(Author's note: Just thought I'd try something a little different: Sci-Fi.)

Jule raced home, fighting his way through the crowded sidewalks, having put in his seven point five hours at Global Bank Inc. He knew when he got home Qux would be waiting for him for he had made all the arrangements, went through the whole process, and hopefully timed it correctly. The sun was relentless as usual, temperatures hitting over a hundred for the twentieth day in a row, but Jule had on his best cool suit not wanting to have to do a clean peel when he got to his apartment module.

He arrived at his apartment complex and as always, had to wait for an elevator. When he finally got to his floor it was nearly six thirty and the sun was in the western sky, easing downward. Jule slapped his hand on his door screen, slide it open and rushed inside. The air conditioning was already on, Jule having over rode the normal settings to have it running when he got home, getting the inside temperature to a comfortable level, even though it was still rather warm. He came into the living/sleep area and noticed the green light was on over the door. Tossing his memory crystal on the counter at the kitchen module he raced over to the door and froze in place in front of the door, taking a deep breath. Did everything work out? What if...

Jule stopped his mind from racing and finally touched the control panel and opened the door. Qux stood waiting, just inside the door. Jule looked at him, at his silvery blonde hair, the way it looked so natural, not overly styled, the way it hung down over his forehead and just over his ears, he looked at his the smile Qux was giving him with just a hint of white teeth exposed between his full lips and the way his smile made his high cheeks and strong jaw line frame his mouth. His skin was perfect, smooth, firm and Jule let his eyes roam down, over the broad shoulders, down over the muscular chest, so broad, his pecs so clearly defined, and downward his eyes roamed, down over the flat stomach and narrow waist till he looked at the cock hanging over the large low hanging balls with the perfect little patch of hair growing above them.

"You can come out now, Qux" Jule stated as he backed up giving Qux room to move out into the room. He was taller than Jule, over six feet, and it made Jule hold his breath as Qux's tall muscular body moved by him until he could see his broad back, the muscles so clearly defined, the perfect curve of his spine, as well as the high round ass. Jule followed Qux to the window unit and watched him look out at the setting sun, saw how the bright light made the dark olive tone of his skin seem so much darker, so smooth, its texture so firm. Jule reached out tentatively and touched Qux lightly on the shoulder causing him to turn to Jule and smile.

"You want to fuck?" Qux asked, no hint of how bluntly he had asked showing on his face or breaking through his voice; he asked as if he was asking the most simple of questions.

"Oh yes" and Jule began to remove his suit, unzipping it down the front and pulling it off his shoulders and letting it fall to the floor leaving him as naked as Qux. His body wasn't perfect, he didn't work out, his skin tone was too fair in his opinion and his brown hair color was boring; just average. But Qux came to him, taking his chin gently in his hand and held his face up as he leaned down and pressed his lips to Jule's. Soon he was pushing Jule back on the bed, jerking the silver cover off, and easing down by him. Qux took Jule's cock, stroked it firmly, brought it up half hard, then he shifted down and took it in his mouth and that perfect mouth sucked Jule's cock, took it all the way, his tongue seeming to be all over it, licking the soft skin of the hard shaft, and working the soft spongy head. He sucked Jule until his cock ached from being so hard, almost to the point of needing to cum, of wanting to cum, but Jule pushed him off and got him to slide up beside him, Qux pressed up tight against him, their bodies feeling each other's heat, and Jule eased his hand between them, felt Qux move back allowing him the room to move easily as he reached down and took Qux's hard cock, it rigidly hard, sticking straight up between them, and the head wet with its lubricate.

"Yeah, Jule, stroke my cock" Qux whispered in his ear, knowing he liked to hear vocalizations, to hear someone tell him to stroke their cock, to suck it, to take it in his ass, and Jule's felt his heart beat rapidly, his lust making him want it more and more.

Qux rolled over on his back and pulled Jule over on top of him, rubbing his long thick cock up and down Jule's ass, probing along the dark cleft, pushing between his cheeks, pressing against his hole. Jule couldn't stop himself, he moved his body up and down, stroking his ass along Qux's cock, feeling it rub over him, making him want it so bad. He reached back and held the cock up and pressed his hole to it, felt his tightness resist the penetration, but Qux pushed up, breaching through his opening.

"Take it Jule, take my cock" Qux begged as he pushed up more. Jule felt the thick shaft penetrate him, slide deeply into his hole, give him a sense of fullness as he slid his ass down, taking all of Qux. He held his body still, letting Qux rub his chest and stroke his cock, keeping his body feeling alive, sensitive to every touch, every move, and Jule moved up, felt his opening stretch as the shaft slid back out, slowly, till only the head was still buried in him.

"Oh Jule, move that ass, take it" Qux begged him as one hand stroked his cock and the other held tightly to his thigh, feeling the tension of his muscles as he held himself up, waiting just for a moment before he went back down, let his ass take Qux again, and he moved back up and down again, began to work his ass on Qux, up and down, over and over and over. The room soon became hot, and Jule soon began to sweat, making his body feel hotter, slick and loose, and he moved faster and faster, shoving his ass down hard, slamming down on Qux, the mattress sliding on its platform.

"Oh fuck...fuck me..." Jule moaned as he got faster and faster with Qux pumping his hips upward, shoving his cock up as Jule slammed down. Qux's hand tightened his grip, stroked harder on Jule's cock until he could see it on Jule's face, see the tightness race through his body, feel his cock swell in his hand just a little more, hard, vibrating in his hand. Jule slammed down hard and rocked his hips forward as his cock shot its load, pumping out thick wads of cum across Qux's chest, spattering it over his perfect skin. Qux pumped up, hard, one, two, three times and Jule felt his cock flexing, Qux's orgasm rock his body underneath him.

Then Qux jerked back, his body tensed oddly, and his head fell back his eyes rolling over white.

"Oh....nnnno" escaped Qux's lips in a barely audible whisper.

"No, not yet; fuck, not yet" Jule cried out, but it was too late and Qux melted underneath him and soon turned to gaseous vapor, disappearing completely. Jule slammed the mattress in front of him, frustrated at how quickly the bootleg 3D models disintegrate after printing.



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