Growing up in the Bayou's of south Louisiana, almost out of civilization, way back in the swamp areas, was a hard life for me, as a young man, I never knew anyone that I would ever call my father, or Pappy.

I was raised by my mother in a three room Shanty type hut out in the swamp, up on stilts over the water, we went everywhere in boats or peroes. Well, we did occasionally see someone she called her brother, Uncle Samuel, and he was about as allusive as a gator, hardly ever saw him.

I was use to hunting what I could for food, and takeing home an occasional young Alligator for supper or a takeing the peroe out and checking my traps, which I used to catch Crawfish, or craddads, or Bull Frogs and sometime catfish.

I loved the life I had there and as I got older my Ma nnknew that I was growing up and wanted me to know the ways of being a man, she wanted me to know the things that a young man would know as he growed up.

I was perfectly happy to just be me, but she knew that there were things a grown man could teach me and show me. Such as the ways of life with a woman, Hell I could have cared less about that, I was happy with the life I had.

One day I remember a little older looking man came by in his boat, and got out and smiled at me and said. 'Hey there kid, Im Jess, Jess Cambridge, you must be Tim.'

I looked up sorta like timid and shy, and said, 'Yes Sir, I am.'

'Well Tim, your Maw wants me to kinda take you under my wings and teach you things about being a man, I have a son named Scott who I would like you to meet, hes a real good kid and he and you could be good buddies, he can help show you some things about being a man, and you two could become friends, what would you say to that?'

Well Schucks man, I didn't need any teachin I was already a man, well in most way at least, I had never had any learnin about girls and such. but I figured there was a lot of time for that sort of thing.

I was pretty muscular, was well built, and had nice sized arms an legs, I could chop a tree down in just a few minutes, and bring in a boat load of fire wood for Maws cook stove, I could row a boat with the best of them.

Well, Maw wanted me to spend some time with Jess and his son Scott and get me some man learnin

I took a small bag of clothes and went to spend a few weeks with Jess, I must say he was a very nice, but firm, strong and knowledgeable man, I began learning things from him right away.

I was finding out that there were ways of doing things I never heard of.

Then there was this one day I was out with my new buddy Scott, who was a little bigger and a couple years older than me, we were out in his boat, we had checked his crawfish traps and he taught me new ways to increase the production of the crawfish like adding bait to the trap,I never thought of that.

This one day we had been out setting in the boat fishing in this pretty big swamp pool there in the Bayou, and Scott was looking at me and smiled, 'I bet I know something you don't,' he said.

I just looked puzzled at Scott, 'Oh Yeah! whats that?'

I noticed that Scott was setting there with his legs splayed out and his bib overhauls and he was rubbing his rather big bulge in his crotch, I was a little embarrassed and yet a little turned on, tho I had no Idea why I was having the feelings I was happening.

'Well Tim, you ever milked your pecker?' he asked.

'MILKED MY PECKER? I don't understand.' I said.

'well you know?' take out your pecker and stroke it and get it hard, and stroke it untill it spits milky looking stuff, aint you ever done that?' he asked.

'No,' I said with a red face, I was embarrassed, but I was interested in knowing what it was, I was a young man wanting to learn the ways of being a man, and I figured that there were things that Scott knew, being he had a Dad to learn from, and after all I did know was I had a pecker, why it got hard and tingled and felt so good was still a mystery to me, all I had ever done with it was pee.

Scott rowed the boat into the cypress trees and tied the boat between two close trees, it was tied really tight, then he came over and sat down on the seat next to me, Scott looked into my eyes, well you ready, I was a little shy and nervous but kinda excited to learn what he was talking about, I felt my young virgin dick getting hard.

Scott looked at me and said, 'Just do what I do,' so I did.

Scott undid his britches and opened them up and pulled them down to his ankles and leaned back.

I was astounded, it was the first time I had ever seen a guy naked, his body was beautiful, and for some reason I was feeling an attraction for Scott, all I could say as he layed back and I noticed his body was 'Wow' Scott,' He smiled at me and said, well you do it too.

I started undoing my bib overhauls and my swollen pecker was standing out like a tree limb, the one thing I noticed was my pecker was a little bigger than Scotts, but he had this blond bush of thick hair around his pecker and his nutssack, I wanted to touch him not just his pecker and balls ,but his stomach and his chest, he was so pretty to me, My first seeing of a naked human, I wanted to lay next to Scott and touch his body.

I was brought back to my senses when Scott just stared at my pecker and all he said was, 'Holy Fuck Tim, thats bigger than my Paws pecker,' How big is it?' I had never paid any attention to it before, I had never seen anyone elses to compare it with, but I guess it was bigger than a lot of guys, it was quite a bit bigger than Scotts, My pecker was already hard and I felt proud that Scott was paying it so much attention and enjoying it. but It was bigger than Scotts.

Scott looked into my eyes and said, 'Can I show you how to milk your pecker?' 'Well sure, go ahead, not knowing what I was in for.

I felt Scotts hand wrap around my hard dick and Scott began to make me feel so fantastic, my embarrassment began to fade away, all I could think was wow, if this is what a man is suppose to feel like, and do, no wonder my Maw wanted me to know, this is fantastic.

Scott was causing sensations run thru my body, sensations and feelings I had never dreamed about, I was breathing like an air starved man, my cock was feeling feelings I had never thought existed.

I was leaning back on my elbows as Scott layed next to me and was jerking my cock like there was no tomorrow, he was swirling his hand around and up and down and I was feeling the fresh air each time my foreskin slid back and exposed the swollen head of my cock to the fresh air. My stomach was doing a dance and my body was doing things just as a response to what Scott was doing.

