John was grilling the steaks as Bruce lounged in a chair watching. John had thrown on a robe, a light cotton fabric barely tied at the waist and he had tossed Bruce a pair of old gym shorts, loose and worn, that clung to his body revealing his round ass and masculine bulge at front. Neither had wanted to get completely dressed after their shower together, knowing after dinner they would be out of their clothes again. When the steaks were ready they sat at the dining table directly across from the other, talking about how their paths continuously crossed over the years, what Bruce's plans were after he graduated having majored in horticulture, how John was starting to change his farming to make it more sustainable and they talked about family, the community and being gay.

Dishes put away and lights dimmed, the two of them went to the living area. John sat down on the sofa telling Bruce he could turn on the TV for a movie or put on some music. Bruce looked back at John, looked at the way the robe was open to below his navel revealing his smooth fair skin, the fine line of hair from navel down, disappearing from sight, and he looked at his muscular legs, the light brown hair sparsely covering them and he turned to the computer and loaded up the music.

John watched Bruce at the computer, looking the way the shorts clung to his ass, the way they hung so low on his waist they appeared ready to fall, and he looked at the muscular broad back tampering down to the narrow waist, the olive toned skin, so smooth and he was glad he was putting on music in lieu of a movie.

They sat on the sofa side by side and Bruce soon turned to John, a hand on John's bare chest as he leaned over to kiss. They kissed passionately as Bruce rubbed his hand downward, pushing open the robe revealing John's body completely. Bruce rubbed and manipulated John's cock, tugged on it, stroked it, as he kissed John's neck, mouthed and tongued his ear, the skin along his neck, downward he moved slowly, feeling the warm flesh with his lips, the feel of John's collarbone, the little indention below his Adam's apple, the firmness of his skin down his chest, the soft perimeter of one nipple and its erect hard center, letting his tongue move over it, sucking it into his mouth, nipping it with his teeth making John push forward with his body.

Bruce was making John erect, eager, his body tensing up, and he put a hand on Bruce's head and gently pushed him down, down till Bruce's mouth was on his cock, the warm lips running along the shaft, the tongue snaking out and licking its length and down over his balls. John spread his legs more, gave Bruce room to pleasure him as Bruce held up his cock, it getting harder, fully erect, as he sank his mouth down over it. The wet mouth, slick and hot, slid down the shaft as John involuntarily pushed upward burying his cock deep into Bruce's mouth. As Bruce lay over the sofa and worked John's cock, moving his mouth up and down the shaft, licking the head, sucking on it, John reached over and rubbed down Bruce's back, felt the warm skin, smooth under his calloused hand and down over his round firm ass. He kneaded each cheek, squeezed them and in his eagerness to get into Bruce he grabbed the shorts roughly and ripped the seat open.

Bruce liked the way John responded to him, liked the way he occasionally pushed his head down all the way, cutting off his air momentarily and he liked it when John ripped the shorts open, swatted his ass a few times, the smack loud and sharp, then pushed his fingers down into the cleft of his ass, probed along until he found his opening and penetrated him, pushed one, two and finally three fingers into him, stretching him open again, making him grind his hips upward onto the fingers, feeling his cock harden up as he ground it into the sofa leather of the sofa. John pulled his head up and made him look up.

"I want to fuck you again" he stated, his voice firm and urgent.

"I want that too" Bruce replied, his voice hoarse, whisper quiet, wanting it probably more than John.

Bruce got up and swung around on the sofa getting on his knees, leaning his chest over the back. John stood up, moved between Bruce's legs, pushing them further apart and pushed his cock against the tight little opening, pressed against it firmly, letting Bruce feel the pressure, the desire to penetrate and Bruce pushed back, letting the cock breach his hole, penetrate into his warm insides. John eased forward slowly, letting his cock sink into Bruce, feeling the way the tight ring of Bruce's opening milked his shaft as it pushed through. Bruce rose up slightly, moaning, grunting, as John sank into him.

"Fuck" Bruce grunted as John pushed the last inch of cock into him. They held still a moment, Bruce letting the stuffed feeling wash over him as John savored the feel of the warmth enveloping his cock and the site of Bruce's ass penetrated by it. John slowly began to move back, slowly, watching as each inch of cock pulled out of Bruce till only the head was still in him, then John eased back forward. Over and over he worked his cock into Bruce, and as his desire, his need built up he increased his pace, swung his hips more forcibly, pushed and pulled his cock more urgently through the tight hole.

Bruce became animated, vocal, begging John to fuck him harder, to shove it in, to take him, as John worked up a faster and faster pace. The robe hanging on John's shoulders flapped back and forth and Bruce could feel the soft fabric brush against his ass every time John shoved into him, slamming his hips so hard forward their bodies smacked together.

"Fuck me, John, fuck me harder" Bruce pleaded, begged, as John's thrust into him kept up their hard fast pace. John was beginning to sweat, his body hot, hard, tensed tight, the muscles in his chest and stomach prominent as his body exerted itself, worked for its pleasure. John ran a hand up Bruce back, felt how he was hot too, his skin beginning to slicken with sweat, and he slid his hand up till he could run his fingers through Bruce's jet black hair, feel the way it was getting wet with sweat, as he grabbed a handful, pulling Bruce's head up and back and he continued to slam his cock through Bruce's hole.

"Take me...take it..." John grunted through clenched teeth and he slammed his cock into Bruce, his thrusts short and jerky, his need to paint Bruce's inside urgent, almost ready, and he hammered his cock into Bruce, several hard short thrusts and he felt his cock flex up harder, felt it fill Bruce's hole, and he shoved into Bruce as hard as he could and pumped his first load deep into him.

Bruce felt the rapid hard pace John got into and he had taken his own achingly hard cock in hand, stroked down the shaft, smearing the pre-cum along its length, slicking it up so he could stroke it smoothly, urgently, as John fucked him. As he John slammed into him hard those last few times, dumping his load, Bruce stroked himself off, cumming hard, his ass clamping down on John's shaft as he pump wad after wad out, spraying the sofa beneath him.

John finally pulled out and fell to his knees by the sofa as Bruce slipped down onto the floor beside him. They looked at the wad of cum on the sofa back, it running down thick over the cushion, they looked at the wads sprayed over the seat and then at each other. John reached over and caught the running drop on the seat back with his finger, ran it up allowing the thick cum to collect on it. He turned to Bruce and held it out, the cum ready to drip off. Bruce leaned forward, tongue out, and captured the drop just as it released, then he moved up and took John's finger into his mouth sucking it clean. When he sat back, looking at John's mischievous smile they both sniggered like naughty school boys.

"Hand me those ruined shorts and I'll wipe the rest of it up" John stated causing Bruce to pull the torn remnants off and hand them over. John wiped his sofa off, stood up and held his hand out to help Bruce up off the floor.

"Come on, come to bed with me" John asked as he pulled Bruce up.



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