Pulling out of the drive onto the street Kenny felt like he was driving toward his ruin, the moment when all his fears became real. He eased through Jasper, the small town he had lived all his life, but everything seemed different this time. He felt exposed. A target for ridicule or worse. It was Monday, the start of another week in school, his last year, one he had hoped to escape concealed from all his classmates, his teachers, even his parents. But last Friday night came back to him, images of that night flashed through his mind, over and over, images he tried to suppress. All weekend he laid in bed begging for time to go backwards, imaged a second chance, to have that night repeat. But the minutes passed, became hours then days till Monday arrived. He pretended to be sick but his parents were having none of it and when they asked what was wrong, why was he so sullen, he lied, telling them it was nothing.

The headlights illuminated the narrow two-lane road, Lucy behind the wheel, Cheryl next to her with Mike and Kenny in the back seat. Behind them Luke was riding with Parker. The school sat at an intersection it shared with a general store and church all surrounded by fields on three sides and pine on the other. The parking lot was nearly full and lights could be seen coming from the gym that served as an auditorium too.  As they crossed the parking lot feeling the slow mist of rain, they heard the music as the doors were opened each time. Kenny followed his friends into the gym finding it crowded, students having come from Jasper, and Pine Hill to the south.

Kenny watched his friends slowly meet others and move out onto the dance floor till he stood alone. He made his way to the darkness at the edge of the room, the places of deep shadow where one could become unnoticed and bear witness to the events of the night. He thought it would be like so many other school events where he passed the evening mostly alone, only to sit with some of his friends when they finally settled at a table or along a wall near where the drinks were being served. The night progressed as usual for an hour. The dance floor crowded and along the edge of it groups of students laughing and talking. Kenny watched, let his eyes roam over the crowd, especially the other boys along the wall, those alone like himself. He studied each one, tried to draw out a personality, what the boy was like by his appearance. There was a dark-haired boy, already sporting a tattoo on his arm and his hair a deep shiny black that had to be dyed. Near the doors to the bathrooms there was the tall skinny boy with long blonde hair and directly across from him there was a boy with dark hair wearing just a white t-shirt and jeans. He imaged going up to one of them, making conversation, maybe even going somewhere alone or more boldly going out on the dance floor and dancing together. He imaged this so strongly he lost sight of his surroundings, no longer conscious of what was going on till he sensed the presence of another, close by, in the space he occupied. Turning he saw a guy leaning against the wall about three feet away, with had dark red hair and a body that was as lean as his own but a little taller than his five eight.

Pulling past the main entrance to the school Kenny continued to the drive that led to student parking fighting the urge to keep driving. Easing down the drive he saw most others were already here and inside. Glancing at the clock on the dash he saw he had less than five minutes to park and get to his first class. He pulled into a space near the outer perimeter, some survival instinct of being able to flee quickly, for he knew he wasn’t going to fight. Backpack slung over one shoulder he ambled toward the door, head down, trying not to dwell on what could happen. But those thoughts kept coming.

“My name is Charlie.”

“Huh…what?” Kenny responded for he had been so lost to his own thoughts he had not heard what the guy said.

“Charlie…my name is Charlie.”


“You go to this school, or are you from Jasper?”

“Jasper. And you? You must be from Pine Hill.”

“Yeah. Are you going to dance?”

“No” Kenny responded shaking his head as he turned back to watch his friends on the dance floor mixed in with the other students. For what seemed like a long time neither said anything, the two of them just standing apart from the others.

“You want something to drink?” Charlie asked breaking the silence between them.

“Yes, I could use something” Kenny replied, kicking off the wall and following Charlie around the perimeter of the room heading to the drink table. Kenny noticed Charlie avoided the others, kept behind them whenever possible till they had made it to the table, each took a coke and moved away heading back to where they had been. About half way Charlie stopped and leaned close to Kenny.

“Hey, I’ve got something in my car we can put in these to make them better.”

“Okay” Kenny replied smiling. He followed Charlie out of a side exit, glancing back to see if anyone saw. Something told him this was different, something that excited him and scared him at the same time.

Charlie’s little hatchback sat to the far side of the parking lot. He unlocked both doors motioning for Kenny to get in. Settled in the passenger seat Kenny watched Charlie retrieve a bottle of whiskey from underneath his seat and poured far too much in each of their cups.

