The door was jerked open and Seth ran out into the corridor wearing just his white briefs. He was laughing as he dodged one guy, then another as he ran down the corridor toward the bathroom. Brandon ran out after him wearing just his boxers, the plaid blue and green boxers tight fitting and short in length. He too was laughing as he gave pursuit.

"You can't out run me asshole" Brandon yelled down the corridor as he quickly closed in on Seth.

"Watch it guys...Jesus..." one of the guys in the corridor uttered in exasperation as he stood tight to the wall letting Brandon ran past him. A couple of doors opened with heads peering around the jambs.

"Damn, you guys are always fucking with each other" Tracy, one of the guys looking out of his room, said mockingly.

Brandon closed in on Seth, was almost on him when he stepped wrong and felt himself falling forward. As he fell he reached out grabbing what he could and felt the soft fabric of Seth's briefs in his fingers and he hung on to them tightly as he fell to the floor. The briefs slipped down Seth's legs tangling them up making him fall forward too. Soon both of them were lying on the floor, laughing, Brandon holding up Seth's briefs and Seth rolling over on his back, naked, his cock half hard from the stimulation, the excitement of the chase. Some of the other guys, in the corridor or looking out of their dorm rooms, just laughed at their antics, but some were made uneasy by Seth's nakedness and the way the two of them lay on the floor. One guy was standing in the perfect position to look up the leg of Brandon's boxers and see his balls lying at the opening nearly falling out and he looked away heading on to his dorm room, discomforted by the way Seth and Brandon horsed around and let their nakedness be on display.

Seth and Brandon had been sharing a dorm room since last semester and at first they were reserved around each other, Brandon somewhat shy about being around another guy all the time, the way he could see Seth's morning erection, the way Seth would openly tug on it or change clothes in the room without any modesty for Brandon grew up with three sisters, both older and younger and was therefore reserved about walking around in his underwear or changing clothes in front of someone.

Seth was the youngest of three boys, outgoing, rambunctious and had been reserved with Brandon only to be nice, to not make him feel uncomfortable, without realizing his basic routines of changing clothes or just tugging on his morning erection to get it into a more comfortable position were enough to affect Brandon. Seth also knew he needed to be careful around Brandon for he didn't know how Brandon would feel to know he was gay. He kept his sexuality a secret from the other guys, waiting to see how they responded to comments or events in the news about gay rights or someone famous coming out. Most of the guys he felt would either not care or would ignore him but it was Brandon, his roommate he worried about the most. He liked Brandon, his shy nature, his easy going manner and the way he turned his back to him to change clothes all the while wondering why. Brandon wasn't muscled up, but he was naturally muscular, tall, lean, a true runner's build which he did most mornings before class, running at least five miles. His skin was fair, a light tone which made his black hair stand out sharply, thick, wavy, always in need of cutting it seemed and it grew thick under Brandon's arms and eventually Seth found out there was a small thick patch over his cock, but the rest of him was smooth, bare, making him look younger than his nineteen.

Seth found Brandon's smooth fair skin, so blemish free, attractive, an aspect of him alluring, for he was freckled, lightly across the cheeks and over his nose, some down his arms and across his shoulders and his skin tone, darker, an olive tone made them not as noticeable and he knew he had the boyish looks a lot of other guys found attractive, girls too, for they constantly hit on him in on campus, trying to get him to ask them out. His bright blonde hair added to his appearance, gave him a look that aligned with his outgoing nature, always laughing or cutting up. When the fall semester had begun and Brandon and he were just getting to know each other he had stood at the mirror he had placed the wall and looked at his reflection and then, over his shoulder, looked at Brandon, lying on his bunk, and compared their features, the way they were so similar in build, Seth slightly less muscular, his build leaner.

For weeks Seth kept his distance, let Brandon have his space but near the middle of the term, mid-term exams coming up and both of them anxious about their studies, Seth had pulled out a bottle of vodka telling Brandon it was time to chill out for a while. He was surprised when Brandon told him it was a good idea and the two of them got drunk together for the first time. They started to pick on each other, a nudge, a poke, then a headlock, and eventually they were on the floor wrestling around, laughing and trash talking. Brandon seemed to lose his shyness, to open up and Seth pushed him. The next day Brandon retreated back into his shell but a few nights later Seth had him on the floor in a headlock. Seth wanted more, wanted Brandon to feel the way he did, but he took what he could get, this camaraderie, this rough housing around.

For Brandon it was all new, this closeness to another guy, the way they could live in such tight quarters, and over time get use to seeing Seth changing clothes till he felt as comfortable doing likewise. Their wrestling became more frequent till guys on their floor joked about the way they were constantly roughing each other up. Scratches, bruises, and once Brandon accidently elbowed Seth in the face giving him a black eye.

Now they lay in the corridor, Seth naked and Brandon holding up his briefs waving them like a flag with both of them laughing. Seth finally began to get up and he asked for his briefs back.

"Oh hell no; the spoils of war" Brandon replied as he jumped up and ran for their room. Seth ran after him, followed him into their room, slamming the door shut. The other guys on the floor just shook their heads and continued on their way assuming it was the usual antics. But this time it was different.

