Connor untied the naked, shy 18 year old from his bondage gear.

'Follow me Ewan, I want to take you to a friend of mine.' Connor grinned opening a door.

'Walk in there and stand in front of Nick.'

Ewan, with no other option walked in a few steps, before hearing connor close and lock the door behind him. Ewan realized he was in another cave lit up only by an ceiling light. On the wall the was a large mirror on the wall and a bed. Sitting on a chair four meters away was a fat bald man. Ewan covered his groin. Nick watched him curiously.

'Are you Ewan?' The man asked, getting up. He was a tall as Connor but had a big beer-belly gut.

'Yes.' Ewan responded nervously.

'Whenever you answer me, you called me sir.'

'Yes...sir.' Ewan answered grudgingly, realising there was no way out of the prison with men as big as connor and Nick.

Nick walked up to him.

Ewan looked very shy as he covered his groin.

'Why are you covering it up for?' Nick asked as he tried to take Ewan's hands away. Ewan was too defensive to respond.

'So you're too shy to let me see it...' Nick said as he caressed Ewan's buttocks instead and drew his open lips closer to Ewan's to kiss him.

'You've got a sexy body Ewan...I bet you will love sucking my cock, won't you?' the pervert whispered as stuck his tongue down the youth's throat.

Ewan shunned away from Nick's grip as soon as he felt a tongue touch his. Nick looked annoyed and immediately grabbed his side and aggressively spanked his buttocks five times very hard. Ewan winced in pain on each one.

'Are you going to let me see it?' Nick asked, spanking him another five times.

'Yes...' Ewan answered eventually. Nick spanked him another five times.

'Yes, what?' Nick asked as he could see the redness.

'Yes sir.' Ewan answered. Nick spanked him again. As painful it was, it was also exciting Ewan it ways he'd preferred not to.

'>smack< Arh...please don't spank me any more.'

'I love spanking you, Ewan. So if you dare give me an excuse or defy me, I will enjoy teaching you a lesson, understand?'

'Yes sir.'

'Good. Get down on your knees.'

Ewan did so and Nick stood over him.

'Suck it right in you mouth.'

Ewan nervously put his tongue on the end and slowly began sucking it's full length.

'Faster, you're too slow!' Nick told him impatiently.

Ewan slid the whole of Nick's swollen throbbing cock in and out of his young mouth.

'Ah that's it...good man...' Nick spoke in ecstasy. As Ewan took it deep into his mouth, he felt it swell bigger and ooze pre-cum.

'That's enough now...I think you've made it rock hard. Stand up!' Nick said.

'Lift up your left leg.' Nick ordered. As Ewan did so, Nick held it right up with his right hand and rubbed vaseline between Ewan's buttocks. Ewan didn't dare provoke Nick into punishing him, regardless of how much he enjoyed being spanked, but didn't like having feel of soreness of his buttcheeks to be to great, even as he felt his face burn as Nick pressed his finger against his sphincter and watched the cute face blush.

'Connor was right about you...' Nick said as he slowly penetrated him with a sqelching sound of vaseline and put down his leg.

Ewan gasped as he felt his body being invaded.

Nick went deeper and faster inside Ewan.

'I want to see you get an erection for me.' Nick ordered as he furiously massaged Ewan's prostate gland. Ewan looked down to see his dick slowly stiffening.

'You like that don't you, you like getting a hardon in front of a stranger, don't you?' Nick teased. Ewan didn't answer he was to emotional. Nick was right, this was exactly one of the things which excited Ewan.

'Don't you, Ewan?' Nick spanking his butt again.

'Yes sir.' Ewan said with his chest heaving in arousal and his mouth open.

Nick pulled his hand free from Ewan.

'Stand close to that mirror until you're almost touching it.'

'Sit on my lap spread your legs.' Nick ordered as he crouched behind Ewan so Ewan could sit on his lap.

Ewan mostly saw himself in the mirror with the tall fat man behind and above him.

Ewan felt his buttcheeks being parted and felt Nick's stiff cock pressing against the youth's sphincter. Ewan could see his hardon being held in the mirror also as his sphincter opened up to take nick's raging erection. Nick began to jerk Ewan off as his cock slowly went all the way into him.

'That feels good, doesn't it, Ewan?' Nick panted as he slid it back and forth Ewans anus. Ewan turned his head to the side to avoid seeing himself being fucked sordid in the mirror by a perverted stranger. Ewan gasped and panted as he was jerked off and fucked in the ass.

'Feels good doesn't it?' Nick asked again after spanking one of Ewan's asscheeks.

'Yes sir.'

Nick began fucking him faster and jerked him faster.

'You're a really horny and loved to be fucked by a stranger, don't you?' Nick panted.

'Yes sir...' Ewan said, trying to catch his breath.

'I'm going to cum deep inside you.' Nick said as his balls smacked against the ass he was fucking. Nick tightened his grip and started moaning in his ear as he fired his juice deep inside his prize. Ewan felt a warm sensation inside his rectum.

'Now you're going to cum!' Nick said and continued jerking Ewan off. Ewans throbbing erection was already covered in a layer of pre-cum.

'Aaaawww!' Ewan cried out as he watched himself in the mirror let out a jet of cum out the tip of his cock. When he was finished, ewan was exhausted. his chest was heaving and he was covered in sweat.

'You loved that didn't you, you're blushing bright red.' Nick teased him.




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