Jury duty is one thing I really hate. Thank goodness that my town is large and a person can expect to be called only about every two years.

I got home from work one afternoon and checked the mail, and much to my disgust, there was a jury summons. In the past, they listed whether it was for civil court or criminal court, but not any longer. I was to report at eight the morning of April 11, two weeks away.

I took the summons to work and showed my boss so that I would get paid while gone. He made a copy of it and asked that I finish the project I was on just in case I was picked and was out for a while.

Working late into the night, almost every night, I finished the project. On April 11 I entered the jury selection room at half past seven. The room quickly filled up and there were several small jury candidates selected for several cases. Then the clerk announced that for the next case the judge had requested two hundred prospective jurors. I knew then that it was a BIG case.

Our numbers were called and we had to line up in that order. I was number one seventy five. I felt sure that they would get the twelve jurors and usually two alternates before they got back to me.

When we arrived in the courtroom, we were given questionaires to fill out. I knew it was serious when some questions wanted to know our opinion of the death penalty.

We were released then and told to report the following day again at eight in the morning. Everyone arrived and we sat in numerical order. Questions were asked and we raised our number to give an opinion if we had one. Close to the end of the day, selection began, after both the defense and the prosecution had made their elimination as had the judge. Numbers were called and that person was instructed to take a seat in the jury box. As my unfortunate luck would have it, my number was the twelth called. Then the two alternates were selected.

I had been chosen for a capital murder case that was expected to last a minimum of three to four weeks. We were instructed not to discuss any part of the case, the defendant's name or anything else with anyone. We were instructed to be in court every morning at eight sharp.

After I walked out I called my boss and gave him the news. 'Well, it's your civil duty. I just hope it ends sooner. I've got another project for you when you return. You're the only one I'll trust with it.'

The only good thing was that juror number eleven, who I learned later was Josh Parker, was one hot muscular stud. He was a fireman, twenty-eight years old, single and worked out regularly. And damn was he ever good looking. I loved being seated next to him.

On the second day of the trial, the judge came in and instructed the bailiff to clear the courtroom. One juror was missing. We all wondered what the hell was going on.

Once everyone was out, except the judge and jury and the bailiffs, the judge informed us that the missing juror had received a note urging her to find the defendent not guilty. She had been released from service and he asked if anyone else had been contacted in any way. We all shook our heads no. One alternate was told to take her place. Once this was done, we were informed that until after the complete end of the procedings were complete that we would be sequestered.

Court was adjurned and a deputy was assigned to take each of us seperately to our homes to pack a suitcase. When we returned to court afterward, we were assigned roommates. My luck held out and Josh and I were paired to share a room. We were sent to a locak motel and assigned rooms all together on the same floor. The hotel had agreed not to put anyone else on that floor.

As per usual, we were instructed not to watch any news shows on TV, nor read the news paper, and not to discuss the case with anyone or among ourselves. Those that were married were told that their homes would be guarded 24/7 and any mail or packages would be inspected.

Trial began and we heard the charges. The prosecution began presenting his case. We were given legal pads and pens to take notes. As each prosicution witness was called I'd jot down the name and make notes about their testimony. Josh noticed my detail and smiled. That night in our room, he asked if I'd mind if he looked over my notes when the trial was over and we began deliberating. I said no.

In our room the most I ever say of Josh was just his beautiful blond hairy muscular chest. I definately wanted to see more. On the third night, I showered and came out with just a towel around me, and when I reached the dresser where our clothes were, I dropped the towel, picked out a pait of briefs and turned to face him before putting them on. I noticed him looking over my body.

'No need being bashful or modest here. We see others nude at the gym.'

'That's true, but i have a small problem.'

'What's that, if I may ask?' I said as I walked to my bed.

'Matt, I don't wear underwear. I don't even own any.'

'Hey, man, it won't bother me any. I go nude at home most of the time.'

'So do I. You sure that you won't mind?'

'Hell no. I only put these on since you were here. I didn't know how you'd accept me going nude.'

'Fuck it then. When we're in the room let's just both do what we'd do at home.'

'Deal,' I said, waiting for him to move. He smiled and stood and removed his jeans. Sure enough, there were no underwear. I hadn't noticed before because he was always up and dressed before I woke up. I removed my briefs and threw them back in the direction of the dresser.

He laughed and said, 'What do you think the bailiff in the hall would say if he saw us now?'

Laughing, I answered, 'It just might cause a mistrial.' He joined in the laughter.

Afterward, I looked over at him and said, 'What exactly did you mean about doing what we do at home?'

'Hey, just be yourself.'

'Well, if I did that, you might be shocked.'

'How's that?'

'Well, at home if things occasionally get shall we say, urgent, and have to be delt with at hand.'

He burst out laughing and said, 'Matt, believe me I know exactly what you mean. Try being in that situation in a firehouse with several others around. Sometimes there are long showers.'

'So, you take matters in hand also?'

'Hell yea. Quite frequently. I think most men do, married or single.'

'Very true. If they say that they don't they're fucking liars.'

'Amen to that. Hey, if either of us get to that point, do we agree that we'll just do it?'

'Sure. I have no problem doing it in front of you. We'll probably be best of friends when this is all over anyway.'

Josh just smiled as I noticed him glance at my cock. I glanced at his also.

We had to dress for dinner, but as soon as we were back in our room, we both stripped. We stayed nude after that whenever we were alone.

That weekend, the trial was held on Saturday until two in the afternoon. We were returned to our rooms and given the rest of the day off.

Once back in our room, we stripped and tuned in to a baseball game. As we lay there watching the game, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Josh reach down and began gently playing with his cock. I casually watched as he got harder. My own cock responded and I reached down to let him know that I knew he was excited.

Josh glanced over. He didn't say anything, just smiled. Within a minute or so we were both slowly stroking our hard cocks. Without anyhesitation, we each watched the other. After a while, he spoke. 'I haven't done this in front of another male since my early teens.'

'Me either,' I replied, lieing through my teeth.

After a few mote seconds, Josh said, 'Did you ever do it with a buddy and each jerk the other?'

'Oh, yea, many times. Was kind of exciting. How about you?'

'Same here. It was a common practice with me and my brother.'

'Your brother?'

'Yea, when we were younger. As he got older, he refused to do it with me. Then I started with a school buddy out in his parents tool shed.'

A few minutes later, he got up and walked over to my bed and lay down next to me. Smiling, he asked,'Shall we?'




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