Im a very nice looking Mr. Average American male, I have 3.5 kids.(the .5 is one in the oven). I have a beautiful wife and a really great family, whom I love very much, and it has never been my intention to ever do anything that would harm, or bring reproach on them at all.

We lived in an average looking suburban neighborhood, in a Three bedroom home. Boys playing baseball, the daughter taking piano and dance, just your average family.

Now we lived next door to this one man, Brett, and his wife Sandra. Sandra is really a hot, good looking wonderful woman, the perfect mother. Brett couldn't have done any better, she was awesome.

But so is my wife, she was the epitome of a wife, every thing she did was just what a married man could want, but I was beginning to think back to things that had happened back when I was a young strapping, constantly horny young lad.

God man, I know I had a hardon twenty two hours out of every day, and I jerked off at least three times a day. Sometimes with a buddy, and sometimes with guys at the park bathroom that I didn't know, and of course by my self too.

I had even gotten into getting my cock sucked by a few guys at the park bathrooms. I must say there was nothing I liked better than having my cock drained by some dude that knew how to suck cock. I knew from first hand experience that a female could not suck cock with the passion and dedication of a guy.

Now here I was married, three kids, and one on the way and I was getting that old familiar feeling back. I wanted to feel some hot guys mouth on my cock again. It was not that I didn't love to have sex with Lisa, it was she didn't like to suck cock.

One afternoon Brett's wife Sandra called the house and ask me to come over and help Brett do some work on his car. She and Lisa were going to a Mall to do some shopping that afternoon, Brett had about as much mechanical ablility as a hunting dog. I don't honestly think he knew the difference between a screwdriver and a wrench.

I went over and started working with Brett, now Brett was working out in his garage working on his Mustang, in just his cut of blue jean shorts and they were very short cut and very tight too, I got to view just how good looking his ass was in those shorts, but I knew I could not even suggest to him any desire that I had for his body or maybe getting it on with him, I knew that It might ruin not only our friendship but also my marriage.

Brett turned around and I almost went weak in my legs, his chest was awesome looking covered with black hair, his chest muscles were sculpted like a statue, his leg muscles looked like he might have been a track runner or something, Brett was fucking gorgeous. Now I realized that this was getting harder for me, and so was my cock too.

Brett turned around and smiled and I just went ga-ga over his looks. I was almost stammering over his looks as I tried to speak.

'Hey Ken, hows it going?'

'just checking to see if I could give you a hand.'

'Man, thanks I'm going to need one I think.'

He was standing there shirtless, and just in his summer sandles, and his cutoffs.

He looked down his body and how he was dressed and he said, 'Man, I'm hot looking don't you agree, and he started giggling.' I just smiled and said,'Oh yeah sure,' not really wanting Brett to know just what I really felt like, I could feelin my desire level rising and so was my cock, but when I leaned over and looked into the motor compartment on Bretts car, he was rebuilding a motor on a 1965 Mustang. But he really didn't know squat about it.

He was leaning over fenders, looking under the hood and he reached around with a wrench and started to say something to me and busted me right square in the nuts with the wrench, OMG! I almost pissed my pants, I gasp for breath and buckled onto the garage floor, and all the jerk could do was laugh at me in my misery and I was in misery too.

After he got his composure He said, 'Hey man, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to.'

'I'm glad to know that, I wouldn't want to think your such a masochistic dipshit, that you would wrap your best buddy in the balls with a wrench just for fun.'

He was still sorta snickering. Then he said something that I didn't expect, 'Hey man, I read if you rub them gently it will help you with that pain.' I said, 'O.K. man, then you rub them for me,'

Brett's looks changed to one of being serious and said,'hey Ken, I have no problem with that.'

I had just been joking about it but Brett knelt down besides me,rolled me over on my back and undid my pants, he reached inside my trousers and slid his hand down under my balls and started massaging them. I Almost fainted, I had just been joking. I said, 'Man, you don't have to do that.'

He said,'no man, I want to.' then he smiled an almost devilish smile. He massaged, and rubbed my nuts and made them feel really good, acutally it was beginning to feel damn good, truthfully my cock started to respond and he was just smiling at me as I know he felt my cock inflating, and as it swelled to full length, Brett started making sure his hand was rubbing on the head of my cock as he massaged my nuts.

Brett just looked at me and smiled and said, 'Hey Ken, it feels like you have an area of quite a bit of swelling down there too. I said, 'oh hell yeah man,' 'maybe you should rub that part too?'

I just said, as I began to breathe heavier and harder, yeah, maybe that would make it feel better, I was biting my lower lip as he massaged my hard cock, I said, fuck man thats feels so damn good, Brett, I had my eyes closed as he began to get into a really good rythm, and I felt something different on my cock as he stroked, and rubbed it. He had taken it out of my briefs and was licking the pre-cum off the tip.

God I was about to explode, I never had any Idea that Brett would like to do something like this, I thought he was the absolute 'straight husband guy.'

I was going kinda bonkers as he licked the tip of my cock, but at this point I guess that Brett was a little worried about what I might think, He stopped and said,'Ken, I can stop anytime if this isn't alright with you.'

'Aw God no man, don't stop now.'

As soon as I had finished that statement, he took my cock to the hilt, all seven inches and I felt his nose touch my pubic hair. It was the best feeling thing I had felt in a very long time.

Brett had evidently done this before. because he never touched my cock with his teeth, he knew how to suck perfectly, I was so close to the end, I just started lightly going into the climax mode, I began saying 'awe shit, awe shit, Brett, I'm gonna blow any second now, Damn man, I cant' hold back, Oh shittttttt' and it was over, Brett was sucking and swallowing and almost gagging as I unloaded into his throat and mouth.

He held my throbbing cock, as it finished jerking and shooting. It slowly slid out of his mouth.

The next thing I heard from Brett was a long line of appologies, 'Oh God man, I'm so sorry for doing that, please forgive me, that was so terrible,' I just looked into his eyes and said,'Shut the fuck up Brett, God man, I thought it was fucking fantastic, Why are you so sorry, I'm not.'

'Really man, you aren't upset?'

'Upset, Upset, you just gave me the most awesome blowjob of my life and I'm suppose to be upset.'

'Fuck Brett, I'm just wondering when we can do this again sometimes, minus the de-nutting that I felt before of coursed, that part was not good.'

Brett just started laughing and said, 'yeah, I guess it wouldn't be.'

I walked over to Brett and reached down and started rubbing his crotch and he was still about three quarters hard, I undid his cutoffs and let them fall to the floor and god his cock was awesome, Brett had at least eight inches and it was beautifully cut and so straight and thick, I knelt down and took his cock to the hair as Brett gasped for air and I starte to give the love back. It took Brett about ten minutes and Brett was giving me my reward, and I swallowed every drop of his mancream as his gorgeous cock pumped my mouth full.

Brett layed his head back and said, 'Ken, I haven't felt a suck job like that since I was in high school, Thanks man, I'm sure glad you like it as much as I do.'

We finally got back to work just in time for the girls to return from their shopping trip to the Mall.

Oh yeah were both still happily married, and still totally wrapped up in our families, but we now have a closeness that very intimate friends have and Brett and I do things together like never before, and That includes, everything.



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