“Cheers” Charlie joked as he held his cup up for Kenny to bump with his own.

They drank in silence, and once the first drink was gone Charlie poured each a third of a cup of straight whiskey over the remaining ice. They sipped slowly and Kenny felt the warmth of the drink settle through his body. He slid down in the seat and looked over at Charlie who was watching him. Charlie had a serious expression and appeared about to say something. Before Kenny could ask what was up Charlie leaned over and kissed him, a fast touch of lips then pulled back. Charlie looked scared, afraid of having gone too far but Kenny smiled and leaned toward him. They came together and kissed, lips pressed together then tongues dueling. For a few seconds Kenny felt like he was finally being himself, exploring his true nature. When they pulled apart smiling at each other Kenny realized a shadow passed over the car. Looking forward he saw Lucy and Cheryl looking at them.

The image of the moment played over and over till he moved on to what happened next. Getting out of the car, stammering, nearly in tears with his panic and fear and Charlie starting his car and pulling away quickly as he moved toward Lucy and Cheryl. His closest friends, the only real ones he had, and he felt like everything was ruined. Lucy had come to him, hugged him telling him to relax, it was okay. But all weekend he worried it wasn’t, not really, that someone else would find out and he’d be ostracized with only a few weeks left of their senior year. At the door of the building he stared at it unable to see through the small glass panel, only his reflection visible. He just stood there feeling himself panic once again.

“Are you gay?” Lucy asked as they sat on her car.

“I…don’t know…maybe” Kenny replied.

“It’s okay you know?”

“Yeah, we’re not that backward here in Jasper, are we?” Cheryl chimed in.

Were we? Kenny had asked himself all weekend and now outside the school. He tentatively reached for the door and pulled it open. The corridor was nearly empty, most students already in their first period classrooms. Kenny walked down the corridor to his locker noticing that the other students responded to him as they always had done in the past; some nodded in acknowledgment, some ignored him and Bruce, standing with his gang of two, Matt and Travis, scowled at him as he passed. Even Bruce’s intimidating look was comforting which meant his secret was safe.

As the day wore on Kenny sensed a shift, some subtle change. By the end of fourth period he noticed some students looking at him funny, some making faces and others snickering as he passed. At lunch he sat with Lucy and Cheryl, along with three others: Bill, Chip and Beth. He saw Bill and Chip cut their eyes upward giving him a strange questioning look. Beth smiled at him but not in the usual happy go lucky way, but one with a certain sadness to it, her eyes noticeable in their conflict with her smile. Settled down next to Lucy he leaned over close.

“Lucy…I think people are finding out about…you know.”

“No, Kenny, they can’t. I haven’t told anyone. I promise.”

“Okay” Kenny replied as he began to eat, sensing Lucy was wrong. Others were finding out.

As they ate their lunch, everyone gossiping about the events of the morning or of the past weekend, Kenny zoned out, became lost to his own thoughts.

Charlie had kissed him, then pulled away quickly. He looked scared. Kenny smiled and they moved back together, both moving toward the other till their lips met.

For Kenny nothing had never seemed more right, this connection with another guy. He didn’t want it to stop. He let his hand rest on Charlie’s knee, felt the way it jerked a little at the initial contact then held still. Kenny wanted to do more, wanted to slide his hand up Charlie’s thigh, to feel another guy. He was about to move his hand when a shadow moved over them.

“Kenny?  Kenny?” said Lucy as she tugged on Kenny’s sleeve. “The bell has rung. We have to go.”


Kenny was in his fifth period Physics class when the need to go piss became unbearable. He rocked his legs back and forth watching the clock, trying to will the hands to move faster. He only had a couple of minutes till the bell but he didn’t think he would make it. Hand up he got the teacher’s attention.

“I’m sorry, but…I really need to go to the bathroom.”

The teacher nodded her head okay smiling at him, “I was wondering if you’d make to the bell Mr. Jackson.

Standing at a urinal Kenny relieved himself, feeling the pressure subside by each passing second. He was staring at the painted block wall with its graffiti when he heard the door open. Footsteps on the hard tile floor came around the corner and into the room. Kenny didn’t look, instead he kept his eyes straight ahead.

