During my earlier years I had been that kid, that one strange kid in my school that was rather introverted, withdrawn, rather alone in almost everything I tried.

I was good looking enough, I guess, but I didn't make friends easily, and as far as girls went, nada, zilch, it wasn't a happening thing for me.

It was not that I didn't have the chance, it was the I just wasn't attracted to them.

I had a lot of female friends in High School, and it wasn't hard to get a girl to go to High School functions with me, actually at one point I had a couple girls fighting over me, made me feel proud, yet in all, sorta empty. To be truthfull I didn't care about girls in a male-female sexual way at all.

But the one thing I was aware of that a hefty bulge in a guys trousers, or seeing some good looking dude, dressing out for gym class in the locker room, set me on fire. I had to watch myself, my quite hefty cock would go on a manhunt, sticking straight upward, my foreskin would naturally pull back exposing the head and the cool air hitting my cock head would get me charged up enough I would have to head for the toilet stalls and relieve the pressure, which seemed to be every time I got ready for gym class.

I would get ahold of a Hustler, Cheri, or Penthouse magazine, and for the life of me couldn't tell which gals were being featured, but I would remember the guys, their gorgeous bodies, and I could remember each one by the cock. If it was uncut like me or cut, that was a biggie for some reason, I had this thing for cut cocks.

As I grew older I knew that I Had to make a 'Decision' as to whether I was going to be gay or straight.

The thing was, Our church leaders said that becoming Gay was a 'decision,' but I don't remember makeing any decision to be attracted to guys, it was just there, it was me. But I wanted to be, and do the right thing.

I had even dated this one chick that had the hots for me, and yeah, we had sex, but I had to think of a naked guy to get my nuts off while doing her, It really wasn't worth the effort.

It was in my senior year in High School I had just turned eighteen.

I was in a sexual fog as to what to do, I knew what I really wanted and I had gotten ahold of a cock shaped dildo and began to incorporate using a nice, thick, dildo in my personal jerk off session. I loved that feeling of being penetrated and could ass fuck myself for hours. I got to the point that I would shoot off, and have a fantastic climax just from using that dildo up my ass. I could feel the dildo rubbing that spot up inside me and god it felt so fantastic.

Well Mom and Dad had purchased a new home for us to live in, an upgrade from what we had, much nicer, even had a back porch with a hot tub built on our patio.

That excited me, expecially when they would leave and I would be alone at home for a weekend or so, and that happened quite often since Moms older sister was ailing in health and Mom and Dad would go out to Kansas to spend as much time with her as possible. it seemed like they were gone one weekend out of every month.

We had lived in the new house about three months, and I had gotten aquainted with Mr. Dexter, the next door neighbor.

Mr. Dexter was a very nice man, and he asked me if I would like to make some extra cash, he needed someone to cut his grass for him. I agreed and I started cutting his lawn, edging it and weed eating, working his flower beds ect.

Mr. Dexter paid me really well and bragged on my work, I guess I pleased him very much.

It was about late August that I got a big surprise, I noticed a very nicely built, goodlooking guy, damn he was gorgeous setting out on Mr. Dexter's patio one afternoon, he was setting there in a pair of kakhi shorts, a pair of flipflop shower thongs, and naked from the waist up.

I looked at him, actually stared at him, His eyes were dark, his Hair was almost black, he had very nice chest muscles, his skin was slick and hairless except for a black tuft of hair that started just below his washboard abs, at his navel, and disappeared into his shorts.

My mouth started watering, he was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen, he looked about twenty three or four, I looked at the dog tags on the chain around his neck, and realized that he must be in the military.

I noticed him setting at the patio table with his legs opened and he was drinking a can of beer, and I guess he hadn't noticed me, because he had his hand between his legs just gently rubbing a most awesome bulge between his legs as he sipped his beer, My heart did a flip flop, as My mind just told me forget it Keith, I really doubt a guy that looks like him is that way, not someone that is that gorgeous.

I walked over to Mr. Dexter's house and walked up on the patio in my cutoff's, it was my day to cut the grass.

'Hey there, how's it going?'

'Awesome man, Hey My name is Keith, I live next door,I cut Mr. Dexters Grass once a week,'

'Hey dude, thats cool, Sorry man, my name is Ted, Ted Dexter, Im Mr. Dexters son, I just got home yesterday on a thirty day leave from my tour of duty in the middle east.'

'Thats fantastic Ted, I'll bet you have some great stories about the war over there.'

'Yeah, I do, but remember there not great stories, they're sad stories, War is not cool, so many of my buddies never made it home.'

'I'm so sorry Ted,' I didn't want to drag up sad memories in Teds mind.

'Hey man, have a seat, take a load off.'

'Well Ted, I should be getting this grass cut.'

'Hey Keith, that grass will be there when were done, that is unless you have something else going on?'

'No not really, Is your Parents Home?'

'No they're out of town for the next few days, I didn't want to go with them, so I stayed home untill they get back.'

'Sounds cool, My parents are gone too. Hey man, if your not busy this evening would you like to come over and enjoy our hot tub, its really cool in the evenings, its very private and I enjoy it immensley.'

'Damn Keith, that sounds friggen great, Hey I know what, why don't we grill some burgers and make an evening of it?'

My heart did a cartwheel and before I could think I said, 'That sound awesome Ted, what time?'

'We can start cooking about six if thats alright with you, I'll run to the store and pick up some goodies and we'll have one hell of an evening.'

For a little while I felt like a school kid going on a first date, I was as giddy as a kid.

I got the grass cut that afternoon and Ted went to the market and got the supplies and food for the evenings festivities, I hadn't really planned on trying anything sexual with Ted but, if the situation arose it would be a very awesome plus.

