The story I am about to tell happened back about ten years ago. I was nineteen at the time and had attended a two year course in business college and had gotten my Batchlors degree in business, I was doing my best to not become a couch potato, due to the fact that I was setting on my ass most of the time working in the shipping department of this company I worked for, So I noticed a little flab starting to form and my high school football body was starting to shift and I wanted to do something to correct this.

I was a good looking young man, getting a grip on my life and starting to do really good, I had just gotten my own apartment and was feeling very happy with life, I loved waking around in my apartment nude, being able to have porn to watch whenever I liked and could have a girlfriend over for a night of wild and raunchy sex, if you get my drift, And pretty much do as I pleased within reason.

I had started a regiment of working out, I had bought me a set of barbells for the apartment and set them up in my spare bedroom, I had purchased some new jogging shoes and Went back to the High School where I had graduated and they had a track around the football field, and many people either did power walking, or jogging for exercise around the track when school was not in session.

I had just gotten to the school and took off around the track and was going at a good gait, and I looked over to where the bleachers are and saw a guy setting his gym bag down, and as I come around the corner, I almost fainted, but why, I noticed he was a dark haired young man, about my age, and I stopped for a breather as he stripped off his sweat pants and top and he was wearing a set of jogging shorts and tank top shirt and he was built like an olympic track star and he just looked down at me as smiled and said Hey man, Hows it going? I said great just had to stop and catch my breath, getting back in shape is harder that I remember I guess it's better to stay in shape than have to get back into shape, He said Man, I know that feeling, and he said, Mind If I join you we can run together, I smiled and said fine with me, I'd Love the company, but I might slow you down, I said, looking at that body of yours, He looked down at himself and smiled, and said I doubt that, You don't look that bad yourself, I just smiled and said Thanks.

Well we started jogging together around the track and I noticed for some strange reason I was noticing everything about this young man, He was very handsome, sorta almost a military hair cut but just a little longer, and light hairyness sticking out from the edge of his tanktop shirt, his leg muscles looked like any onlmpic runner and he had an ass that would make anyone jealous beautifully shaped and you could see the outling of his glutes and well just say it was so desireable and hot looking, and what the hell is wrong with me, I don't remember lookings at guys asses before, I felt a stirring in my stomach that was scaring me a little.

As we ran he looked over and said are you doing alright, I said sure, fine, he said by the way, we haven't been introduced, My name is Brendon, and I said My name is Seth, he said thats Biblical,isn't it? I said, I don't know, it was My late grandfathers name, He smiled and said I like it, it's different. Well we jogged for about an hour or so and he said man I need to go get a shower, care to join me, I said where, He said under the bleachers, in back theres a mens shower room for use for the Track meets they use to have here, I said I attended High School here and I dont' remember them, He said follow me, I said man I didn't bring a towel, he said I keep an extra in my gym bag, I said then lead on.

Well it was like a locker room in under the bleachers concreted in and made of concrete blocks and had a dressing room area and a shower room like in high school, with shower heads sticking out from the walls, Well I noticed each and every move that Brendon made, god why was I ogling this dude? I was feeling stirrings in my body like I had never felt before, Fuck me, man, I didn't think I would or had ever had a gay thought in my life, I was just almost drooling, He got everything off and stood there in just his jockstrap, and took them off and I wanted to die, His balls hung down like in a cloth sack and were like chickens eggs in size, His cock was thick, it looked as thick as mine soft when mine is hard, and long, it must have been seven inches, but why was I noticing this about him, I noticed as I was stripping down I saw his ass and I realized I was starring at it and he noticed me and smiled and saying your cock is giving you away, Seth, I turned red and said Oh man that happens everytime I get naked, He just smiled and walked into the showers, I came to the realization that my cock was as hard as concrete and standing almost upright, my foreskin was slowly sliding back and the water hitting it was doing things to it, and If this kept up and I kept looking at Brendon this may lead to disaster, I turned away from Brendon and he said man, you don't have to hide that cock of yours It is truly a thing of beauty, He said a mans erection is a work of art, I said I haven't gotten off in about two weeks and I need to get it taken care of, Brendon said man I know that feeling I looked up and saw Brendons cock sticking straight out and it looked like a fucking baseball bat, Fuck he was big, I wanted to feel it in my hand, and Then Brendon said, you haven't gotton off in about two week Seth, I said yea and the pressure is really building up, I said, Maybe I need to go to the john and stroke it off, Brendon said why man, do it here, now, I said what, he said I will stroke mine off if you will yours. I said here in the open? He said sure man thats the exciting part, I saw him take that thick cock of his in his hand and start stroking his cock back and foth and I almost swallowed my tongue, I had never thought of doing something like this before, but somehow it seemed to be appealing to me sexually I was starting to burn from sexual lust, and I reached down as Brendon stared at me and stroked his cock and I started to stroke my cock too, and the feeling of someone, another guy watching was exillerating, I felt something new and totally exciting and then I was getting lost into this new found thing, Brendon walked over to my shower head and said Seth, I said yea man, he said, Isn't this an awesome feeling? I said fucking radical man, He just giggled and came over and said man I want to touch you, I said help your self man, I was lost and so full of excitement I would have let a waterbuffalo fuck me, He reached over to my nipples and started to twist them gently and I felt like jolts of electricity run down my body, then he cupped my nuts with his left hand and took my cock into his right hand and said man, let me take care of this for you, at that point I didn't care who or what it was, I was feeling a feeling of sexual bliss Like I had never had before, I wanted to do the same for Brendon and I reached down and grabbed that huge cock and he let out a moan and said oh fuck yea man, thats it, and he started to stroke my cock and I was floating away on a cloud, all I could hear was water falling on us and the slathering noise as my forskin slid back and forth in his hand, Fuck me, man I had had sex with girls before but it never felt like this, I said in a raspy gutteral erotic whisper, Brendon is this all you do? He smiled and said you want more? I said yes, and He knelt down and took my cock into his mouth and I lost it, After about four minutes the sensation took me over the top and I started Moaning and grunting as my cock erupted into a blasting cannon of cum shooting, I know at least ten vollies of hot, salty, sweet nectar of my nuts into his sucking swirling mouth and he just grunted and sucked it dry and swallowed it all, I just leaned back totally wasted against the wall of the shower stall and he was still licking on the head of my cock, He said Seth that was delicious man, now that wasn't so bad after all was it, Seth? I just said 'It was fucking awesome, I never knew just how wonderful getting sucked off by a dude would be, He just smiled and said, man blowjobs are just the beginning and I said you mean theres more, He said a lot more.'