“Hey, look guys, it’s the faggot” Bruce’s voice echoed in the toilet. Two others laughed and Kenny knew who it had to be. Looking around slowing he saw Bruce, Matt and Travis coming toward him. He hurried up and was zipping up his jeans when he felt a hand grab his collar and pull him back roughly. He fell to the floor and saw the three guys move around him. The door opened again and Ryan and Mike came into the room freezing when they saw Kenny on the floor surrounded by Bruce, Matt and Travis.

“Get out” exclaimed Travis and Mike took a step back, stopping when he saw Ryan move forward toward them.

“What’s going on? Leave him alone” Ryan exclaimed, his voice quickly growing angry.

Bruce moved toward Ryan as Matt grabbed Kenny by the hair making him stand up holding him in a choke hold. The door opened again and Taylor and Jonathan came in, two linemen on the football team, both larger than Bruce and two who never took any of his shit.

“What’s going on? Ryan?” Taylor asked as they came in and stood either side of him.

“These assholes are just being bullies again” replied Ryan, then looking at Matt, “Let him go.”

The odds shifted, no longer in control Bruce nodded at Matt who shoved Kenny toward Ryan. Ryan caught Kenny keeping him from falling. Bruce, Matt and Travis strolled out bumping shoulders roughly with Taylor. When the door closed Ryan helped Kenny, picking up the backpack from the vanity, as Taylor and Jonathan moved to the urinals.

“Fucking assholes” Jonathan uttered as he passed Ryan and Kenny making them smile at each other.

“I assume that was about the rumor going around?” Ryan asked and Kenny knew without asking. He knew what the rumor was.

“I didn’t know anyone knew…but if it is going around…” Kenny stammered, suddenly feeling panicked.

“It’s okay Kenny, don’t worry about it. Most everyone I heard tell it thought it was okay. They were just surprised is all” Ryan interrupted.

“Who cares” said Taylor from across the room never looking away from the wall. “Of course, those three would use it as an excuse to be bullies.”

“Wait for me to piss and we’ll go together to English” said Ryan as he moved to the urinal vacated by Taylor.

Kenny struggled to keep within his lane on the drive home. He went from a state of panic to one of joy, an odd kind of joy, one that he being attracted to other boys was going to be fine, that all his fears were just that, fear. But the panic seemed to be the strongest, the emotion that was overwhelming him as he made his way home. Ryan and Lucy had walked him to his truck where Cheryl was waiting.

Cheryl had been upset and as they approached she blurted out how sorry she was for the rumor but she had only told one person, someone she thought she could trust. Kenny knew she was sincere but he also knew that in this small school, something like this, passed on to just one person took on a life of its own. Like a cancer it had spread through the school so that by fifth period the ones he feared most knowing would know.

He turned on McGraw Hill Lane, the narrow unmarked two-lane road that led to his home, as he wondered how fast it would get back to his parents, and what the repercussions of that would be. The closer he got to home the more panic overtook him.  Pulled into his usual spot next to the carport he made his way inside expecting a confrontation.

His mother was in the kitchen cooking dinner with his father at the small table they ate most meals. Bills and an accounting ledger lay scattered around the table with his father writing a check.

“How was school?” his mother asked as he slipped off his backpack heading to his room.

“It was okay.”

“Dinner will be ready about five so try to get most of your homework done before then if you can.”

“Okay” Kenny called out as he left the kitchen. He went into his room closing and locking the door. Lying on the bed he stared at the ceiling letting the events of the day unfold again, and again, and again, till he made himself sick.

The phone rang and Kenny heard his mother answer. Muffled conversation as she moved around in the kitchen. ‘This is it’ he thought. Strangely he heard his mother clearly say goodbye. She stirred in the kitchen then the house grew quiet.

“Kenny” his mother called out and he lay frozen on his bed, shallow breathes as he wondered if he had to face his parents. “Kenny?  Dinner is on the table”. He took a deep breath and climbed out of bed.

The next morning, he got up, showered, put on jeans and a shirt, grabbed up his backpack and went to face it. Whatever it was going to be. In the parking lot he saw Bruce closing the door to his hatchback as he shut off his truck. Bruce looked his way, a scowl on his face, but he walked on toward the building. Kenny climbed down, pulled his backpack over his right shoulder and shut the door. Walking toward the building, in the edge of his vision, he saw a door open.

