Josh lay next to me and had asked 'Shall we?' referring to jerking each other off.

'Sure, why not, but what happens in this room stays in this room, right?'

'Fuck yea. Man would I ever get picked on by the guys at the station if they found out that another guy and I jerked each other off.'

We reached over and grasped each other's cock and began stroking. Little did he know that I was really wanting to suck him off. Hopefully I would get to do just that before this trial was over.

As we jerked, our breathing got heavier, indicating that we were both getting close to climaxing. I shot my load first, all over my chest and chin.

'That first shot almost got you in the mouth,' he said. 'Wouldn.t have been the first time,' I said as I stroked his faster. Suddenly, his cock exploded and as cum flew out onto his own chin and chest he said loudly, 'Ahhh, Oh, shit.'

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. 'Everything okay in there?' asked Dan the bailiff that guarded the hall.

'Uh yea Dan. I just twisted my ankle a little. I'm okay.'

Laughing, Dan answered, 'Yea, right. I'm sure you'll take care of it.'

'Sure will, ' Josh replied, beginning to laugh.

once we were in the bathroom cleaning cum off our bodies, Josh looked over and said, 'I'll bet he has an idea that we were jerking off. It was the tone of his voice and what he said.'

'Probably, but I' sure he'd heard it before when he's had guard duty.'

The next morning, we were the first out in the hall for breakfast. Dan had his small desk between our room and the one next to us. When he saw us he asked, 'How's the sprain?'

'Oh the wrist is just fine this morning,' Josh answered. I caught his error as did Dan. 'I thought you said it was your ankle?'

'Oh, yea. I twisted both. I twisted the wrist trying to catch myself after I twisted my ankle.'

'Dan began laughing. 'Bull shit,' he said. 'I damn sure know the difference between a pain moan and a pleasure moan, and what I heard sure wasn't a pain moan. Look guys, I'm not dumb when it comes to what sometimes goes on in these rooms. Hell, if you were here during the day, you would probably hear the head of my bed hitting the wall.'

'You have a room here?' we asked.

'Yea, I'm right next to you. I have night duty and another guard has day duty. His room is at the other end of the hall. We live here just like you do. We work twelve hour shifts.'

'What about weekends? Do you still have to stay here?'

'Sure do. That's why the baliffs for sequestered juries are all single.'

'Well, Saturday, why don't you come over and watch the game with us?'

'Can't. We're not allowed to socialize with the jurors.'

'Well, there is a connecting door between our rooms. No one has to know.'

'I'll have to think about that one. I'll let you know or just knock on the door.'

'Hell, man, our side will be open. If you decided to join us just come on over. No one will be the wiser.'

That evening when we returned to the room, we stripped of course and Josh asked what I thought about Dan's comments.

'Well, he was definately letting us know very bluntly that he jerks off also.' I secretely thought he was telling us more than that.

We showered and went to dinner and after returning and undressing, we lay on our beds and Josh asked, 'Matt, what we did last night was the first thing I've ever done with another grown man. How about you?'

'Oh, I've done a little more than that in the past. I'm not totally innocent.'

'Really? Between us, I've wanted to try more just to see what it was like but have never had the balls.'

Out of curiosity, I asked, 'What have you wanted to do?'

'Get sucked off for one thing. And maybe try sucking a guy off, just to see what it was like. I've gone by adult video stores, but haven't had the nerve to stop and go in. May I asked if you have ever done either?'

'Josh, back in college, I did it all for a while. Personally, as long as both parties are consenting, I see nothing wrong with it.'

'Man, you've been sucked and sucked another guy?'

'Yes, I have.'

'Fucking hot,' he said, wide eyed.

'Josh, it sounds to me like you're what most people would term gay-curious. Does looking at other naked men effect you sexually?'

'Yea,' he answered sheepishly. 'In the station, there are a couple of young guys about our age.

When I see them naked in the shower I start getting a boner. I can never shower when they do.'

