I am a single, relatively normal, well not in the sexual area, average Ameican man. I am 23 years old, I am a only child.

My parents came into some money from a great Uncle that passed, and since they were in their early sixties, they decided to retire and move to Florida, well we had lived in a sorta medium sized midwestern town.

Mom and Dad had made arrangements to sell me the house and I got my own furniture and all the household ammenities over a period of a year.

The house was in a small subdivision, and at the back of the subdivision was a wooded area beyond the houses, very nice and rather senic.

The house next door to my home had been up for sale for about six months. And I was wondering how long before I would have a new neighbor or what kinda of people they would be.

One afternoon, I was off work this particular day, I noticed a car with a real estate office sign on the side of the car. I noticed a Red, really hot looking Mustang parked in the houses driveway and I just had to get a look at the Man or Woman who was going to buy the house, and a few minutes later I noticed a really awesome looking man who looked to be somewhere between 25-30 yrs old.

He was talking to the real estate lady and signing some papers that she was handing him.

They left and I didn't see him again for about 3 weeks.

About noon one day about three weeks later, I noticed a Pickup truck with a Medium sized U-Haul trailer Pulling up into the driveway beside my house, backing in to start unloading.

Then Brandon (I found out that was his name later) opened the door and got out, He was wearing a pair of cutoff denim shorts, My stomach gave a lurch, His thighs and legs were built like a Olympic speed skater and he was wearing a polo shirt and He was built, I was drooling. I just had to meet this guy, I noticed he had no wife with him or no lady was present yet, but that she could still come later. Well he started to unload and I noticed He was by himself and he had quite a bit to unload.

I put on a pair of the sexiest shorts I had and a nice pull over sexy shirt, with the sleeves cut out of it and walked over to my new neighbors and said 'Hey there neighbor, could I give you a hand?' He looked up, kinda surprised at the offer and said, I sure could use it, and then he stuck out his hand and said Hi, neighbor My name is Brandon M------, I said mine is Klye.

Well, I helped him unload his trailer and his pickup, and then the big truck pulled up with his furnishings, which I noticed was very nice and very expensive looking things. We I lucked out on this the movers were from a moving company and they unloaded their truck.

I helped Brandon get his stuff into his rooms and helped him with the little things. After we were done, I ask him out for supper my treat and He said he stunk with sweat, to which I responded without even thinking what I was saying, You smell pretty damn good to me, to which he just kinda looked up to me and raised his eyebrows and smiled. Then he said I need a shower, but the gas would not be turned on untill the next day, and the hot water tank is gas heated. Little ole me offered my shower for his use and He said Hey man thats awesome.

I was kinda in awe Brandon was really muscular, built like a friggen stone shithouse, and facially just as handsome as a model.

well Brandon came over to take his shower, He stripped down to his briefs and and I got a shot of his package, to which he didnt have a problem with me looking he was built even better than I could have dreamed, He shucked his breifs and walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower I think he knew I was maybe interested because of the way I was constantly stareing at him, then he called me into the shower room and was standing there as naked as the day he was born. I almost fainted, I was breathing hard and he was just teasing me with his body, I once again stared at his cock and balls, beautifully circumcized and it looked like it belonged on a porn star. He must have had a good 6 inches soft and his balls were just as awesome as his cock. He had the most luscious looking black bush around his cock, and I was stuttering saying yes what's wrong, Brandon saw my face and smiled a little and said Hey man gotta towel for me, Please? I said Oh yea! and I got him a clean towel, he said, Thanks. and I got the hell out of there before he noticed I had a boner about to split my shorts.

He finished his shower and ask me If I wanted him to leave the water running for me. I said I guess so. Brandon just stayed right there in the shower stall and dried off. When I came in there I didn't think he would stay there naked while I stripped down. Well I couldn't wait anylonger and I stripped for my shower. Brandon just smiled and said, you have a good looking body, thanks I said, And so do you, and then I slowly pulled my shorts off and up springs a boner like a light pole, It always stood kinda straight up. Damn I was embarrassed and he just laughed and said Hey man it happens to the best of us, and I noticed his cock was almost completely hard too.

We both got dressed and went out to dinner, we talked and I learned a little about Brandon, He was married but not happily, His wife was a lawyer, and she was part of a firm in Denver and didn't want to move with him, He had been transferred to our town to open up a new branch of the Company he worked which was A string of Dojo's across the country and he was not only a businessman and financial official for the company but he was A ninth degree Black Belt Karate instructor. Fuck no wonder he was so well built.

Well we had supper and went on home and went to our seperate houses, we were both worn out.

The next morning I got up and since My property has a Privacy fence around the side and back no one can see into my yard and I have a patio with an awning covering it. I had never noticed it but Brandons back yard was almost Identical, patio and Awning covering his Patio too.

I looked over his direction, and I saw him almost every morning drinking his coffee and just setting there in his sleeping shorts. It was really getting too me I would go into my house and have to jerk off from seeing him like that, untill one evening I ask Brandon, after he came home what he did for sex, He just said, 'sex, What's that? and he sorta chuckled, I said a good looking, well built built man like you, should should be getting off at least 3-4 times a week. and then he ask me and what about you, I said man I have a wonderful relationship with my hand, he laughed and said, Exactly, touche!. I said Brandon surely you like the feel of someone else touching, kissing and rubbing your body in hot wet raunchy sex of some sort, or at least a good blow job once in a while, He looked up at me and said I love a good blow job, but that fucking wife I have would get close enough to my dick to even see what color it is, I started weighing my words wisely, and said Hey man it don't have to be your wife, there are other alternatives. After that I didn't want to push the issue, I thought I would let those thoughts settle in for a day or two.