“Hey Kenny, wait up” Ryan called out as he slammed his car door and wove between the parked cars making his way toward Kenny. “I thought Bruce was going to try to start something so I waited around.”

“Thanks” Kenny replied, and he meant it, for he realized Ryan had waited for him. As they approached the building Cheryl, then Lucy came out to meet them.

“Hey guys, come on, the bell is about to ring” Cheryl called out.

It was easier, this second day, the gossip of his kissing a boy having run its course, everyone now knew and he could see the reactions. Some were as bad as he feared. Jessica, the leader of some Bible study group turned away from him as he passed and Bruce, Matt and Travis made gestures that they wanted to punch him. But some seemed to show a level of support, smiling as he passed or nodding their heads. But for the vast majority, they didn’t seem to care one way or another.

The rest of the week went the same and by Friday afternoon he realized his sense of panic was nearly over. He still feared it would get back to his parents but right at this moment, everything was fine. On his way to sixth period Ryan came up beside him.

“Hey Kenny, some of us are going to see that flick playing over in Greenville. Lucy and Cheryl are going, so what do you say? You in?”

“Uh…yeah. What time do you want me to meet you guys there?”

“Oh, I’ll swing by and pick you up on the way to Lucy’s. Cheryl is riding with Taylor and Jonathan since they all live in the village. Be ready about six.”

“Okay, I’ll be ready.”

Ever since the scene in the bathroom on Monday Ryan had been hanging around more than he ever had in the past. He’d known Ryan since kindergarten and they had always been friendly toward each other but never close friends, especially in the last two years. Now he wondered what was going on with Ryan. He knew Ryan was one not to tolerate bullying having seen him stop Bruce and his little gang on more than one occasion, but this seemed different.

They had made the drive to Greenville, grabbed fast food and saw the movie. Driving back, Kenny looked over Lucy at Ryan as he drove. All evening had seemed like one missed opportunity after the next, but what exactly Kenny thought was going to happen he wasn’t sure. When they had grabbed dinner Kenny’s order got held up, some mistake in which sandwich he had ordered, and he found himself sitting on the far end of the table from Ryan when he had been aiming for the position right across from him. Ryan seemed to be disappointed as well for Kenny saw him look his way more than once as they ate. At the movie theater Kenny made his way to right behind Ryan with the intention of following him all the way to their seats to grab the adjacent one. But Cheryl and Lucy came up, Cheryl throwing an arm around Ryan’s shoulders and Lucy doing the same to Kenny. The girls ended up between them.

On the drive home, Lucy sat up front with Ryan forcing Kenny in back. Lucy did most of the talking, first to Ryan then turning and addressing Kenny. He knew she had no idea how she was interfering, and he tried not to let his frustration manifest itself. After the long drive, finally pulling up in front of Lucy’s home Ryan motioned Kenny to get in front. They drove along the narrow two-lane roads neither saying anything. About a mile from Kenny’s Ryan slowed, letting his car coast along at a crawl.

Kenny looked over at Ryan and saw a look of determination as Ryan’s hands gripped the steering wheel.

“Ryan…what’s the matter?”

Ryan suddenly turned to Kenny, leaned over quickly and kissed him. Their lips barely touched when Ryan sat back up staring ahead. Kenny saw the anxiousness, the look of fear he recognized. He leaned toward Ryan. Aware of Kenny leaning toward him, Ryan closed the distance till their lips met. This time they kissed, closed mouth, then open. Kenny pushed against his seat belt keeping the contact till both finally leaned back into their seats.

They looked at each other, neither knowing what to say. It was Ryan who laughed first, just a small laugh that broke all the tension in the air causing both to laugh with relief.

“We better get going” said Ryan as he accelerated back to road speed.

At Kenny’s home Ryan pulled around to the carport and cut the engine. He was about to lean over to Kenny when they saw Kenny’s father walking from the barn carrying a toolbox. He waved at the boys as he walked to the porch then inside.

“I better go” said Kenny as he opened the door and climbed out.



“You want to come over tomorrow?”

“Come over?” replied Kenny. He’d never been to Ryan’s home, not the one his parents renovated a few years ago.

“Yeah, we can play video games or something.”

“Yeah, I can come over. What time?”