'You need to find a willing guy and experiment with him and either get it out of your system or find out if you're bi-sexual or totally gay.'

'How will I know the answer to that?'

'After you're with a guy a few times, if women still turn you on as much as men then you're bi, but if only men turn you on sexually and you loose the desire for women, then you'll know that you're gay. But be forewarned, some guys have trouble accepting the fact that they are gay.'

Then he asked the question that I knew would be coming at some point.

'Matt, are you gay, bi or straight?'

'Josh, since were being open about all this, I'll tell you. I'm totally gay. I've only fucked pussy twice in my lie and that was way back in my sophomore year of high school. I found that it didn't do anything for me. I prefered men.'

Josh got quiet and I could tell that he was running it all through his head, trying to take it all in and make some sense of it. After about an hour, he finally spoke.

'Matt, can I suck you off?'

'Are you sure?'

'Yes. I know I can trust you to keep it just between us.'

'Would you like me to suck you first so you can see how it's done and what it feels like?'

'Fuck yea!' I glanced over at his body on his bed and could see his cock rapidly rising to full staff. I got up and moved to his bed and positioned my self between his legs. My dream was about to come true, and I was getting a total virgin.

I took his cock in my hand and as I gently stroked it, I began licking his balls. He moaned softly. Pausing, I said, 'Watch how loud you get. Dan might be knocking on the door again.'

I returned to licking and sucking his balls then licked up the underside of his hard cock shaft, flicking off the large drop of precum flowing from his piss slit. He eagerly watched my every move.

Looking up into his eyes, I began swallowing his hard cock. He looked as if he was going to faint as his eyes rolled back in his head. He gasp and regained himself and said softly, 'Oh fuck. That feels so fucking fantastic. Please don't stop.'

I continued to suck his cock, savoring the moment and delicious velvety smooth head and shaft. After about ten minutes, his breathing became faster and I knew he was getting close. He slowly brought the extra pillow to his face and covered his mouth. His cock swelled and the head enlarged and suddenly exploded. Huge fucking supurts fo thick creamy sperm filled my mouth and he watched as i eagerly swallowed every drop he fed me. The pillow muffeled the moans emitting from his mouth. Once he was drained, I pulled off and asked what he thought.

'Man that was awesome. I damn sure want to get sucked again and many times. Is it okay to swallow the cum?'

'Yep. It's almost all pure protein.'

'Damn. What does it taste like?'

'Why don't you find out,' I said as I lay next to him.

Positioning himself as I had he began copying my moves. He was good at what he was doing. As he began swallowing my cock I said softly, 'If you want to do what is called a deep throat, relax your throat and let it slowly slide in.'

He did and before long he was swallowing every inch. After a while I was getting close and i felt it only fair that I warn him in case he wanted to pull off. 'I'm getting close,' I said.

He continued sucking and suddenly my cock exploded and as the first couple of volleys hit the back of his throat he coughed slightly then began swallowing. Toward the end he captured the remainder of my load in his mouth. I was expecting him to get up and go spit it out, but when he had me totally drained, he eased off my cock and while looking at me smiled and swallowed.

'Well?' I asked.

'Matt, I liked it. I never thought that I'd ever say that I liked sucking a guys cock or eating his load but I loved it. Before this trial is over, I want you to show me everything that guys do together.'

'I'll show you what I get into. Some guys go way beyond my limits. But come up here next to me. There is one thing else that I enjoy that I can show you right now.'

He came up next to me and Lay down. I raised myself up on one elbow and looked into his handsome face. Slowly I lowered my face to his and our lips met. Parting mine, I let my tongue slide between his lips. Insantly, he parted his lips and soon our tongues were exploring each others mouth. After several minutes of passionate kissing and rubbing each other's body, we parted and he looked up at me and said, 'That I really like.' We drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. I knew that the following night I'd get his cherry.

TO BE CONTINUED..............



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