Brandon was trying to climb up on his upper bunk when Seth ran up to him, grabbed him around the waist and pulled him down. The landed on the floor, Brandon on top looking up at the ceiling, Seth's arms around his waist and he could see Seth's lower body between his legs. Seth's cock was almost fully erect and Brandon felt his own arousal.

"Let go" Brandon cried out, laughing as he held Seth's briefs up out of reach.

Seth rolled Brandon over on his stomach and climbed on his back. Seth held him down as he reached for his briefs.

"Give them to me" Seth commanded and Brandon struggled to hold his arm outstretched with the briefs out of reach.

"You can just go commando" Brandon replied.

"You want me naked?" Seth replied and his laughing died down and he struggles lessened. Brandon fell still, breathing hard and he felt the weight of Seth on his back, the warmth of his body, and he felt Seth's erection pressing down on his ass, pushing down between his cheeks.

Seth let his head rest in the nap of Brandon's neck and his hot breath blew on Brandon's skin. Seth pulled his arms close hugging up to Brandon, arm against arm, chest against back, cock against ass and he let his lips touch Brandon's neck, softly, gently, just a caress over the skin.

"Seth..." Brandon whispered and he pushed his ass upward, pushed against Seth's erection wanting to feel it against him. He brought his hands up and took Seth's as he turned his head toward him.

"You want me to stop" Seth uttered, his voice barely a whisper.


Seth moved to Brandon's mouth and brought their lips together as he ground his cock into Brandon's ass, pushed against it feeling his cock swell up larger, his arousal grow. He kissed the back of Brandon's neck and rose up, hovering just above Brandon's body, and he reached down with one hand and tugged on Brandon's boxers pulling them down. Brandon helped him, pushed them down his legs and worked each leg free till he too was naked. Seth eased down letting his cock rest between the cheeks of Brandon's round fair skinned ass. He pushed it down between the cheeks, pushed forward with his hips and Brandon moaned beneath him. Seth kissed Brandon's neck, his ear, tonguing it and he nipped the lobe.

Brandon was so aroused, his erection trapped beneath him as he felt Seth on his back, Seth's erection pushing down between his cheeks and it stirred something inside him, made him want more, made him want Seth inside him and he spread his legs and pushed his ass up. Seth felt his movement, felt the way he moved beneath him and he ground his cock down along the cleft between Brandon's ass cheeks, probed him with it and when he felt Brandon push up, harder, he knew he was touching him there, his cock rubbing over it, the opening to Brandon's hole. Seth held Brandon's hands, held them down as he pushed with his hips, a determined thrust, and he breached the tight ring of Brandon's hole penetrating him with the head of his cock.

"OOOHHHhhhh..." Brandon cried out and his body quivered underneath Seth suddenly it grew hot, the skin slick with the beginnings of sweat on its surface and Seth used it, moved slickly over Brandon as he drove his cock slowly into him, inch by inch. Seth's body undulated with is fuck, slowly at first, the thurst of his cock in Brandon, deeper and deeper till he was all the way inside him, the heat, the softness of Brandon's hole enveloping his cock. Brandon moaned, whorishly, pushing his ass upward taking Seth, every inch feeling the way it filled him, stroked his desires.

Seth eased up, holding his body up on outstretched arms and he began to drive his cock in a powerful fuck, hard, hips slapping down on ass, over and over, with Brandon grunting, begging for him to fuck him, to fuck him harder. Seth felt the tightness in his stomach every muscle constricted tight, his body heating up, sweating, aching with his exertions and he pounded his cock into Brandon till he felt cum surge through it, felt his cock swell up large, fat, sensitive to every move and he pumped his cum into Brandon, thick wads buried deep within his hole.

Seth fell down on Brandon, both breathing hard, their bodies hot, slick with sweat. They lay like this for a while, until their breathing slowed, and Seth rolled over onto the floor letting Brandon roll over on his back. Brandon's cock was hard, the head wet and slick, and Seth moved to it, held it up bringing his fist up the shaft milking it for more of the clear fluid pooling at the slit and he tongued it off, licked the head till it glistened with his spit and he moved his mouth over it and let Brandon's cock sink into his mouth. Brandon inhaled hard as he pushed his hips upward, driving his cock into Seth mouth.

"Oh...Seth...suck me...suck me..." Brandon uttered, his voice dying off as he laid back, eyes closed, his whole body focused on the sensation of Seth's mouth on his cock. He was too close, ready to blow and he came quickly, pumping cum into Seth's mouth, wad after wad, and he felt the way Seth swallowed it, sucked the cum from his cock till he was spent, and eventually he had to push Seth off his cock, too sensitive to take any more.


For the guys on their floor not much was different from what they could tell. There was still the rough housing around, the laughter and silliness coming from Seth and Brandon's dorm room but no one really noticed how Brandon was more comfortable naked, down in the bathroom or in their dorm room even with the door open. But they did notice the door was closed more often, that they could hear the muffled sounds of their foolishness through it, mostly in the evenings, the banging of furniture against a wall, the occasional cry out, the sniggering and they assumed it was the usual antics.

But they were wrong.



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