“After lunch…say about 1:30. My parents are leaving to go visit relatives in Birmingham and will be gone” Ryan replied and they both smiled at the knowledge they would be alone.

“Okay” Kenny replied unable to stop smiling.

Sitting in his truck Kenny looked at the old two-story farm house that Ryan’s parents had renovated. The detached garage with a covered walk to a door on the rear of the house and just beyond a tall fence surrounding a portion of the rear yard. It was unusual to see a yard with a privacy fence, so many of the homes just naturally isolated in the countryside, even this one. Over the top of the fence he saw the upper section of a screen porch that appeared to cover the rear of the house. Taking a deep breath trying to settle his anxiousness and excitement, he opened the door and stepped out. When he shut the door and turned toward the house he saw the rear door open. Ryan stepped out into view. Wearing only a tank top and gym shorts Ryan stood at the threshold and waved.

“Hey, come on in.”

Walking the short distance across the gravel drive he tried not to stare, tried to keep his eyes focused on Ryan’s face but he couldn’t help it. He scanned the body in front of him, one he’d seen many times before, but this time it was different. The tall lean body, the muscular shoulders, the arms with just enough muscular definition from playing baseball and football and the long legs with the light hairs along the calves. Ryan may only be eighteen but Kenny couldn’t stop a comparison to his own body, how much more masculine Ryan looked. More mature with better definition. Absentmindedly he tugged on the tail of his t-shirt, one size too large, loose fitted to hide his skinny frame.

Ryan stood to the side holding the door open leaving just enough room for Kenny to slip in beside him. They were close, real close, when Kenny eased into the house and for a moment he cast his gaze downward afraid to look Ryan in the eye. He knew Ryan would be able to read him, to see in his eyes the desire. He thought of their kiss, and felt foolish for still having doubts; those old fears.

“You want something to drink?”


“We got a couple of sodas, some tea and…” Ryan hesitated as he opened the refrigerator and looked in. “Orange juice and water.”

“A soda would be good” Kenny replied and saw Ryan take two out holding one out to him.

“I was going to suggest playing some video games but, well it’s so nice outside today, you want to get in the pool for a while?”

“Pool?” Kenny asked turning around to look out the windows of the adjacent family room. In the back yard within the fenced area was a pool surrounding by a deck area, a small gazebo and heavy landscaping. The water was a deep dark blue with its surface almost a perfect mirror reflecting its surroundings. “I didn’t know your family had a pool” said Kenny in a low distracted voice.

“They put it in a couple of years ago. Spent a fortune on the damn thing. Dad hit the roof when he saw the landscaping bill” said Ryan, chuckling at the memory of it.

“I didn’t bring any trunks.”

“I can grab you a pair of shorts to wear” said Ryan as he moved toward a doorway, “come on, you can change in my room.”

Kenny followed Ryan into a front foyer, up the stair and down a short hall to a room on the front of the house. It was a large room, neat, fully furnished with a wall mounted television and a laptop lying on the desk at the window. At a chest of drawers Ryan pulled out another pair of gym shorts, like the pair he was wearing, baggy, long knee-length legs in a dark blue color.

“Here…they’re not swim trunks but it’s just us so they’ll do.”

Kenny took the shorts and watched Ryan pull off his tank top. Arms raised revealing the light brown hair under each. As each arm worked the tank top upward and off Kenny watched the flex of muscle in Ryan’s torso, the way his stomach sucked inward, the flex of each bicep and how the shorts Ryan wore sat low on his waist, impossibly low, the bulge just below the waistband.

Top tossed on the bed Ryan turned toward the door, “I’ll get us a towel and meet you downstairs.”

Jeans, socks and t-shirt lying on the bed Kenny had his fingers on the waistband of his boxers wondering whether to keep them on and forgo them later when they were wet or to take them off and go without them underneath those shorts. When they got wet he knew they would cling to his body. It worried him, wondering if he would be too excited around Ryan, or worse, the cold water in the pool would be have the opposite effect. Glancing in the mirror he looked at his body seeing himself as too skinny, no real muscle definition, nothing like Ryan. He didn’t see an eighteen-year old about to go to college in the fall, but a kid, the one that grew up feeling a loneliness he didn’t understand until four years ago. The loneliness of someone different. Then there was the kiss, not the first one with that boy from Pine Hill, but the one with Ryan. Ryan saw him differently. Saw him as he truly was. He tugged the boxers off and tossed them on top of his jeans.