I had not at this time every had sex with a guy, only in my fantasies.

Ted came over that evening in just a pair of shorts, I was dressed in a tank top some sandles and an old pair of my gym shorts.

We fired up the grill and grilled some burgers, had chips, burgers, and drank beer, since I wasn't gonna be driving my father let me enjoy a few beers but I had to stay home since I was only eighteen.

After we ate we chatted for a while as we let our food settle.

It was about dark when Ted said, 'Well now Keith, you ready for some hot tub fun?'

'Oh yeah, its that time,' and we started laughing as we looked at each other.

'Hey man, I hope you dont' mind, but I like to do this in the buff,' and he dropped his shorts and was naked under them, I hadn't got a good shot of his manhood, but I knew if it looked like his ass It would be awesome to look at.

I just smiled and said, 'Why not?' and I stripped naked and jumped in, That water felt so fantastic against my balls and cock, I started getting a boner as soon as I hit the water.

'Keith was sorta playing with me splashing water and just acting silly like a teenager, and said, 'Fuck man, I haven't felt like this in a long time, it sure feels awesome.'

I smiled and said, 'Yeah man that water against my nuts has given me a boner.'

My words caught Ted's attention, he smiled and said, 'You too. problem is, what do we do with these boners? now that we've gotten them.'

'We could stroke off I guess,' I said.

He looked into my eyes and said,'Or we could do what a lot of guys would do in this situation.'

I swallowed hard, not knowing what to expect, 'And what might that be Ted?' I asked.

My breathing was becoming rough, in a turned on manner, I was feeling a stronge sense of excitement, and Ted was gently sliding over beside me and he said,'this,'

I gasped as he reached down and took my hard cock into his hand, I had never felt another guys hand on my cock before, it was awesome.

My heart was racing like a motor running at eighty miles an hour, god I was turned on.

As Ted started stroking my cock, I could feel the cum churning in my nut sack, Ted stopped and said, 'Keith, have you ever been made love too?'

'Na....No,' I was almost unable to speak, this was unreal, almost to good to be true.

My cock was almost to the point of aching.

'Can I touch yours,' 'Fuck yeah man, thats what this is all about, were gonna have ourselves a grand fucking good time tonight.'

Ted leaned over and started kissing me, he slid his tongue inside my mouth and I went weak, I almost felt my body slipping back into the hot tube. Ted reached down and twisted my nipples making me gasp again, that was a totally new sensation.

Ted grabbed me and pulled me up and set me on the edge of the tub, my uncut cock was hard like concrete, the foreskin was pulled back, exposing my cock head and Ted just looked down and smiled at my seven inch, thick boner, and smiled, 'Here Keith try this on for size.' He took my cock to the hilt in his mouth and throat, Jesus man I almost went thru the overhanging awning it was awesome, I had never felt anything so fantastic.

Ted knew what he was doing. I was amazed when I realized this gorgeous, extremely handsome young Marine, was sucking me off, I felt honored to be haveing my first sex with a Military guy, and he was definately on of America's finest, built, gorgeous, muscular, and handsome as fuck.

I had let him suck me for almost twenty minutes and I had held back from shooting my load several times.

Finally I stopped Ted, and said, 'Do you like to fuck, I want to feel your cock up my asshole,'

'He just smiled one of the biggest smiles and said, 'Oh fucking A, yeah man, I love to fuck.'

He pushed me on my back as he stood on the seat of the hot tub, and I was cock level with Teds meat.

I had not untill this time seen it, I had felt it under the water but not yet seen it, I was awesome, It must have been eight inches long and six inches around, I smiled and said, 'Wow, I can't wait,'

I had some lube ready beside the tub just in case, I grabbed the bottle and started by working some up my asshole, and then Ted slathered up his awesome meat, beautifully cut, gorgeous flaring head, thick and veiny, it was a beauty.

I felt it as it started the most awesome journey into my body, What sensations, it wasn't like that dildo, it felt so hot, throbbing, and I could feel it expand as Ted flexed his cock muscles.

It was the most awesome feeling I had ever had, Ted finally just sunk it to the max into my turd tunnel and I let out a big grunt as I started rocking to a rythm of awesome sex with Teds cock up my asshole.

Ted was as good as fucking my ass as he was sucking my cock, I was squeezing his cock with my sphincter muscles trying to milk him as he grunted and enjoyed my working of his cock. I guess all those years of practicing on that dildo had helped out. Ten was enjoying my muscle work.

I was also gently stroking my cock with his every movement, trying to stroke at the same pace as Ted was hammering my ass, it was phenomenal.

We stayed in that position for almost forty minutes fucking away, then I saw the movements on Teds handsome face, 'I'm gonna blow my wad, Awh Shit man, your ass is awesome feeling, Yeah Yeah, Oh shit Yeah!.'

I felt his body start to jerk a little and felt that awesome cock of his flexing as it pumped life giving seed into my intestines. I just layed there and flexed my anal muscles, milking his cock dry for him, but before He even finished I felt that feeling as his cum filled my insides, My cock started spasming and blew a load all over my stomach and chest.

God Ted was fantastic, he leaned over and started licking my cum up with his hot tongue, 'Hey baby, your cum tastes fantastic.'

Ted and I fucked at least three times that night, and I blew him once that night and for the next four days we went at it sexually like breading animals, I think we spent the bigger part of those days together either sucking or fucking.

I got broken into man to man sex extremely well, and we both enjoyed each other a lot.

For the next three years.

I went to the local business college, and stayed with my parents, awaiting Ted's return home each time, and it would always be sex filled and awesome.

I have to this day got a special place in my heart for what Ted did for me, and we still get it on whenever we get the opportunity, and it's still just as exciting as it was back then.



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