The next morning I walked out in the warm summer air it was just after sunup and I was just in my underwear (Boxers) slit open fronts and Brandon came out on the patio and I noticed he had a pair of those thin kinda flannel sleeping pants with the button split fly in the front, I took my coffee cup and walked over to his patio and he just stood there with his coffee cup in his left hand and, shirtless and I looked at his crotch and he was sporting a Three quarter hard cock under those pants, I could see the veiny outline of it and the visable penis head outline, he wasn't wearing underwear either and I could see the under side of an almost hard cock, I couldn't think straight. I was kinda studdering and staring at his bulge and getting a hardon myself I was in a dilema, I couldn't hide it, and he said have a seat and when I did my cock came sticking out of my boxers straight up hard as the Washington Monument.

Brandon set his cup of coffee and down on his patio table and walked over to me and kinda leaned over behind me and wispered in my ear He Kyle I have been thinking about what you've said last night and I layed awake all night thinking about a few things. And I think I really do need a good blow job, do You have any suggestions, He said it so sensually and erotically that I almost fainted, and then he stuck his tongue into my ear and started nibbling on my earlobe and sent electric shockwaves down my spine, he started slathering my neck with his lips and tongue and almost made me piss my pants. My cock was leaking pre-cum from the excitement and Brandon had noticed, He reached over and grabbed my dick in his hand and said impressive, quite impressive, and he swirled his thumb around the opening slicking up the head with the precum for my cock, I was in a state of ecstacy, and I was rolling my head around against his gorgeous chest and I turned my head and took his nippel into my mouth and he let out a moan, I then opened my eyes and looked down there in front of my face was at least 8 thick hard throbbing inches of the most gorgeous cock I have ever seen, My mind was spinning and I looked up at Brandon and said can we go into the bedroom and get more comfortable, he said, I was thinking the same thing. Brandon took my hand like a little boy and led me boner sticking out of my short and all into the bed room and then, He said teach me, Klye I know you want this as much as I do, I have noticed you staring and I have had to jerk off thinking about you several times, and It's time we do someting about that, don't you think? I just grunted, yea, I was stupified from the wanton lust in me for Brandon, I reached up and grabbed the waist band of the sleeping pants he was wearing and I slowly slid them down to the floor and he stepped out of them, I looked up And I recognized who Brandon looked like, someone I had always had the hots for 'Chris Evans' the actor in the 'Fantastic 4,' he looked like Chris Evans. I like to swallowed my tongue God he was hot Looking and his cock was leaking precum now like my own was. Brandon was leaning back with his eyes closed and I reached over and cupped his nutsack with my hands, He let out a moan, and said god that feels awesome, shit nobodys touched my balls in forever, I then told him to lay down on the bed and he did, then I reached over and started to rub his lightly hairy chest, god I was in heaven, I rubbed his nippels and he groaned an wimpered, then I rubbed his stomach, his beautifully muscled stomach, I was hoping I didn't die from a heart attack from this I was so excited. then just for fun I leaned down and started sucking on Brandons nuts, He like to lost it then and there, he started grunting and saying, fuck man, no ones ever done that before.

I started then to raise him up and lick his gorgeous ass and I rested a pillow under his ass and spread his cheeks and started licking his turd tunnel. I thought he would tear the bed frame down but I kept right on Plugging my tongue into his ass, I then let him come down from his high and set up and finally took his cock into my wet, hot, steamy, loving mouth and started to work his dick over with my mouth, throat and hot lips. Brandon went wild. Oh Muther Fucker, Oh Jeeezus H Christ, MMMMMMMMMMMM,ughmmmmmmm, Damn Klye, nothing has ever felt this good before, and What took you so long bringing it to me. God Damn.

About 3 minutes of good hard sucking and swirling my tongue around the head of his beautiful cock and he started, way back in his throat snorting, grunting, cursing and moaning and I could feel his cock swelling up larger, harder, and the bell around the head became much more pronounced in my mouth and then He started shooting his load I then took it all the way to the back of the throat and swallowing it all and he just seemed to keep cumming. Damn he was a horse I massaged his balls as he was shooting, His body was convusling, and jerking and finally he calmed down and layed there for a few moments and then spoke, Klye, god damn man, I would have never believed you could pleasure a man like that, I want to repay you, I will give you a nice hand job to start with, and I want you to teach me to service you like that, that's awesome. fuck that pussy stuff, I want to learn more about this.

Brandon and I layed there and I might say he does know how to pleasure a man with his hand, Later that week I let him fuck me and He totally got into that and told me as soon as he got the gumption up he wanted me to do the same to him too, About a week later I got to initiate his rectum to man love and He came for the first time while getting fucked in the ass and shot a heavy load without even having his cock touched, He loved it.

Last week he gave me my first blow job He was new at it but he did it like a champ and he is learning and he swallowed my cum too. Damn I am glad I was in the mood to be helpful to my new neighbor.

I am looking ahead to a wonderful life with Brandon as a neighbor and I will do all that I can do to Just be NEIGHORLY.



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