Downstairs the house was quiet and Kenny eased through the kitchen into the family room and to the door leading to the screen porch and the pool. The nylon fabric made him acutely aware of not having on his boxers and he felt his cock respond, thickening, elongating, shifting with the movement of his walk. Ryan was in the pool when he came out and Kenny saw how he stood still watching him approach. Those blue eyes bore into him.

“How’s the water” Kenny asked breaking the silence between them.

“Great” Ryan replied, “jump in.”

At first, they circled each other, talked about casual things and swam back and forth across the length of the pool. Then Ryan splashed Kenny and he splashed him back. They began to horse around, wrestle each other under till they were locked arm in arm Kenny bent underneath Ryan, pushing and tugging trying to force the other under. Their laughter died down, leaving the sound of grunts from their exertions and the splash of water. Kenny was also painfully aware of his arousal, his cock pushing at the front the gym shorts. It embarrassed him how erect he’d grown at this playful contact with Ryan. He looked at the way his cock was tenting his shorts but then he saw Ryan, and how his shorts were tented as well. A new determination to win overtook him and he shifted on foot in front of Ryan and quickly pulled back using his whole body for leverage. Ryan came toward him, surprised by the change of tactic, and flipped over his body as he brought both of them under.

They came up choking and laughing, pushing their hair back and wiping the water out of their faces.

“Nice move…ya asshole” Ryan uttered as he laughed.

Kenny felt the exertion of their horseplay, the ache in his muscles, knowing he didn’t have Ryan’s strength or stamina. He waded over to the steps, climbed up as he tugged on his shorts trying to hide his erection. He went to the side of the pool and lay on the tile letting it warm his wet skin. Closing his eyes, he felt the heat of the sun, the way it was drying the water from his skin. Relaxed he listened to Ryan splash and swim around in the water. He heard Ryan swim by and go to the far end and back. Then he heard the silence.

Movement in the water right to his side then he felt Ryan touch his arm. It felt like Ryan’s arm lay parallel to his own. He felt drops of water on his arm then his chest.

“Keep your eyes closed…okay?” Ryan whispered.

Kenny nodded his head and listened intently.

The first touch was on his left nipple, the slow rake over its hardened nub. Then lips pressed down on it giving it a gentle kiss. Kenny felt his heart race in his chest and he clinched his fist fighting the urge to open his eyes and move with this touch. The lips moved upward, over his collarbone, to his neck and tugged on his earlobe. The next kiss was to the side of his cheek, gentle, barely touching the skin. Then he felt those lips press against his own. He kissed back, open mouth, accepting Ryan’s tongue that moved around his own. A hand came down on his heaving stomach, gently, fingers splayed out. As Ryan kissed him the hand moved downward, over his stomach till the fingers moved underneath the waistband. Back and forth, so close, teasingly close and Kenny couldn’t take it any longer. With his right hand he combed his fingers through Ryan’s wet hair and held him in place as they kissed with greater urgency. With his left hand he took Ryan by the wrist and pushed downward. He pushed Ryan’s hand down till he felt those fingers wrap around his cock.

As Ryan manipulated his cock while they kissed. With the sun warming their bodies Kenny felt the tug on his shorts as Ryan worked them down his thighs. Moving down Ryan kissed his neck, occasionally nipping at the skin then moving further. Down the center of his chest then over to this left nipple Kenny felt those lips press against his skin, warm, wet, every touch arousing. His cock was stroked as those lips moved further down, across his stomach, almost ticklish making him breath harder. The hand released him as the kisses moved down, along the edge of the pubic hair fanning out above his cock as Ryan’s face rubbed along the shaft. Ryan pulled away and Kenny heard him climb out of the pool. He felt the water drops on his lower body as Ryan pushed his shorts down and off each foot. Ryan guided him to spread his legs as he moved down between them.

“Keep your eyes closed” whispered Ryan as he held his cock up.

Kenny was holding his breath when he felt the first kiss, the one that touched the head of his cock. Then he felt those that followed, gentle, moving down his shaft till he felt one right at the base followed by an open mouth kiss, one that cupped his shaft. Upward, tongue and lips worked along the shaft till he felt them work his sensitive head, tongue swirling around it then lips moving over it. He let out the breath he had been holding, moaning loudly as he felt his cock slide through those lips and sink into Ryan’s mouth.

