Ewan awoke. He didn't know where how he had ended up in a room he had never seen before. The last thing he remembered he was in bed at home when a stranger appeared out of nowhere, grabbed him and injected him with what must have been tranquilizer. Ewan looked up when he realized his arms were tied by the wrists by rope which was tied to a ceiling hook. He was hanging upright the same as he would be if he had been standing but his knees were hoisted up parallel to his chest by rope also. He realized he was in a underground cell of some kind because of the rock walls. The room was lit up by a single light bulb on the ceiling. He could tell by the chill on his shoulders and feet he was naked except for a pair of cotton briefs. Before he could begin to struggle, a tall, naked muscular man walked in front of him.

'So, you're awake...' the man grinned at him.

'Where am I and who are you?' Ewan asked nervously.

'My name is Connor and never you mind about where you are.' The man said arrogantly. Ewan couldn't help noticing his massively built body and felt a pulse in his briefs. Ewan was terrified the man may notice and tried to not think about it. Ewan was 18, but the man looked older at least by about ten years.

'I know your name is Ewan...I searched your home.'

'What do you want from me?'

'I want you!' The man said. Connor had been stalking Ewan for many days and now it had come to this. The man walked up to Ewan until they were less than a yard from each other. Ewan's dick twitched again and he tried to avoid looking at him. Connor gripped Ewan's under jaw and pointed the Ewan's face towards his.

'We're going to have some real fun now.' Connor said intimately. The man started by holding Ewan's butt with both hands and pressing him against Connor. The big man's naked cock lied flat against the lad's cotton briefs and was cushioned by the soft dick and balls inside.

'Please don't, I don't want to do it!' Ewan said as the caressing of his abdomen began to arouse him. He felt blood began rushing to his cock and the front of his face.

The man held him closer and both of his hands took a handful each of cotton fabric on Ewan's butt and with a loud ripping sound he tore a gaping hole on the back of

hiss briefs.

Ewan's reaction became shock and then to humiliation as Connor grinned pervertedly and parted Ewan's smooth naked buttcheeks enough to open his asshole.

'Please, no...' Ewan begged as he felt the pervert rub anal lube over his asshole and immediately began forcing his two fingers inside his victim.

Ewan let out a gasps as the man massaged the inside of his anus and rectum

'Oh my, you've got a sweet fudgehole, haven't you!' Connor said as he teased his prey and grinned at him whilst he was doing it.

'Oh...please stop doing that...' Ewan gasped as his fair face was bright red and his cock was beginning to get stiff.

'You're pretty face is blushing, so you like this?!' Connor teased him as he inserted another two fingers inside the youth.

'No...' Ewan said in self denial, even as his raging hardon was severely causing a bulge in his briefs whilst his asshole was being finger fucked.

Connor grinned in delight to see the bulge in the briefs an ran his free hand over the front of Ewan's cottons briefs and squeezed the package as he looked him in the eyes.

'You're horny aren't you?' Connor teased Ewan only an inch from him face to face.

'...No I'm not...' Ewan heavy embarrassment made it difficult to speak with his heavy breathing and his shy, shifty eyes expressed humiliating eroticism which excited Connor just as much.

'Liar, you've got a big hardon and you want me to fuck you, don't you?' Connor said as he pulled his fingers free from his rectum. He tightly gripped Ewan's shifty shy face and stuck his tongue down it. Muffled moans from Ewan could be heard as he was passionately tongue kissed. The muscular man grabbed the waistband of the cotton briefs and in a tearing sound, Ewan was completely naked.

Connor held him tightly by the asscheeks and plunged his meaty cock deep inside him. Ewan let off a loud grunt of pleasure as the big man commenced fucking him and wanking the lad's throbbing erection.

'You're a horny little faggot, aren't you Ewan?' Connor panted as he fucked his captive and felt the slimy pre-cum dripping from the cock he was furiously wanking off.

'Ah, oh no, argh, please no...' Ewan begged as he began to feel himself cum.

Connor cried out as he squeezed him tighter than ever and ejaculated thick hot cum like hell inside Ewan's rectum. Ewan sprayed cum up in the air until he was utterly exhausted. Connor unplugged him and Ewan's rectum which was bloated was cum emptied it's load.

'Can I go now?' Ewan asked with his face flush red.

'No you can't.' Connor said cruelly.

'But i want to go back home, why not?'

'You'll have to get used to this place...because you're mine forever...'




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