock back and forth under the water, I reached down as I looked into his eyes and felt his ball sack had tightened up tight, I didn't know if it was the water temperature that had done it or his sexual excitement, I only knew my own balls were tight against my body and my cock was now aching wanting to be touched.

I was stroking him smoothly and loving, just like I would have wanted to have someone do to me.

Kyle leaned over and rested his face and head against my shoulder and wimpered and I felt his hips start doing a fucking motion into my hand around his thick cock, he was into what I was doing.

I had stroked his cock there in the water about five minutes, loving every minute of it.

Then I felt his hand reach down and wrap around my own uncut cock, I thought I was gonna scream with the pleasure his hand stroking my cock was making go thru my body. I was falling in love with Kyle, or maybe I already had been in love with him, but just now was coming into the realization of it.

I played with his thick meat for a while and then began to feeling like I wanted more.

I led Kyle out onto a towel and we layed down, I looked into Kyles eyes, leaned over and gave him a passionate kiss, which he accepted lustfully, and then leaned down and took his cock into my mouth, relishing the taste, its flavor, enjoying its hardness and it hit the back of my throat, making me gag a little, I was in heaven, enjoying sucking this cock just as much as Kyle was enjoying getting it sucked.

I had sucked it for a little while when I felt Kyles body start tensing up, I could see his legs as the muscles went very tight and tense, and I felt his body as he groaned.'Holy shit, Marty! Im cuuuuuuumming,' and cum he did, I didn't know what to do with it, so I started swallowing, it was odd tasting at first, but I felt his body jerking as I licked and sucked all he had to give.

We lay there for a few minutes and Kyle gasped for air, and then said, 'Mother Fucker Marty, that was the most amazing thing I ever felt, I needed that, now I know what those guys are talking about at school, blowjobs are fantastic.'

He looked down at my still aching cock, smiled and took my cock to the hilt licking like it was a ice cream cone and taking it to the balls in his mouth and throat.

His mouth was the most incredible feeling I had ever felt, so warm, so slick, so awesome as he slid his mouth back and forth over the head of my cock, it only took me a few minutes to blow a load into Kyles mouth, and man was it a load, I felt like I dumped a quart jar full of cum into his mouth, but he never lost a drop.

Kyle looked up at me and said, 'Well did you like that Marty?' 'Are you fucking Kidding me man/ that was the most awesome feeling in the world, hope we can get to do this more often now,' I said.

'Yeah, man, you can bank on it.' he responded.

And we did, every chance we could take. But my father still didn't know about even to this day, he would have disowned me, He thought all fags and queers should be taken to the desert and drop an A bomb on them and kill them all.

Well I left home after I graduated and attended the State University, had some wonderful experiences whilt there.

My Father passed away and Mom moved to Florida to be with my older sister and My oldest Brother took over and bought the Farm from Mom.

I joined the military and I was noW twenty six, My older brother was sixteen years older than me, and Married had two daughters and two sons, Lance and Vance, twins.

Now here I was going home for the Holidays, it as fantastic, I hadn't been home for over five years and Lance and Vance were just fourteen when I last saw them.

I pulled up and these two very handsome, well built dudes came running out to the car, 'Hey Uncle Martin,' Both boys looked so much alike that I couldn't tell If I was seeing double or they were real.

Both had on tight faded blue jeans that looked like their leg muscles would split the material, nice tight faded blue tee shirts that showed off very well muscled chests and abs.

I asked them if the played sports at school and they answered in the afirmative.

But they get most of their workouts on the farm, working their asses off for their Dad.

Now here I was now twenty six almost twenty seven, drooling over my two nephews, and believe me when I say they were to hot, sexy studs. They could have done anything to me they wanted and I would not have resisted.

About that time my older Brother walked out of the house and told Lance and Vance to take my things to their room, Lance and Vance had asked if I could sleep in their room with them, to which I gladly agreed.

Well Darrel, (My older brother) took me around and showed me what he had done with the farm, it was impressive. He had had the old swimming hole dredged out to make a good place for the boys to swim in like we used to.

Well we went all around the farm checking out the changes that had been made, It was very nice.

Meg,(Darrel's Wife) cooked a wonderful country style home cooked meal that night and we just relaxed to the front porch, drank coffee had some delicious homemade apple pie, and got caught up on the latest news from each other, where I was working now and the usual Banter.