It was unimaginable, the sensations he felt, the way Ryan took him. Over and over he felt his cock sink into the hot wet recesses of Ryan’s mouth. He didn’t know how long he could take it, this manipulation. But as he felt his arousal grow till his cock ached Ryan pulled up. He felt his cock flexing as it hovered over his abdomen. He felt the warm air move over it making him aware of his nakedness. Then he sensed movement, felt a few drops of water hit his stomach. A hand took his cock and held it up. Then he felt Ryan pushing against the head, a weight bearing down on it. Then he felt the penetration, the squeeze of his cockhead as it breached this tightness that gripped him so. He felt Ryan moving downward, his cock enveloped in a warmth, a slickness that moved down his shaft slowly. Finally, he felt Ryan seated on his hips.

“Fuck that hurt at first, but…damn…it feels good now” Ryan uttered as Kenny felt his body rise up then move back down. Over and over he felt it, this movement that worked his cock till he needed it, wanted it to happen with an urgency he couldn’t control. He reached out and felt Ryan’s thighs hovering over either side of his body and he rubbed his hands down each one feeling the wet skin, the slickness of it. He stroked them, running his hands back and forth till he felt the flex of muscle within each grow more intense. He was aware of Ryan’s movement and the way it felt on his cock. Faster and faster Ryan moved on top of him. He gripped each thigh and began to push up to meet each downward move by Ryan.

“Fuck…fuck” Kenny uttered as he felt Ryan ride him, their bodies smacking together as their pace increased.

“Fuck me. Fuck me, Kenny” Ryan exclaimed as he leaned forward kissing him on the neck as he kept rocking his hips. Kenny felt Ryan’s cock rub along this stomach, slick and wet across his skin, pumping with the movement of their fuck.

Kenny couldn’t hold back, lost to this sensation, his whole body responded. He felt his muscles tighten as he worked his hips trying to get deeper inside Ryan. Ryan sat up and rode him harder, roughly moving up and down.

“Oh…FUCK…I’m going to…” Kenny exclaimed as he shoved upward and came.

Ryan moved off of Kenny, then held out a hand to help him up. They stood facing each other smiling. Ryan leaned to Kenny kissing him.

“That was great” Ryan whispered as he took Kenny in hand stroking the still hard shaft that was slick to the touch. “Come on” Ryan added as he led Kenny to a chaise lounge. “Fuck me till I come” Ryan pleaded as he dropped the chaise lounge down flat and lay back on it. Kenny couldn’t believe what was happening, the sex with Ryan happening totally different than he had fantasized, always picturing himself as the one on bottom. It would be Ryan, the athlete, the more muscular one to be on top. But this reversal spurned him on, fueled his desires. He moved down on the foot of the chaise as Ryan raised his legs resting one on each shoulder.

“Come on Kenny…fuck me. Fuck me till I come” Ryan pleaded as Kenny pushed his hard cock to Ryan’s hole. He smeared the trickle of cum from his first load over the wrinkled opening till he was fully aroused, unable to hold back. He pushed with his hips and watched as his cock stretched Ryan open again and slid into the heat of his body.

Kenny held Ryan’s legs tight to his chest as he fucked, worked his hips driving inward all the way, over and over and over. His rhythm increased as Ryan cried out, pleaded with him to fuck, to fuck harder. It spurned him on, increased his arousal, the way Ryan grew vocal, moans and utterings. He hammered Ryan’s hole.

“Fuck me Kenny…fuck me harder” Ryan pleaded.

The feel of Ryan’s hole milking his cock, slick, wet, every thrust easier than the last, caused a need for release within him, every sense focused on only this one thing. Eyes closed, Ryan’s legs held tightly, he thrust inward with need, aroused beyond rational thought as he piston his cock in Ryan’s hole. He felt it, the surge of release race through his cock and he slammed inward, all the way, feeling each ejaculation till he was spent.

Kenny took a deep breath and opened his eyes to see Ryan lying before him, cock so hard it flexed up and down and made a pool on his stomach. Kenny felt his own cock, sunk all the way inside Ryan, the slick warmth enveloping it.

“Fuck me…fuck me some more…come on Kenny. Make me come.”