It was a feeling I had never felt, and for some reason I knew I would want to do this as much as I could. I was now a man, or so I thought.

I was laying back with my eyes closed enjoying what Scott was doing to my hard cock, I could feel that tingling, like I might have to pee, that churning in my groin and balls,yet it wasn't that feeling either, all I knew was,I didn't want him to quit.

Then Scott, just smiled at me and said, 'You like this Tim?'

'Oh yeah Scott, wow, its feeling sooo good, then he did something that totally surprised me, He leaned over smiled at me and he slipped my foreskin back and exposed the head of my pecker and took it into his mouth,awe shit, his mouth was hot, moist, and he put just a perfect amount of pressure on my pecker, I took a gasp and let out a moan as Scott took my cock to the balls deep into his throat.

As good as it felt, I wondered where he put it all, then I realized he took it down his throat, but it only took about three good sucks with his hot wet mouth and I felt the most awesome feeling of my young life, it felt like all my joints came unglued, I felt my cock jerking and my nuts felt like they would explode, it was almost a painful experience yet fantastic feeling too. I couldn't explain what I was feeling except it was one awesome experience.

I knew something had shot out of my cock, but it felt so good.

As Scott pulled off my cock with his mouth I saw this milky white thick stringy looking creamy stuff hanging on his lips, he took a finger and pushed it into his mouth and swallowed.

'Shit Scott, did that come out of me.' 'yep, and it was delicious,' he said.

I was virgin no longer, but I wanted more. so I leaned over and took Scotts cock into my mouth and it felt so wonderful, it was soft and velvety feeling against the inside of my mouth, but yet it was hard as a rock, I could smell the aroma of Scotts balls, sweaty, sorta masculine musty yet nice and round and so intoxicating, I found my self like a fish to water, knowing that Scott would love it, I started sucking and tongue massaging his balls his moans of pleasure was telling his story, this was all so new to me, but I was loving it.

I finally brought his cock off and tasted that creamy white 'MILK' as he called it and Scott just smiled at me and said, that was 'bodatious Tim,' I smiled. 'You sure you never did this before Tim?' Scott asked.

'No never, I didn't know anything about it, but now I do, and I love it.'

I looked at Scott and said, 'Man where did you learn to to this, its awesome.' I said.

'My Paw taught me,' Scot replied

'Heck yeah we been Milking each other since I was bout 15,' he said.

'Guess I don't know what I missed not haveing a Paw.' I said.

We got to Scotts Paws shanty there on the Bayou, and Jess was waiting on the front portch overlooking the water, 'Hey Paw we got some catfish for supper,' Scott said as he stepped out of the boat.

'Well did you boys have a good time today?' Jess said.

'Oh Yes sir,' I responded, I learned about 'Milking and all' I said.

'Jess smiled and looked over at Scott,' 'I told him you had something else you wanted to show him Paw, I left that for you.' Scott said.

I was puzzeled at that statement, but just figured there was more to learn.

That night Jess cooked a real good meal of rice and catfish and cornbread, he was a real good cook.

Then we listened on the porch at the sounds of the Bayou, sounds you hear no where else in the world.

After that day of learning about Milking I felt like a million dollars.

That night we got ready for bed, Jess and Scott stripped down to their underwear and I did too.

Jess smiled and me and said, 'Hey Tim, Scott says you have a really big Ole Pecker, is that right?'

'WEll I guess I do Jess, I never had a Paw or another guy to compare it with.'

Jess smiled and just put his arms around my shoulders and said. 'Well lets have a look son,' to which I said ''Sure,' I dropped my trousers and unders and there it layed like a python, Jess's mouth hung open, 'HOly Fuck boy, where did that come from, He reached out and began to stroke it and it began to get bigger, I just figured he was gonna milk me kinda like Scott did earlier that afternoon, and it was feeling good.

We finally went into the bedroom and lay across the bed, Jess got between me and Scott and pulled off his unders, I looked at Jess and said, 'Are we gonna milk each other?' I asked.

'Naw kid, your gonna fuck me,' 'Fuck you, whats that?' I asked.

Jess began to suck me like Scott did and I was enjoying it with heartfelt love.

He got me good an hard and I was enjoying what he was doing, when he changed his position and raised his legs up and got some stuff and greased up his but and told me to put my pecker into his butthole, I had never heard of such a thing, wow, I did as he told me, afterall sucking on a pecker was fun and so totally enjoyable, I got up and tooke hold of my hard as a rock pecker and put it against his butthole, I felt his butthole heat against my pecker and it felt fantastic, 'Now shove it inside and fucke me,' Jess said.

I shoved almost all of my cock inside Jess's asshole and it sunk deep inside his hot body, god what a feeling, it was tight, hot, wet and slick, and my cock was twitching and wanting the groove.

I began to shove it in and out, and I was now fucking as Mr. cambridge was almost going wild, I didn't know if he was in pain or enjoying it. all I knew was I certainly was enjoying it, after a few minutes I saw Scott kneel up against his paws head and Jess took Scotts cock to the balls in his mouth, god it was exciting as Jess took my cock up his ass hole and Scotts cock into his mouth, I watched Jesses face as I shot my cum deep into his body and watched him drink Scott's milk till there was no more and as he lay there I rubbed his body as Scott milked his cock while I was still inside him, he shot a big batch of milk which we licked and swallowed.

I must say that was the beginning of my manhood, and I thoroughly enjoyed my growing up and learning Life On the Bayou.



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