It was almost ten thirty and I was getting restless, sorta tired but a bit anxious as to what would take place when we got into the bed room, I didn't want to make any mistakes and do something that would get me kicked out and tossed out on my ass for doing something stupid, but damn those boys were hot looking.

We got upstairs to the boys bedroom which is a huge room with One queen sized bed and a twin bed.

Lance looked and me and smiled, 'Hey Uncle Marty we want you to sleep in bed with us, O.k.

I wasn't too sure about that arrangement, they both began to strip their clothes off, and Were both commando, no underwear, Lance's cock was hefty as was Vance's, both uncut, and both almost hard, they just looked at me and smiled.

'You can sleep naked with us too if you like Uncle Marty, we always do.' Vance said.

Well I stripped and by the time I was down to my briefs I was already hard noticing the boys awesome looking asses and those almost bone hard cocks standing out.

We crawled between the sheets and I felt both boys put an arm over my chest, and began to rub my chest and stomach, which tended to only make my cock throb harder.

Lance leaned up on his elbow and said,'Uncle Marty, would you tell us the truth about something?' he asked.

'Sure why would I lie to you,' I responded.

'Well our Dad told us once that Grampa thought you might be homosexual, you know Gay, but he wasn't sure, but that no matter what, he would love you.'

I was stunned, I had always thought if he knew he would have disowned me.

I smiled at Vance and said. 'Yes boys, I am gay, I hope that don't scare you away from me, I promise I won't try anything with you,' I said.

Lance just smiled and said, 'Why not, we want to get it on with you. We have been planning and talking about it even since we heard you were coming for the holidays, Lance and I are both gay, we suck and fuck each other all the time and have for several years, since we discovered how much fun their can be doing each other.'

Wow! I was bowled over by this revelation.

Lance looked up at me and said, 'Fuck Uncle Marty, Me and Vance have been fucked by half the guys on the High School football and basketball teams, and we have fucked a bunch of them too, but most of all I love sucking the cock of my science teacher, Mr. Collingsworth, He has almost nine inches of the thickest cock I have ever seen, and loves to get sucked, his wife won't suck his cock so he lets us. Shit man, one afternoon after classes he fucked me in the classroom, the door was locked and the blinds were pulled of course, Son of a Bitch that hurt like hell.'

I was shocked to say the least.

I was just laying there thinking about all that I had been told when I felt something warm and wet go over my hard cock, I tensed up and almost flew off the bed, Vance was working on my cock like a professional cocksucker. This kid knew what he was doing, he was giving me just about the best blowjob I had ever had, and I wasn't goin to be able to hold out, his mouth was not just warm but hot against my cock shaft and the sensation that hot mouth was making on the head was hellatiously fantastic.

I had never had this kind of workover in my life, two guys working on me bringing me this kind of pleaure, actually extasy, I was in limbo Lance had pulled me down to the edge of the bed, and raised up my legs and started working over my asshole with his tongue, Vance had straddled my face and leaned forward and took my cock onto his mouth and throat, and I looked up and saw Vance's cock, hard and leaking pre-cum, and I pulled it into my mouth and I was taken away into a another world, My asshole was being rimmed and licked, what a fantastic feeling, my cock was being sucked at the same time and I was sucking a nice young awesome tasting cock at the same time, now that is a little bit of heaven.

What was so amazing I didn't want to cum too soon so I stopped them, got up on all fours and had Lance slide his hefty cock to the balls in my asshole, and Vance slid his cock between my lips, Now this is awewsome, I was stroking my own cock and we were all into this little sexual threeway, together

I was giving Vance the best blowjob I knew how to give and working Lance's cock with my anal muscles when I heard a moaning sound start to come from both their mouths ad I felt Lance ram his cock to the balls and grunt loudly and I felt his warm semen pouring into Uncle Martys insides, Vance just leaned over on top of my head pulled my head to his body and began shooting a load of cum that would choke a horse and I gulped it down like fine wine.

I kept them both inside me, ass and mouth, as I pumped out my own load onto the covers of the bed.

We all flopped down on the bed hugging and loving on each other, and fell asleep.

I was in as state of shock the next morning after we had eaten breakfast when out on the porch alone with my older brother, Darrel put his arm around my shoulder and said, 'You and the boys enjoy yourself last night?' I looked up at Darrel's face, 'Hey Marty, Im not stupid, but its o.k. your my brother, and I already know about the boys, so I just allow them to be themselves, and you, well lets just say, we'll keep it in the family. Love you Bro.'



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