Kenny let Ryan’s legs slip from his shoulders as he leaned down till he was on his hands and knees and he began to fuck again, slowly, his cock still sensitive. It made him fuck with a slow steady rhythm. Pushing inward all the way then pulling nearly free, Kenny worked himself into Ryan’s depths.

Kenny didn’t know if he could come again, so soon after already doing so twice, but he felt a renewed state of arousal, one different from before. A desire to feel his cock move through the tight ring of Ryan’s opening, the sensation of pushing inward till their bodies were locked together. He leaned down further and kissed Ryan, slowly, open mouthed, letting their tongues duel. Trapped between their undulating bodies he felt Ryan’s cock, the thick wet shaft pressing into his stomach. Ryan began to moan, quietly, from deep within his chest as he wrapped his arms around Kenny’s neck.

“Oh…yeah, fuck me like this…move on top of me…ohhhh” Ryan uttered, his voice barely audible.

Kenny lay on Ryan and worked his hips grinding his cock deep inside Ryan.

“You want it?” Kenny uttered in Ryan’s ear as he continued their fuck.

“Please…yes” Ryan replied.

Kenny kept his slow rhythm, the movement of his hips, the pushing inward feeling his cock sink into Ryan. The soft warm heat of it, the slickness, increased his desire, this lust for Ryan. Their bodies pressed together grew hot from his exertions, sweat beading up on his skin letting him slide slickly over Ryan. He ground his hips around with every push inward. He felt Ryan’s hardness trapped between them and he undulated his body to rub over it as much as possible.

“Fuck…Jesus…FUCK me” Ryan uttered as he clung to Kenny.

This fuck lasted much longer, pushed Kenny to the edge of endurance, his muscles burning with the exertion. And it aroused him too. He felt every sensation, the growing sensitivity, the need for release. He began to fuck faster, unable to control himself.

“Oh…yes…OH FUCK” Ryan cried out and Kenny felt the quivering body beneath him, felt the flex of the hard cock against his stomach and the hot ejaculation that spread between them. Ryan came hard, shaking with each release. And Kenny felt the way Ryan spasm around his cock, the way it seemed to milk his shaft and he lost rhythm, lost all awareness, except for his imminent release. He thrust inward, hard, all the way and came. He knew it was a diminished load but the sensation was even greater. He felt every muscle tighten and his body seemed to heat up even more. Sweat ran down his face, back and sides as he pumped out everything he had.

“Oh fuck…I’m spent” Kenny uttered, hoarse, barely audible, as he collapsed on Ryan. He lay still a long time till his breathing returned to normal as he felt Ryan’s hands move over his back, slow movements that rubbed over his skin soothing him, making him relax.

“Get up Kenny. We should shower off” whispered Ryan as he gave Ryan a little nudge.

“Okay” Kenny replied. He lay still a minute longer then slowly rose up then helped Ryan to stand. Ryan led him into the house and to the upstairs bathroom. As soon as the water was warm they stepped into the shower. Ryan used the soap on Kenny, running his hands over the lean body till it was covered in suds. Kenny stepped under the spray rinsing it away, then he soaped up Ryan, letting his hands explore the muscular body, feeling every curve and the tightness of the skin over muscle. Ryan grew aroused and Kenny playfully stroked his cock till it was fully erect. Going down on his knees he held the cock out, brought his lips to it kissing the head then sucked it into his mouth. He sucked slowly, moved his mouth along the shaft lazily, taking his time. He felt Ryan’s fingers comb into his hair then take hold of his head. Ryan held him in place as he worked his hips.

“Oh, that feels good” Ryan uttered as his pace increased. Kenny held onto Ryan’s hips for balance as he took it, every thrust, till he felt Ryan’s cock flex in his mouth, felt the way it swelled even thicker then filled his mouth.  Kenny stood up and kissed Ryan pushing their bodies together.

“Come on, let’s get out and go lie down” said Ryan as he turned off the shower.

They lay on the bed, both naked, Kenny’s head resting on Ryan’s chest. They lazily touched one another, brushed hair off foreheads, traced the line of jaw or the shape of a collarbone. Ryan reached over to the nightstand and picked up the cell phone lying there. He held it out over Kenny’s face.

“Here, call your folks and tell them you’re staying over tonight.”

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