Well I reached out and started to jerk Brendon off and he came like an explosion, very noisy I might add, I invited him to my apartment for supper the next night and we went jogging and then took our shower and I wanted to take our evening to my apartment from there, He agreed, there was something he wanted me to try, I agreed, and thought If it was as good as last night I was up for that.

He came over and we had supper and he said now Seth, come to your bedroom and he carried his gym bag, I was in for a little shock, we stripped and by the time we got naked I had a boner that was almost aching, we crawled up on the bed and he started kissing me on the lips, another first for me, at least with a guy, I was loving the taste and feeling it was producing in me, and I responded with the same thing.

He layed me down on my back and said Seth, raise up your legs, I thought he was going to fuck me, and I guess I was willing after yesterday to try it all, but he leaned down and started eating my asshole, sticking his tongue into the little pucker hole, he stuck a finger in and I jumped a little at first and then two finger and I was beginning to like it and then he reached over to his bag and got some lube and lubed up my asshole and stuck three or four fingers in but I adjusted to it and grunted and said man your hitting something up there that feels awesome, I said fuck me, man I want to feel what your cock feels like in me, Brendon said It will hurt a little a first and then the pleasure will take over and you'll enjoy it, I said I'm ready, and he had me lean my hips upward, adn I layed my legs back against my body while looking Brendon straight in the eyes, I felt his large cock spread the opening of my anus beyond anything that had ever been in there before and the pain at first was there just like he said, and I said Oh Fuck man, and he said just hold still man, and let it adjust, I did and he shoved a little more and then a little more, and before I knew it, he had eight and a half inches of quite thick man cock in my ass, Now you must realize four days ago, If you would have told me that in four days I was going to be fucked in the ass by a stud with an almost nine inch cock I would have told you you were as crazy as hell, but here I am, and It's beginning to feel just fantastic, fuck man, he was gently stroking and shoving, pushing It in to the hilt and pulling it almost all the way out and repeating the process, fuck I was beginning to feel the feel that comes with being full of a man you like or love, and wanting to take as much of him as you can and I was snorting, ang grunting and huffing and puffing and shoving my ass against Brendons pounding, hammering cock and nuts, and I could feel the pubic hair against my ass each time he pushed it in And I would feel it touching that male G spot, I was going wild with it, I never in my wildest dreams thought that haveing a dude cock in your asshole would feel like this, Man, awesome and I was starting to realize I felt Like I was gonna cum and I wasn't even touching my cock but I felt it comming on, I saw Brendons face turn a bright Red and he was sweating and huffing and Pumping like a breading Bull in a field fucking a cow, and I felt him grabb my legs held them up tight and he Hunched hard against my ass, and I could feel that pumping action of his cock as it fired off his love nectar, I could feel the warmth of it as it flooded my intestines and nothing, nothing had ever felt like that before I started jerking and my stomach started jerking like crazy and I felt my cock start leaping and shooting a load of cum as I almost Yelled Oh Mother Fucker man, and while my mouth was open yelling it I shot a huge stream of my own cum all the way up, right into my own mouth and I almost gagged and then I tasted cum for the first time and I love it, Brendon just said Fuck Seth, and collapsed on top of my cum covered body, and layed there for about twenty minutes and when we started moving we started kissing and making out, well before the evening was over we had showered together and slept together, He spent the night that night, and we ended up doing a sixty nine and swallowing each others cum and I had done the sexual flip-flop, and Here I was loveing sex with another man, well Brendon and I are now lovers and I don't hardly even think of sex with females anymore, I found my grove in life and I love it, and I just love the fact that Brendon and I do everything together, he was looking for that someone and so was I and Well, we found Him. Oh yea I found out I liked fucking a guy as well as geting fucked too and Brendon does it all so frigging good.



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